: by .22% wow man he is completely broken man probably needs a nerf to everything, in fact we should probably delete him at this point cuz there is no balancing him. Really man plz come back when he is 53+ or 56 and maintains his pick rate then we can talk.
He's still above 50% as I was saying :^)
Dr Mercy (NA)
: That's fine, ignore the actual argument I'm making, throw in Yasou and Tryn, that should totally make your point. I'm not going to bother writing an entire essay for this, when you can just scroll up and read Fondling Gem's post.
Did you miss the second part? His shoving isn't a huge part of this because he shouldn't be shoving.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Except Lucian looks like he's really the only dude who seems to abusing it, so why nerf it for other people? I'm not talking about only Player killing Player. You're ignoring the actual laning phase, which is important. Lucian's only way to push wave mana efficiently is using Q. Him going Bork, limits him to 5-6 Q's, so if you're pushing him in, he either gets push to turret, or is forced to use his valuable Q's to push back. He'll go out of mana, which will force him to back more, or not push as much as he used to. Jhin was the same exact thing. He used to push Waves extremely fast and do it for a long time due to his Q. Now, if he's spamming Q to push, he runs out of mana really fast.
Because ranged champs utilize it better than any melee champ. Remember when Yasuo and Trynd built it for more than just catching someone with the slow? And if you're shoving lane all day as an adc you're probably gonna be ganked.
Brascus (NA)
: An Aatrox walks into a bar
"Which bar?" New Aatrox asks after his bar was changed
Cloud273 (NA)
: The problem with Kennen isn't only his damage, but he gets his stun way too easily. Only one of his abilities is a skillshot, and he only needs 3 stacks for a stun, so all he has to do is run at an enemy and use all of his skills to get it. They should make it so he needs more stacks to get it, the stacks don't last as long, or reduce his damage.
I still question why his stun doesn't have a CD on stunned champs like Yas E and Rek'Sai knock up and Braum stun.
: "Hi there" *stab* "I heard" *stab* "That you" *stab* "Wanted to" *stab* "Farm. It would be a shame if I..." *stab* "Harassed you out of lane."
Remember his prime at around release? "Hold up" _harasses you out of lane with 2 soldiers and a Q_ "Are you saying" _chunks turret while you're gone_ "Are you telling me" _dashes through wall for 170 mana_ "That we" _ults your team into a Yasuo ult in baron pit_ "Were Shurima?" _Gets pentakill with long range auto attacks_
: who are you glad ISN'T Meta?
{{champion:84}} or {{champion:114}}
: At the same time though.. her tentacles are already blue. Soo.. It wouldn't be a huge change, yannow?
They're green, and they should be the exact same but with bikinis on :^)
Ralanr (NA)
: Really? Pool party Ahri?
What was that old Kiandymundi line? "Eh, don't worry guys, Ahri is my waifu xD I will win this lane!" There's an abundance of creepy guys who will buy the skin because it's "sexy?" or something. Hell half of them try too hard to be Ahri mains, naming themselves shit like 9tailsproramensushiinmyass
: > Why not have his E scale with HIS HP instead of the enemy? He was redesigned for the jungle (though we obviously know how that worked out). If his E scaled based on his own health, his clear would be absolutely horrid.
I don't think Mao sapplings are ever going to be good for jungle and top just because of how they work.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: But that contradicts what you said before, how we should nerf his natural synergy with Bork. Now you're saying we should just nerf BorK for all range champions instead of just Lucian? News Flash, Riot likes how Bork works with other ranged champs, and they think it's prevalence may just come from it's lifesteal. So, they're nerfing the lifesteal, and they're nerfing Lucian to force him to give up certain strengths for other strengths. If he wants BorK, he loses lane stability. If he wants lane stability, he goes into IE/Essence instead of Bork. Lucian is making a choice about what strength he wants, and what weaknesses he'll suffer for choosing that. To me, that sounds like actually good item interaction, that switches up how you play a champion. Bork Lucian focuses on Autos and DPS, while ER/IE Lucian focuses Burst and Abilities.
That doesn't contradict it at all. That was a change to help with EVERY ranged champ who builds it, I just think it's a good start to getting Lucian in a good spot. They way it stands now Lucian doesn't need more than 1 rotation of spells to burst some characters down (namely other ADCs).
: If you bothered to look at winrates and stats, maokai top has a 48% winrate while support maokai is down to 48% after this patch... maokai support isn't as good anymore, and maokai top is back to being an average pick. Maokai top could use some buffs, but that's it. Maokai support will not be a thing anymore once people realize that his sapling damage and mana cost was nerfed substantially for support.
Hence the revert I want, I'd rather not see another champ become garbage after a rework
: The only real difference is he doesn't have a 40% damage reduction ult. He's still incredibly tanky, especially against casters, with the way his new heal works, and it's gonna get stronger later in the matches with the next patch. His E scaling off his own health as opposed to the target's wouldn't work the greatest. One of the purposes of the tank update was to reduce the amount of straight damage a tank can deal. If his saplings scaled off his own health, he'd be dishing out a fair amount of damage while building tank, which people would only complain about further. "Why does he get to build full tank and deal damage because of it?!" Saplings are better for the slow and the vision now. If he wants them to deal more damage, he has to actually sacrifice tankiness for a damage build, but then all he can do is throw saplings because he would die too quick if he enegages. AP support is all about that cheese. The base 8% was to allow him some form of relevance in damage through the entire game without feeling oppressive. The AP scaling was what made it oppresive with a total of +4% per 100 AP when thrown in a bush, so people just stacked AP, but it's about as bad as full AP Malphite. I dunno, I still think tank Mao is the best build and fairly strong, but that's one man's opinion
Simple solution to the E damage is to still have it work around bushes for the full damage, just not based on the enemy HP
: http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/lucian ??? Do you just get stats from some random place? Look at Caitlyn http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/caitlyn/bronze She has the same pickrate maybe a little more and a 50+ winrate in every elo
Dr Mercy (NA)
: His passive is what makes him who he is. He was always designed with the interaction with on-hit effects. What they're doing is forcing Lucian's to make a choice when choosing what to build. If he wants Bork or Armor pen, he's going for more auto attack on hit build, and getting less benefit from abilities. If he chooses Crit/Raw AD, he gets better value on his abilities and stable laning presence. There's more than one way to look at things.
You don't have to remove it, you have a lot of ways of fixing this, like Riot's now reverted choice of changing bork to be halved for ranged champs
Dr Mercy (NA)
: You're really not looking at this in perspective of his actual mana bar. At rank 5, his Q would be 90 mana out of 600, which is almost 1/6th of his mana bar. At level 1, Q is 70 mana out of 350 mana, meaning he can cast it 5 times. By Level 9, he gets 1 extra Q. Looking at his mana currently, he gets to use Q 7 times at level 1, and 8-9 Q's at Level 9. So the nerfs would lose him 2 Q's early game, and almost 3 Q's mid game, which actually pressures him into Essence Reaver, especially when you look at how much he needs his Q to push lane. /#/Math ~~also it's ridiculous that you'd want his Q to be on-paar with how much mana an Ult takes~~
I think you're missing the point. His Q wasn't the problem, it's his interaction with bork and lack of animations on some spells + his passive makes him too strong.
: you will see mana cost increase is rather a pretty big nerf in term of long term fight and decrease your durability of kiting an pelling . Example janna is not a spell spammer because she got high mana cost so she use her spell to disengage and try to manage her mana pool . Lucian would use his spell to wave clear easily . Maybe he will think twice before going all in after clearing the wave with his spell .
: Lol now your just annoyed by him he doesnt have a high winrate, I always hate ppl who do this they just dont know how to play against them if his winrate was over 50+ then i would agree
But his winrate is over 50% in every elo...
LankPants (OCE)
: Caitlyn's a far less broken champ, and she gets a huge nerf to her interaction with Hurricane, which would probably be an overnerf by itself (not saying it shouldn't happen though) then she also gets a huge nerf to her base AS, she's going to be utterly gutted. But Lucian, no, he's our favourite, can't touch him.
"Hey Cait is really oppressive in lane with her traps, maybe we should nerf her synergy with hurricane."
: Well you shouldn't be. Riot is notorious for pulling 180's.
It wouldn't be a Riot patented change without some sort of catch to it.
: {{champion:67}} 3 ad
: Youd better be at least gold 5 with all the help low elo players get from riot after crying for years about not getting the oh so amazing season rewards. ( apart from their miserable silver border of course)
The fuck? http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/676/244/61c.jpg
: Just won my promos to Gold V
: The Unholy Trinity
Mine was Riven Talon Fizz
: That sounds like it would be open to abuse. What if you got crammed into a 4-man premade and they wanted you to play a certain position that you didn't want?
4 man's don't exist in solo queue though.
: I'd like bathroom privileges before the game starts too.
I use loading screen for that :^)
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Ahri's R is what makes her unique. Especially after they gave another champ a Charm. If you took away mobility from it, she'd have nothing. If you want to lower her mobility, look at her Q instead.
Knowing Riot, I doubt they will. But I'm fine with her Q giving move speed if she actually hits a champ.
Eedat (NA)
: They say 'high skill cap champs should have lower win rates'.
Out of curiosity, what makes him hard? I'm not an adc player and the last time I touched him was like a year ago when I was in silver 3.
: So if Fiora is supposed to be good against tanks, why does she have an attack speed slow
: And? Now you're just telling me what they do, which I already know. Guess what? They're gutting 15% AP ratio off her R anyways, happy?
No I'd rather it lose mobility and gain power so she's not the safest champ in the game with true damage
: Yea, three dashes are fine on an Ultimate's CD. Not one.
3 dashes that also inflict damage and can apply effects like {{item:3116}} and thunderlords which she can also use to position herself for her skillshots
: Nah, Real Gp mains rebind their ultimate to the C
I set mine to my "power" button because once I get my ult off I can afk until it's back
: They still cost her something in power budget. Her R is a 110/95/80 CD, do you think _one dash_ is worth that CD? No, her ultimate would be garbage. She has a window of very high mobility, and I can agree with you that it may be a bit too short due to the overabundance of CDR in itemization.
Three dashes certainly is, especially when you can engage, disengage, and then reengage based on your Q/W/E cooldowns all with 100 mana.
: It is pretty technical, but long story short, an integer as a type in programming can only handle so much because it is a series of 32 1's and 0's with the left most of the 1's and 0's being used as an indicator for if it is negative or positive which effectively allows it to hold numbers ranging from -2147483648 to 2147483647. So adding 1 to the value when you have 2147483647 will have it be 2147483648 (which puts a 1 in the signed space, so it is now negative).
NEEERRDD jk good explanation fam
Skyhill (NA)
: whoa epic
Medieval Twitch :^)
: Sustain that requires a minimum of 200 Mana to fuel.
: They're already looking at Ahri nerfs, jfc. And people really need to stop saying "free". Do you really think one dash on an _ultimates_ CD is good?
My dude those 2 dashes are literally free, after her 100 mana for the first dash the next 2 are no cost. And when it does damage and that much mobility? Yeah, I think it should be on a high CD.
: Can We Talk About Malphite?
lifesteal and his Q isn't as strong anymore
: My Permaban Has Made Me A Better Person
Gakupo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=LXbjgMAH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-23T01:32:57.712+0000) > > I wish we had a report option for these bots because a human could look at these for 10 seconds and decide if it's a bot or a bad player. Hell just make a thing pop up for them to answer a basic math question or something. We do. It's called the Cheating option, which is for 3rd party programs, which is what a bot is.
I mean a specific one for bots that makes a real human look at it
: Urgot is a Disgustingly Broken Champion and Needs to be Nerfed
: How to throw a game as Taliyah
What am I supposed to see here? Was it her pushing Annie over the wall?
: @Riot what is the simplest spell ever? As in, least amount of code required?
: I sometimes play a Co op to get first win of the day but sometimes bots also...
I wish we had a report option for these bots because a human could look at these for 10 seconds and decide if it's a bot or a bad player. Hell just make a thing pop up for them to answer a basic math question or something.
: So old Malz was uninteractive because he could wave clear after he got some mana
Don't forget: {{champion:57}} is a bit too oppressive as a support so we're toning him down, we also don't like his winrate being that high {{champion:103}} 55% win, oppressive in lane with a Q that minions can't block, free mobility on 2 charges of her ult, and CC
: Keep telling yourself that.
has the thing OP is complaining about >Garbo champ ???
: On champions with a dash-to-ally abilities...
{{champion:201}} I know that feeling
Pleblanc (NA)
: The best art of Twitch to ever grace the rift
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