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: Well if C9, Fnatic, WE, and Hong Kong are the teams that end up being the 4th seed, and I think they are the expected teams, WE is going to be in group D because TSM, Misfits, and Flash Wolves remove the other 3 possibilities and turn group D into a clown fiesta of teams as likely to show up as they are to fall flat.
I'll be honest. While they're probably the favorites, looking over the pool 2 teams, I don't feel any of them should be underestimated. Especially Gambit, and especially any team that faces Hong Kong in the second round. Now, I'd still give the edge to the 3rd seed major region teams (and a win for WE), but I think there's real upset potential in the play-in stage. And if Gambit ends up facing Hong Kong in the second round in particular, I think I'd give them the edge.
: You're a singed main... don't go off that man...
The problem here isn't that I'm a Singed main. It's the fact that ghost gets largely ignored for flash. Singed isn't the *only* champion in the game that runs ghost. But the fact that the top Singed mains are stating that Flash is actually better on Singed than ghost now (just most still run ghost because it's more comfortable) is very telling considering Singed is basically the "running man" champion. The only champion in the game that ghost feels more natural on than Singed is Hecarim, and if the champions who the summoner spell was practically MADE for isn't optimal on them.....then why is it even in the game? Telling me to not go off being a Singed main is no different than telling me that flash is the preferred spell on 90+% of champions, so we shouldn't bother looking at ghost at all....
: Runes Corner: Inspiration Runes Slot Sneak Peek
I know I'm really late on this post, but I just wanted to say while the channel blink sounds cool, it......feels very disheartening as a Singed main. I know that over 90% of champions run flash, but creating runes that specifically make the spell *even stronger* while leaving the only real alternative to flash in the dust just doesn't feel right. This coupled with the 2 second ramp-up nerf applied to ghost a while back really makes it feel like you're trying to make flash replace ghost in every circumstance. I guess all I'm trying to say is, either this spell should work with ghost as well, it should have an alternative affect for ghost, or there should be another rune available for ghost users within this tree. With those first two options there may need to be a stipulation that running both flash and ghost negates part of the affect, but something along these lines feels necessary for there not to be 100% flash > ghost bias.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 8
One thing I haven't seen anywhere. When a teammate is buying an upgraded item, is it purchased at the shop, or at Ornn? I personally think it would make more sense (and be more interesting) if it had to be purchased at Ornn while out of combat, similar to how Ornn purchases his own items out of combat. Makes more sense thematically, and would force players to go out of their way to get the item if they wanted to rush it in the early game.
Eggbread (NA)
: If Ornn would upgrade any more items without making him a universal pick, I would say make it: {{item:3151}} and {{item:3142}} . Liandry's and Youmuu's are both fairly simple items with easy tuning for the upgrades. They also make it so Assassins can make use of Ornn's itemization. This may broaden the table a bit, but I think excluding an entire class of champion from the upgrades isn't ideal and currently there aren't any Assassin items with an upgrade. Liandry's would also be a neat item that Ornn himself might even build for a fun AP build due to his W and Brittle interactions. It would also support AP Bruisers.
As a Singed main I would absolutely love to see Liandry's as one of the upgraded items. Or Rylai's. But Liandry's makes more sense. Especially since it also seems like it'd have extreme synergy with Ornn's new "Brittle" debuff. Although that could be seen as a point for or against its inclusion, I suppose. However, the list already includes Sunfire and Abyssal. Neither of these are core on Singed, but they're viable enough that, with an Ornn on my team, I'd probably still pick one up. So this would really just be icing on the cake. Would still like to see it though~
: Also why are they nerfing Tank Singed this hard?
> [{quoted}](name=ChickenWrap,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=MvbyXpfU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-01T02:11:22.477+0000) > > Also why are they nerfing Tank Singed this hard? As a Singed main who has been paying attention to Singed developments- Singed mains have been begging Riot to make Singed play like Singed again. Some Rioters (or maybe just one, I forget) said they couldn't do that basically because Singed has a 50% winrate, and they're fine with that winrate being almost entirely people who solo-main the champion. Singed mains said that the only reason we can still play Singed at all is by building full tank and it's not like playing Singed anymore. Singed is an Ap Bruiser, not a tank. And we hate full-tank Singed. Most of the most-well known Singed mains have stopped playing Singed, or for some, League all-together, simply because Singed isn't Singed anymore. Finally, a Singed main wrote, like, a 13 page document detailing why Singed isn't Singed anymore, and the Rioter WolfAxeBoss said the complaints that Singed isn't Singed anymore is reasonable, and they would try to fix that, but given the 50% winrate existing due to full-tank Singed, Singed has to be balanced latterly to fix these problems instead of direct buffs. tldr; They said we weren't getting direct Singed buffs, and in efforts to make Singed an AP Bruiser again, they're nerfing tank Singed as they go. As a Singed main, I have no regret watching tank Singed take these nerfs. I'm just hoping the other changes they give us actually help make Singed the champ he's supposed to be again. I'm skeptical, to be honest, but their heads are in more or less the right place at least.
: The case for Singed love
Wow. Those Singed changes happened faster than I was expecting. Just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts of the current changes to Singed on the PBE? To me, they certainly seem to be mostly buffs at face value, but I'm not certain one way or another if this is going to fix his main issues.
: Thanks for taking the time to write this up. I know you’re super passionate about Singed and I appreciate the thoughtful post. Why Buff Singed You’re right in that the majority of people playing Singed are Singed mains. This has been true for nearly all of LoL’s life. Even when he’s been very strong, he’s not a champion that appeals to many, whether due to playstyle or persona (almost certainly both). His mastery path is rather obtuse and skews heavily towards strategy rather than tactics. So we’re left with a bunch of Singed mains with hundreds of games played on Singed only. As with many similar champions, this leads to a low average win rate and high experienced player win rate. This is true of every champion to some degree, but Singed sits on the extreme end of things. Then who do we balance for? Do we balance for the first time player or the 1000th time player? Well, there’s no clean answer unfortunately and it usually gets taken on a case by case basis. For Singed, it’s the experienced player case (Side note, data is average win rate). Reason being, as mentioned above, even when Singed is statistically OP he doesn’t draw players. Wouldn’t that make him a good candidate for a visual/gameplay update? Perhaps, but that’s the Champ-Update team and I can’t speak confidently to their prioritization. Sorry for lack of clarity there. I’ll try and grab someone today and see if they can respond here. Singed History I wasn’t on the balance team at the time, but I pushed back quite hard on the removal of tenacity from R. I would have liked to see defensive stats removed instead. My reasoning was that I never want to stop running as Singed. If I need to die, fine, but let me die running. Felt like we were removing more fun than power. That said, I also understand why we removed it. Singed being able to “freely” access the backline was not meant for his power profile. That was the riddle for Singed players to solve, not the inverse where backline has to figure out how to avoid him. Matchups For lane matchups, I agree with most of your assessments. Singed doesn’t have many winning ones and some of his previous ones have been removed. He used to be able to bypass this with proxy farming, but that isn’t as viable as it used to be (for good reason). 3x Dark Seal in laning phase was fun initially because it felt like gaming the system, but now it’s more like you’re forced to just to survive. Singed has a decent level 2 all-in with Ignite, but for the most part his early game is weak. This isn’t bad if it’s made up for elsewhere. We’ll get into that. Midgame Disagree with your midgame assessment. Assuming you aren’t woefully behind, Singed’s midgame is quite powerful. Lategame I think what you’re objecting to is Singed’s current best/most reliable build being driven by deficits. Singed is forced to buy items that shore up his weaknesses rather than enhance his strengths. Rylai’s + Liandry’s (RoA) are natural fits for Singed, but suboptimal due to current state of LoL. This ends up feeling lame as most people weren’t drawn to Singed to be a pick champ. Exacerbated by the fact that Singed doesn’t have a clean classification in LoL. We can’t say he’s failing/succeeding at X because we don’t have a well defined X. He, like Blitzcrank for example, falls into a special category of “they’re weird.” If Singed’s best build were TF > Gunblade, would he be failing? Either way, if you have to build tank to function then you should be tuned accordingly. Tl;dr - I agree that even though Singed’s win rate may be fine, his current best build option isn’t compelling. It’s not why most Singed players want to play Singed Champions “Difficult to learn” doesn’t mean “has a strong late game.” You can have an early game power house with a steep learning curve. That said, because his current early game is so weak he should probably scale better late. Elo I’ve said it before, but Singed’s win rate at all ELOs is healthy. Again, we balance Singed with experienced players in mind. You’re right that his win rate at lower rankings is better, but even at the highest MMR he is over 50%. Items Discussed this in Lategame section. For his passive, we agree. When Singed receives a significant update, this is likely the first place we look. Disruptor Problems I disagree about Singed damage output being too low when building AP. That said, it harkens back to the problem of Singed having to build tank. Adaptive Helm helps Singed too and the number of champions that get to rush this against him is relatively low. Don’t think this is a problem. On that note, early internal data shows Singed’s win rate going up on patch 7.9. Split Pushing Assuming you’re talking about a tank build, so yes. Singed doesn’t get to build Sunfire or Titanic like many other tanks and he scales based on the assumption that he’ll have an AP item or two. Even so, his clear speed is reasonable. Abilities Good suggestions here. Agree that some small scope stuff could go a long way. The problem is that with many of these seemingly easy suggestions, they can’t just be done in a vacuum. We can’t responsible just buff Singed. All of these suggestions are zero-sum, requiring taking power from other parts of the kit, validation, etc. When you look at the value proposition of working on “on fire” champions vs. someone doing relatively well, it’s a tough sell. However, the satisfaction angle is pretty compelling to me... Anyway, again I really appreciate you taking the time to write this. I wish I could say, “Awesome! We’ll make Singed our top priority and fix all these problems next patch!” I can’t do that. What I can do though, is make sure this sentiment is understood on both Live Gameplay (the balance team) and Champion-Update. Hopefully, we can get some work slated soon.
I really appreciate seeing the effort you've taken in reading and analyzing the OP's post, and I see that probably the biggest question you had after all of this is "where can we take Singed's power away to buff him without overtuning him?" And I feel that there may be an interesting way of looking at this. Probably the part of your post that surprised me the most was that you said that you feel Singed should be tuned with his hardcore playerbase in mind over newcomers, as Singed is not a champion who has many players play who don't main him. In other words, Singed's current win percentage is a good indication of Singed's current power in the game and cannot be simply buffed. While I may not exactly agree with this way of balancing the champion, I can respect this viewpoint. But as I believe you both already stated, Singed is never a champion someone plays because they want to win the game. Now, here me out. The people who play Singed, the playerbase you say Singed is mainly tuned for, play Singed because they want to play Singed. Not because he is strong. And the current build Singed mains use is to optimally play the champion in his current state, *but no Singed main wants to play Singed like this, because it's not playing Singed anymore.* You say that Singed can't be vertically buffed because this would tip his win percentage, but if playing Singed like Singed became a REASONABLE alternative, it sounds to me that the Singed playerbase would jump to that in a heartbeat over a slightly overtuned tank Singed build. Singed mains want to main Singed, not a tanky guy who can fling someone every 7 seconds. And since new players don't tend to drift towards Singed even when he's overtuned, you would only have a non-statistically viable (or possibly slightly more/less than that) number of people playing Singed in this way. I will say though that any Singed buffs going off of this logic should probably aim to incentivize Singed building damage, perhaps by making him less reliant on building full tank, and should probably avoid rewarding you for building full tank (like the OP's suggestion of giving Q health scaling). That's only if the balance team used this logic in balancing Singed however. Now, I understand that this may be a bit of a slanted viewpoint, so I'll give a few trade-off suggestions as well. 1. If you were considering the tenacity for Singed's ult again, I would say trading off a few of his defensive numbers would be a simple way to go. 2. Remove Singed's passive for a new one. Like, almost anything. Sure, any Singed main will tell you that his passive is worthless. But unless the balance team believes Singed's passive is LITERALLY useless (in which case, it's the same as admitting Singed basically doesn't have a passive), taking it away for a new one has to have some horizontal trade-off.... 3. The best suggestion I can think of however would be to lower Singed's base AD. Early in the game, Singed's autos do a surprising amount of damage due to his surprisingly high base ad. If you check every champion in the game, Singed literally has the 3rd highest lv 1 base ad in the game. Sure, this is what allows Singed to cs in the early game, and is also why his sky-auto-attack can be so good in early trades, but if it meant getting a buff to his gameplay somewhere where he needs it, I'd say this is one of the easiest places Singed can make a trade-off without making things significantly worse for him or losing a portion of his identity. Especially if the trade-off was for one of the suggestions that helped waveclear (even if it was for later in the game), such as the w doing damage/minion damage or gas being tweaked in a way to deal with minions easier. 4. Lowering W's later rank slow %s or goo-fling %s in general (perferably the former). I'd particularly love taking the later rank slow % trade-off for the OP's suggestion of being able to cast it while moving. I personally never take W until level 8 because that split second it takes you to stop to drop it makes you lose any gain you were going to have out of it for anyone not standing right on top of you. That stationary casting time/animation makes it basically impossible to engage with your W, and risks killing you if you attempt to disengage with it. I'd suggest lowering its slow %s in general, but its early ranks are barely noticeable as a slow as it is. Until I'm nearing max rank in W (so basically lv 18), it's essentially just a last-ditch-escape goo-fling attempt when I have no other option but that or die. I'd prefer to stay away from goo-fling % nerfs as a trade-off, as they are really hard to nail and can get you out of tough situations, and that snare can be VERY helpful when it lands, but just like before goo-fling's existence, it wouldn't exactly hard Singed's identity or fun too much if it was nerfed for the sake of something else he needs. On that note, swapping the goo-fling's scaling from Singed's E to his W would actually be a major nerf to it, as no self-respecting Singed main ranks W before E. While I, once again, would prefer the goo-fling to not be nerfed, I think nerfing the scaling by swapping which skill makes it scale is another viable option. As an aside, I would not suggest nerfing Singed's Q or E in any way. Especially Singed's laugh on E. That was the most powerful buff in the game. And with that, I hope this can help to some degree. I'm just a Gold Singed main, so I probably don't know a lot of what I'm talking about, but hopefully this post is not a complete waste of your time. And thanks again for the time you've spent on this thread~
: EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters
Question. As a Singed main, I'd like to know. What's the percentage of Singed suicides into towers vs other champions? Or execution rate across all Singed games? Or if you can't get that information easily, can I basically assume that Singed has the highest execution rate to towers in the game? I'm just curious.
: Why would you disable it? That means someone is attacking you...
Technically, it could also be a friendly Anivia or Trundle trolling you. Either way, you'd probably still like to know your channel was cancelled....
: An analogy to help with the Singed Support issue
That's a fairly slanted analogy. For starters, goalie is most definitely the most important single role in Soccer. There are many other positions in the game, but anyone who doesn't play soccer wouldn't know it if you used that for your analogy because of how much less significant they are to the game. Now, League does not have a "most significant role" on the team,'s not support. Second, you're talking about a game many, many, MANY years to perfect. Having a goalie not play in a goal would basically not even feel like you're playing Soccer anymore. However, League has existed for 7 years.....give or take. The meta-game wasn't something that Riot created when they created the game. It was something that developed through the players doing whatever they felt like could help them win the game. When League first started, there was no Jungler. In fact, Riot went out of their way in their updates to make sure having a jungler being the norm never got off the ground in League. However, after enough pull back by the people playing jungle, Riot caved and.....well, have gone a full 180 on that prospect. And third, your example gives zero credence for a middle ground. At one point in League's history, after Riot had nerfed Evelynn into the ground, people were literally being reported and banned for playing Evelynn. Anywhere according to your "analogy," this was also justified, because it made the team uncomfortable and since no one wanted you to play Evelynn that must mean you're in the wrong. Now, if you agree with this stance, then I suppose you're at least not hypocritical on the whole thing, but I for one see this as a very flawed way to view the situation, and detrimental to the future of League if this type of behavior is punished.
: "X Champion takes 0 skill to play!"
I think this is a fairly poor argument. Not because there is a champion that takes 0 skill to play (because there's not) but there's a difference between a champion having zero skill and having zero skill in the League and expecting a Diamond and Bronze player to be on equal terms. You could put the Diamond player on a brand new champion that they have never heard of with an insanely high skill cap, give the Bronze 5 player a week of practice with the "no skill" champion, and the Diamond player would still win with the champion they have less skill with than the bronze player because the Diamond player's base skill in League is that much higher than the Bronze player's skill, despite the Bronze player having more "skill" with their champion. Once again, the point your trying to make is entirely true. There is no champion that takes "Zero skill." It's just that comparison of the Annie players is just a bad argument to prove it.
resumed (NA)
: upvote if you hate yasuo the champ
As a Singed main, I personally like Yasuo. He's one of my favorite matchups. His dash makes him run through my poison and his windwall doesn't block my poison or my fling so he's sorta just a squishy champion that's a relatively fun matchup in my lane. Now, I'm not saying a fed Yasuo isn't super annoying, but I like him as a lane opponent.
: My first encounter with Miss Fortune Support
You're lucky, my first encounter with MF support was on my own team..... enemy adc had 7 kills coming out of laning phase :/
: "A Rioter actually commented on this and said that Expunge is misleading because the ability no longer removes all stacks of Twitch's poison on cast." Got this from The YETII RIDER's comment
Changing the ult back was the important one anyways. Expunge always sounded better to me than contaminate, but their reasoning makes sense and we got the ult back so I'm satisfied.
: Hey look kids, riot's giving vanye a true damage buff! :D
How long does Vayne stay invis for? According to the PBE, it has a surprisingly specific timing of needing to be out of sight for 1 full second before the true damage gets added, and I'm not sure Vayne stays invis for that long. Although the changes between Camo and invis certainly helps her I'm sure.
: I'll ask what everyone wondering Why Maokai?
Actually, I asked the opposite question last year. I was sure Maokai was getting the Victorious or Championship skin for season 5 and was surprised and somewhat disappointed when he did not. I guess they're just behind a bit. Kinda like how Zed isn't really being played in this meta either.
: The thing is. He explains well WHY he's being cocky. How much are Chinese teams spending preparing their players? On coaching staff, support staff, Team houses, Glorified training vacations? NA teams, same story. EU, I assume the same is true. They don't get that. He mentions that other regions won't scrim them and there's really no other way for them to compete against the teams they're EXPECTED to challenge prior to the games where they are seemingly purposefully set up (by Riot) as a punching bag to make the weaker EU/NA/LMS feel good about themselves when they get crushed by the top 1-4 teams that typically outclass the competition. They have literally no real way to prepare for the world stage... while the main teams have their "boot camps" where they rush desperately to scrim against the teams they will be facing and other competitive teams from the region they all look up to as the LoL big leagues. Still: ANL (briefly) outclassed the #1 team in the world. INTZ flat out outclassed the expected #2 team in the world, despite all this. I'm reminded of the "Discuss" page in the "These are your worlds teams" article... full of people saying that the wildcard teams should be kicked so that IMT could attend, because the wildcard teams can't compete. Yeah, I wanted IMT to be here too. Sadly they are choketastic in Finals so they didn't make it. I'll bet it's the same guys who said that who are now the ones calling a team that they dismissed poor sports for saying that they deserved their win.
I can agree with most of this, although I'd like to toss my 2 cents for 2 things. First, I don't really think there's a much better way for Riot to make things fairer for the wildcard regions. At least, I don't think Riot is going out of their way to make them a punching bag. I think changing the rules for MSI (allowing teams to take each others' seeds) was one of the few things they could do to help them (and that was a change that really needed to be done). The only other thing I can think that Riot could do to "help" the wildcard teams would be to have more slots for them at worlds, but that still doesn't stop them from being punching bags. Riot just sorta form the outer shell of the esports scene for League and the organizations and such take care of the rest. I mean, there's not really a way for Riot to force the teams to scrim against one another. And honestly, being a punching bag helps you learn how to throw those punches yourselves. There's a reason why the Wildcard regions have gotten better every single year. Sure, being a punching bag in scrims would be better and quicker, but you can't really force it. At least, that's my opinion. And my other albeit smaller note is that if any region deserves a fourth seed it's Korea. Or Flash Wolves/AHQ's region should get a third. The latter to put them on even ground with the other major regions and the former because a fourth seed form Korea would still probably be stronger than half of the competition most years. Now, I'm not saying they should take one of the Wildcard slots for it or anything, but there's no reason why NA should be first in line to receive it. And that's coming from someone who directly wants Korea to lose every year.
: Tbh if Jensen didn't go full retard and walk towards Faker after seeing Bengi SKT VS C9 game would have been a lot closer. C9 still would have lost because it's Meteos on Lee Sin. Next time I hope C9 takes some hints from the flash wolves. Dont give blank a control jungler. Either 1st pick Syndra or ban it away. Can't let Faker have that back and Jensen hasn't played any Sol to my knowledge so I don't know I'd he could do it. Duke hasn't looked that good so far, so get impact to do impact things to him. And if Olaf isn't banned get that for Meteos. It looks like blank doesn't seem to understand Olaf but if Zac is banned and it probably will be, I would rather have Meteos on Olaf and Blank on Lee Sin then the opposite. Also Smoothie should get Alistar again and roam. and as long as nobody decides to be an idiot *cough Jensen *cough*. It could very well be a close game
In interviews after that game both Jensen and Impact explicitly stated that they lost that game because they gave Faker Syndra and they weren't expecting them to first pick it. That's kinda passing the buck on what they did wrong that game, but one thing I'm certain of is Faker isn't getting Syndra again. Since I'm pretty sure C9 will be on blue side next time they face them (they were on red last time, and they do one game on each side for each team, right?) I fully expect C9 to want to first pick Syndra, and it'll be on SKT if they want to ban it or not, which I suspect they will.
: Likkrit's rune setup gave me a little laugh as well.
What was Likkrit's rune setup? I don't know where to find that.
: When you realize that there are not 4 letters in art
That is why Jhin exists. He exists to perfect art
: Alright Rito; which one of you smart-asses did this?
I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark and say it's not the guy who made this:
: The thing is thats totally intended and the bug is that sometimes it doesnt cancel the dashes. Infanct just 1 shaco box is suppose to be able to cancel any dash ability in the game into a fear but this doesnt work out because the dashes usually do dmg to kill the box before it can fear which is superiorly bs.
I'm pretty certain it's not supposed to be literally the only cc in the game that works the way it does. A lot of movement abilities are supposed to finish the entire movement before they get cc'ed (like Rengar jump I'm fairly sure), or more importantly a double Shaco box is literally the only cc in the game that stops the "unstoppable" ultimates, like Malphite, Sion, and Vi. Considering this isn't stated to be an intended effect anywhere within the skill, I have to assume that countering the rules that other moves have placed into the game is not an intended interaction.
: Cost 90% health and mana and takes 5 minutes so set up.
What if everything was the same, except you couldn't smite it, the enemy team gets vision of baron, and any damage from either team cancelled his passive?
: Shaco literally has a critical problem with his Deceive(Q) Patch 6.18-19
If I'm being honest, I'd say his most gamebreaking glitch is one of the few that work in his favor, the one where you double stack the boxes that allows him to fear literally anything including enemies doing animations/attacks are can't be cc'ed. I mean, it's literally creating an interaction that's supposed to be impossible in the game and are meant to be advantages to a lot of these moves. Now, I'm not asking them to fix it or anything because I find this interaction awesome. I'm just saying I find this more gamebreaking than this :p
: the first smiteless jungler?
Apparently smite auto-releases the camp, so probably not. He also still needs it for Baron and Dragon.
: Patch Chat 6.10 - Taliyah, The Stoneweaver and Mage Update Cleanup
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the changes to Ghost in this patch. As a Singed main, this buff to ghost seems a good way. But if it's good for me, I know it's probably not so good for my opponents. I guess I'm just wondering, why you all seem so confident to give it such a strong buff? Also, what would constitute Ghost becoming overpowered? Because since its primary competition as a summoner spell is against flash, unless more people started to run ghost over flash at some point (which I could never see happening), couldn't it be argued that ghost can't become overpowered until it reaches that point? Or I guess people start running ghost flash I suppose.
: Champion Q&A: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Was much influence for Taliyah taken from Avatar? Also, why was it decided that Yasuo would be her teacher?
: Champion Reveal: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Long ago, Runeterra lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Azir awoke. Only an earthbender, master of the sands could stop him. But when Shurima needed her most, she vanished. A few years past and I discovered this Shuriman A Sparrow named Taliyah. And although her earthbending skills are great. She has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone.
Rozzeta (NA)
: Just luck.
> [{quoted}](name=Rozzeta,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EFYEH9Au,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-27T13:51:35.411+0000) > > Just luck. Please, it's not just luck.... It's 10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the game. ......sorry I'm not sorry :)
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: The problem with that argument is that Zed has a 1 sec timer (or is it .5 sec?) before he can switch back.
I think he meant after Zed gets hit by the ulti.
Lyte (NA)
: New champ select Q&A with the dev team!
I'm curious, on average, about how often will a player end up with their secondary option? I'm a Singed main at top lane, and I really dislike playing anything else, and am quite bad at it as well.... If this depends on other roles needed within the game, I may be tempted to say mid is my secondary just so I never get it, haha. If I had to sit through longer queue times to get my role, I would be a lot happier than having to play roles that I don't particularly want to play.
: 2015 ranked season has ended
Congratulations to everyone who did *not* reach at least gold. We know that no one has been trying harder these past few weeks than you out there, and best of luck to the next season!
: Or if you shine if the light of Demacia! {{champion:86}}
Pfft, Nasus doesn't even have a W {{champion:11}} .
: numbah 3 the feels
: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
Since I'm a silver top main scrub who could never remember to buy wards, I started buying a pink ward for the top bush in river. I feel this is a good way to start the habit of buying wards, because you will normally feel the value of the pink ward, since it will not expire. You know your enemy laner DOESN'T have a ward, and you will probably see the jungler coming at least once before it's gone. On top of that, in my elo, my enemy laner won't typically check the bush themself, so the value is immense.
: One For All heads back to the FGM workshop
This was really bad timing for my normal laptop with league installed to be out getting repaired for three weeks...
: 10/10 would test your image collection again... ^(O_O)^
If you insist ;p He's the main character of the online comic Grim Tales. It's a comic that crosses over a lot of old cartoons (mainly cartoon network) and mixes them into the same world. He's the son of Grim and Mandy actually from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. It's pretty good, in both art and story, gets kinda dark though. They've been making it for over 10 years, so there's an obvious disparity from the start of the series to current as well.
: To be fair, it's easier to make them look cute than it is to make a hooded skeleton with a scythe cute.
: so no way to get championship riven huh?
Actually, guessing the placement of every single team during worlds.
: "Breaking Down the Group of Life" "Breaking Down the Group of Death" "Breaking Down Group C" ...really
"Breaking Down the Group of Predictive Outcomes" didn't quite have the same ring to it.
Bídoof (NA)
: He said on twitter he was taking a few days break before c and d but they are coming
"They are coming" ....I see what you did there....
: I saw the error he saw as well when the article was first published. The author must have edited it and fixed it. Not everyone is just making things up...
Oh, thanks. I didn't consider that. I'm just sorta getting annoyed with how much hate these are getting cause I like them fairly well.
Almighty (NA)
: "Edg failed to make it out of group stage at last years worlds." Ummm.. WHAT?! The played quarter finals vs Royal Club in a five game series and beat AHQ in the tiebreaker to make it out of groups. Forget all the blatantly wrong information he has written on these teams. How is this level of incorrect and incompetent journalism allowed to be posted up for riots official break down? Fact check your shit dude, a single glance at lolpedia would of fixed this for you.
"They've approached greatness on several occasions, but have repeatedly struggled at key moments. Last year, they won every Chinese tournament they played in, but got knocked out in the Quarterfinals at Worlds." In the first three sentences of EDG's section. Where did you get that from? At this point, I feel like people are just making up reasons to hate on these....
starfoxe (NA)
: Don't agree with a player can't own a team. I can understand not coaching but owning is a totally different thing.
I can see it now. "IF YOU TAKE THAT PENTA YOU'RE GETTING BENCHED!?" Not to mention it would make players have to show favoritism to one of their teammates. It's an unhealthy dynamic to put the team in overall.
Mikey (NA)
: Lol riot is getting so cheap they can't even spend a few dollars to buy them their mouses they use in advance they have to make the player send their own mouse. Really?
And to tack onto what the other two have said, the last sentence states Riot will give them equipment if theirs is rejected. Riot has the gear if the players wanted it, just no one wants to use equipment that isn't their own.
: well zilean ult is useless (as if zil wasn't already lacking- even after the rework) now that lamb can prevent ALL of your teammates from dying... i think this ult is waaay overboard. especially with this absurd tank meta where juggernauts like morde, darius, garen, and skarner are all overpowered and impossible to kill anyway. other than that this champ looks interesting and fun.
The ult works on your enemies too. At least Zilean can't revive enemies :p
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