JVP15 (NA)
: It was said before, and I will say it again: Don't Remove Normal Draft
I pretty much only play draft and aram so if this change goes through, I guess it's time to say goodbye to League.
: "We don't want people playing the same 12 champions in URF"
I'm having an incredible amount of fun in ARAM now it's random. I don't see why people are complaining.
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: How DARE Taliyah have a face like that
I think she's really cute. She looks much more real than a lot of the other girls in League and someone I would actually enjoy being friends with. Taliyah is my new waifu.
: PSA: Sharing/trading/selling accounts is against the Terms of Use and will get you permabanned...
I better stop letting my 5 year old brother play on custom bot games... Time to make your own account son. Git gud.
DropFill (NA)
: Soraka is one of the MOST boring champions to play against
Hate it when people cry "unfun" or "op" when they don't even try to counter her. All sustain champs counter poke (of course you can't poke her down in lane) but BURST and LOCKDOWN counters sustain. Try {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:1}} and every assassin in the game and watch her insta-die.
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xXjoejaXx (EUW)
: So cute
I use Soracat and Kog'meow as my icons on Skype all the time. <3 They are all so adorable! I wonder if they all have official names?
: I think Yasuo is more weeb than Ahri tbh.
Pika310 (NA)
: I'd like to make a few corrections: * Staccato is in no way the best use of her Power Chord passive, since they blatantly nerfed it TWICE without any tradeoff whatsoever. They literally just chopped off power and didn't even pretend to give anything in return. HOWEVER, since Fearless intentionally ruined the cooldowns on Aria and Celerity, realistically you can never use anything other than Staccato for the blatant fact that Hymn has the highest uptime, in spite of Staccato being the outright weakest of the 3 Power Chords. Fearless did this on purpose to intentionally ruin Power Chord's usability. * Building AP doesn't help Sona at all, her scalings are really bad. In fact, they're amongst the worst AP scalings of the support class. The 2 items she has are not necessarily "AP items" per-say, that's just a misnomer. Her 2 main items, Echo and Spellblade are ARTIFICIAL NUMBERS, that just happen to also give AP as an afterthought. Hell, Sheen doesn't even give AP anymore, so that just further proves my point. It's not that Sona is building AP items, it's that she's building fake numbers. There's no way to translate this into focusing Sona on assisting her teammates, because she's not actually building AP in the first place, not intentionally. She builds these items out of necessity for the fact that her kit itself is literally unusable. Her spells are so weak, they may as well not even have effects. That's how desperate Sona is and it's evidenced in the fact that w/o both Echo and Spellblade, her winrate falls all the way BELOW 35%, because she doesn't exist. Picking Sona is near synonymous to just turning the match into a 4v5 AT BEST. * As for her lack of CC, you may not think this is important to her, but realize this: EVERY other mainstream support in the entire game has hard CC on a pre-6 ability. Matter-of-fact, off-supports like Kayle and Syndra still have better pre-6 CC than Sona and this is evidenced by the fact that Sona is the least-picked champion to be played as support in professional league going as far back as patch 4.13 when Fearless intentionally GUTTED her. --- Now for your idea: * Removing Staccato from her kit entirely is a poor decision and shows a lack of understanding Sona's current problem. Staccato is her WEAKEST passive, it's only being used because Sona's cooldowns on Aria and Celerity are TOO DAMNED HIGH. Staccato needs to be buffed, I suggest increasing the bonus damage AND adding a new Debuff to it that either shreds the target's defenses or increases allied damage for several seconds. At the same time, all of her cooldowns need to be lowered back to 7 seconds. * Her "snuggle zones" are one of the worst-designed and most idiotic ideas to ever be created in league's history. Firstly and I want to emphasize this point very clearly: **THEY ARE NOT AURAS** Secondly, they're melee-range spells. In fact, the ONLY melee-range spells on ANY mage support in the entire game. This is their main problem: it's unreasonable to EVER tag an ally with these in ANY realistic scenario. Not just because they're melee-range, but also because their duration and effects are both so bad, they go completely unused well over 90% of the time. Sona either needs REAL auras returned to her or these shitty NON-auras need NUMEROUS MAJOR UNADULTERATED BUFFS. * Sona already has the lowest damage potential of the entire support class. Nerfing Hymn even further, when it's already the weakest damage spell amongst all supports displays a severe lack of understanding of Sona's current state in the game. It doesn't have an aura, so I'm not sure what you're suggesting in the 2nd part. Nerfing the AP ratio on the bolts literally won't do shit, Sona's not building AP. She's building ARTIFICIAL NUMBERS and nerfing her ratios won't lower her damage output in the slightest. Between your suggested nerfs to Staccato and suggested nerfs to Hymn, you very well will make Sona the lowest-damage champion in the entire game, not just amongst supports as she already damned well is. * Aria needs buffs, you've already got this part covered. Once again I'm confused about what aura you're talking about, since Sona doesn't have any auras anymore. * For Celerity, I'm really confused all of this part. You want to nerf her self-movement, but you don't mention a trade-off. Since Sona doesn't use auras, I don't understand why you're mentioning something that doesn't exist on Sona's kit. --- In conclusion, your idea won't help Sona at all. You fail to address nearly all of Sona's current problems and worse yet have fallen victim yourself to the common misconceptions that the bleating masses believe about her. Overall, it serves to just nerf her already unusable kit once again and will further accentuate the problem of her building ARTIFICIAL NUMBERS to compensate for her lack of an existence.
Thiiiis ^ I've been maining Sona ever since I started playing League is she is abysmal right now and the changes presented don't address her true issues (aka unreliable damage, long cooldowns for low impact skills, no CC except ult). I do like the idea of Staccato shredding resistances though and buff to Aria.
: Let's say you have the ability to delete 5 champions of your choice....
{{champion:105}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:11}} : Because being 1shot with little to no counterplay is fun (master yi is easy for me to get away from but my team always eats his dick so I want him gone). I can't think of a 5th character I hate so I'll just say {{champion:103}} because if she's deleted maybe all the weeaboos will disappear.
: Literally every Yordle is awful to deal with. Teemo and Gnar are the cancer of toplane, Heimerdinger is the most uninteractive lane in existence, Ziggs stalls out games to obnoxious lengths, Tristana can escape from anything, Poppy was such a mess that she had to be removed from the game for 4 years, and Lulu is the only support that is still abused in solo lanes. I'll pass on a new Yordle.
Literally every Demacian is awful to deal with. Fiora and Garen are the cancer of toplane, Lux is the most uninteractive lane in existence, Shyvana exists, Quinn can escape from anything, Galio is such a mess that he has been removed from the game for 4 years, and Sona is the only support that does more damage than her carry. Kappa. (Sorry, I had to! I immediately thought of this when I read your comment) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Headbiter (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Amoc,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=zjr9XwpK,comment-id=0040000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-30T15:10:14.873+0000) > > About 6 out of 40 of the new ones are just objectively awful Yeah, I see very little objectivity here, with objectivity in this case meaning the artwork is judged based on artistic craftmanship and execution. Now the number one offender, as you pointed out, seems to be Nightraven Fiora, a champion - and by extension a skin - I never gave much of a fuck about, so I didn't even know this skin existed. But given all the fuss, I was genuinely curious and looked the splash arts up. And [this](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/yfE581dfYDg/maxresdefault.jpg) is what people are trying to defend? Holy crap and christ. I mean yes, the chinese art is pretty bland, even to someone like me, who sincerely had enough of all the forced "dynamic" dashing splash arts of late, but at least I can identify what I'm seeing there. It's a pale woman with a confident smirk, standing on two discernable legs, brandishing her weapon and a body that makes me actually believe she can wield such a weapon. Nothing fancy but hey, at least it's a solid execution. The current western splash on the other hand...from the "I can't decide whether I'm angry or not"-facial expression, the nigh impossible to recreate mouth, the absolute wtfuckery that is her clothing (without the chinese art I'd have never guessed this was supposed to be a corset), over the "careful, I'm stumbling" cross legs to the Jesus-pose that makes me wonder whether she actually intended to kill the guy or just practiced a ballerina-move and the guy was in the way, you can't seriously tell me that "objectivity" factors into any of this. The one positive thing about the Western art I can say is that at least it isn't obviously photoshopped to hell and back, as so many modern splash arts are. There are some hand-drawn qualities to it that I can at least respect, but come on of all the artworks that are getting replaced THIS is the one that sends people in a blood rage?
I agree with what you're saying, especially the analysis of Western Nightraven - but I don't think anyone is defending the old Western splash. I think both are objectively ugly. What really gets me though, is that the Chinese one does NOT look like Fiora. At least the Western one looks like her even though it is crap art. Honestly, I think the ones people should be getting all pissed about is those ugly as sin Amumu replacements and that AWFUL Sinful Succulence Morgana.
: games like these just wanna make me to quit this game.
It also looks like the support took a lot of gold income away from Lucian (aka the only one who might have been able to kill Nautilus). Also Nautilus vastly out farmed everyone else in the game. He was also level 18 and a couple of levels above everyone. Also you guys had no true tank (maybe blitzcrank but he built ad items???) against a team with two super tanks. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Feet are strange
Does this mean that in the near future {{champion:267}} won't have to buy boots either? More inventory space for all my support items {{item:3089}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3089}}
Miudmon (EUNE)
: Anyone else really miss team builder?
I actually miss teambuilder. I miss being able to practice a certain/champ role without ANYTHING stopping you from doing it. You weren't even notified if you were declined from a group... I miss being able to select tanks to join your group so you're not stuck with ADC jg/top when your support wants to play Sona. I miss being able to pick a clear troll pick for laughs and get accepted into a troll group and have fun. And my queue times were like 3-5 minutes and I would just play phone games or surf the web while waiting. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Gankattk (NA)
: About this years harrowing...
It's not like I've been excited for months to finally get my hands on Zombie Brand and Frankentibbers. I think my summoner name sums up how I feel about this. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}


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