sxvva (EUW)
: The reason her stomach is out is to show off her badass tattoo. But i will agree that her breasts look like they are about to jump out. Maybe something like the costume in A new dawn with less spikes and a less sexualised bra?
I think that's a fair reason for leaving her stomach exposed. And yes, I do think her New Dawn outfit would work if the bra and the spikes were fixed up a bit. Honestly, I think her having a bra like Akali's would do the bare minimum, and it would work pretty well.
: I don't see where you see Katarina rebelling against her father. Her bio has pretty much everything she's doing as a means to redeem her failures in her father's eyes and prove herself as a Noxian and as his daughter. I'm not getting hate or spite at all. She's shamed, and desperately wants to get back into her father's good graces. And actually, I like Cassiopeia's new lore. It placed her in the Black Rose (which I believed was much needed), and gave her more purpose in the Noxian saga. To answer some of your points: 1. Just because she was brought to Noxus with her father doesn't mean she served in the war. There was likely very little need for stealth and assassins in a full frontal conquest of a peaceful island region. 2. Obviously not, or else the General wouldn't have blindly backed Swain's conquest. The Black Rose is a secret cabal, so I wouldn't imagine that it's members go blindly broadcasting who they are to everyone, especially family members who are serving in the military. 3. Pass 4. Why does anyone join a secret society? I don't think we need explanations for why Soraena was a member of the Black Rose. As to why she asked her daughter to join, they were really close, and Cassiopeia was as gifted as her mother in politics and social endeavors. It's a pretty big no brainer as to why her mother would ask her beloved daughter to join her. 5. As far as we know, yes. 6. Pass. 7. Cassipeia was cursed by the trap in the tomb. It's corrupting her body. It doesn't necessarily have to be related to ascension or anything like that. This really doesn't need explaining, it's just an ancient trap to stop trespassers. 8. Because General Du Coteau was a general, and probably served with Swain, maybe he liked him, maybe he had a bro-crush on Swain. Honestly, we don't need an in-depth analysis of this. It's not that relevant to the affairs of the lore. 9. The Black Rose collects artifacts of great power. We know this from Elise's lore. We don't know what the secret society wants to do with them, so we really don't need an explanation as to why Soraena was tasked with retrieving this relic. 10. No? At no point does it mention that Cassiopeia used Sivir's services more than once. She even tried to kill Sivir on the spot once she found what she needed. 11. Cassiopeia's mother probably knows, as they are close, and also because the Black Rose tends to accept and use the capabilities of those with magical powers, even if they're not suitable for social interaction in society. I wouldn't imagine that Katarina or the General knows, considering they reside in Noxus now. Soraena could really easily cover for Cassiopeia through correspondence. 12. Soraena probably loves both of her daughters, but obviously prefers Cassiopeia since they're close. That happens with parents with multiple kids. And she felt clearly betrayed by her husband's backing of Swain, so things are probably a little tense there (though the General wouldn't know why, since he's unaware of his wife's involvement in the Black Rose). Cass probably has a cordial relationship with her father and sister. I doubt either of them know Talon per se, as he was likely picked up by the General in Noxus, though they're probably aware of his existence. 13. It can be, if the setting is adjusted to place it in their Shuriman home, instead of Noxus. 14. Cassiopeia doesn't need to contact the Black Rose. She already has contact through her mother. I would imagine she would intend to be an operative for the Rose, and take missives from them when they need her unique skills. 15. One can hope.
Sorry for the late reply. I meant to answer your first question, but it slipped my mind. Anyways, I thought it was implying Katarina rebelling against her father in her short story, and a few words in her bio. The examples are bolded: "She told the general **she had considered taking his head instead,** but eventually decided—as much as she hated to admit it—that he had done the right thing in ordering her death. She had failed. Not just as an assassin, or as a daughter, but as a Noxian. ... **She knew she had lost her father’s favor, and could never regain it.** He would raise others in her place, simply to spite her. Still, she vowed to redeem herself, no matter the cost—to rededicate her talents to the empire, and to become the sinister weapon she always intended to be." from Katarina's bio "Never take your mark head on. Never kill in the presence of witnesses. The voice repeats itself in my head. Somehow, it seems quieter than before. I laugh out loud. **I am no longer your assassin, father. I have outgrown your timid little rules.**" from Message on a Blade's Edge
fifek900 (EUNE)
: can we keep it please? it makes me laugh so hard, its hillarious to see that floating head from her shoulder
I mean, even if it gets changed, at least we'll have this version floating around the internet for us to laugh at. I personally would prefer not to look at this while playing League and be reminded everytime of Caitlyn's missing neck. But hey, each to their own.
Thank you for the lineart reference! It makes the issue all the more obvious.
Orperf (NA)
: Kai'sa Arcade skin looks weird
I think it's the color scheme for me. The bright yellow DOES NOT go with the purple hair. It's like Cosmic Queen Ashe all over again. That, and the outfit looks a bit too similar to K/DA Kai'Sa. Now that I think of it, Kai'Sa only had two hair colors in her skins, excluding her base skin. It's always either blonde or purple. I do like Kai'Sa's floating canons (also pretty similar to her K/DA skin, but still cool), and her VFX/SFX. Everything else is pretty meh to me. To be honest I think Caitlyn and Qiyana are the only good ones this round.
Falrein (EUW)
: LUX CALLED MY GIRL A SPOOKY OLD WITCH. I am mad at her. Great issue, don't have much to say really. Well, actually... I am not a Lux fan, so I don't really care, but I'd like to know what a Lux fan would think about that issue. Lux is depicted as incredibly naive and, not that it's a bad thing, but I'd feel annoyed if a comic series about one of my favourite champion was just them being manipulated Of course the seried is not over so hopefully we'll see growth in Lux. I'm just wondering about that really, and hopefully Lux will grow and won't spend the series being manipulated or overly naive. That's all for me! Great issue really. I just want - no, I NEED this Marvel collaboration to continue. There's so much they can do with comics, plus... Well, who wouldn't want to see their faves in a comic? :p
Lux fan here. Personally I didn't have an issue with Lux's naivety, since I think it's pretty in-character for her. Plus, I thought the comic did a good job of making her reasons for visiting Sylas seem reasonable, and Sylas seem like a decent and sympathetic guy on the outside at least. I definitely expect Lux to grow over the course of this series. By the pace of things, I'm expecting Sylas's escape to happen all in issue 3, and for new events to take place in issues 4 and 5.
: just give it up, allot of female champion splash art defies logic and basic anatomy of the human body
Even if that were the case, I'll still keep pointing it out whenever it happens. Prestige Caitlyn's splash is actually due for a correction since enough people brought attention to it. So not every attempt is wasted!
: A Fix is on the way
: Some Rioter: Gotta show off them tits. I'll just say this. For me, if this goes live without any changes despite people calling them out on it. Then yeah, it's intentional. If Riot makes the proper adjustments, then it's a mistake. (Though, how the hell did this mistake made it this far?) All they have to do is to move the neck placement & adjust it a bit.
TB Skyen talks about something like that, and I think he's right that the reason why this ended up so wonky was because the artist didn't want to cover up her face too much. I also personally think that wanting to show more of the chest may have had to do with it. If the chest was placed higher up, it would have lessened the gap between that and the neck and it wouldn't have looked so terrible. I still think that the best solution is to move the head to the left. It just makes it look more believable overall. Eh, I still don't buy that this is intentional. Again, the rules of realism don't always have to be followed in the stylized splash arts, but this is just too much for it to still be taken seriously. Poses do not always have to be 100% doable in real life, but at the very least it should look believable in the splash art. This issue doesn't look believable at all, and many other people besides me have pointed it out. Even if it's supposed to somehow be intentional, I still believe it looks bad. I still believe it's just plain wrong and it looks terrible, and it should be changed.
: It looks like half her chest was just straight up erased.
I feel like one of biggest reasons why this looks so bad is because of how her chest is so low, which furthers the gap between that and her neck. If it were higher then I think it wouldn't look as uncanny. But yeah. The area around the collarbone looks like it was erased.
Larriet (NA)
: I didn't see the document, just read it from a Rioter's statement. It's such a non-issue that I don't really care to dig it up, ahaha. Sorry to disappoint; I understand you probably can't take my word for it in that case.
Ah, it's okay! It's interesting to know anyways that it used to be the case. I'm going to assume this isn't going to be canon unless actually stated in the lore. But thank you for the heads up, I appreciate it.
Terozu (NA)
: Yeah, Lux's prestige has weird breasts. Which are shrunk in close up versions of the image like in profile view. Which is weird af.
Man, Riot can't do Prestige splash arts? The funny thing is, I think the breast problem is also present in Lux's regular BA splash art. But in that case, and now in Caitlyn's, the problems are made much more obvious with their Prestige skins.
: >Something went very very wrong Wrong would imply this isn't intentional. But what if it is intentional?
I wouldn't think so. I think it's fair for anatomy to not be 100% accurate in stylized splash arts such as these. But this kind of mistake is very uncanny and it takes you out of the action. I find it more likely that things like this are mistakes, and aren't supposed to be intentional.
Rioter Comments
Larriet (NA)
: Yeah, I should've clarified, didn't mean to say that, just that it was her original design concept way back when.
Huh, really? It was in her in her original design concept? Where can you see it? I'm curious now.
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnotherPurple379,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Jrw40wa8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-11T19:10:08.366+0000) > > I was disappointed as soon as I saw Taliyah wasn't in the line up. Here's to hoping she'll be in Star Guardian this year. > > And yeah, I kinda agree. Ezreal and Lux for Battle Academia turned me off first, but now it's Yasuo, Kai'Sa and Caitlyn for Arcade. And they do fit the Arcade them pretty well, but at the same time they're all popular and safe picks. So I can't help but feel slightly frustrated. I would actually be more disappointed if Taliyah were in the lineup because I really think she would fit Star Guardian so well, especially since she's pretty much the only canonical teenage girl in lore (at the moment, and I suppose Neeko is biologically in her early teens). And yeah, I feel exactly the same. I'm not opposed to the ideas, but they're just very disconcertingly risk-free.
I personally think Taliyah fits both really well, so I wouldn't have been mad if she got either. Heck, I think Battle Academia suits her very well. I would have loved it if she got that skin instead of Lux or Ezreal. Also, Neeko in terms of maturity was stated to be in her late teens/early twenties. So she could be a teenager too, but there's still a good chance she isn't.
: Prestige skin for Caitlyn.... HNGGGGGGG that's tempting..... __________ These choices, tho. All of them, Caitlyn, Kai'Sa and Yasuo get skins so extremely regularely.... I wish they had put at least one more unpopular champion in that line....
Same. They all fit the Arcade line pretty well, but it would have been nice to have some unpopular Champions mixed in there. Instead it just feels like Riot is only playing safe options to me.
EdgeLady (NA)
: The choices for the Arcade Event this year prove how safe Riot is playing this season
I was disappointed as soon as I saw Taliyah wasn't in the line up. Here's to hoping she'll be in Star Guardian this year. And yeah, I kinda agree. Ezreal and Lux for Battle Academia turned me off first, but now it's Yasuo, Kai'Sa and Caitlyn for Arcade. And they do fit the Arcade theme pretty well, but at the same time they're all popular and safe picks. So I can't help but feel slightly frustrated.
Larriet (NA)
: Katarina's daggers are magical. Her splash art shows her warping; you are correct that she blinks to targets in the lore.
That's not official though. Yes, it is official that she can warp in the lore, but it's not confirmed that it's her daggers that are causing it. Honestly, this is one of the things that confuses me the most about Katarina. I'm surprised Riot kept her abilities so vague.
: How Qiyana's Lore (sort of) Saved Her Design And Steps in Perfecting It
While I still maintain the opinion that Qiyana's design is still kind of boring and unoriginal (you could stick her in any other kind of environment or another game and she wouldn't look that out of place, and besides the weapon I don't think she looks too different from the other characters), in a vacuum it does actually work quite well. It suits her lore and personality pretty well, and some of her region too.
: > [{quoted}](name=AnotherPurple379,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=q1uubed1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-07T00:42:24.776+0000) > > She's literally the only one non-skinny female Champion among over 20 skinny ones. Plus, she's muscular, not fat. We can have more than one non-skinny female Champion. Or... We could make a compromise and have somewhat skinny females, but with AT THE VERY LEAST, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, with a slightly different body/face type..
I would be cool with that too, actually. Any female champion with a different body type and/or a different face would be a win for me. At some point I think they have to make a fat female Champion though, or else it would get really obvious.
: It gets progressively worse with time. I just checked on the wiki with the champion released with the years. You can almost draw a line from where it starts going down slowly and slowly. Which is really depressing.
I mean, I guess these most recent designs (except Kai'Sa and Kayle) aren't really too bad. They get the job done, but they're not really exceptional and creative to me. Here's to hoping Riot gets their past inspiration back soon!
: {{champion:420}} enough said
She's literally the only one non-skinny female Champion among over 20 skinny ones. Plus, she's muscular, not fat. We can have more than one non-skinny female Champion.
: No, its just riot pulling new godlike powers and magics out of thin air.
Hm, not that I think about it, I think you have a point...
: Her title is "Empress of the Elements", so yes, that would appear to be the case.
Oh, you're right. I can't believe I forgot her title lmao
: I really don't know what is going on. They have characters like Jhin, Swain (from recent years) and they have characters like Yuumi, Kai'sa, and Sylas. I really don't understand. How is this possible. The only thing I can think of is that some Rioter care more about the art and the creation itself. While others just care about what the bigger masses want...
I think it's worth noting that most of the bad/mediocre character designs are from the new Champions, with Kayle/Morgana as the big exceptions. This is all making me think that honestly Riot needs to take a break from making new Champions if they keep going the most uncreative direction for these new Champion concepts. First Kai'Sa, then Sylas, and now Qiyana. And as much as I like Yuumi and Neeko, I have to admit their designs are kind of plain and obvious when you really think about it.
Just Mo (EUNE)
: This cant be the actual splash art for the champion ....
Whoa, this was not what I was expecting her to look like... I was thinking about something more Nidalee-like in style, but she looks like a princess instead. I wonder if that's going to be the case? She's the princess/empress of the new region? Otherwise.... Eh. Her design's kind of bland right now tbh. Maybe her lore will clear things up, but right now she doesn't look that expectional to me.
SpaceBeef (EUW)
: Is Qiyana the Seal Sister?
As much as I really want the Seal Sister in game, Qiyana is not going to be her. She's in too different of a region entirely. She does raise some interesting questions on what she is though. Is she also a demigod from a different part of Runeterra? Do other regions than Freljord have demigods as well? Or is she just different entirely?
: Talon will be an obstacle for Soreana. She needs him controlled or removed.{{summoner:11}}
It looks like that'll be the case, since I think Riot is going to be making him side with General Du Couteau. Hopefully Talon's bio update will give us the remaining information we need.
: Voting Result for the upcoming VGU
I was hoping for Shyvana, but seeing that lots of other people wanted her too is enough. I'm excited for the Volibear and Fiddlesticks VGUs anyways. What they have so far looks sick!
: The Du Couteau family was a popular thing to theorize back in the old days, but recent lore changes have caused them to be altered heavily. Katarina was first for sure when her new lore painted her father as awful and even trying to kill her for failing her assassination assignment. Then he died and I HEAVILY believe that Katarina became "The Faceless" of the Trifarix. So now Katarina perhaps is allied with Swain, not as close to her father anymore, we don't know anything about how she, Cassi, and Talon interacted with one another. So....yeah, I think the Du Couteau family has gone through a lot of revisions that don't make a lot of sense. Perhaps Talon's eventual lore update will shed some light on how the whole family dynamic worked.
Yep, Talon's update will be the final piece to tie it all together. And my guess is that it will most likely focus on his devotion to the General. Do you personally not like the changes Riot's made to the Du Couteau family? Can I ask how come? Also, you theorize Katarina is actually "the Faceless" of the Trifarix? That's an interesting theory I haven't heard of. Most signs point to it being LeBlanc, but I honestly don't really think she is the Faceless, because for one she's way too obvious as a choice, and two because her recent story has made her priorities to overthrow Swain clear and it doesn't really add up to her assisting Swain in the Trifarix. Not saying it's impossible, but not really the clearest possibility. I personally feel like Katarina doesn't revolve around Guile enough to be a member of the Trifarix. But fun fact, I actually thought the Faceless was Marcus Du Couteau when I first heard of them. But yeah, Katarina seems to be supporting Swain. Whether she actually believes in his ideals and trusts him as a leader is still up for debate. One of the things I'm most disappointed in these updates so far though is that we don't know what the siblings' relationships are. We don't get any words or feelings between Katarina and Cassiopeia, and Talon apparently doesn't exist yet. Since all three are Champions, and Riot's been pitting their ideologies and loyalties against each other, I was expecting for them to eventually have a very complex and personal relationship with one another that'll follow them through their lore. But apparently that's not happening. Maybe one day, but right now it's not happening. Which is pretty disappointing for me.
: Can you link me anything on Cass and Kat's relationship? I also thought that Talon and Kat seemed to have formed a very strong bond to one another, but I don't remember reading anything about the Du Couteau sisters' relationship, except that after Cass became a lamia(?) she became very self conscious and sequestered herself from the outside world for a time. >###Number 8 seems INCREDIBLY weird to me. As the Journal of Justice was finishing off, weren't Talon and Kat together, observing a ceremony for Swain's ascension to power with great suspicion as they were about to go off and continue searching for any traces of their beloved father/mentor? I know that Riot wants to totally rewrite a lot of things, but I thought character relationships were a bit more stable.
I don't remember anything on Cass's and Kata's relationship either. I mentioned that in the lore Talon and Katarina seemed to have a pretty close bond, and I think fans assumed this spread to Cassiopeia as well. So back then, while it didn't support the assumption fully, it didn't fully contradict it like it does now. The Number 8 Issue is a good example of the originally stable relationship with Katarina, Talon, and the General. But now with the new lore.... Well, we'll have to wait for Talon's part for the full picture, but it already looks like the bond between Katarina and her father is broken. Do you not like the fact that their relationships changed so much when they were okay before? I'm personally still torn about it.
Lewanor (NA)
: I can tell you that the whole loving Du Couteau family thing is gone completely. Du Couteau family is complex and weird. We'll see a loving family only in fanfictions. At least for the time present.
Yeah, apparently. And I think I'm okay with it, it's just something that's different from what we were expecting. But I'm okay with it in the end.
: What if the threat Swain has been preparing for is not the Void but Mordekaiser?
I think Mordekaiser conquering the Void is a bit too much, but I think you're right. Swain (and possibly the Black Rose, may I add) is most likely preparing for Morde's return.
: Why does LeBlanc still dress like a dancer in Las Vegas to conduct espionage?
It's probably because Riot decided to use her current design even though it's VASTLY outdated and just plain bad character design. Probably because character recognizability. I was pretty disappointed to see that they didn't try and make a newer design for her. She needs one pretty badly.
Elipo (NA)
: to me they nerfed Kat in her lore and this new cassiopeia lore makes me think they dont ccare about the their family and only used cassio to deepen the black rose lore and I'm so mad about it. I though they would give them lore when they reworked both kat and talon now I wouldn't be surprised if talon was nerfed to just a random assassin that just likes to kill stuf for money period. I hope they deepen their lore please riot dont be mean
I understand what you're feeling. To be honest, I do think the idea of the Du Couteau siblings being split over different ideologies is rather interesting. But the issue is that it's such a far cry from what the Du Couteaus used to be and what many of the fan base saw them as. So I think it kind of causes a split between the fans and the canon lore, and especially alienates the people who loved the Du Couteau family of the old lore. They were a pretty big cornerstone of the old lore, so I sympathize with everyone who doesn't like how drastically they've changed. I also think the writing and framing of it all has to do with it. Cass's and Katarina's biographies are rather... vague to me. Especially Katarina's. With Cass, like you pointed out, it seems to focus more on the Black Rose and their activities rather than her and her relationship to her family. I still think Cass's is way better written than Kata's and actually showcases what kind of person Cassiopeia is, but it's not as much as I was hoping. I still have hope for Talon. My guess is that he'll be devoutly following Marcus Du Couteau's rules and orders, and is especially involved with trying to uncover the mystery behind his disappearance (which will FINALLY give us more information about what happened to him). Comparing him to Cassiopeia, whose loyalty lies with the Black Rose, and Katarina, who's kind of stuck in the middle, I think I can see what Riot was trying to go for. As I'm typing this, I think I've figured out my issue with the most recent Du Couteau biographies - they just leave family out entirely. Whether they loved each other or hated each other, I still think Katarina, Talon, and Cassiopeia were still tied together as family quite significantly. And the new lore glosses over or erases that fact. So I think that's why I personally feel such a disconnect between the old and the new lore.
Rioter Comments
Satuurn (OCE)
: Personal appeal with a bit of everything being taken into account. Ashe doesn't really resonate with her theme, but I enjoy Kat's complexity as a Noxian assassin.
Ah, thank you for the clarification. So you think Ashe's themes and story don't resonate with you? Or with her herself? Personally, I see a lot of complexity and nuance in her character that could be resonating, even if it isn't fully explored, so I would personally put her at an A, B, or C tier at the lowest. Katarina I think also has a lot of nuance and fascinating complexity to her, but I think she's VERY unexplored and underdeveloped in canon, as well as her official lore being rather low in quality compared to others. So potential-wise, she's a S or A-tier for me, but execution-wise she's probably a C.
Satuurn (OCE)
: My personal League of Lore tier-list, feel free to ask questions. :)
Question: How are you ranking these lores? Are you ranking them by what you see as quality, originality, how they fit the character, etc.? Or are these only to your personal tastes? I'm personally curious as to why you ranked Ashe so low and Katarina rather high. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just curious as to your reasons for doing so. I'd like to hear some of your opinions on this, if you don't mind.
Akaash (NA)
: I severely underestimated how popular KDA was.
The way I could see it was popular was the sheer amount of fanart that was pouring online, even from artists who never played League.
: I can already think of one term that explains why: MORE BOOBS. Rioter 1: This splash is good, but I need to see more of her boobs. Rioter 2: But we can't really see much of the boobs based on this angle & their position. Rioter 1: Then move them to a spot where we can see more. Rioter 2: But that's where the boobs should be. Rioter 1: I'll nerf Yasuo for you. Rioter 2: Deal. ________ Jokes aside, look at the boobs in each picture. Your edit to make it more anatomical correct reduces how much boobs we see. Make her boobs look small (even though her arm is really just blocking most of it from view). Certainly does call priorities into question.
Oh, now that you bring it up... That does have implications I'm disappointed by.
: That's literally where breasts reside. In front of the ribcage. I think the angle her body is turned is confusing you.
Yes, breasts would be in front of your ribcage. BUT I think the problem is that in the splash art, they look way too low on her ribcage. It might be that and a combination of the angle of the body that makes it look weird. The edit makes it look better to me.
Czeslaw (NA)
: I don't see how you are getting so many people downvoting you, are they confusing your edit for the original? I am trying my hardest to see a way that the original's breast position looks more correct. Lux's breasts aren't sagging either, her pectorals legitimately end at the bottom of her ribcage. Try making collarbone lines on the original artwork and it might make it more clear.
Lmao I made the mistake of thinking the edit was the one on the right. I can totally see what the problem is now with the original.
Terozu (NA)
: My edit is the left one with smaller breasts.
OH WAIT YOU'RE RIGHT Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry... I just automatically assumed your edit was on the right. Feel free to ignore my opinion then. Tbh that's really what Lux's boobs look like? It looks like the right picture? That's... Your edit is superior, I'll give you that. I'm super sorry for the misunderstanding. You were correct this whole time.
Terozu (NA)
: Why are Battle Academia Lux's breasts so low?
Mmm, not sure about this. Your edit combined with the way her torso is makes it look rather weird. Also, to me all your did was make them bigger. You did expand it to more of her chest, but you didn't really move the general shape of her chest at all. It might just be the angle to be honest. Lux was never really a girl with big breasts, and at this angle it may be better to not really put a focus on them?
: Making yuumi purr.
She does this? Aww, I wish the same thing! I would have loved for Yuumi to have a lot of cute purring and meowing noises.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
EXCUSE ME Can you at least tell us that something about the Battle Academia universe is coming?
Zeanix (OCE)
: What happened during the first year of Battle Academia?
Okay, now THIS is something I want to see. They apparently have a story laid out with a lot of character and plot progression and they don't show us? Unacceptable.
: > [{quoted}](name=Blades in Exile,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pGW5OETU,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-05-17T02:02:00.462+0000) > > I looked at the Alt Universe tab in the universe part of the website but I noticed there was no Project section, Was it just forgotten and will be added later or what? I think this is a bug.
Wait, is there a PROJECT section of the Alternative Universes tab in the Universe page? Because I've never seen it for a long time. The only ones I can see are Star Guardian, Odyssey, and K/DA, with the only PROJECT content being the Neon Mice story. Is there supposed to be more PROJECT content on the Universe page?
: Honestly? Meh.
Yeah, I kind of agree. I also wish the MSI events were seperate from the BA event because now I'm hyper-focused on getting the limited content in a short amount of time. And it's pretty stressful for me right now. I could care less about MSI except for maybe one of those golden chromas, but I really wanted to see more of Battle Academia.
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