Sukishoo (NA)
: I guess that would make sense. It still just feels kinda too soon for them to jump at her again.
Yeah, I agree. I'm not opposed to Akali getting another music skin to tie in with her street rapper style, since the same thing happened with Ahri and her Popstar and K/DA skins. But the difference was that Ahri's skins were released five years apart. It's barely been a year for Akali...
: I mean, as someone who mains a lot of unpopular champions in various roles, Taliyah included, I understand the frustration. At least one of the players from SSG not only played Taliyah during worlds, but picked her for their Worlds skin. They could have picked any other champion they played, but they picked Taliyah, and I think we should all be grateful and thank them for that.
Yeah, I am pretty grateful for that! But it's still kinda sad that Riot only made that skin because someone requested it. Otherwise, Taliyah might still be stuck with only her launch skin.
: Not sure what music True Damage plays, but I feel like its not really a good fit for Taliyah anyway. I could see her as a part of some sort of, say, orchestral, instrumental band of sorts. The music is harsh when it has to be, but is for the most part flowing, melodic, and soothing. I think Bard, Jhin, Janna, and Kindred would be good picks for it too.
Hm. I guess you're right. I think I've just been extra frustrated this year after seeing many good opportunities for Taliyah to be getting another skin and not seeing anything (I'm not counting her esports skin). Seeing yet another possibility being scraped away kinda hurt. Sorry. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for any potential Taliyah skins until the end of the year... And then maybe next year... Hopefully they don't disappoint.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnotherPurple379,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EtfZg87A,comment-id=0000000200000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-10-18T00:12:52.941+0000) > > That's a pretty subjective statement. It's fine if they're just not your style, but you can't deny that A LOT of people like them. Like, a lot. It even caught the attention of people who don't play League of Legends. Its just objectively not that great a skin. Id even say infernal is a much higher quality, and nurse still is her best skin to date.
Err... How? They're all pretty good skins in my book, and K/DA Akali even has different effects from Nurse Akali, which makes it pretty fancy. Again, it's subjective. K/DA Akali, Nurse Akali, and Infernal Akali succeed in fitting into their respective skinlines, which objectively, makes them all good skins. It's then up to the players' personal tastes of what they prefer/think is the best. How is K/DA Akali an objectively bad skin? Are you sure it's not just because of subjective opinion?
Sukishoo (NA)
: True Damage skins T-Shirt leaked.
***No Taliyah?????*** I'm literally this close to start throwing rocks.
: Yeah but both Anivia and Nunu are somewhat unpopular, definitely not MF/Ezreal levels of popular. I think a Rioter even admitted that they were a flop because Anivia and Nunu just aren't popular. But they also learned their lesson with the BA skins too. Its getting to the point where the skins for popular champions are becoming basic and disappointing because they can't compare to what they already have. Like, how is True Damage Akali going to top K/DA?
Someone wrote a thread here about the Battle Academia skins, and there was one comment pointed out that it looked like Riot wanted the BA skins to be the next Star Guardians. Unfortunately, I don't think the BA skins were really as much as a hit as the SG skins. Honestly? I think the same thing is happening here. Riot wants to follow up on the success with K/DA with these new True Damage skins, even bringing back another Champion who already had a similar thematic in hopes that they would sell. But I think you're right about True Damage Akali not being able to top off K/DA. I'm hoping that maybe I'm proven wrong, since I do like the idea of Qiyana, Ekko, and Senna being in a music group. But I've already seen some people angry online about the fact that Akali is getting yet another skin similar to how they reacted to BA Ezreal and Lux, so I already have my doubts.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EtfZg87A,comment-id=00000002000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-17T23:22:45.616+0000) > > Yeah but both Anivia and Nunu are somewhat unpopular, definitely not MF/Ezreal levels of popular. I think a Rioter even admitted that they were a flop because Anivia and Nunu just aren't popular. > > But they also learned their lesson with the BA skins too. Its getting to the point where the skins for popular champions are becoming basic and disappointing because they can't compare to what they already have. Like, how is True Damage Akali going to top K/DA? I mean, K/DA in general is pretty bad lets be real.
That's a pretty subjective statement. It's fine if they're just not your style, but you can't deny that A LOT of people like them. Like, a lot. It even caught the attention of people who don't play League of Legends.
: > [{quoted}](name=TyRamos,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uKYlfLKG,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-10-09T00:11:08.215+0000) > > Meh. No name female artists and shows only female champs. Kinda boring song. I do not feel like that is boring. Having female champions is lovely instead of hot headed,senseless gun-fighting male champions just shooting around.
Lmao, I actually really liked this cinematic *because* of the fact that it featured the ladies. I guess that goes to show that tastes are subjective when it comes to certain things...
Terozu (NA)
: Yuumi doesn't have a god weapon. She's the head master's pet.
Yuumi doesn't have a God-Weapon, yet she's still in the skinline. Like Warwick not being human or having weapons, but being in the PROJECT skinline anyways. I can still see Taliyah and Zoe as potential candidates for BA. If Yuumi can get in for a justifiable reason, then so can those two.
Terozu (NA)
: Because the skinlines lore is about a school where students recieve power from wielding God Weapons? How can someone who _isnt using a god weapon_, be _recieving the power of a god weapon_? Also pretty sure we had a Rioter state outright that Taliyah was vetoed for not having a weapon? Where did anyone say that people in the god weapon skinline could not have weapons?
If they can find a way to make Warwick fit into the PROJECT skinline, then I'm sure they can find a way to make Taliyah or Zoe work in Battle Academia. Yuumi is already stretching the definition of having a God Weapon preeeetty far. STILL salty we didn't get that BA Taliyah...
Rioter Comments
Terozu (NA)
: Janna's story was about Zoe, not Ahri. Zoe was a member of the first generation. Ahri is younger than Syndra and Janna.
I actually doubt that's the case. I agree that it isn't Ahri for the reasons you stated, but I don't think it's Zoe either. SG Zoe's official skin bio states that she was one of the original Star Guardians, but she desired chaos instead of love and twisted her power for evil. It's heavily implied she turned against her own team, and outright said she destroys other Star Guardians. That's a very big contradiction to the description of the story, where the Star Guardian there loved her team deeply, and became angry and turned away from First Star when her team died. So unless Riot is outright lying to us in Zoe's bio, or Janna got the details of the story very, VERY wrong, I really don't think it's Zoe. Also, I don't think the lone Star Guardian in the ghost story has to be one of the original Star Guardians like Zoe? She has to be very old obviously, but I don't think that automatically makes her one of the original Guardians. I mean, it COULD be, but it doesn't have to. There's even the possibility that it really is just a story? Like maybe it isn't real (I think one member of the team questioned it being real) and it's just a reference to Ahri's state of thought (since this was the story that introduced us all to her). I don't think it's correct, but until it's proven otherwise there is a possibility that it's just a ghost story.
: Riot really should change the names of zoe,rakan and zayah since they're not star guardians.
I heavily agree. Neeko is the only one that should keep the Star Guardian name. Zoe, Xayah, and Rakan need something that actually suits them, like Dark Guardian, or Corrupted Guardian, or Fallen Guardian.
GenoXx (NA)
: I'm convinced she's not even on the schedule for this yr.
I've seen some leaks that she is part of a different skinline for this year. Don't really know how legit they are though. As much as I really want Taliyah to get a SG skin, it was probably better that she was left out this year. She doesn't fit the whole corruption thing they have going on this year. Hopefully she makes a comeback as a regular SG later on with other heavily requested Champions (Taric, Sona).
GenoXx (NA)
: I'd just like a logical reason as to why Taliyah wasn't a star guardian candidate.
The one reason that I would forgive Riot for leaving Taliyah out this time would be if Taliyah is slotted for a different skin this year. And I sure hope that's the case. Taliyah is probably one of the most requested Champions for SG, and I'll be mad if she doesn't get a skin this year.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: New splashes and a leak into the new ADC
The Elderwood skins look really good! I'm probably going to buy the Ahri skin. The Infernal skins are alright, I guess. The splash art doesn't really look all that great tbh. They all look hard to tell apart on the same splash art, but the game models are pretty okay. The potential Champion teaser is my biggest point of interest though. My guess is that it's the splash of their new Champion's first skin. I'm already quite interested what this new Champion might be like!
: same with the Battle Academia skins.
Do you mind me asking to elaborate on this subject? Is it because the BA skins themselves are bad? Or is it simply the choice of Champions? Not trying to argue with you, just curious what you mean exactly.
: Well, yes and no for the "we don't know that much about Ixtal" thing. While you are right that we don't have that much information about what they consider elements, based on the descriptions for the images on the Ixtal page, we can make the assumption that they are more concerned in mastering the art of manipulating the material/physical world rather than things like light and shadow/darkness. I feel like if they considered light and darkness elements, there would have been mention of that somewhere. Though, perhaps it was purposefully left out on the off chance that the marksman is Ixtali, and that bit about light and darkness will be added with their release.
Maybe that's the new Champion's shtick? Maybe the fact that they're from Ixtal, but have light/dark manipulation is what's supposed to make them unique in the universe? Maybe you're right about Ixtal not using light and dark elements typically... But that doesn't mean they never use it at all. This new Champion could be that one unique exception. Also, the architecture looks close enough to be Ixtalian to me, so it's still a prime suspect along with the Blessed Isles right now.
: Can Ixtal get some development please?
Oh boy, now this I feel pretty passionately about... I really do wish Riot gave more attention of this region and shared more facts about it. Like a video, similar to the ones they did on Ionia and Targon. Heck, even a story specific to the region that introduces us to its daily life and culture, like how "Progress Day" did for Piltover or "City of Iron and Glass" did for Zaun. A couple of vague facts and pictures, plus a short color story and two bios taking place there (one of them being like, 3 sentences long) is sadly abysmal. And I think it contributed to Ixtal being a lackluster and underwhelming reveal despite them being a whole new region for the longest time in League's history. It's a pretty big deal! Yet it barely got anything! I'm so disappointed with this especially because Ixtal sounds like such a cool region and I would love to know more about it! I would absolutely love to see their culture, their way of living, their religions or spiritual beliefs, their systems of controlling the elements, their government and politics, their conflict with Piltover (which is maddeningly watered down and simplified and I am honestly pissed how underused and underexplored this subplot is right now), the fact that they're home to Malphite and the DRAGONS (!!!!!), the rules of elemental magic itself! There's so many things that could be explored in a new region such as Ixtal, and it makes me so sad thinking about it. To be honest, I'm not too mad about the metal-people idea being scrapped - I'm fine with Ixtal how it is - but if they did go with it, I wouldn't have complained at all! It's a pretty creative idea, and it definitely would have helped Qiyana have more of a memorable character design.
: I mean the issue with Ahri is that they changed her personality entirely depending on her skins. Base, she's a fluffy and innocent, if seductive fox-turned-human. As Popstar and K/DA (same Ahri), she's a confident but sympathetic individual. As Star Guardian, she's a complete alpha girl that's very un-Ahri-like. SG Jinx is still very much her Jinx-y self. She's an extroverted, fun-loving, rebellious individual, but rather than simply being about that, now has an added angle of liking her fellow star guardian friends. Kat, indeed, would be fairly similar to MF as a SG, because their base personalities are similar as well. As usual, there'd be the added angle of a friendlier, softer Kat as part of a SG group rather than this cold-blooded Noxian killer.
Hm, I actually don't see it as that big of an issue. SG Ahri is still very charming and sly, even if she's not innocent and fluffy, so I still think she's Ahri-like enough. I think it's totally okay to tweak the personality of a Champion for the sake of a skinline (just as long as they resemble the original character enough to be recognizable). The same thing happened with SG Jinx. Same character with a few major tweaks. SG Jinx is definitely among the best examples of doing it right, I think we can agree with that. The biggest issue I have with the possibility of a regular SG Katarina is the fact that she *would* be fairly similar to SG MF. Yes, they are similar in the lore too when you think about it, but it's their motivations and backgrounds that help them set each other apart. If they were both Star Guardians, then they would have to have a similar background and motivations as well, therefore taking away more of their differences and making them feel like the same character. I'm worried about the possibility of a SG Sona for this reason too. I think it would be dangerously easy for an SG Sona to feel more like an SG Soraka 2,0 rather than her own character, therefore making the characters of skinline feel reductive and stale. This is why I'm supportive of a dark SG, or SG-adjacent Katarina rather than an actual SG Kata. It helps give Katarina more options for background, motivations, and even personality so she can different from MF.
: It's just sad they offcially try to take apart a soulmate like garen and taric but force them to be with women to avoid bais on underground gay love.
Err, okay friend. You do you. I'll admit, I ship Katarina with someone else more than I do with Garen. But that doesn't mean I'm disinterested in KataGaren itself. I'm open to multishipping. It's just Riot hasn't really given me any fuel for me to like this ship right now, and if all they do is lines here and there and easter eggs in splash arts then I won't be any more enthusiastic.
: What about the Immortal Journey skinline? Could she be a good fit there?
Since Talon got one as well, yeah! I could see an Immortal Journey skin happening for Kata! The only potential issue would be that she already has a Warring Kingdoms skin, since those two skinlines are slightly similar in terms of aesthetics, but the color schemes and special effects would probably be different enough to make it work.
Hmm, I hope they do something about it soon too. Honestly, all of this teasing without actually showing what their relationship is like or even how they meet is making me kinda annoyed. And that's a shame because I actually want to like the ship, but I can't bring myself to like it if there's absolutely nothing there.
: Thoughts of Skins: Katarina
Oh, I would REALLY like to see a Marauder type skin for Kata. Or any kinds of Marauder skins, really. I think the lore and the aesthetic is really unique, and something that Kata would fit, and would bring something new to the table (specifically, the armor). For a Star Guardian type skin, I think I would prefer her not actually being a Star Guardian? But still a part of the SG universe, like a dark SG as you said. I think it would help her stand as her own character instead of feeling stale. Plus, stars and sparkles would be a cool VFX change for her.
: To be fair, that "better candidates for Star Guardian" argument applies for Syndra, but she worked out. A "confident, good and knows it" SG Kat would be very much in line for being very Kat-like while still being a purely good Star Guardian in the same way Jinx and Syndra are.
They would have to be really careful about it, though. The issue I personally see is too many characters becoming similar to another. For example, they can't really do another shady, mysterious, may-possibly-actually-be-bad-but-you-never-know character as a Star Guardian, because then that character would feel like a Syndra 2.0 more than anything. A "confident, good and knows it" SG Kat runs the risk of being too similar to SG Jinx, Miss Fortune, or even Ahri character-wise. Katarina is going to need more traits unique to herself so that she can stand out in an already pretty diverse lineup, while simultaneously still fitting the SG theme. Not to say that they can't do it. I would be willing to see if they could pull it off. Personally though, Katarina might be better off maybe being a fully bad guy, like a Dark Star Guardian, or another type of role in the SG universe without actually being an SG. That would open up more potential options for her and would eliminate the risk of her feeling like a stale character.
Helmight (NA)
: Our first entry for Irelia, and boy is it a doozy. I absolutely love the connection between Irelia's past and her new life after being PROJECT-ed (PROJECt-ified? We need a verb for whatever it is they do to people), and how her dancing is how she connects the two. I also appreciate how you gave her motivation to join up with the others - not revenge, but peace of mind. It sets her apart, but still keeps her involved in the reckoning. Nicely done, Purple!
Aaaaaaa, sorry this reply is late, but thank you so much! I'm glad to have participated!
Helmight (NA)
: PROJECT: Reckoning fanfic competition!
PROJECTs do not seek indulgence. They do not ponder emotions, or look for meaning in anything. They are given objectives and expected to complete it in timely manners, with the sharpest precision. Practicality is what’s expected of them, and they deliver on what they were built to do. But dancing is not practical. It’s frivolous, a waste of precious time and stamina, self-indulgent. Its frowned upon and sneered at among PROJECTs, for deviating from the standards they were supposed to follow, for being an imperfect machine. Every movement she makes, every motion of the dance she follows, feels like rebellion. But Irelia embraces it, because it’s all she has left. Of everything they have taken from her, the memories of the dances, of a semblance of home, family, and comfort, they’re all she remembers now. She had tried to regain her humanity, grabbing and holding on to all she had remaining and refusing to give it up. She had lashed out, with pain and fury in her metal heart, an intense feeling that ached for the losses she couldn’t remember. She had killed, turned their own weapons against them, spilled red and black, almost tore her way out of their steel buildings. And when they finally caught her, PROJECT threw her away to die in the wastes outside their walls. With the spirit she refused to let PROJECT take away from her, she made a name for herself, and despite her reluctance, she became their legend, their figure of hope and strength. Their leader. And she found a strange new comfort in them, persevering through dangers together. Almost like a family. Whenever Irelia was alone and safe, she danced. She recited all the movements she could remember, searching and piecing them together from the depths of her scattered brain, artificially wiped of the person she once was and then filled with the wires and chips that connected her to her cybernetic blades. Once they had hacked her spirit to weaponize her for their own gain, but now she used what they did to her own benefit. Then the Outcasts arrived, people like her that were stripped of their souls, and then discarded. They were angry, vengeful, sometimes glitching in general insanity. They wanted to take down the one who abandoned them, and they wanted her to join them. Yes, she was angry, and she too craved revenge. But what made her accept their offer was a piece of overarching fear in the back of her mind, an uncomfortable, unbearable emotion she hadn’t felt before and wanted to get rid of. The fear that she will lose anything that mattered to her. Her new family, her emotions, her own life. Her dances. Irelia hears a wolf’s howl, sees PROJECT’s logo, thinks about what they have already taken from her and how they used her. And she knows she needs to stop them. She needs to stop them, before they come to finish what they started, to destroy everything she has. (499 words total, checked in a word document)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lady Faceless,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pgsMgYaH,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-19T13:05:28.884+0000) > > I would like to mention that I don't really care for Akali much nor for this new butch of PROJECT: skins but here is my take to this. > > A skin is always an alternative university, which mean a chracater can have different goals and point of views. > We have skins like Harbringer Kassadin, Forsaken Jayce and Dark Star Karma which make them "evil" while we have skins like Justicar Syndra and Aatrox which are suppose to make them good. > There is nothing wrong if a champion has different personality or take for an alt!verse. > A skin is not a failure because it tries to highlight different aspects of a personality. > Nobody complained about Dark Star Karma, which turned her into a space destroying monster. > Why is Akali a different case? well oddly enough, people did complain about karma yet people also said "skins can also subvert expectations. dont know why Akali isnt the same , especially since she simply subverts the rogue theme by being a double agent, meaning she fits the theme in an out of the box sorta way
Yeah, I think there were some people who complained about Dark Star Karma. But I can still see the point of changing personalities in an alternative universe. But I object that PROJECT Akali still fits the rogue theme. If she were truly a rogue, she wouldn't be with the Outcasts OR with PROJECT. But since the lore so far seems to imply she's with PROJECT, she's not a rogue at all. She's just another one of PROJECT's lackeys. I wouldn't have disliked it as much if Akali was a Vayne-type of character, someone who doesn't like the Outcasts or PROJECT corporation. I think the reason I don't like her current direction in the lore isn't really because she's not a good guy anyone, but because she very clearly is serving a big bad without any indication of conflict, and that stands against her canon characterization as a rogue character.
: I would like to mention that I don't really care for Akali much nor for this new butch of PROJECT: skins but here is my take to this. A skin is always an alternative university, which mean a chracater can have different goals and point of views. We have skins like Harbringer Kassadin, Forsaken Jayce and Dark Star Karma which make them "evil" while we have skins like Justicar Syndra and Aatrox which are suppose to make them good. There is nothing wrong if a champion has different personality or take for an alt!verse. A skin is not a failure because it tries to highlight different aspects of a personality. Nobody complained about Dark Star Karma, which turned her into a space destroying monster. Why is Akali a different case?
That's why I had changed my stance from "completely hate it" to "conflicted feelings about it." Maybe it's because this is the PROJECT universe? Which isn't really known for changing the personalities of characters? Like, for Dark Star, it's guaranteed that every Champion in that skinline will be evil, but this isn't really the case for PROJECT. They generally tend to stick to their canon moral alignments, and Akali is the first big deviation from that.
Looknook (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SEKAI,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ld4g7u9Q,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-07-16T16:39:52.553+0000) > > And what's with the girls all needing to have human faces? Can't they be more like Project Yi and Jhin? > But if you can't see their faces then how are you supposed to know that their girls. I mean they could just be very petite men...with lots of would be anyone's guess really.
1) The only male PROJECT without a full mask is Ekko, at least as far as I can see. But basically all the females don't have full masks, except Vayne, and I believe that can be easily toggled off. Why not have some male Champions without full masks, or females with full-masks? Then it'll be more balanced out, and we would probably be less annoyed about it. 2) I don't think it should really matter to indicate what gender they are? Their weapons, silhouette, and colors should be indicator enough which Champion they are. At least that's what it should be like. All of them could have full masks that don't disclose their gender and still be distinctive, and I wouldn't really mind at all.
Ackelope (NA)
: do you, by chance, have a link to said fanart?
Of course! Here's the source on Twitter where I found it
: You have the deeply rooted in racism towards Asian people in media portrayal to thank. Asian women have been for a very long time stereotyped in western media as 1 of the 2 things that are absurdly polar opposite: She's either the super dominant femme fatale "dragon lady", or she's the overly submissive "china doll"/"Yamato nadeshiko". I must stress that to this day, it's quite rare that an Asian character, male or female or whatever, to appear in western media to not be an historical caricature of some kind. Most of them are written as if their characters both begins and ends at the frankly offensive stereotypes. Remember I just mentioned that stereotypes can involve portrayals that are directly opposite from each other? It's a pretty common theme for the people within demographic that is somehow socially acceptable to be openly discriminated against which they have to deal with on a daily basis, such as Asians, South Americans, etc. But I'm heading off the tangent here. When Asian female characters are portrayed in the vein of the super dominant femme fatale "dragon lady", it is typical to portray her as strong and independent which so far so good, but that is only to serve the more sinister motive of portraying them as overly aggressive, manipulative, and inherently treacherous. As much as I enjoyed the recent movie Skyscraper starring Dwayne Johnson trying to save his family members from the fictional tallest building in the world in China called "The Pearl" built and owned by a Chinese billionaire that is being burned down by a terrorist group (the movie despite its average critical reception and some of the action scenes were admittedly bullshit like when Dwayne Johnson completely anti-climatic jumping through spinning blades scene, is surprisingly okay especially on the overall characterisation of all the different characters and the plot is concise and gets to the point. I recommend a watch), but I can not for the life of me ignore the fact the whole of the terrorist group sacking the The Pearl has only a single woman and she's Chinese for whatever reason who just joins in to sack another fellow Chinese billionaire because why not I guess (the actress is of diverse heritage of Chinese-Australian herself, but her role design in Skyscraper made attempt to suggests that she's Chinese-Chinese or something along that line. And I have to go by "suggest" because she had ZERO character, which I'll get to right below). That is a pretty textbook example of a "dragon lady" Asian female archetype used in abundance in media. * I had to actually look up the name of the character she played (which is a single Chinese word which I have to assume it's a nickname but it really isn't all that memorable) and she had like 1 line in the entire movie. I don't think her backstory or motive of any sort is explored in any way either. She was literally just there like a prop like a glorified background character like the other nameless dudes on the terrorist group in the movie, except she gets just slightly bit more attention than actual props. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate on the issue with that, remember "Katana" from Suicide Squad? Yeah, me neither. But then, the whole movie is forgettable save for Slipknot, so I guess I can't blame her too much. And Akali is no different. Akali was re-written to include the development of her ditching the Kinkou Order and going rogue because she sees her old time mentor Shen as "weak", complete with her getting an actual dragon tattoo for a reason. And ofc, in the Project universe I guess she has to be a double-agent. Gee, I wonder why. The overly submissive "china doll"/"Yamato nadeshiko" is pretty much the same deal just from the other direction, pretty much. In that kind of portrayal Asian women characters are portrayed as damsel in distress like one of those really old-fashioned storytelling. It would be bad, sure, but it's only actually bad because here the prince in shining armour is almost always, a white character, and usually unironically saving them from the supposedly evil and oppressive Asian parents, culture, or whatever. I mean, one of the last example I even bother enough to remember is 2013's The Wolverine that was so insulting I had to stop the movie mid-way and never pick it up again (and Pacific Rim too, from the same year. I hadn't bothered with the sequel). I rant this much because I want you to understand that this perverted fetishisation of Asian women seemingly have to """betray their kin""" (those fucked up writers' words, not mine) is a deep well and a special brand of dewhumanisation against certain minorities in the western writing circle for a very long time. I mean, it just takes a special kind of fucked up to beat off your beat thinking that women of a different background should ditch all of their heritage in whole and embrace you like the greatest thing to ever exist since Nutella. You'd think this kind of characterisation can be easily read as insulting and would've been reconsidered on the drawing board but pffff it's to do with Asian so who cares, I guess. Don't get me started on the typical portrayals of Asian male characters, though. ............... TLDR: Portraying Akali as double-agent (and Classic Akali ditching her clan) comes at no surprise to anyone who remotely bothers with retrospectively looking at the characterisation (or the lack of characterisation) of Asian characters in western media, where Asian women are routinely portrayed as with a deeply rooted theme of being a ""traitor"" for 1 reason or the other. ............... And yes, I'm crazy. So you can keep the cheap shots to yourself.
Hm, interesting take. I'll actually think about this a little more, especially in the context of her role in the PROJECT universe. Thank you for sharing.
: > [{quoted}](name=IlyaK1986,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pgsMgYaH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-17T02:22:14.608+0000) > > Absolutely not. Canonically, no matter what universe she's in, she's heroic. The idea of Akali being a backstabber does not sit well with me. What are you talking about, Akali is a more asshole Zed. And Zed is literally trying to stop a serial murderer!
They both have good intentions at heart. Both of them strive for the well-being of their homeland, and they decided to reject Ionian traditions to do so. I don't see how Akali is any more of an asshole than Zed. They're both equal assholes at the very least. They're really just the same, only Akali dislikes Zed because of how he raided and killed off most of the Kinkou.
: Probably Akali because she's "the ninja". Like there's Zed, but Zed is more Mortal Kombat assassin than general fiction ninja.
Hm, maybe. I might buy Akali being a double-agent if there was an indication that she was conflicted about what side is right and what path she wants to choose, since that sounds very true to Akali. But making her a straight-on bad guy that serves the PROJECT Corporation isn't really appealing to me, especially since she's supposed to be a ninja that doesn't serve any master and does everything *her* way. Her taking orders blindly, at least for me, goes against everything she was supposed to represent. Unfortunately, as of right now, that seems to be the direction they're heading. Like, I can see ninjas and how they're seen as untrustworthy. And Akali isn't really the most trustworthy person out there. But she also isn't a lackey serving a mega evil corporation without thought. The truest path they would have taken is for her to be yet another rogue that does things her own way and refuses to pick a side since she thinks they're all wrong. Still feel like there could be another alternative Champion that would fit full-on double-agent better than Akali though.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheMan292,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pgsMgYaH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-17T02:26:49.996+0000) > > well she did turn her back on the Kinkou, and skins tend to twist things. for example, Hecarim is a good guy in the Elderwood line, and so is Vel'koz in Arclight (in fact THE big good) I mean yes, some skin lines definitely go with various aspects of a character--EG heroic hecarim in Arcade and Elderwood lines, Jinx being absolutely unequivocally good in her Star Guardian and Odyssey lines, if a bit of a rebellious doofus, but she still retains a lot of her quirky "shoot first, ask questions later" personality. Akali, while she left the Kinkou out of frustration in her base skin ("WTF why are we sitting around, while people are dying?!"), it still feels like the very foundation of her character is that even if she doesn't do things by the book, she's unequivocally upstanding, with her heart in the right place. A backstabbing, villainous Akali just...*isn't* Akali to me. Now Riot can go even *deeper* and have her be a triple agent, what with being a ninja that does things outside the rules. But I'll believe that when I see it.
While Akali's methods aren't exactly black or white, Akali always had good intentions at heart, the wellbeing of her homeland and its people. Kinda like the other Ionian Champions, it's just the methods that set them apart. The main problem I have with PROJECT is that Akali is supposed to be a rogue, an assassin with no master, someone who turned her back on tradition because she didn't think they worked anymore and struck her own path. Making her PROJECT'S lackey in the end REALLY goes against it. I'm certain there's an area where you can both do something interesting and different with a character so they aren't exactly the same in every single universe, but still keep the heart or core of the character. SG Jinx works pretty well, as you said. An alternative that I've thought about if is what Akali was *originally* a double-agent, but then she began questioning PROJECT and seeing the reasons of the outsiders, and now she's torn between two sides and needs to pick one. Probably not the best story for Akali, but I think it would be better than making her a straight-on villian. Just some hints of hesitation or conflict would make her seem better. Making her a triple-agent is actually a pretty smart idea that's accurate to her character tho. Like you said, maybe Riot has deeper plans for Akali. But right now, I'm not really confident.
Rioter Comments
: And what's with the girls all needing to have human faces? Can't they be more like Project Yi and Jhin? And yes, the new Project skins seem to have a totally different theme. What used to be about total or nearly total mechanisation is now for the most part replaced with partial augmentation as it would seem. A pretty big shift in the thematic. Or that's probably more pronounced because there are more girls in this round of Project skins, who Riot has to insist on keeping them as human looking as possible for some unspeakable reason, so there's that.
I don't like the trend of always giving the girls human faces either. I saw some fanart of PROJECT Jinx in a full mask like Jhin's, only with a crude face spray-painted on it, and it looked fantastic! If they gave Jinx a full-on mask I wouldn't have even been mad about Irelia and Akali.
: It could be _exactly because_ they are damaged outcasts. Think about it, Pyke looks heavily damaged, the same probably applied to the rest of his squad. They are cyborgs, Programs are robots, they are both based on technology to some extend. It could be that these abandoned Projects used parts of Programs they destroyed on the battlefield to rebuilt themselves and repair their bodies. Which would kinda explain why some of them look like a fusion of Project and Program. Because they _are_ a fusion. They cannibalised the robots to keep themselves functioning. It could be a great background for this line up of Projects and make them stand out.
I mean... It's a cool idea, but as far as I can tell, the skins don't really show it. Akali especially looks like a full-on Program, not a fusion of PROJECT and Program. I probably wouldn't mind the white if this was the case, but I feel like there's just too much white on them, to the point where they don't look like actual PROJECTs. Also, they look pretty squeaky clean if they're supposedly damaged and abandoned cyborgs...
: I literally see nothing wrong with this? I may not be a pro artist, but that looks fine. Shes leaning way the fuck back.
It is true that she's leaning back, but her neck doesn't look to be attached to her collarbone. It seems to be hanging somewhere on her shoulders, and the way her neck is positioned doesn't make it look like she's leaning back anyways. So either the area between her chest and neck is distorted, or her neck is impossibly long to be positioned that way AND to be connected to her collarbone, which is farther than what is anatomical correct. At least, that's what it looks like to a lot of us. It's okay if you aren't bothered by this. But the vast majority of people who saw this are bothered by it, so I didn't think it would hurt to draw attention to it.
sxvva (EUW)
: The reason her stomach is out is to show off her badass tattoo. But i will agree that her breasts look like they are about to jump out. Maybe something like the costume in A new dawn with less spikes and a less sexualised bra?
I think that's a fair reason for leaving her stomach exposed. And yes, I do think her New Dawn outfit would work if the bra and the spikes were fixed up a bit. Honestly, I think her having a bra like Akali's would do the bare minimum, and it would work pretty well.
: I don't see where you see Katarina rebelling against her father. Her bio has pretty much everything she's doing as a means to redeem her failures in her father's eyes and prove herself as a Noxian and as his daughter. I'm not getting hate or spite at all. She's shamed, and desperately wants to get back into her father's good graces. And actually, I like Cassiopeia's new lore. It placed her in the Black Rose (which I believed was much needed), and gave her more purpose in the Noxian saga. To answer some of your points: 1. Just because she was brought to Noxus with her father doesn't mean she served in the war. There was likely very little need for stealth and assassins in a full frontal conquest of a peaceful island region. 2. Obviously not, or else the General wouldn't have blindly backed Swain's conquest. The Black Rose is a secret cabal, so I wouldn't imagine that it's members go blindly broadcasting who they are to everyone, especially family members who are serving in the military. 3. Pass 4. Why does anyone join a secret society? I don't think we need explanations for why Soraena was a member of the Black Rose. As to why she asked her daughter to join, they were really close, and Cassiopeia was as gifted as her mother in politics and social endeavors. It's a pretty big no brainer as to why her mother would ask her beloved daughter to join her. 5. As far as we know, yes. 6. Pass. 7. Cassipeia was cursed by the trap in the tomb. It's corrupting her body. It doesn't necessarily have to be related to ascension or anything like that. This really doesn't need explaining, it's just an ancient trap to stop trespassers. 8. Because General Du Coteau was a general, and probably served with Swain, maybe he liked him, maybe he had a bro-crush on Swain. Honestly, we don't need an in-depth analysis of this. It's not that relevant to the affairs of the lore. 9. The Black Rose collects artifacts of great power. We know this from Elise's lore. We don't know what the secret society wants to do with them, so we really don't need an explanation as to why Soraena was tasked with retrieving this relic. 10. No? At no point does it mention that Cassiopeia used Sivir's services more than once. She even tried to kill Sivir on the spot once she found what she needed. 11. Cassiopeia's mother probably knows, as they are close, and also because the Black Rose tends to accept and use the capabilities of those with magical powers, even if they're not suitable for social interaction in society. I wouldn't imagine that Katarina or the General knows, considering they reside in Noxus now. Soraena could really easily cover for Cassiopeia through correspondence. 12. Soraena probably loves both of her daughters, but obviously prefers Cassiopeia since they're close. That happens with parents with multiple kids. And she felt clearly betrayed by her husband's backing of Swain, so things are probably a little tense there (though the General wouldn't know why, since he's unaware of his wife's involvement in the Black Rose). Cass probably has a cordial relationship with her father and sister. I doubt either of them know Talon per se, as he was likely picked up by the General in Noxus, though they're probably aware of his existence. 13. It can be, if the setting is adjusted to place it in their Shuriman home, instead of Noxus. 14. Cassiopeia doesn't need to contact the Black Rose. She already has contact through her mother. I would imagine she would intend to be an operative for the Rose, and take missives from them when they need her unique skills. 15. One can hope.
Sorry for the late reply. I meant to answer your first question, but it slipped my mind. Anyways, I thought it was implying Katarina rebelling against her father in her short story, and a few words in her bio. The examples are bolded: "She told the general **she had considered taking his head instead,** but eventually decided—as much as she hated to admit it—that he had done the right thing in ordering her death. She had failed. Not just as an assassin, or as a daughter, but as a Noxian. ... **She knew she had lost her father’s favor, and could never regain it.** He would raise others in her place, simply to spite her. Still, she vowed to redeem herself, no matter the cost—to rededicate her talents to the empire, and to become the sinister weapon she always intended to be." from Katarina's bio "Never take your mark head on. Never kill in the presence of witnesses. The voice repeats itself in my head. Somehow, it seems quieter than before. I laugh out loud. **I am no longer your assassin, father. I have outgrown your timid little rules.**" from Message on a Blade's Edge
fifek900 (EUNE)
: can we keep it please? it makes me laugh so hard, its hillarious to see that floating head from her shoulder
I mean, even if it gets changed, at least we'll have this version floating around the internet for us to laugh at. I personally would prefer not to look at this while playing League and be reminded everytime of Caitlyn's missing neck. But hey, each to their own.
Thank you for the lineart reference! It makes the issue all the more obvious.
Orperf (NA)
: Kai'sa Arcade skin looks weird
I think it's the color scheme for me. The bright yellow DOES NOT go with the purple hair. It's like Cosmic Queen Ashe all over again. That, and the outfit looks a bit too similar to K/DA Kai'Sa. Now that I think of it, Kai'Sa only had two hair colors in her skins, excluding her base skin. It's always either blonde or purple. I do like Kai'Sa's floating canons (also pretty similar to her K/DA skin, but still cool), and her VFX/SFX. Everything else is pretty meh to me. To be honest I think Caitlyn and Qiyana are the only good ones this round.
Falrein (EUW)
: LUX CALLED MY GIRL A SPOOKY OLD WITCH. I am mad at her. Great issue, don't have much to say really. Well, actually... I am not a Lux fan, so I don't really care, but I'd like to know what a Lux fan would think about that issue. Lux is depicted as incredibly naive and, not that it's a bad thing, but I'd feel annoyed if a comic series about one of my favourite champion was just them being manipulated Of course the seried is not over so hopefully we'll see growth in Lux. I'm just wondering about that really, and hopefully Lux will grow and won't spend the series being manipulated or overly naive. That's all for me! Great issue really. I just want - no, I NEED this Marvel collaboration to continue. There's so much they can do with comics, plus... Well, who wouldn't want to see their faves in a comic? :p
Lux fan here. Personally I didn't have an issue with Lux's naivety, since I think it's pretty in-character for her. Plus, I thought the comic did a good job of making her reasons for visiting Sylas seem reasonable, and Sylas seem like a decent and sympathetic guy on the outside at least. I definitely expect Lux to grow over the course of this series. By the pace of things, I'm expecting Sylas's escape to happen all in issue 3, and for new events to take place in issues 4 and 5.
: just give it up, allot of female champion splash art defies logic and basic anatomy of the human body
Even if that were the case, I'll still keep pointing it out whenever it happens. Prestige Caitlyn's splash is actually due for a correction since enough people brought attention to it. So not every attempt is wasted!
: A Fix is on the way
: Some Rioter: Gotta show off them tits. I'll just say this. For me, if this goes live without any changes despite people calling them out on it. Then yeah, it's intentional. If Riot makes the proper adjustments, then it's a mistake. (Though, how the hell did this mistake made it this far?) All they have to do is to move the neck placement & adjust it a bit.
TB Skyen talks about something like that, and I think he's right that the reason why this ended up so wonky was because the artist didn't want to cover up her face too much. I also personally think that wanting to show more of the chest may have had to do with it. If the chest was placed higher up, it would have lessened the gap between that and the neck and it wouldn't have looked so terrible. I still think that the best solution is to move the head to the left. It just makes it look more believable overall. Eh, I still don't buy that this is intentional. Again, the rules of realism don't always have to be followed in the stylized splash arts, but this is just too much for it to still be taken seriously. Poses do not always have to be 100% doable in real life, but at the very least it should look believable in the splash art. This issue doesn't look believable at all, and many other people besides me have pointed it out. Even if it's supposed to somehow be intentional, I still believe it looks bad. I still believe it's just plain wrong and it looks terrible, and it should be changed.
: It looks like half her chest was just straight up erased.
I feel like one of biggest reasons why this looks so bad is because of how her chest is so low, which furthers the gap between that and her neck. If it were higher then I think it wouldn't look as uncanny. But yeah. The area around the collarbone looks like it was erased.
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