Barkley (NA)
: If you must argue like children...
: Oh no, i´ve been found! Quick, to the timethief-mobile!
It's too late, fiend! I've removed the flux capacitor!
: ***
Thank goodness I won't have to deal with people like you in ranked {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Arammus (EUW)
: so it looks like saying f■g doesnt get you banned?
He may have gotten into game before the punishment came out. I have noticed report feedbacks are slower at certain times of day. Check back in 1 hour.
: Veigar had is ult adjusted so it didnt 1 shot people anymore.
What did I just say. People were talking about him on a post a month ago and we're all pretty sure this series is fake. There's certain things about them that really don't add up at all for them to be a bronze, or Korean in this case.
: Syndra is the worst performing midlane right now. How is anyone complaining about her? She's barely able to stay above 40% win rate.
If a champ can deal massive damage on one skill and still be at a low winrate it means their kit is in need of change.
: I think we need a new type of exclusive skins. Let's call them charity exclusive skins.....
: I am sorry but I cannot support Riot and their decisions
Has to happen multiple times for that to happen
: Why Did I Get Banned?
What does it say when you log in?
"You're red, get it out of you!" New boards slogan for when people interrogate Rioters on here.
: "He's supporting someone else" No. He's fucking someone else. Non-ADCs scale with levels, while ADC are primarily designed to scale with gold. When youre im someone else' lane you're cutting their exp gain IN HALF. This isn't an issue for ADCs who don't need level advantage to be useful but its a big fucking problem for jungles and all mages especially.
Snowball champs don't care for farming out until later levels, they care for kills. You're not sitting in lane dancing, you're trying to pressure them to leave or die.
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bad6OIyr,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-13T02:29:56.341+0000) > > I've pretty much given up on that which sucks because with my new job I was looking to buy 10 chests a week or so =/ but this shit isn't worth it anymore. Yeah, not like soending money on games shouldn't be somethink you do all the time. And simply buying the skin you like is cheaper in 99% of the time than trying to get it trough hest
> [{quoted}](name=pro rusher 2,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bad6OIyr,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-12-13T05:52:10.101+0000) > > Yeah, not like soending money on games shouldn't be somethink you do all the time. And simply buying the skin you like is cheaper in 99% of the time than trying to get it trough hest The gamble is fun, and I wanted to give Riot something after almost 5 years of playing for free.
: I'm not. Come mid game, the support is still going to support the ADC as long as they're relevant. I never said the support can't roam (please do roam). Hey, I wish top lane wasn't like that. Doesn't really change the fact that it is. Way too decided by who gets a jungler due to it being a long lane, teleport nerfs, and junglers being able to gank more often, on top of top lane being the hardest snowball lane (usually).
Mid game the support supports everyone. Look at the core items on Blitz. {{item:3190}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3800}} He's boosting stats for the whole team and trying to pick someone into his team for a free kill. I've had plenty of top lanes where it goes either way, with me getting camped with a 0/4 score, or me getting double kills.
D3m37r1 (NA)
: Meanwhile {{champion:19}} is just going through enemies with his ult.
That's just the new anti-body block technology :^)
Bultz (NA)
: Why hasn't Jinx been nerfed
Cringe? Which item builds that? And Jinx isn't really that strong, she's just better at attacking fast due to her Q passive stacking up, along with passive.
: Yeah i was reading this and suddenly... "6 Item Tristana" "Full Build LeBlanc" ...Uhhhh... LOL, Whatever OP is smoking... i want some of it :D
Get pranked, full build leblanc is 2 items B^) ezpz get smoked kidd0
: You can instantly get 2 shot by a Zoe. My last game was unfortunate due to {{champion:21}} using scripts(she wasn't sleeping from my "E"), but oh well. {{champion:142}} "Q" can go in any direction, so if you do't wanna get hit by double damage I suggest have better positioning like this scripter {{champion:21}}.
Scripts wouldn't cause her to be immune to CC.
Meriipu (NA)
: but when yasuo, riven, or lee do those things it is fine?
Because nobody has complained about those champs at all, right?
: > [{quoted}](name=TrikzterzArma,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Eo46ynTB,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-12T19:37:21.111+0000) > > If your midlane is doing bad, go help. Sure thing and i'll go ahead and let top take first tower. Ur smart.
TP? Or win lane hard enough to get first tower yourself :^)
Elysane (NA)
: kk so why his xerath having two bar of difficult while she has 3 of them ?
: Some day youll realize every rank is equally garbage. I mean theres enough videos out there, of Bronze players being handed a Diamond account, and successfully playing against Diamond players. Its just a crap show. Best way to get around it is to duo with someone and minimize the amount of crap youll have to deal with.
Please link, I need a laugh today. I wanna watch this. inb4 ghost2lane
: What if it only lasted 1 second? That wouldn't make it useful for setting up ganks or initiates, but more as a way to help an ally reposition during a teamfight.
Yi waits in bush, Janna makes him invisible, he pops ult and runs out at you. Now open a stopwatch and count one second, imagine that.
: All Olafs above 10% winrate max Q first.
Ralanr (NA)
: His fists. Like a man.
: If olaf could throw 2 axes, how good would he become ?
He'd clear faster since blue buff and Hunter's Potion can make up for his mana costs, he'd be a stronger level 1 champ and keep being strong until mid/late game. His ganks would be much easier and missing a Q would be far less forgiving.
: I wonder how medieval soldiers felt about archers
: Riot what were you thinking when restricting ranked games
Then go play flex queue. Solo queue is a much better show of skill, unlike your description of being carried.
: shes garbage, easy to dodge skill shots and no reliable damage or escape either, basically as bad a nidalee who belongs in the dumpster with her 45% win rate. I have never seen this champion win games.
Just throw an E and your would-be-killer is taking a nap while you post your sick outplay on Reddit for all to see.
: no they cant
Yeah {{champion:134}} nobody {{champion:103}} could {{champion:34}} do {{champion:1}} that {{champion:268}} much {{champion:245}} burst {{champion:105}} damage {{champion:99}} that {{champion:163}} fast {{champion:91}} right {{champion:45}} guys {{champion:112}}? {{champion:142}}
: he does have range, he has lunges himself towards his spear, literally takes half a second for him to maneuvar, crit you, then ult you when you flash away to gap close, then you're dead. I tried everything and literally nothing worked, he one shot me everytime, mind you everything was done withing 2 seconds time, i was dead, its ridiculously broken
Melee AA and if he spams his E Q he goes oom, he has no escape, and he's predictable. Save your flash for when he ults. Use your W as Taliyah to knock him away.
: Please show me your proof that a person watches a replay, cause you are in fantasy land, hahaha. Whats the point in feeding you, lol.
Ask Riot Tantram or anyone on the report team in a ticket/e-mail. They explained it when IFS was added in (because a lot of people feared it would never punish anything outside of chat punishments).
xelaker (NA)
: all you have to do is kill his turrets... it's like half his damage at least
But now that he puts 3 at once you really can't if you're melee.
: They dont get punished... youre in fantasy land. This line from the OPs statement... > Mundo: Doesn't feel good does it? Isnt caught by the auto detect, so it takes repeated upon repeated games to be ruined by them and people like them. There have been topics about griefers before on here and reddit talking about streamers that stream their griefing. They go dozens of games before getting punished and theyre walking under turrets in multiple lanes, and its entirely possible that it isnt in game reports that get that account they play on banned, but support tickets linking the stream for video evidence that the account is used to grief. So Im glad you think they get punished, it probably gives you a sense of justice that the world is fair and heroes win and villains fail... but really, casual grifers, doing "light" trolling or violating summoners code stuff, so long as they only grief sometimes they just get away with it. I see this "oh you did something I didnt like so now Im going to grief to teach you a lesson" kind of trolling in my games all the time. Sometimes its me that offended someoen, sometimes its the jungler who is being targeted, sometimes its the midlaner that solo took a blue buff and now the jungler is pissed as hell and coming to mid to take farm and refuses to gank... Sometimes its the Heimer Mundo duo bot lane refusing to play with the team cause theyre assholes. I doubt Im the only person who sees these attemps at retribution in their matches... Iv heared stories from other League players who have seen it also, so I know its fairly common. IF YOU THINK they get punished... you may be right, but it takes a long damn time if it ever even happens. So for howerver long it takes, they win... you get trolled up and down, and all over, troll shit dripping off of your face as they dump on your matches... but if you call them an asshole for it...
And yet we see of people on this board every day punished for inting and trolling... And that's just the vocal minority! Those reports go to a real person, and they decide. It's slow because they have to watch the video of replays and then adjust the IFS to know when to ban and not ban people. Again, what use is feeding the troll? Maybe think before you use hate speech in a game with a system that can scan words at a high speed?
: well people are starting to play him mid now because of this
People have also played him top. Guess what the counter to him mid is? Zone him, you have range and he doesn't. Taliyah can knock him out of his own ult and use her E to punish him for using EQ.
: Nerf Zed
: Jarvan is broken
Mages are usually squishy
: Riot, What Are You Up To This Time?
That was just for the BE change, it was a limited time thing. If random champ for 3950 stayed, there'd be no reason for champs to cost more than 3950 BE
: You wish, but that's not how the game works. Just like jungle and top lane. Jungle is like the support of top lane. Refusing to help top will the lose the game most times, just like supports refusing to help their ADC.
The game works in many ways. Go watch high elo streamers like Aphromoo or play more support. I've had games where my adc is toxic or bad so I go mid and get a kill or assist, back, then go bot or top depending on wave position. I think you're trolling after that jungle comment
Stricerr (NA)
: Pls Fix the ban System Riot or maybe fix Teemo
: But he throwing. He's not doing the job of his role simply because he doesn't like a player. Half the power of an ADC is their support and half the power of a support is their ADC.
He's support, his job is to support the team, not an abusive marksman who refuses to play if he's in lane.
: Or let the trolls win... Riots stance... I said thats all you can do. Report, move on.
Reporting them for punishment while getting no reaction out of you isn't winning.
: I Absolutely Despise "Feast or Famine" Champs
That's how I feel about some champs, more recently Zoe. She either gets really big and one shots you or she falls behind and can't do anything unless she sleeps a squishy and farms up. Biggest example of this is Pantheon. Win early or lose.
: so those twitch nerfs?
: I will beat the system
: Can the report system detect "KYS" if its typed differently?
If it's in the list of "zero tolerance" words Riot programmed it will pick it up
Jo0o (NA)
: I don't find it funny. Why do you care?
Simple really, you're no longer invited to play Comedy Night with us.
dodio (NA)
: I beg to differ it probably was you're just too busy riding your white horse.
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xwycU8jr,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-12-12T10:42:45.573+0000) > > Where?!? everywhere
Nah jokes are OK. Not that cringe to me. Better than people who sling insults around.
Paradòx (NA)
: Kassadin. R. lvl 16. 1 second flash. Zoe. R. lvl 16. 4 second... I don't even know what to call it? It's not a teleport. It's not a flash. It's not a re-position tool. Legit, it's a juke/range extension tool. All you're doing is farming upvotes with nothing new to bring to the table. Not only are you over exaggerating, but also adding on lies to prove a point that you simply don't have. She is immobile. Outside of picking up flashes and having double or triple flash attempts, Zoe has 0 mobility. She has a slight movement speed boost she can activate with her W, but that's also very situational. Just because you suck at dealing with Zoe and can't argue about the proper part of her kits that need tuning, doesn't make her any less IMMOBILE than she already is. Her skill shots are moderately fast, no faster than most other champion's skill sets. They travel at the SAME speed as ANY other projectile flying at you. You're not going to juke an Ez Q after you see him release it, you predict where he's going to shoot and juke it. You're not going to juke a Ahri's charm unless you predict it. You won't juke a Elise's cocoon unless you predict it. <removed>
Actually with 45% CDR and TUH maxed out Kass ult is 1 second and Zoe ult is 2.5 seconds. It's a dual teleport, same thing as Kassadin but it goes back and doesn't deal damage. I really couldn't care for upvotes unless Riot says "if you hit X we'll actually look at her kit". You predict and then what? Oh wait! You can use the ability after you predict it! You can also do it if you know it's coming, like when you see a Fizz R fish flying at you. I downvote if I disagree because, wait for it, that's the purpose on boards. <removed>
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