: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
yall said the rewards for both queues will be Gold+ why Silvers getting ward sins? that's a blatant lie
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: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
>Expect most of the Ranked Rewards to shift to Dynamic Ranked I know you haven't decided yet, but would that mean just queuing up in Dynamic Ranked, or would it be based on party size? E.g. some sort of separate progression within Dynamic Ranked where your party size is included in which rewards you get? I'm asking because I'd rather get more/better ranked rewards and deal with premades, but I'm still a solo player. If playing solo in Dynamic is the same as playing solo in Solo Ranked, than there's no real point in going Dynamic Ranked. But if I would be in the running for better/more Ranked Rewards, I'd queue Dynamic more.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tail Silver,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zhI5bE5N,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-11T20:02:00.960+0000) > > I was recently informed that a Rioter confirmed on reddit that there won't be an option to stick with the current hud once the new one rolls out. I understand that the majority of people seem to like it, but is there really something wrong with leaving the option there for those who don't? I find the new hud to be basically unplayable with compared to the current one, even after being exposed to it many times over. The change actually makes the game much more difficult to read and play for me. Odds are, I won't be playing much if at all once that patch comes in. I honestly don't understand why something this important doesn't have an option to stay the same. Can anyone give me some insight on why they decided not to give us the choice on this? [I'm a visual designer, not working on the HUD though] Usually, the default response is "Give it time, you'll get used to it," but I think that's a little curt. I know it's frustrating to have to learn a new HUD layout. It sucks to change where you look, where you click etc. and telling someone to "deal with it" isn't exactly courteous or productive. I will instead ask - What don't you like about the new HUD?** ** (WITHOUT using the reason of "It's different" or "I don't want to get used to it") These reasons are perfectly acceptable reasons for not liking the new HUD, but unfortunately it's something we need to get past in order to get to the core usability issues. If you can clearly articulate what you don't like, then it's feedback we can use. To be specific to your concerns, what makes the HUD "more difficult to read and play for me"? When you drill down and answers those questions, it's feedback we can use, process, and weigh against other people's feedback. An example of SPECIFIC feedback might be: "As a person who loves to play mid lane, the concentration of UI elements in the bottom right makes me feel more vulnerable to jungle ganks on that side." or something like that. This feedback is self contained and does not rely on comparing it to the old HUD. It's feedback we can use against other contradictory feedback (such as "My bot lane partner and I love that the top HUD leaves plenty of space to watch for jungle activity!")
One thing that I think definitely needs to at least be addressed by Riot, if not even changed, is that the FAQ is lying. It says no information has been removed in the new HUD, but that is incorrect. The change-of-state notifier in the form of green numbers for the stats of a champion that indicates that a specific stat has been changed is not in the new HUD. The only time this has been addressed was days ago, when Phreak replied to someone in a Reddit thread and questioned if people actually cared about that. The 1k+ upvotes in response signalled the affirmative. He has not replied since. I've made a thread about it on the boards, but have had no response, which is understandable. I've tweeted at Phreak, but have had no response, which is understandable. My issue with the green numbers isn't completely with them being removed, but the lie in the FAQ, and no clear reasoning as to the deliberate design choice to remove it. It makes it seem like Riot either removed it accidentally, saw it as so minor it didn't need to be included in any official post about the HUD, or they feel that if they don't respond long enough, people would forget.
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: Rewards for positive play
I have no problem with you grabbing anything I've said here. Most of the time, I'm trying to convince people to let other people just play the game themselves, and not back-seat game them. Usually it works out.
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: ***
are you..did you just...can you read? did you not read the post?
: Uhm peke soloed the nexus from full and all of coast were on TSM nexus, how can you even compare them, fail.
I like how you chose to ignore what I said and responded to something that I didn't even say. When did I say what xPeke did was worse than what Shiphtur did, or even compare them at all.
: Better finish - Shiphtur or xPeke?
*xPeke dodges axes* "NICE DODGE MAN" *Shiphtur dodges tibbers and near death* "Nah they just missed no skill involved" The question isn't who had "a better backdoor", it's who had the better play. Obviously Shiphtur didn't do a backdoor. That being said, it isn't even a competition. What xPeke did was more clutch, a last ditch effort. It was way better mechanically, since he had to dodge them to get the Nexus from near full down to 0. But Shiphtur still did a great play.
: Lol this is even a questioN? Xpeke by miles...shiptur just pushed the nexus with his whole team helpin him, big deal...? Peke did it 1 vs 5 and riftwalked over every axe...pekes will always be the backdoor, get real. Maybe these newschool kids didn't watch it live like I did so they dont appreciate its true glory TL;DR stop disrespecting old school legendary plays by comparing it to this team raid on the nexus which people do every game? Thanks
"peke did it 1 vs 5" did you even watch the play or are you just guessing "stop disrespecting old school legendary plays" it was last year. how is that old school.


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