: Patch 9.18 notes
When are you guys gonna fix three issue with Voice chat on Macbook Pros?!! I joined almost 7 months ago and still no fix...
: If they listened to every single thing the community asked for they would've been out of the game years ago.
I know that I mean reasonable things that the community feels strongly about for example like this Eternals
: I'm kinda sad that Riot Games isn't making event game modes anymore. Odyssey was basically the last of the good Riot event era. And I’m afraid Riot is either getting more lazy with their work and trying to find loopholes, or they are slowly losing money. In a general and honest aspect, call me crazy, or dumb but I feel as though league isn't at its peak yet, and that it is still in its potential phase. If Riot Games just understood the concept of trying to lessen tensions, or toxicity in this community, people would be more devoted to this game, giving people a better incentive to spend on this game. Its all connected whether you like it or not.
...Or listen to their community then they'll be fine but when a gaming platform don't then it starts going downhill with issues uprising
ConocoJ (NA)
: BUFF YUUMI! Weakest champ in the game right now
I just want her Mana regen back for laning phase and re-adjust her shield from early like 60/65 by the time I get my passive off and reattach I only have 1mm shield left or none at all -.- like come on RIOT you wanted her independent then turn around and make her more squishy.
: If Yuumi's being nerfed so much, at least reduce mana cost >:(
Especially her Q! For early game if they wanna keep nerfing her every patch
Xareav (NA)
: It makes no sense. 1v1 Yuumi loses vs litearlly anyone full stop period end of story. She has been nerfed every other patch literally since she came out despite never having come close to a 50% winrate. I get that pros are really good at Yuumi balancing a champ around the 99.999999999th percentile of players makes no sense for the millions of us that are just normal cats floating around Brandle City.
And it doesn't mean a champ is "broken" if someone took their time to master her. Grantee next patch they'll nerf her again -.- I don't know what they want from her... I really don't. I just want the Mana regen back to make it worth it to deattach then to be left alone.
: My reaction when I started reading this: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} My reaction when I saw 'How do I purchase an Eternals set?' {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Riot, you're making enough money with new champions, new skins, new little legends for tft, prestige skins, ward skins, extra run pages, event passes, now you're expecting us to pay for what is basically an achievement system and an extra flair for mastery flashes? Are you TRYING to annoy your player base?
Yup they really trying to...
terrhy (NA)
: Yuumi already had a sub 50% winrate, given how weak she is in general she really didn't need this nerf.
At this point I'm not surprised, they wanted her independent but now making her reliant more on her adc so yeah someone make it make sense... They killing her early game
: All I am asking is please consider making the achievements cost BE OR RP
It should be free on a whole, it's an achievement feature so adding a price tag on it I don't understand
: What Mac users enjoy is a fix to Voice Chat, thank you.
Like I don't know when they planning to fix this bug...? Like seriously is been going on for months now
: what if you dont play these champions? im a supp main and i play neither of these and have no desire to. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I know right lol me too DX so I'll just pass
: Patch 9.14 notes
Can you guys adjust Yuumi's shield in the early game please?? Many times when I try get my passive off to get shield for my ADC I only return with 1 mm left of shield or none at all because by 1 or 2 hits the shield destroyed!! It could've been at 60 or 65 for shield... Like come on guys...
: Akali was nerfed and buffed, and I'd argue the heavy handed nerfs far outweight the buffs. I did forget about yuumi's scaling with missing health though. They can remove that and buff her flat healing. And nerfing a champ into the ground because they have the _potential _to be nightmare, would lead to a ton of champs being nerfed into the ground.
Exactly like they only play attention to Pro players... "We're opening Yuumi's early game weakness to reduce her presence in pro play. These changes cut her very early lane poke dominance, while buffing her later lane scrapping." They're Pros for a reason so yes if a pro is good at Yuumi it doesn't mean she's busted they took time to understand her and how to use her correctly. What I'm getting at with this sentence that they don't want her in Pro games that much but they will play any champ they want regardless. Right now they making her useless as a champ and it will be like the first time she was released with 29% winrate.
: I agree to this. As a yuumi main I do not like the fact that the best thing about her passice is removed. I do not afk and heal on yuumi so I actually die more than usual. Afk and healing on yuumi is stupid because it makes your opponent. feel like they are in a 2v1. It is only reasonable to afk heal when you are low hp or during late game when yuumi is super sqishy. All that this guy said makes sense. I will assume you did it probably because it makes yuumi stronger and last longer during early lane game which could be very annoying. But this is just an assumption. I normally get off to poke, get that shield and mana, get on and heal, use my Q, get off and poke some more because you cannot rely on your Q's 10 sec cooldown. I felt like yuumi was super weak before but now I feel like riot has just made her even weaker. But I appreciate the heal mana reduction update.
That's what I do I try to get shield for my ADC then reattach and heal them if they need health and/or speed to dodge attacks and once that shield gets destroyed I try get my passive up again for shield and mana. Now her passive not gonna worth it because with one hit in the laning phase You'll lose your shield and no mana regen so this just gonna encourage AFK Yuumi again like in the beginning. Her Q is the only thing she can really poke with her they increased the Mana cost of it... Like seriously Riot... Watch her winrate drop and ADC's starts dodging once locked in. May the heavens help you if the ADC toxic and not very good...
: Taking away Yuumi's mana restore for her passive is just sad. Just scale it back or something, I love that little extra incentive to detach.
They want a AFK Healing cat I guess, deattaching will be useless in laning phase
: your balancing team is just messed up you change three champs and mess them up even more, yuumi has an already low win rate, and swain come on he wasnt as bad as people make him seem they just dont know how to play against him i get that some champs are broke while other ones its people who dont know how to play and throw a fit, like {{champion:420}} you buffed her and she was already op but now we have to learn how to play against her but you just mess up and make champs more op or you run them into the dirt you just need to figure things out.
Exactly, they want Yuumi 20% winrate again GG
: No actual Yuumi player wants to be an AFK Heal bot.
I sure don't... They wanted her independent now they want her reliant to be a AFK Healing cat. Ancient Coin for first first from now on.
: Come on Riot... You do realize that those changes to Yuumi, (particularly the Mana back removal) promotes the ‘AFK and heal’ Yuumi play style and removes her main weakness which is being detached to poke right? I can already see the “Yuumi is too safe being attached 24/7 so we’re nerfing her strengths” coming and the thing is it’s your fault because you made this one change.
As of tomorrow I'm going with Ancient Coin for first item, when your adc wanna farm to try and get BF Sword or Pickaxe you not gonna last that long because Q have mana cost increase, no mana regen from passive and shield in laning phase have lowered. By the time you get your shield you'll lose it if they hit you. They wanted her independent now they taking her independency which equals to AFK or Trolling Yuumi they'll say.
: Welcome everyone, to the patch where Yuumi will truly become an afk support champion because jumping off for nothing but a 50 dmg shield which will get removed the second you get it is nothing short of trolling.
How I see it, it's not worth it to come off to get shield because it's too low, no mana regain and they up the cost on her Q to poke for Laning phase. So basically the laning phase might be hell now...they could've lessen the amount of mana she receives but don't out right take it out she's already squishy and not much adc's like to play with her.
Moine (NA)
: no fix to Yuumi's Q not switching to Smart-Cast when attached to an ally? {{champion:350}}
Was thinking the same thing
: Saved Login Credentials Coming Soon
I enjoy the login screen animations and I don't want it to go plus I'm looking forward for a Yuumi animation *cough*
: The House Triumphant
Congrats to United! and well played to everyone in the other houses <3 everyone did well. GG
: Trials: Three Days Left
Okay United this is the last day, make sure to push for wins for the repeatI've missions and to finish all your other missions <3 Good luck guys
: Finish Strong United.This is no time to rest on your laurels,so c'mon United.We don't know what's at the end of the tunnel,but make sure it doesn't collapse until we're out.
Thats why we have to continue pushing until the very end
: Trials: Three Days Left
: The Final Week Begins
Okay United 1 more week!! Keep grinding until we reach the end <3 Good Job y'all, keep up the good work. LETS DO THIS
: alright, second place, not bad. We still got this. go united!
We got to continue fighting :)
: Trials Standings: Week Two
Okay United, let's keep Pushing forward and continue to be United as one
KudPalk (NA)
: that what we hope even tho im not united i never surrender bc you could always make a comeback but i see alot of people say yes to surrender and some united people so me im like ... isnt your moto never give up
Lol I only say yes when everyone else do because I don't wanna force anyone to play a match that they don't want to so that's the reason why I vote last (85% of the time I say no) lol
: united is literally the house of trolls that say no when yasuo is 12/0 and were all behind 10 k gold as a team
WE NEVER GIVE UP! lol fight until the end XD (I vote last to see how everyone feeling tho) ^-^
: Do you need the icon equipted to earn points?
No you don't, how long you completeting missions with your house symbol it counts towards it
: Trials Update: Week One
~~Lets continue to push and act like our house name: UNITED! <3 The fight continues ~~

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