>Buffs to Gnar and Gnar ok
: one player can single single handedly lose you a game
Rioter Comments
: Rhaast confirms Varus is a darkin
Varus isn't a Darkin, that black corruption on him and his bow (And possibly his bow by means of possesion) is the Darkin. He even says "No more demon pants"
: (i don't get it)
Christmas EVElynn
: The new honor is cool but, why can I only honor one person?
: The key that you left out was intent. Was Meteos encouraging people to get drunk and play the game? Is it something he regularly does? No. Was Tyler1 encouraging people to intentionally feed/troll/afk if things didn't go their way? Was it something he regularly did? Yes.
Tyler was not encouraging someone to go out and take draven and feed though.
: I'd have love to see their reaction when the teams were baiting Baron without mid priority and the enemy AD just ran it down (for sure one time was Arrow? as Kalista.) Would have been gold.
: It's only the same thing if you think feeding is the same as intentional feeding. There is a difference in both cases.
But the key of my example is someone following a streamer. Hell I got a guy in my game who used being drunk as an excuse because of Meteos.
: I watched that stream live... might have to re-watch the vod then I guess. Yeah, they knew about the account and they were watching him for a bit before banning it outright. I'd hazard a guess that he was stomping lower elo games with account after account so they were better off letting one go in a controlled flight path. There was a long run where someone was streaming his games as a spectate, and just as he got to Masters (I think he passed promos?) the account got banned.
I say just let him be in high elo. If their report system works, he'll be banned the second he acts toxic.
Fawksea (EUW)
{{champion:16}} on a skin :^)
: Your example doesn't even make sense. For it to be remotely comparable, the Pro would needed to intentionally feed in a broadcasted match then try to get everyone to copy his intentional feeding, *and* he'd have to do that over and over and over again. Intent is the thing you seem to be missing. Tyler 1 wanted his viewers to copy behavior he knew wasn't acceptable. He did so on a level that got attention. No streamer and no pro player I'm familiar with has been doing that. That's why Tyler 1 was banned instead of whoever else people try to pin down.
Not at all, they're imitating someone they saw. And feeding in games. Same thing man.
Fransjok (NA)
: I got falsely banned.
Send a ticket. Might have been locked because it was compromised.
Korios (EUNE)
: So... do all Darkins have double "a" on their names?
{{champion:34}} has 2 A's. NEW ANIVIA SKIN CONFIRMED?
: That would legit be hilarious. Imagine the quips between him and Phreak.
"That was a good play, wouldn't you agree Tyler?" "Hehe ecks dee it was. Phreak, when we gonna 1v1?" http://st.elohell.net/public/chill/c078c3bd8ae7b3a686a5c09c80f60c74.png
: I was seeing Tyler 1 fans copying his behavior in my own games, because they looked up to him and thought he was getting away with it. Not just copying bad behavior, but literally citing him as the reason they wouldn't get banned. To my knowledge he was actively encouraging that behavior. The worst I've seen from another steamer was Kaceytron, *but her fans weren't emulating her*. People watched her to rage at her and take out their frustrations. People have played the game drunk before, and people have raged at their monitors before, I don't think that it's a good idea to ban the person (instead of the account) over that.
And I've seen people try to copy off meta pro builds, should we punish them too when they feed? I had a jungler ignore top because he thought TSM was amazing. Should I report him?
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=J080iob7,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2017-06-27T20:02:45.281+0000) > > If it's a report for saying something like "Shut up" I wouldn't mind it since I can mute. Not sure what the punishment he got on an account was for. Didn't get the exact details. >And IIRC the reports came from somewhere around his IP address, which could be the university he attends. He claims it was his GF using his PC but her own account. Is there a link? If it's from T1 himself it doesn't count unless it's a screenshot from riot support.
I believe Phreak said it on stream. Also the line itself implies they'd have to know his IGN, which is unlikely as they'd just ban on sight.
: He was very salty :3 He's fun to watch now though since he has made a lot of headway in improving his attitude. He now thinks of himself as a performer instead of rage-grinding soloqueue. Therefore he's a lot more chill. He kept count in his Twitch FAQ. Idk if he has updated it since the "ban-on-sight" ones don't _really_ count since he didn't get those banned through hard-work. I wouldn't mind if he got unbanned someday if he keeps up the current work ethic.
inb4 he becomes a caster at LCS "I don't know what Bjerg is doing, but if I was his adc right now I'd already have 6 tears"
: Regardless of what is shown by him or watchtyler, it's been confirmed that his new accounts have some marks on them for behaviour. Yes, he has improved. Is he 100% non-toxic, unlikely. If he had made this kind of change before they indefinitely banned him as a person, he likely wouldn't have been banned the way he did. Also note that "indefinite ban of a person" doesn't mean "forever." It just means that the ban doesn't have a confirmed hard ending date.
If it's a report for saying something like "Shut up" I wouldn't mind it since I can mute. And IIRC the reports came from somewhere around his IP address, which could be the university he attends. He claims it was his GF using his PC but her own account.
Baelor (NA)
: Should have been a lifetime competitive ban. He cheated. He broke the law to do so. There should never have been a redemption story. *shrug* I've played since Season 1. I've never seen Tyler1 ever get mentioned in a game, honestly don't even know who the dude is. Not saying he doesn't deserve what he got, just asserting that I think what Jensen did was far worse, and he should have gotten far worse.
: Jensen received a one year suspension from league. After that year was up he was allowed to create a new account and start over. He never got his old accounts back. And since that time he has proven that he reformed. Kacey probably should be banned.......from league and twitch, lol. Iwilldominate and other players have all received punishments and lost their old accounts. However the game is lenient and allows players to create new accounts and offers them a chance to improve their behaviour. The fact of the matter is that Tyler1 went above and beyond standard toxicity. He managed to get over 20+ accounts perma banned for his behaviour. He ruined countless games and furthermore advertised it as entertainment to his viewers. That is why he is a special case. And even tho he appears to have improved, Riot confirmed that he was still getting reported and receiving punishments of accounts he is currently making.
I'm not asking for him to get his accounts back, I said he should be able to stream again. And they said they've gotten reports from accounts at his IP address, which if I recall correctly was a college at one point.
: No one of worth cares about him. It's bad trolls who don't have any other cards to play that bring him up.
IWD, Dom, even Phreak has brought him up and I think they're worth caring about.
Paquay (NA)
: What I don't get about the people who want Tyler1 unbanned is how they don't understand it doesn't matter if he is reformed or not. The ban was permanent. Not "TBD at a later date pending reformation." There comes a point when you screw up so much, that a line is drawn and that's it, it's over. This is not a reformation project by Riot where Tyler1 is allowed to come back and play if he behaves. It's a punishment for the dozens of accounts he went through and the thousands of games he ruined. It matters 0 of he is reformed. That ship sailed a long time ago.
That's an account ban, I'm talking about letting him stream League without banning every account he makes. And as I said, Jenson had the same thing magically lifted away even though he did much worse.
Rioter Comments
616Satan (EUNE)
: as an amatuer coder, i can say it is probably the case, if you look at items, wards, champions etc. on server-side you will be looking at some random numbers, that your client know how to de-code and makes it into the thing you know. long story short, yes items are stored as numbers, and when an item gets removed from the game they just change it with a different one. i assume it's to avoide people who manage to manipulate the system, to get it again. sry for my english, hope i was clear enough
Thanks, and your English is fine :D
: OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHH where is deep terror nami now huh? when yesterday i was saying that riot does NOTHING about feeders he was all like "no no riot always review every single care of report and bla bla" This is over THIS..DO YOU SEE THIS RIOT? and guess what this is on of a thousand examples like that And riot is always like "oh well bad game means nothing and if you say to him "stop feeding you pathetic troll" WHAT WHAT YOU DARE TO BE TOXC? INSTA BANNED That riot for you
Probably sleeping, give him time my dude, he's cool.
: How has this man not been banned yet.
"joined the chat to talk about how someone was running it down mid last game, locks in rammus and right when the countdown ends tells us it was him" Not gonna lie I laughed
: What's the anime?
I think it's Love Live but I'm probably wrong
: Playing Jungle Be Like
Well it's not wrong Some junglers think they're literal gods and defend other junglers like religious fanatics :^)
: {{champion:23}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:119}} would all like a word with you
{{champion:23}} rip attack speed {{champion:34}} nice Q/E, I can parry {{champion:268}} Literally who? {{champion:51}} {{summoner:4}} Q R {{champion:105}} W his ult {{champion:43}} Not enough burst unless she's fed {{champion:134}} parry the stun or ult {{champion:119}} maybe with DD but that depends then on the bot lane
: That last one.... pure gold.
Just like my junglers in diamond {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} /s I'm gold
Baxxy (EUW)
: >>Comparing video games to real life Wew lad.
You did exactly that. Smh this is some poor bait from some nerd who spends all day googling 4chan green texts.
Baxxy (EUW)
: Well Riot is definitely trying to create a safe space for their fragile player base. Take dota for example, you can do/say whatever you want and never get banned. Why? Because they understand their players aren't little children or whiny nerds lmao.
I don't think you know what safe space means.
: To ADC's sincerely support mains
I remember a Vayne flamed me for "stealing cs" as I was getting {{item:3302}} stacks when she was half HP
Baxxy (EUW)
: A shoutout to the instant feedback system
"omg I was banned, damn sjws!" I'm positive all banned players are in on some big joke that they keep posting this.
dbmbro (NA)
: Hey Riot, what do you do about this?
Complaining about blind pick lol
: Why is it that every other champion 'pet' can proc Thunder Lord's Decree and SpellThief, but not Shaco's Boxes? Why is it that Riot gives every champion a free item that includes the functionality to counter Shaco's Boxes? (and Teemo's Shrooms?) rather than changing those abilities to have more counterplay - like say, a delay upon springing (like Jhin's Flowers) and a music SFX that clues you in about Boxes being nearby? (A poison spore DoT cloud for Teemo's Shrooms, rather than applying the DoT directly?) Why is it that Riot thinks stumbling into CC is what is balanced and fair about Shaco, but his blink-invis and Backstab is the problem? You know, it's almost like {{champion:35}} and {{champion:17}} were designed at a point in time where CounterPlay™ and Clarity™ where alien concepts at Riot HQ... >"While counterplay is a type of meaningful choice, it’s so important to League of Legends as a competitive multiplayer game that we consider it a pillar of our design values. A fight loses its excitement if the first punch wins – it's what you can do after that adds depth and complexity. **We try to prevent hard counters and abilities with no room for reaction, as no game should be over without a real show of skill.**" > >"Clarity means we want distinct, transparent mechanics in everything we design. **When the outcome of a game hinges on a player’s ability to quickly assess the situation, information needs to be clear and accessible.** This doesn't mean we tell players the best play to make, but we should make sure they have the right info to make calls as best they can." > > --- [Ryan "Morello" Scott, Dev Blog: The Design Values of League of Legends](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/dev-blog-design-values-league-legends)
Riot: Shaco's Q has LITERALLY no counter play, stealth is too strong Also Riot: We don't like that pink wards provide too much counterplay to stealth champs like Shaco. It's too strong and makes stealth useless. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ruS12OIsBto/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAo/7W0rj-aA3o8/s640/photo.jpg
: While I remember it being discussed on the old forums, I haven't looked in years. Practice your Google-fu?
Rioter Comments
Rainfall (EUNE)
: it takes more time than 2 weeks for players to reform. You can motivate someone to reform by fear for a week hell maybe even a month but he will most probably slip up eventualy. Fear is probably the worst long term motivation.
No, reform can happen way faster. I knew a guy who got a chat ban and realized "Oh shit, what I'm saying isn't allowed" and doesn't type anything toxic anymore, he just says it out loud to himself.
: IIRC, the results were along the lines of a ~95% failure rate. The group was hand-picked by Rioters from those they felt were most likely to reform.
Do you know how many total people they had? Or where I can find more about this?
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Would Be Nice If There Was A Way To Get Unpermabanned.
Yeah no. They were given plenty of chances before the permaban, and I believe Riot did something like this in the past and almost none of them actually reformed.
: I got a 14 day banned because my friend started inting
>I got a 14 day banned because I was toxic FTFY
Relendar (EUNE)
: Unfair leaverbuster
That's a remake, and yes the vote was triggered because you were gone until the 3 minute mark.
: How to make your jungler gank with 5 easy words
I don't know man, the usual words don't work. "He has no flash/tp" "He's out of mana, come" "Stop taking your krugs he's afk under my tower"
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tkeaRORM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-25T05:55:16.577+0000) > > I know the feel, some people don't gank when it's a farm jungler even if the enemy is under tower. But I feel this is a Gameplay issue. I don't care if they don't gank but why are they blaming it on me when I already said the enemy top laner is missing and Im pushing when he appears somewhere else. It's like you expect your team to win every lane which is just bullshit
Yeah I love when people flame me for not pinging MIA and when I point out that I did they say "FOLLOW THEM!"
: Haven't you seen the swedish chef? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
No I don't listen to rap
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=lEjxTy6k,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-06-25T02:59:34.829+0000) > > Wait where was part V? Deep Terror Nami posted that one because Ulanopo was busy.
Chermorg (NA)
: Just butting in, I clearly understanded that words have different meanings. Also totally agree, this kid doesn't know what PC/SJW/political agenda or any of that means, and thinks he can just win his way by telling people who disagree with him they're a part of said "things".
teegorom (NA)
: Yes it is, Riot is exerting it's prejudice against meanie bo beanies. Can't you see how oppressed I am, how stacked the system is against me? It's an outrage, this sort of thing would never pass under Sharia Law.
I don't think you know what political prejudice means... And I like your jab at Islam, only gives me more of a reason to be glad you're banned.
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