: that nasus was a plant sadly cheaters are using this cheat more then ever since is too easy for them boosters, prolly they have a small farm of computers to do this cheat sadly we cant do nothing about it. next time report it as Feeder reason Planted by the enemy team, lets rise awereness about the planting cheat by boosters.
Homeboy. Do you think honestly that a dude with a bot can queue up at the exact same time and not only get into the same game as themselves but on the opposite teams? The likely hood of that is slim to none and thats putting it mildly.
rujitra (NA)
: >Sorry for the long into but this kinda thing happens way too often in league. Your match history is public. Not only was I unable to find this mysterious nasus game with three early deaths and mobi boots first item (that wasn't purchased until much later than normal), **I don't see any form of "obvious" trolling like you're claiming you experience**. So, either you're calling things "blatant trolling" that aren't, or you're suffering from "regressive bias" where your mind is "overremembering" the bad experiences and "underremembering" the good. Either way here, whether you're mistaking things that you *wish* were trolling (as then you could blame them for the loss/your rank), or whether your brain is biased in its memory, either way, **that displays why you do not want players making this determination**. Let's look back at some common cases... where players were doing things extremely off meta at the detriment of their teammates experience - either it made the game much harder for teammates, or they were unable to enjoy it because of expectations/necessities to make the strategy work. Players were punished for that, and various players voiced on both sides - was it trolling, or not? You, having been affected by these "trolls", are **inherently** more likely to punish innocent players than a neutral third-party reviewer who has no stake in the matter at all. Furthermore, Riot is not going to let you be a part of the problem just because you're mad at someone else's performance. If you don't want to agree to play a full game until a surrender passes, then don't queue up, period. It is exceedingly selfish of you to not consider the 5 enemy players and 3 other teammates (not including you or the one who "started it"). They want to at least have some semblance of a game - practice mechanics/positioning, etc. But you want to just say "screw you all" and leave. If you're not willing to stay until a nexus explodes or surrender vote passes, **do not play League**.
The Nasus game was something that has happened to me a long long time ago. And no I dont think Having other players review games to determine if someone is trolling and or griefing is a bad thing. They do it in CS:GO and it works just fine. But my main problem is the fact that people can use Racial slurs, run it down hard over and over again and not be punished. Rare yes, unheard of no. And since you were so inclined to look at my match history look at the amumu jungle game with the 0/12/0 cait who was the one I was referring to before. And I dont want bans from the game entirely I just want ranked bans, where if you were just god afull the game makes you queue up for norms so you dont mess up 9 other players games because you are tilted to shit. And no, I dont think its selfish to not want to be stuck in a situation that is toxic as hell because the "enemy team wants practice" in the end its a game not a do or die situation. And just because you are one of those dudes whos the "never surrender" type. Albeit I respect it, its not fair in the first place for someone to not be trying to win before the game even starts so you are just wasting peoples time
: Few things though. 1. What is reporting them in the lobby going to accomplish? You will still either have to play or dodge. 2. In your example, banning a hover champ isn't always to troll. New champ comes out and everyone wants to play, whether they have experience or not. Banning it could be more strategic than "troll".
I've had many people in pre game lobbies spout racial slurs and homophobic slurs while threatening to run it down if someone else doesn't dodge for them. Yes its just a minus 3 LP to my account but if I have to do that twice or even three times in a few days my Q times start going up and up because I'm dodging. Why is it fair that I get punished when that person gets off scott free because I didnt want to spend 20 minuets with a racist who is gonna run it down on me?
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