: > [{quoted}](name=FkValeRly,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KPQaxAGB,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-01T16:38:37.234+0000) > > you fucking what? > > dragon is very easy to kill tho you have eyes and went to school so i am assuming you can read. everyone has the same number of items come late game because if you get the items from creeps early on, you don't get them later on unless your match got bugged which is possible but unlikely still even given the beta testing status of the game, all other pick ups are from the carousel, ergo everyone in the late game has the same number of items. i mention the drake because not all the comps i've ran have been able to beat drake and on one instance my drake dropped 3 items because i had no items, which shouldn't be the case. the wolves, krugs, toucans, minions, if one doesn't beat those then they misplayed, infernal drake is a stat check though that's the point, it's there to break win streaks of dumb comps like my lvl 1 yordle comp that was stomping everyone until that drake took my fire and gave it to everyone else. and drake isn't easy to kill with it's splash damage lol it can wipe your team regardless of what positioning tricks you use and how many levels you have if your comp isn't suited to take it on, ergo i now consider the drake battles in all games of tft, but the drake should not make or break my team comp and it's item set, the other minions can do that because they aren't a stat check they're a skill check on the part of the player, or an awareness check if need be.
I've seen my brother play TFT, and there have been times where he'll get to the dragon phase with only items from the carousel because mobs didn't drop a single thing the entire time while enemies run around with multiple completed items. Item RNG is absolutely a thing you can be shafted by, and it doesn't appear to be a bug, it appears to be a baseline feature of the item RNG. The game is already riddled with RNG, at least give the players some guaranteed result from the mob phases. As it is now, it is entirely possible for you to win and get absolutely nothing going forward, putting you at a potential immediate disadvantage because you got nothing. At least if you were guaranteed the 1 item you could try to salvage something out of the phase.
: You and everyone who says this is full of shit. You know how I know that? Bc 90% of the people who said shit like this whined their ever loving asses off when Zoe was meta.
"skillshots are better than targeted!" _meanwhile, in the time machine of whinging past_ "Zoe is trash design" "Lee Sin is braindead easy to play" "Vel'koz does way too much damage" "Lux needs range reduced" or "Lux needs damage nerfs" or "Lux needs mana costs increased" And so on. As it turns out, skillshots are just another "pick your poison" deal. Yeah, they give you a chance to dodge... but that one time you couldn't dodge it you're punished much harder. Implement something like disjoint and make it more readily available and oh, would you look at that, targeted suddenly wouldn't be so terrible and you still have counterplay options. But nah, better instead keep infinite mobility and skillshots flying around like Touhou instead.
Ifneth (NA)
: That’s a really good idea. Deny the enemy the sound warnings of abilities like Kled Ult.
I like the idea, it reminds me of Silencer's ult from DotA2. "Silence!" and then you hear a vague wooshing sound for the duration of the ult, while everything else is muted. Silencer doesn't just silence you, he silences the whole damn game. It's incredible for the character fantasy. I could see Nocturne doing similar here, to create that sense of paranoia along with lowered vision: can't hear your predators, can't see your allies, you're all alone.
fifek900 (EUNE)
: Rumble is a tank tho.| the other two not so much
Don't lie about my boy. Rumble is NOT a tank. Build him as a tank and you're setting yourself up for failure. He has a shield, but that shield isn't particularly bulky, and that's his only source of mitigation. This leaves with his Q, which deals damage; his E, which deals damage and a slow; and his ult, which deals damage and a slow. He's not a tank. He can't take a hit well enough, nor does he CC enough.
: Lol, not sure how 33 +40% is a ton, it's hardly any honestly. You get more pen from BC LW than u do from all 3 magic items.
Coming from the perspective of a DotA2 player, that's a shitload. You're invalidating 40% of their past and future purchased defenses with a single item, forever, and their base magic resist on top of that. And that's only one item. That is ludicrous from my perspective where the only way to do similar is to play heroes specifically built around reducing people's defenses, and even then it won't be that level of effective most of the time against someone actually building defensively. Plus the armor-reducing stuff is generally effective for everybody on the team, but only specific heroes want to buy any of the items that actually do that, so sometimes you'll run a team that simply has no armor pen options. Here you have no reason _not_ to buy those items since they synergize so well with the concept of doing damage, and being passive stat sticks competing only against other passive stat sticks makes it even easier to pick up League's pen items without feeling any real consequence. You're not sacrificing any sort of utility by doing that, because almost none of the items have utility beyond "passively increase damage, and maybe sometimes increase tankiness at the same time." League is incredibly skewed toward offense, and there really are not a ton of defensive utilities to go around. From my perspective, every fight in this game looks like Rocket Tag because defenses mean so little. The fact that 33 + 40% magic pen doesn't look like much is absolutely bonkers. That's a lot. 57 Lethality + 35% armor pen + 24% armor shred is just plain stupid. Even if we assume a non-fully stacked BC, the potential of 57 Lethality + 35% armor pen is stupid enough as is. Going off that Talon build Antenora listed below, just the BC + Duskblade + Youmuu's + LW upgrade is silly amounts of pen. Your target gets to have so little protection. This just feels terrible all around, except maybe to the person building all that pen.
: you said i failed a point and click spell, while you totally ignored the problem lol. if you e a minion wave for example and your e bounces right to the minions behind, it is outside of your w trigger range. understand? bird cant hit succ person if bird flies out of range before u succ. which sometimes happen.
This happens for every ability that can bounce. Literally every single one. Ever play Thrall in Heroes of the Storm? Now _that's_ a frustrating bounce. Fiddle has nothing on that. Fiddle's E is pretty damn consistent as far as bouncing abilities in games go.
: You´d accuse a medieval isolationist noble of being sensible by our standards?{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} In China there were ladies who used poisonous makeup because it made them look better.....even though they knew they´d die for it. (Very slow acting so not like instant death but more like shaving off the lifespan) Vikings thought sacrificing a pig would make the fields fertile. A certain Spanish explorer thought he found india when sailing in the opposite direction and not finding the stuff that was supposed to be there, it took them like 10 years to be sure they really had gotten the wrong place. Western noblewomen at some times thought corsets were a good idea....even at a risk of injury and/or fainting due to being unable to breathe properly while wearing them. Polish commanders during WW2 tried to stop german tanks with cavalry. Humans stuck on traditions and ceremony are rarely sensible, and Demacia is pretty much the textbook example of this, Ionia is a close second. .
You weren't done with China yet: yeah, they had poisonous make-up, but they also had Lotus Shoes which were to be worn by women undergoing foot binding, and the result of that was serious deformation of entire feet to wear them (to the point that every toe except the biggest one would be wrapped into the rest of your feet side-ways) because they simply do not anatomically work with humans, but was considered beautiful. Old traditions have a tendency to look really bad by modern standards when you take a step back out of that culture.
: Fid and Noc at least have unique aspects of their kits compared to Shyvana and Valibear who are both still suffering from GFS "generic fighter syndrome".
After playing the other MOBAs, I'm not sure what exactly is so bad about revolving around an ult a lot? Sometimes the ult is really what makes your kit, and sometimes it isn't. Evening out the power so everyone has roughly equal balance in the abilities of your kit just seems like it would make the game really... bland, to me. Nobody would really have this moment of "his ult is up we'd better be careful/he used his ult, now he's weak, go in and punish him" sine graph of power. Sometimes, revolving around your ult really is the thing that makes your kit unique and interesting. Flat-lining the power curve of heroes and champions is straight-up boring to play. And realistically, Noct being reliant on his R sounds about like what I'd expect from this game's Spectre expy and his lore.
4th3t0s (NA)
: Tbh, he was absolutely trash-tier in the short time (early season 2?) he couldn't ult while CC'd. Then again, that was probably just another example of Morello being ahead of the curve on balance.
Morello was living proof you could be Silver and still balance the game really well. He may not have had the mechanical skill to do well on the ladder, but he definitely had the knowledge of the game required for his job. It's weird though, that people complained about him so much when I played, but when he left people almost immediately wanted him back again.
Terozu (NA)
: ... This is the best possible unless using 2D graphics. Passing through minions is just bs.
Don't Thresh's hook and Blitz's grab lollipop at the end to cause this? I can tell you for a fact that Pudge's hook in DotA2 isn't grabbing me past minions like either of those two. That skillshot is a pure line: it either hits you or it doesn't, no fiddly extra reach involved.
: Tahm is riots most loathed champ, he stops plays and riot detests him for it so they repeatedly slash his tendons with nerfs in the hopes that he will sink to a sub 1% pick rate. Hes my main support because hes the only one that ive learned and nearly perfected to the point where i can counter most dive heavy comps from coming for my marksmens throat, now they have taken him out back with a shotgun. Funny how a sub 45% win rate is getting nerfed but {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} arent over some imaginary threshold. What a joke.
Guessing he's hated by Riot for about the same reason that they hate champions like Kalista and Azir: once they're strong, they crowd out picks like nobody else can because they do exactly what their job requires well, and then some, and that really is the reality of that situation. Kalista even holds the dubious distinction of being hated not only by Riot, but by players as well. In fact, in my experience, people that don't play Tahm also despise Tahm for the same reason they hate Kalista: they shut down plays with very little real effort on their part. It's not really any different than Medivh in Heroes of the Storm. You bring a lot of value, for not a whole lot of difficulty in execution. The difficulty of all 4 heroes mentioned (Tahm, Kalista, Azir, Medivh) is in coordination, not execution, but the possible reward you reap is enormous if you're allowed to be particularly strong (See: Azir bullying everyone out of mid in his hey-day and then major teamfight set-up initiations, Kalista bullying everyone out of bot in her hey-day while making it nigh-impossible to snipe objectives from her team, Medivh's huge presence in the burst-centric Heroes of the Storm meta, Tahm reaching high pro pick rates if he's strong for his ability to effortlessly bail out a focus target).
: > [{quoted}](name=BeatzBoyFTW,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fNFNZwE8,comment-id=0004000000010000,timestamp=2019-05-03T15:22:52.432+0000) > > He has always been viable at top. It's just that people **don't want** to even try playing him there. He has always been outclassed top. It isn't that people don't want to try him there, he just couldn't stand up to the majority of top laners.
That assumes a bar of competence. You should see what a Tahm Kench can do to a top laner that gets even slightly cocky, especially in lower ranks that won't have the ability to mechanically punish him regardless (and if some people want pub play to matter in balance as much as pro play or more, you have to account for them, so you can't brush it off...).
Naalith (NA)
: If a champion is really that insane in pro play to the point where they are worthless for 99% of the playerbase, they should just be turned off in pro. I'm serious. Riot banned funnel strategy and a couple other degenerate strategies from pro play over the years even before the strategy had in-game nerfs. Back in the day it was just Azir and Ryze. Now it seems like every month a champion is getting shit on because of pro play and it honestly makes the game feel shallow.
The game feels shallow because pro play is taking champions to their absolute limits and they get nerfed for it? If anything, that sounds like the game is still deep enough that pros can make a hero stand out among the crowd. Shallow to me is dumbing everything down and balancing around the lowest common denominator. Why would you not balance around the people who know, and play, the game the best of anyone in the world, exactly? Especially when the game in question is PvP-oriented. Imagine if Invoker in DotA2 was balanced around pub play. He'd be a nightmare for everyone involved, because he has a high skillcap, high burden of knowledge, and has a lot of skill expression. So imagine then, he's good for 3k MMR, and a 5k MMR player picks him up, or he's seen in pro play. He'd be an absolute monster.
Leetri (EUW)
: The boards would have an aneurysm if Riot balanced around the average player, since then they'd balance the entire game around Bronze/Silver.
You kidding? That would be hilarious. Then you'd have all sorts of people that have to deal with the consequences of what they say they want. It'll be the perfect lesson in "People have no idea what they want." Imagine the complete and insurmountable dominance Azir would be allowed to have in higher ranks, or god forbid pro play (if pros didn't abandon ship after hearing about that particular priority shift), if they balanced around Bronze/Silver.
Dr Dog (NA)
: ***
I've checked most of my friend's promo games, since I don't play anymore, and they get matched closer to their own rank more often than they don't even in promos. They may get higher enemies than average (you're expected to go up against that caliber of player if you win, after all), but not much else really happens to them. Most often they lose on their own merits or from throws that could happen in any game, not just promos, and there's nothing in the world that matchmaking can do to prevent either of those. The promo horror stories just stick out more because there's actually something riding on them. From my friends that don't post on forums, they're otherwise no different than any other game.
: > [{quoted}](name=MaddMan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cmI103ve,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-25T01:34:02.983+0000) > > Im **useless** when i got 2-1-4, but ive ganked and kept their jungler outa their lane for them all early game, stole buffs, gotten every single dragon, most turret damage, and most wards/wards destroyed. > > Bonus points when they tell me I never group, when i stopped their split pushing Yi who has Hydra, Shiv, Phantom Dancer, Berserker boots, IE, Blood razor and is destroying our waves, then got a tower myself. Jungler mains are gods of the games that are dragged by their flamer and terrible teammates, you all should be Challenger. I get the message.
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Saltarin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cmI103ve,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-03-25T14:44:06.515+0000) > > Jungler mains are gods of the games that are dragged by their flamer and terrible teammates, you all should be Challenger. > > I get the message. Considering how unlikely it is to stop a Yi with that build solo if he doesn't feel like being stopped, that's the message I'm getting. I'm all for saying "I'm not useless" but this is like the Mary Sue of jungler stories.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChrisBrownze,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Zk8YE1yg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-24T07:56:43.373+0000) > > Dogshit company, only goal is skin sales. > > They make pretty good music videos though Gold player big surprise, why even play the game much less go to the boards if you just complain mate
Bruh, you're low diamond, one of the most maligned ranks in the entire game thanks to rampant boosting that ends at about where you are. Also bringing up rank in a comment that had nothing at all to do with that just makes you look like an elitist, which is freaking hilarious in a _video game._
Lakrosin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Boltonator,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Tu0VzhdE,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2019-02-13T02:20:42.922+0000) > > I will still continue to garner enjoyment out of playing Support, so long as I feel like I am able to fully utilize the kit my champion has. The hardcore support players will undoubtedly continue to push through the nerf bat as well... > > Now if they decide to revert Supports back to walking ward droppers and remove any incentive to spend gold to enhance their abilities then you would see a noticeable drop off. I played during S1 and I absolutely hated playing support when half of my item slots were wards. The point of support is to support your team. Riot has done everything to make it everything but that. {{champion:40}} Now has more damage. Less movement speed to catch up with allies and a worser version of a shield including item nerfs. Feels like she has to un-counter herself like Soraka. She used to have a 56% winrate. Now she's lower. Good... IF SHE WORKED THE WAY SHE WAS INTENDED TO BE PLAYED. {{champion:90}} is kinda useless now. Sorry not sorry. He used to be able to block skill shots with his W. He actually had a useful ult and now you need one button to make his only cc completely useless. He can't even do jungle properly and doesn't even really have a lane anymore. Good job rito? {{champion:16}} basically (not entirely) maxes her E first during laning phase cause fuck healing apparently unless it's to un-counter yourself. It's almost as if she was meant to heal and not do damage. But hey she is doing something right. **DOING MORE DAMAGE TO HERSELF. ** {{champion:26}} is barely even seen. {{champion:63}} is considered a support by many because clearly he and {{champion:161}} should be bot-lane and be considered **traditional supports** (lul). **God forbid Jungle and Support provide vision on A HUGE MAP in which a stealthed champion can ONE SHOT YOU. Now that would be a terrible idea.**
As a bold technicality, Brand and Vel'koz _are_ traditional supports. It's just that they're traditional supports for a different kind of game. They're DotA-style supports that can roam around and set-up kills with their own CC/damage, and then have a teamfight presence despite their lower gold income later due to any of good scaling, CC, or battlefield control rather than their ability to directly keep teammates alive. That's pretty traditional as far as supports in MOBAs go. My biggest gripe is that League even makes explicit support heroes to begin with: that's contrived, limits their design scope, and forces them into a specific role/location on the map for no reason other than because Riot says so, and any attempts to leave are met with immediate nerfs. There's no organic growth into a role, there's just a place that Word of God says they're going, so they go because they must. Also, because carry items are both slot efficient _and_ gold efficient you run into a huge problem when you make support items too efficient because then they become enticing to carries at the same time. This really hits supports hard because their items can't be too efficient or they have to be specifically designed to help their team instead of themselves or help to kill an enemy directly or you risk a carry grabbing it again. Support items have to be gold efficient by necessity, but they don't necessarily have to be slot efficient. Carries should need slot efficient items, supports need gold efficient items; League screwed up by giving every role both slot and gold efficient items, so the breaking point of "is it worth for me" is how efficient it is for the slot of your particular role. League kind of designed themselves into a corner on that one. This nerf is just the latest victim of that incredibly dumb philosophy. Also, I have still yet to learn why League players are so entitled to vision when they have the most of any MOBA still. The map doesn't need to be lit up like a Christmas tree or there is absolutely no room for a surprise factor by the enemy team, and if the enemy team is behind and has no chance for surprise factor, how do you suppose they'd stage a comeback? That was the problem in Seasons 1-3 when vision was ubiquitous: when a team pulled ahead, they had a huge vision advantage through both map control and increased income via winning in the first place, so losing was significantly harder from that point on.
: It's because if something is OP in low elo it's just because you're playing bad, you can play better and not have that problem. When something is OP in pro, it's actually OP and needs to be toned down.
This is the DotA2 approach. Something is OP in lower ranks? Then odds are great there's an answer, you just need to find it and apply it. If something is OP is pro play, odds are great that the people who are paid to play the game at its highest possible skill level have tried to find an answer and simply can't, so it should be toned down. The corollary to this is if something is never used in pro play, it should be buffed up to par. It's basically the MOBA's answer to Dark Souls philosophy of "git gud." Why should the balance team balance around people that can't even play the game properly, let alone optimally? They aren't really "balancing" at that point so much as making a safe environment for people slapping each other with rubber squeak-mallets and aimlessly plodding around the map acting like they're doing effective macro. Trust me, I should know, I was one of those players. The last thing in the world I want for a game that wants its competitive scene to be taken seriously is to listen to Bronze-Gold players. It sucks to come to terms with that, but it's true. I don't want Street Fighter balanced around my terrible playing, nor would I want a MOBA balanced around that, nor would I want a game's hardest difficulty settings toned down because I can't do them. You should have an incentive to get better, and knowing that something (almost) always has an answer when you play the game better or know more about the game is a huge incentive for a competitive community, that way while you complain (no one is saying you can't), you're thinking of answers to it instead of running to the balance team to fix it for you.
: They're reworking {{champion:82}} ? why? Shouldn't they rework champs that actually need to be like {{champion:142}} {{champion:429}}?
You mean they can't rework Morde _and_ Kalista? It's a one or the other deal? That sounds odd and inaccurate.
: Assassins could exist, the problem is that the pieces of the game that need to exist for them to be balanced don't in nearly enough. Mobility is still unaddressed, because riot doesn't want to introduce more grounded effects for arbitrary reasons. Burst also has no real countermeasure, as the only thing in the game which actively mitigates the natural advantage of burst damage patterns is {{item:3812}}
Actual unpopular opinion coming through: Every single ability scaling is a mistake. Am I saying there should be no scaling abilities? Absolutely not. But not every ability needs to scale. Damage vs. Tankiness is this game is a never-ending arms race of absurd proportions due to the idea that everything has to scale. Hell, we have offensive scaling on abilities as a result of defensive stats due to that damage arms race. That's just stupid.
: Yeah right, you are talking like absolute dog shit zed can do that. Difference between dog shit zed that goes 0 12 and dog shit tank that goes 0 49, tank will be more usefull anyway.
On the other hand, 3 seconds of CC and possibly living anyway due to team intervention, or 40 seconds of grey screen after instant death nobody could save you from. I don't know, I can see both sides. Tanks and their CC are a necessary evil, though, to mitigate some of the insane damage people can put out. If anything, my biggest complaint in League is that there isn't much of an answer to CC at all. There's no BKB or Magic Immunity like DotA has, there's no Cleanse outside of a couple specific items and a summoner spell like HotS has for a lot of support talents (and due to bizarre balance decisions, they're not even items/summoner spell everyone can pick up without throwing an enemy an advantage). This game has abundant CC and almost no real answer to it besides not to get caught in the first place but it also has an absolutely enormous damage inflation problem.
: The biggest gripe of reworks that make them considered failures is more so of the attitude and lore changes. Galio was complained mainly because of his attitude changed. He went from a unqiue stoic guardian. Always prepared, vigilant, and guided while giving advice. He would tutor Shyvana to control her rage, Poppy in confidence and to move on from her tragic past. After his rework he was mostly compared to that giant jerk, or some compared him to Jayce. Jayce isn't a bad character, just why have two same attitude champions. I personally like the rework, he should be a Vanguard and not a mage ... warrior ... thing. He is more active in melee combat instead of a sniper. I can see the complaints in changing play styles. Swain was hated entirely based on looks and no Beatrice. His kit on the other hand, was considered perfecto by all, haters and lovers. His attitude, voice, everything else was good, it was his design that was considered a complete failure. It is the fact that he went from an old crippled man, with a walking stick and a six eyed bird, to a somewhat old muscle bound man with a claw hand like thing and no bird. People compared him to Vladimir, and considered he stole Vlad's rework. He even looks a bit like a older Vladimir with his hair style a bit matching. I personally agree, Swain was unique, even to his hair due. Now he is a copy pasted muscle mage, that seems to be the new fad these days. I prefer my mages and warlocks old, withered, and weak, but crafty, clever, and wise instead. However of all the reworks that are failures, Aatrox takes the cake and cries while eating it, absolute worst rework unchallenged. His rework makes the Juggernaut rework, including Morde, look successful. Everything that was Aatrox is no longer Aatrox. The only reason he is picked is because he is an early game power house who drops off just as bad as Pantheon, but is all better. This is an early game meta so of course pick the best early game champion. But that is the thing, old Aatrox was an auto attack late game destroyer when he got there. His revive was a late game changer that turned the tides when it was being used well. Auto attacks are also the best late game. Still continuing on, Aatrox's looks and lore are even worse. His old looks were jagged blades and armor, with a darkened, look to represent destruction and death of WAR. Now he is smooth and mostly red, looking like more of a plastic toy, what a joke. His lore rework destroyed League of Legends. It changed from a LEAGUE OF LEGENDARY HEROES FROM ACROSS THE PLANET AND COSMOS to League of Lovecraft. The Void is the big bad, what about the Shadow Isles? Or the Frozen Watchers? The Shadow Isles will probably turn into some innocent anti hero group or something. The Frozen Watchers even got retconned into the leaders of The Void, such a terrible shame. This is the same mistakes WoW made, changed a unique lore into just another Lovecraft story. Always happens when Lovecraft is involved. But it doesn't even end there, now for the worst part. So Aatrox's kit, and looks are completely different, but what about his attitude? Horrible, absolutely horrible, I mean AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH HORRIBLE! Whoever in Riot thought it was a good idea to make a champion seethe, whisper, rage while yelling, what have you about wanting to commit suicide and hates all life a good idea ... that person should be mentally checked. I think that person wants to commit suicide and should be helped not to do it. Listen to old Aatrox's audio file, you'll hear an awesome, fantastic, professional Demon God of War at his finest work. He had the best voice, attitude, and lines, no other champion could even be close to compete. Now he is a suicidal depressed emo bitch, to which again, wants to commit suicide. I sometimes have to take breaks from the game after playing him because he makes me so sad and super depressed from just listening to him. I could just mute him but that doesn't really work. Phew long winded rant there haha, Aatrox rework was a personal one. Also before I forget the man behind Aatrox's rework stated that the rework was NOT for Aatrox's mains. ... Then what the f%$k is the point of a rework for then?
Having everything turn to Lovecraft when Lovecraft is involved is just so freaking weird to someone who's read Lovecraft before. It shouldn't be this giant affair threatening to take over the world or whatever, because that immediately misses the point. Part of the point is that those Old Ones simply don't even care about us, so why would they worry themselves with taking over our world? If they wanted, they could subjugate us or destroy us on a whim, so why the theatrics with the Prophet of the Void and the released void creatures? As far as I'm concerned, it's not even Lovecraftian in anything but the naming schemes. Part of the madness that comes with interacting with anything relating to the Old Ones is the feeling that they're incomprehensibly powerful and beyond our understanding, and it's when you try to understand that you become mad. You don't become "corrupted" by them and become their agent, you just go bonkers by having your reality completely and utterly broken by beings who don't operate on the same rules of reality that we do. I hate WoW's twisting of Lovecraft, and I'm not a fan of League's rendition, either. The mystique isn't that they're some unstoppable force beyond our reckoning, but that they're beyond our possibility of knowing to begin with, and you need more than just a weird physiology or a name with an apostrophe to beyond any possible human comprehension.
: Alpha Strike is a good comparison, I'll give you that, but how do you make Alpha Strike ult worthy without ending up with the problem that was old Fiora's ult? I think it's a case of too few balance dials - effect duration and damage per strike. Too low on either and it feels like a basic ability, too high and it's overwhelming. They needed some other way to apply the damage if they were going to give it the damage to feel ult worthy without it being overbearing.
Given that it was just Juggernaut's ult ripped straight from DotA and given scalings with no other changes besides diminishing returns on damage with repeated strikes against the same target, so you probably couldn't balance it in this game. It's an ult designed for a very different setting, and this game isn't built to deal with it. In DotA you could use a Eul's scepter to make yourself untouchable for a bit to break the ult, use an item or spell to go invis and it'll end his ult prematurely, various sources of Ethereal which make you immune to physical damage (which his ult deals), and so on. This game has.... Zhonya's. Which was a heavy AP item, so your champions that weren't AP with access to gold (so no AP supports for the vast majority of the game length) couldn't really make use of it when that ult was around. They took the ability without taking any of the mitigating tools that allow it to be as strong as it is without it being impossible to deal with.
: i guess you are right that imperialism describes noxus's current deal more accurately but thats just as bad in my book soooo im not sure what you mean by safety net? I cant imagine that the only way to get a safety net is to actively subjugate and conquer other societies though? im not a political expert and i focus on fixing relatively smaller issues that affect me and my friends NOW over big BIG picture stuff but i don't see why allying with other city states with similar interests wouldn't be possible, even deciding to form a new state with other states that includes both your cities and doesn't wipe out the various cultures of these cities. edit: to be clear i meant giving your people a good quality of life while not lowering the quality of life for others in different countries.
That won't work in the long-term simply because that's not how people work. That sounds like a cop-out, but it's also true. The only place that "just ally with your city-states and act as a mutually independent coalition of states" actually works is in hippie pipe-dreams. The closest thing we have to that right now is the EU, but even then there are major differences. Beyond that, the most known example of city-states trying to do that were Greek city-states, and we can see how that turned out (spoiler: in-fighting due to philosophical disagreements until eventually they were stomped out by a much more powerful army that didn't care so much about a bunch of city-states since they were part of one enormous and proud empire that could afford to fund a massive army). There are many benefits for simply taking over the land or people in question over simply allying yourself with them, such as an increase in overall power of the empire/nation/whatever, which can lead into a snowball effect until it becomes overwhelmingly powerful. One of which is the increased trade due to possession of resources and most likely the means to refine said resources and manufacture goods from them. This gives you an economic windfall in case crap goes south. You also have a lot more mouths to feed, but you probably got more land than you had mouths, so you can also build up more surplus food in the event of bad year(s). Beyond that, you can funnel more money into civic projects, which is good for a host of reasons (civic projects being things like schools, monuments, libraries, etc), for basically everyone involved. Now, for the people they took over: Given how it's been described at least, under Swain, the people they take over probably get to participate in Noxian benefits, such as the civic projects built, participation in what is likely a strong economy, the relative safety of being guarded by a very powerful military. And depending on where you lived, if it's anything like real life, you may barely ever even notice someone else was in charge. A lot of very nice things humans can do as part of a nation, is considerably harder to do as a coalition of independent and autonomous city-states. Now, does this mean I don't think Noxus is evil? I don't personally like Imperialism, so I don't like them... but they're not as immediately evil as their champions let on, but I think they're still probably evil. After all, you don't get to produce someone like Urgot and not be evil. Sorry. Definitely not as overtly evil as Caesar's Legion (which definitely did suffer from Obsidian being rushed on that one), though.
: >This place is a fucking echo chamber yup
I mean, he's definitely not wrong. The forums have been echoing the same anti-pro-play sentiments for years, and refuse to see any good in patch notes unless the patch notes basically read "We're recognizing our mistakes, and in recognition of these mistakes, we're making Tanks, Supports, and Control Mages the immortal god-kings they deserve to be, and putting ADCs, Assassins, and late-game scaling champions into a dumpster as we burn it."
Eedat (NA)
: Another question, http://na.op.gg/summoner/champions/userName=341123545652 http://na.op.gg/summoner/champions/userName=Sh%C3%A5wn http://na.op.gg/summoner/champions/userName=ZJD123 What are the odds that all 3 of you happen to play Jayce on top of responding to every one of each other's posts too? If I didn't know any better I would say its the same person using three different accounts. But I know you would never do that Shåwn xD
Alright, now here's about where I step in: That isn't an impossibility that they're the same person, but unless you have actual proof, you shouldn't be making claims like that when they aren't even relevant to the discussion being had. After all, Mordekaiser had an incredibly low pickrate, and usually does. Does this mean Malicious Metal and some of the people who reply to his posts as Morde mains are all the same person? Does it strike you as multi-boxing when reworks come out and mains that are otherwise silent voice their opinion en masse? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and there's a decent chance that it's a coincidence unless you have some real evidence to back it up. Stay on topic. If you suspect shady stuff, report it, don't call it out like that changes or helps anything but your ego. And no, you won't find a thing on this Earth that links my co-op-playing ass to him, so that pre-emptively kills that idea before it lifts off.
Alzon (NA)
: {{champion:497}}
I doubt they have as much problem with Rakan. Rakan isn't going to solo kill you whereas Darius will.
: > [{quoted}](name=Biggus0ickus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nRgLqJWx,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-09-18T07:54:47.671+0000) > > because tits Let's be honest here. Ahri was never depicted officially as having massive boobs. It is extremely funny how the fanbase thinks it that way, as like they also think she has a good "fluffy" kind personality. ...even if she is legit some sort of vampire.
Isn't she a soul vampire who was basically evil most of her life and is only recently trying to do any good at all? If I was in that world, I'd want her head on a stick over her hand outstretched.
: > [{quoted}](name=El Ahri Bot,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XVscjUvN,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-09-18T14:29:52.201+0000) > > Honesty I have played this game for over 6 years and I have never being ban or had any chat bans. If you get ban there is always a reason for it, learn from this and stop being that 1% of players that get punish. Lol I was literally just thinking the same thing. I've been playing since Season 2/3 and I've never had any bans or restrictions. Like a bunch of people want Riot to 'fix' their system but it seems simpler to 'fix' yourself. Just don't be negative. Don't b;tch about how your teammates are playing. Don't complain about their builds. When you get ready to type stop yourself and think about what you're going to say.
Gonna hop in with Vimaid: Just because you get banned doesn't mean the reason was _good._ In this particular case, the reason doesn't seem good, unless he's leaving out some healthy amounts of information. If you've been on the boards/forums long enough then you should know by now that occasionally Riot bans the wrong guy. It's not amazingly frequent, but it's enough to suggest that Riot certainly isn't perfect in their bans, or the banning process. I haven't been banned, either. What he said was not negative or offensive.
: Why do they have to be the only one to do so? That's the problem. Other classes can do what they do, but they're the only class that has to watch the mana bar like they're still in lane phase.
In general, mages tend to have the most game-warping abilities (not always, but they do tend toward that direction), alongside tanks. Tanks are also generally not very friendly on their mana pools, and they shouldn't be. When you're packing abilities that can turn or define teamfights, you need to be on some sort of finite resource so you don't literally just spam it and make the entire game revolve around you. Normally I'm all for making mages interesting and helping them out since that was my pet role when I played, but removing a finite resource just because other champions don't have to deal with it is a poor way to balance mages.
: Ha. The trash item that i have to stack in order to gain its effectiveness. Good one. Do you even know what outplay means? It means, for me to have a way to play it better, usually throw movements, prediction or a combination. Me buying an item that cucks him doesnt count as outplay. This zed favourism is getting REALLY out of hand.
On the other hand, allowing everyone to outplay each other in a cycle just leads to everyone looking at the champions with the most options or most option denial as the most broken in the game. Your suggestion doesn't actually do all that much good, either. It just feeds into this idea that every champion needs to be able to outplay every other champion and at that point champion picks become meaningless beyond conduits of outplay options or outplay denial and seeing who has the biggest numbers when their outplay attacks actually land.
Fawksea (EUW)
: onslaught is only hard on the boss, everything else is easy, makign trying to beat it extremely boring
Only thing I don't like is the absurd projectile spam possible on the even maps. Especially the second map of the run. I see more Onslaught runs fail on the second map alone than the rest of the entire run.
: Also, it has a few problems. At some point, the bots learned how to afk and int.
I had a Taric bot stand in front of his own top inner tower and just sit there while I smacked him as Irelia. That dude wanted it to be over. Betting he would have typed "ff" in all chat if the programming was there for it. To add on for why I think he wanted to end: After the tower was destroyed he stood at that exact same spot and let me beat him to death without so much as an AA in return yet again. I felt bad. Not bad enough to not beat the crap out of him, but bad. At least with Skarner dragging me into storms I'm thinking "that was clever" and countless profanities, but at least I'm not thinking "Christ, that guy is just having a terrible, awful, very bad game."
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Anidan,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=E4z21vVf,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2018-09-15T19:17:12.393+0000) > > The thing I don't get is if she's just there for missions, why not do AI for it? Other than the very last one, you can do them all in AI and nobody is going to bat an eye if you just want to finish the game fast for missions. After all, people play Yi and Tryndamere in there and there's no reason I can think of to play Yi or Tryndamere's Right-Click Adventure in AI beyond ending it fast. > > Fun clearly isn't an argument, because with how they're treating the matches, they probably view it as a chore at best. "Let's just get it over with..." Because the non-odyssey missions are PvP only, not vs. bots. Still inconvenient?
I can confirm from first-hand experience you can do AI and get all but the last one. So yes, it's pretty inconvenient.
Saezio (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q5MtWomu,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-09-15T18:51:34.158+0000) > > You don't really get the point, do you? > > Imagine you being a chef and someone brazenly states that you should be completely removed from the kitchen, regardless of how much people like your food? It's literally a back-handed insult. NO its like saying this chef would fit better in a thai restaurant instead of a vietnamese if I judge by the way he handles his spices.
This is how I interpret the comments. It's slightly insulting maybe, but on the other hand, his designs are actually really fun in PVE. Imagine a Darius vs. the World PVE kinda deal, where his Q heal is his literal lifeline and good usage of it gets you further, and stacking your passive lets you into your zone to wreck some peons. Imagine a mob that screws over melee and Kalista is your best hope to deal with it, and other melee enemies safely, or Yasuo could permanently CC it, or both at different areas on the map. His designs are pretty cool for PVE, but they are kind of miserable to play against in PVP. There's nothing insulting, to me, about being better at making PVE content than PVP. As far as I'm aware, he probably went to school for game design in general, he didn't get a literal doctoral in PVP game-design specifically.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thornhub,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=E4z21vVf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-15T13:59:58.367+0000) > > I got banned for a similar reason, and it was issued at the very first attempt doing so "feeding". > > Just report her as a unit, and it'll surely flag her for a ban almost immediately. > > Been playing since s3 and spent money just as much hair she has on her head. It still got me banned. Riot gives nobody special treatment, everybody needs to learn that, eventually. Intentional feeding is still intentional feeding, not even the missions are a legit excuse for inting.
The thing I don't get is if she's just there for missions, why not do AI for it? Other than the very last one, you can do them all in AI and nobody is going to bat an eye if you just want to finish the game fast for missions. After all, people play Yi and Tryndamere in there and there's no reason I can think of to play Yi or Tryndamere's Right-Click Adventure in AI beyond ending it fast. Fun clearly isn't an argument, because with how they're treating the matches, they probably view it as a chore at best. "Let's just get it over with..."
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >Won't even try the augments handicap :) Says the guy with the 4 augments Ziggs icon. ;) >Clear Onslaught with each person having 4 or fewer Augments equipped
To be fair, compared to the further missions, that one is a barely even a handicap. It just means your 6th augment slot goes unfilled. For most of them, I think 4 lets them do basically the full extent of whatever they built around (Yasuo with his ult and tornado shenanigans, Ziggs on-hit, Jinx ult/warp spam, Malphite mega ult, Sona doing whatever a Sona does).
: Yeah but getting a random Yas to even windwall is more challenging than any of the puzzles {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I've lost count of the great Malph ults I've seen only for Yasuo, with ult up, not even follow-up on it. It boggles the mind. Even moreso when there's more than one Yasuo and neither follow-up. Like, how you gonna play a champion that is renowned for wombos even in SR, and not even commit to any of them?
: Because Riot caters to crybaby ADC mains, and after 8.11 fiasco they're scared to nerf any ADC
What, is this opposed to tank mains that cry any time a tank isn't required on teams? Or is this opposed to support mains that cry out any time a nerf bat taps their sanctimonious role? Or is this opposed to assassins who whine any time they aren't optimal? Or what about Bruisers? The narrative that it's only ADC mains is pretty depressing when you take a step back and realize _every_ role has its fair share of crybabies. And no, there's no "at least my role has _less_".
agac4234 (EUW)
: barely? its becuase he has a 23% pick rate ppl that dont know how to play him feed then once that do now how to play him cant be touched becuase of his MS.
I remember when literally this situation was happening with Lee Sin back in my day. Crazy pick-rates, but "muh winrate statistic in a vacuum!" When you have really high playrate then the average win-rate is going to get knocked down a bit. This is true even for perennial popular picks like Ezreal, too. When his winrate is about 48%, he's usually balanced. Higher than that and it starts to get a little crazy.
: So something like a multiple choice option for a passive? Or maybe something like the evolution system where you can choose variations for a single ability.
At least it's not without precedent. In Heroes of the Storm, Kharazim, a healing support, chooses what his passive will do as his level 1 talent. All of them revolve around getting 3 AAs in, and give him movespeed, but the difference is in whether he wants his 3rd AA to heal, to regen mana, or to do extra damage. They slightly change how he plays as a result of his pick. His damage variant encourages going all in with his team as a blow-up dive comp with the extra damage, and his other two encourage him to hit anything--everything--within his grasp to maximize healing or mana regen (which in turn provides healing through abilities). And while I'm guessing you already knew that, I did put the explanation there for anyone who wasn't aware, to see that it has been done and how. That said, I'm not really sure Garen is the guy I imagine when I think of adaptability. Or an evolution system. He seems like his answer is to just go ham no matter the situation, and if he can't then he was probably going to lose anyway. There are definitely better options for that than Garen, even thematically.
: this is so true lmao dont get why there are downvotes
It is absolutely true. Some of the guys with 1-2 augments in Onslaught remind me of the Hunter I saw in LFR on WoW who only Auto Attacked. No abilities whatsoever, just a man, his gun, and his pet. I'm guessing he was either drunk, high, or just wanted to see if he could get away with it. He was kicked after the first boss. We killed it, but he was kicked almost immediately.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yatol,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1YE66Rri,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-14T12:54:49.484+0000) > > you cant go from intro to onslaught I think you can, premades exist.
Hell, I didn't even do intro. I joined my brother and we went into Crewmember immediately. Luckily, Crewmember doesn't require much out of you but still. You can easily go from Intro to Onslaught if you're with someone who has Onslaught unlocked and doesn't care what other people think about their party member's 0 freaking augments.
: But I don't want to 1vs5 for the entire game when there are five players on each team. Also with these stats, even the best Jax is not going to cut it. While you murder one they wipe out your team and then you sit in between 4 fed people with your pants down - not the best scenario.
They say "you can carry every game", but the problem is... no, you can't. Not if you actually do belong somewhere near that elo, because that means the enemy is also around your elo, so they can put the kibosh on that plan if you're the only one worth a damn. All it means is they kill your team, then kill you alone. Or, if you're not a bruiser, they can probably just focus you first, kill you and then your comparatively worthless team with no effort. Jax enables carries if they're possible, he doesn't make impossible games winnable.
: Well iam talking about Kayn and the third round they are the hardest monters everywhere especially that ornn one u just were lucky this mode doesn't need any kind of skill u just spam ur abilites at the same time like {{champion:157}} , Ziggs can 3 or more R at the same time same to sona and jinx no need any kind of skill
Based on this comment, is Malphite the only one who takes skill, or what? Yeah, all that skill to line up the greatest number of monsters between you and a wall for the Yasuo follow-up, counting is hard. Wew, lad, that's skillful and hard to do when you move at Warp+ speeds during the charge. Also, it's PVE. PVE almost always takes "less skill" than PVP. PVE games are largely puzzles with moving parts, figuring out what works and what doesn't, and once you find what works then it becomes rote and automatic. Kayn isn't that hard, the problem is people make it harder than it needs to be. Yasuo wind wall right on Kayn's model makes his orbs completely null due to the hitbox, and with 2 Yasuos you basically nullify the whole orb event of his. A well-timed Warp nullifies both ults due to i-frames, and the goons aren't hard to deal with so long as you have a Malphite. And if you have a Malphite, you probably also have a Yasuo and that combo trivializes anything the trash could do and even makes Kayn himself easier due to raw Tempest damage from the piled trash mobs.
: > [{quoted}](name=zoliking,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=TOEw0hiQ,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-14T02:51:00.957+0000) > > Wait, you thought that because the op contains a meme, posting complete nonsense will meet no criticism? How cute. Comes to a meme board, doesn't understand a joke. Gets mad over it. "First of all the obvious: you can't choose to 1v2 bot lane," The obvious fact is I can do whatever the fuck I want, it is only a video game. " the game calls for 2 people on your team to be there. " Who decided that? Screw the rules my parents own Riot. "Secondly, 1v2-ing without (a) an absolute tactical neccessity to do so " I'm diamond smurf. poggers "or (b) a massive and I mean extremely rare health and item advantage" I can deal with that. I get solo exp/gold with a aoe nuker that puts North Korea to shame. "over the 2 is tantamount to intentional feeding." Jokes on you, If you do it you will feed because you are bad with 40% winrate in bronze 3, if i do it I can win because I'm literally faker in Brazil server. GGEZ. So get your facts right before I kick you in the nuts with my AP Lee Sin support vvvortic build.
You didn't even POGGERS correctly! DansGame Faker-desu would never get POGGERS wrong. I know your game, Aquamarine Dirigible.
: Adc blames support out of their own stupidity. Supports blame adc for adc's stupidity. That's a small but very important difference.
Yes, and I suppose all supports are donned with halos and robes sent to us as messengers from God above, too, am I right?
: Builds for each champ in odyssey?
I like Yasuo with Tempest/Infinity/Horizon/Wandering/Growing Augments with PD/IE/Ravenous/Shojin/Zerker, myself. If you get a Malphite with Relentless and Onslaught, you can get some great clear with the raw damage of the Tempest Last Breath, to say nothing of Malphite's incredible damage. Pretty sure my augments are fairly common though. The synergy is very obvious, and very effective.
Dude766 (NA)
: Not saying it's optimal, but hexhealing and refresher give ziggs a lot of healing power for him and his teammates. Suicide bombing with afterburner, mayhem, and daredevil can be pretty nutty too.
I played a match as Hexhealing Ziggs, and then my team proceeded to seem to go out of their way to avoid the mines even after they could see that running over them healed them. And I told them. It brought back some memories of Priest Lightwell in WoW, I'll say that much. And since I have no desire to replicate that feeling, I won't be playing Hexhealing Ziggs without a premade, I'll say that.
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