Lapis (OCE)
: What's more fun to you? Playing lots of champs, or just one?
> Top: {{champion:82}} ({{champion:8}} Jg: {{champion:32}} {{champion:33}} Mid: {{champion:8}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:115}} Adc: {{champion:202}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:21}} Sup: {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} Trying to learn {{champion:20}}
: Is Nunu and Willump truly a braindead champion?
I’m only s1 (this season), G5 for two other seasons but I play this game a lot (over five years)... I have over 1 million points in Vladimir and I play and experiment with tons of champs to see what clicks with me I’m a “try hard” normy I found Nunu to be hard to play. His snowball mechanic is just weird to control for me and if you make a miscalculation... it’s really hard to come back. He’s tanky but compared to Amumu (who I love playing), he feels much much harder. I want pick up Nunu though. Maybe play him as a back up to Amumu but he didn’t strike me as “easy” or “brain dead” What to do with his kit feels unintuitive to me
: Can anyone give tips to silver player?
Stay in lane more (exp on support is vastly vastly underrated) **but only when it’s safe**... I see lots of people backing and backing and backing instead stating and soaking that exp... your abilities do more the more levels you have Don’t roam around the map... that’s “LCS stuff.” Stay in your lane always. Get that Exp from the dying minions. If no one else is doing it (which is more then 50 percent of games in Silver)... move around the map and clear the minion waves. You’re taking farm but it’s better then letting them crash and damage your towers. I can’t tell you how many games when I’m auto filled support I have to clear minion waves to save the team. Rule of thumb in Silver: the team that does more rotations and SAFE (without dying) attacks on the minions will win through more pressure. ^ That’s pretty much the game no matter what role you pick. Hit those minions, don’t die... your team will be lazy and hungry for fights but clearing MUST be done. if more minions are moving towards the ennemy base... your winning (and losing if it’s the other way). It’s all about not dying, EXP, and minion pressure.
: Ranked is the most unhealthy experience I've ever had in any videogame
You have to treat it like its a full time job. You're here to collect LPs over the LONG TERM; statistically, if you keep calm and focused you will collect assuming you're not just mindlessly repeating bad plays. Play with a Zen like attitude, sit down and play 4 games in a row, then break and do something else. Watch some videos of other people playing, do some theory crafting... then come back and do another 4. You should expect about 40-60% losses but once you hit a sweet spot you'll shoot up. It's just going to be a long long long long grind. Ranked progress is measured in the dozens to hundreds of games... because statistically it just takes a very very very long time.
: It's been over a week since I stopped playing league
: You're reading WAYYYY too far into this, buddy. The champions that are getting IG skins were chosen by the players of IG, Riot has some criteria but generally doesn't really give much input on the champions chosen as far as I know.
okay but after IG chose Leblanc as one of the champions (which Riot had nothing to do with), could one of the Rioters then have said at the design stage... "Hey Patch 9.8 takes place just 3 days after the long awaited beginning of the final season of Game of Thrones right???? Let's in some way take advantage of that. Let's make the character designs a little bit similar to one of the main characters from Thrones." is it not possible? As a sales tactic?
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: Invictus Gaming Leblanc = Cersei Lannister
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LeBeanus (OCE)
: so would it be strong on champs with weak early games? i feel like {{champion:38}} would be able to duel much better pre-6 with an item advantage {{item:1058}} over his opponent or would it not be worth it on these champs if it would hinder their late game scaling potential?
I believe Kassadin is currently pretty restricted to Yellow primaries and Red secondaries. This seems to be the main combination (Yellow for attack speed and healing... Red for lifesteal). This is probably to help bolster his early laning and opportunistic dueling. I expect without either, the champion would feel "off" Fleet from yellow plus the healing supplements from Red gives a ton of sustain (making you hard to duel). I've seen Resolve secondary taken for a more defensive approach in bad matchups but its almost always Yellows and Reds. In most cases I think its in a state where its a great even for champs that use the Inspiration secondary. From what I've seen, its usually 2 of Cosmic Insight (the 5% CDR), Biscuits (for a lot of Supports), Minion Demat, and the Boots runes (its like a 1 time Futures Market but gives permanent MS).
: LeBlanc nerfs on PBE are missing the mark
Leblanc does not deserve this nerf. She's picked in pro play for her chain (strong and reliable Gank setup) not due to damage. This won't impact Pro Play in the least, meanwhile, you're unfairly gutting her. You nerf her damage and she'll be unplayable in Solo Q. She relies so heavily on her Q and RQ for damage. She's already under 50% win rate; this will make things much worse. This nerf isn't right or fair, not when other Mids can sit far above 50% win rate for months/weeks.
: Why do we not talk about how ridiculous Rengar is?
He's NOT that good of a champion except for 1 tricks. The casual player can do way better playing Master Yi than Rengar. Both hit massive power spikes at 6 except Yi with 2-3 items can easily cut down 2-3 people per team fight while for Rengar, its much harder to kill more than 1 target. It takes a lot of practice to even get your timing and 1 shots down as Rengar (many abilities counter his initial jump too, if he jumps at the wrong time he's left holding his balls). If his initial jump is counter he's screwed. With Yi it doesn't matter. As for insane survivability, not so much. A full damage Rengar (or maybe with 1 def item) has as much survivability as a full build Bruiser Master Yi. Difference is that in the hands of an average player, Yi has can cut down a lot more people while Rengar is restricted to 1 shots mostly (if he hasn't already fallen off). As for Rengar top lane... why would you play him top? What is his role in the team comp exactly?
: Not only it's silver but one of the worse server according to cowsep who tried them all. Unless something is broken, Riot won't balance for low elo.
Cowsep himself struggled massively in Japanese Gold while he’s used to KR server.
: > [{quoted}](name=L1ght Yagami,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EHc4y8bP,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-12-28T14:17:04.598+0000) > > these were very skilled players > > Asian servers, you have to scale at least to NA Gold V NA Gold V isn't good either..
Better than the majority of Board posters
: Yup I know. But when we try to punish him we just get a QE to the face. Not all mages have a long AA to harass him with.
His Q does laughable damage on its own
: > [{quoted}](name=L1ght Yagami,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EHc4y8bP,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-12-28T14:14:24.703+0000) > > Leblanc is 100% good balance design. She has under 50% win rate at all eloes. AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. That's where the discussion ends my friend.
Then how do you explain her low win rate (less then 50)? It’s a sign of balanced design
: Because LB isn't BALANCED. She's another assassin, not a mage.
LB is both And she’s balanced since in her win rate is below 50
ZerNova (OCE)
: Lol, no but seriously is there a certain champ that i could use?
Vladimir with Dark Seal and Ghost would be my pick Or go Leblanc and play aggressively with a kill lane then roam approach Nasus can 1 vs 2/3 (farm to 130-150 stack, then keep fighting when ennemy jg shows elsewhere for easy kills)
Diablus X (EUW)
: What is your most top 10 Cancerous Characters in League of legends?
{{champion:34}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:29}} in no particular order
: I suppose that your opponents were pro Zed players or even decent summoners. Oh well, let's take your totally unbiased findings and roll with it...
these were very skilled players Asian servers, you have to scale at least to NA Gold V
: Don't be abusive. "Anyone who loses to Zed just has bad mechanics/fundementals." That's mean. Not everyone is bad or has bad mechanics. And from the way you are being downvoted, your opinions here aren't agreed with either. LB is not balanced either so this argument is thrown out the window. And yes, Zed is OP. Bye! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
you know that every time Zed throws out his W he can be hard punished/comboed for the next 20+ seconds? Also, if he's melee farming then you harass him with ranged AAs but as soon as he throws even a single Shuriken to farm, you can hard combo him hard trade him (because without his Q... even with his R and everything up he can't combo effectively at all)?
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: This thread is a joke.
then how do you explain that I managed to defeat Zed without even building a Seekers? And yet people are saying, "Zed is OP because he forces a Seekers and then I do no damage"?
: Waw, a silver player beats Zed with a totaly balanced LeBlanc, much suprise.
Leblanc is 100% good balance design. She has under 50% win rate at all eloes. I don't know what you're talking about. The fact that it can be done with a Leblanc by me shows that better players could do it too.
: Waw, a silver player beats Zed with a totaly balanced LeBlanc, much suprise.
The way I see it, if a silver can do it, then anyone can Hence in no way is zed op
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Eons3 (NA)
: Why do people actively try to prevent themselves from being carried or assisted in winning.
If top feeds very hard, it’s 80 percent over unless some other lane on your team is ahead. A fed Jax/Garen is 80 percent of the time going to just tie up too much resources to deal with. And I don’t get it either. If you lose lane it should be at most 0/2/0. Sure get behind by 30 cs if you have to but yesterday I saw a 7/0 Maokai by 10 mins. How do you lose this hard? And to a freaking Maokai????? Jg should never Gank a losing lane because it will just add to the feed. In fact, it’s better to be forcing plays/Ganking a winning lane than a losing one.
: What's your main role? (Poll)
Mid main, ADC secondary My ADC is significantly worse and usually plays around the team JG is my worse role
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Pale Mask (EUW)
: I admit that I hadn't thought about a more philosophical take on the character. If he's based on Lestat, he's likely going to be closer to an anti-villain than a serial killer.
Vladimir should also run around and say: "You Bleed Therefore You Are... but What Am I?" "Question to Ponder: Where is the World's Pumping Heart?"
tamaya (NA)
: I think that the atmosphere of the movie really suits him. However, Tom Cruise and its skins are too manly face and I do not like it... Dude this is TOTALLY Vladimir... Look at him!
Lapis (OCE)
: Who's the best enchanter to climb right now?
I believe its Janna. Your Q tornado has tons of utility and a very long range. aa+ W + aa is a very solid trade combo. You can be kind of sloppy with your shields and it will still block (due to how long they last) tons of MS makes it easy to move around, Ult is nice too God like levels of peel
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Pale Mask (EUW)
: I admit that I hadn't thought about a more philosophical take on the character. If he's based on Lestat, he's likely going to be closer to an anti-villain than a serial killer.
I've thought of this because Marquis Vladimir is by far my favourite Vladimir skin (the one I play with all of the time). I joke that I'm playing as Tom Cruise. =)
Pale Mask (EUW)
: On the topic of Vlad's personality
What if Vladimir had the personality of Lestate De Lioncourt? Someone who just enjoys immortal life (or tries to enjoy it) in a sophisticated cultured way while accepting that he's a killer (but doesn't go Hisoka levels of over the topness for it)? With occasional existential crisis (what does it all mean? Is there a God?) and occasionally trying to recruit others to join him. Or is that going too far?
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: ... He was straight before?
He sounded straight before imo
xSun (NA)
: what champ do u think i should one trick
{{champion:8}} Mid lane domination, can also go Top or even ADC
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Ahris (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qssKgj6E,comment-id=001b0000,timestamp=2018-09-24T10:09:39.354+0000) > > Lol. > > She is not one of the strongest duelists, not even close. > > {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:67}} say hi Against any squishy. Ashe can most likely beat vayne until she buys qss
at 3+ items Vayne murderstomps Ashe. Too many tools to outplay her Ult... plus even if it hits if its near point blank, Vayne can still auto into Ashe and kill her I think just from way superior damage. The only hope for Ashe is if there's nearby minions and she has her Q IMMEDIATELY up during the duel by "charging" on them. But its unlikely, and Vayne could wait for it to expire.
: New Champion: Pax
A common strategy in Pro Play is as follows: Obviously, the rest of the team would draft female (ex {{champion:78}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:22}} Early game: PAX bot lane plays super safe (because Pax is weak). However, using Pax's team-wide bonuses the JG NIdalee makes very aggressive plays in Top and Mid where in 2 vs 2s the Pax stats bonus to the team will be a huge factor) Mid Game: Pax groups to provide mid-tier CC support while the team generally plays a 1:3:1 to get to late Late Game: Pax gets to 18 and HARD CARRIES with his super team-wide shield and super long range Viktor lasers. Pax becomes total cancer as he laser snipes from bushes, building zero AP yet almost 1 shotting due to his ridiculous level 18 power spike.
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: Ashe is healthy if you like your bot lane to get stomped so you lose.
I win lane as Ashe all the time. What do you mean?
HuaaWind (NA)
: Vladamir is seriously broken
At higher eloes if the ennemy has {{champion:57}} and {{champion:40}} then Vladimir is really really really screwed.
: Well, she has a really good kiting. So a good player with decent attack move and kiting can "outplay" a running champ
She's one of the only 4 ADCs I play on regular rotation and they are pretty much all immobile. {{champion:22}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} I like playing Ashe because it feels like I'm playing an "official" healthy champion. I mean if there was a video game level mode Ashe would be like the default (before OP characters are unlocked); the ultimate test of skill etc... I like the character because it forces me to return and drill the fundamentals of the role and focus on Macro.
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: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
: Most people don't care about this PAX shit give up
Yup. This is absolutely pathetic. I literally don't give a damn about PAX. So long as the servers keep running and this game remains mostly free and of decent quality... who gives a shit about this PAX PR stunt/backfired fiasco?
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