: I just got leaver
Leaver buster doesn't punish you if this is the first or second time, or even third time this has happened. If you got hit with a punishment it's your fault, at least on some level. Also, there are other fun things you can do while you wait out the timer.
TendajiX (NA)
: Irelia stuns with higher %hp
Were you near a minion wave? The minions might have hit her or something.
: Just what are Syndra's black spheres? A theory about how a moody teen could destroy the world.
This entire thing hinges on magic "playing by the rules." Good luck with that.
Avastadi (NA)
: Kennen ADC
Kennen does pretty well as a solo lane. Why hamstring yourself with a support sapping exp by calling yourself ADC? He's got the mobility to escape ganks and can be pretty deadly in his own right. ADCs AKA marksmen are more like champs that are weak early and super strong when feed. They play for the late game when they have gold. Kennen is strong the entire game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Anothis,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=yJn2fKOd,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-06-28T01:10:08.005+0000) > > Thread posted 15 minute ago... Has 5 replies. All the replies are saying "Ya this is awesome Free RP!!!" > > Seems legit... XD /sarcasm Seems like someone posted the thread in the stream's chat*
Your also on the Boards homepage. That helps too :P
Sukishoo (NA)
: Uh, no. It's only been since the current patch (6.12).
Other potions persist through death, why shouldn't the true sight one?
: Riot, Please Answer us about a "Warded" Ping
"Warded" would be SOOOOO useful OMG. No more pinging "Danger" and having to type out "warded" I might get hit with a skill shot!
: LoL-Themed Game Show: Looking for Contestants!
Thread posted 15 minute ago... Has 5 replies. All the replies are saying "Ya this is awesome Free RP!!!" Seems legit... XD /sarcasm
: Dark Candy Fiddlesticks bug
Its intentional. He's a scarecrow. Scarecrows don't move and its not specific to the skin.
: How frequent do you have to leave/dodge to get banned
Look up the "Leaverbuster" page in the news archives, should have the specifics.
: whats the easiest way to get to 30 from 15.
Then que with the strangers from last game XD make new friends.
: Hey, yah so um... why is Caitlyn allowed to do this?
This guy is probably that jinx under an alt name and just doesn't want to admit his misplay.
: taliyah and azir
To the world, Azir was the Emperor who's hubris ended his empire.
: Flash technique
Ya you can flash through some skillshots. It really depends on which one though. You'll just have to play some customs and find out which ones. I'll tell you right out though you'll need some pretty perfect timing.
: So I'm guessing they got rid of key frags?
I get these like their candy bro. don't see your issue. just get an S rank on a different champion than one you've gotten one on this week.
: whats the easiest way to get to 30 from 15.
Normals is WAAAAAAY better. que with friends and get bonus exp/ip.
: Really Riot?
Sounds like you need to get a new ISP or if their is none in your area, need to move.
St0rmln (NA)
: Artillery subclass in the wrong spot
The word Artillery suggests EXTREME range. Auto attacks don't have that kind of range. Think Lux's, Jhin's, or Xerath's ults. Extreme range.
: Why does the purple dragon need to be called elder dragon?
Also because he is powerful and dragons in any mythology get stronger with age... >.> sorry your joke fell flat.
: I was a WoW player before i came to league. i can tell you for a fact Blizzard response to the community is 10000000% worse than Riots. frankly i think the DQ whining is a little much but seeing Riot taking a page from Blizz really scares me. PSA though, leaving for a blizz game and hoping for a better experience is a huge mistake.
> [{quoted}](name=Lucian in Paris,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=8RR9LJjs,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-06-08T02:12:51.459+0000) > > I was a WoW player before i came to league. i can tell you for a fact Blizzard response to the community is 10000000% worse than Riots. frankly i think the DQ whining is a little much but seeing Riot taking a page from Blizz really scares me. PSA though, leaving for a blizz game and hoping for a better experience is a huge mistake. Starcraft player here to confirm/correct. Blizzard takes their own damn sweet time to decide what they want from a game and have long sense abandoned WoW (The second expansion you fight and kill the biggest bad in the lore. Where do you go from there?). Their balance mentality is "Fuck what the fans say we'll collect our own damn data". Fans say "PROTOSS TO OP!!!" Blizzard looks at win rates, see Protoss are actually down 5% compared to other 2 so they buff them. Blizard hears "THE QUE IS BROKEN!!!" They check it out, break it more... Or my favorite from Diablo 3 'The Online Auction House is making standard items cost 100000000000K Gold when standard mobs drop 100 gold!" They decrease the cost of gold on the auction house when using real money thinking it will fix it and we'll by more fake 0s.
Caítlyn (NA)
: Do you have any nicknames for items?
{{item:3089}} "Sorting hat" {{item:3086}} "Speed(The drug)"
: How about a MAGNET champion?
Could be cool, don't want Magneto though. Would raise alot of in-game lore questions though. Like why can't he/she/it just crush Garen or Darius in their own armor?
Jabalor (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jellbug,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ftv5EUdw,comment-id=002e0000,timestamp=2016-05-05T21:10:05.736+0000) > > Good eye! Yes, Aurelion Sol indeed flew over Azir's failed Ascension. But Sol's lore says the Sun disk was still under construction?
That's what Sol thought at the time. Likely it was being destroyed instead. He didn't really pay it much attention anyway, it was beneath him after all.
: Shurima Story Q&A [COMPLETE]
Can we get an archive page for reading past/present short stories that have been released? At present its really hard to get to the old stories that are no longer on the front page of the site and I'd like to go back and reread the short stories. They're pretty good and make up the heart and soul of the lore(in my opinion). Even a simple stickied thread on the boards would be a step in the right direction.
: Forbidden Idol and Intermediate Bot's Build Path
: Each champion's individual lore is found on their info page on the website [list [here](http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/)]. As for the Burning Tides and Shadow and Fortune stories, no, they currently do not have a collected location for those.
mmmh the second half of that was what I was looking for. I've known about the Lore section of the champs page for a while now. Though it is nice to see they've updated those sections recently. But yes Taliyah has a short story of her own called "The Bird and the Branch" apparently. Did I know it existed? Not until just now and that's the issue. When Burning Tides came out I was like "Oh sweet short stories are a thing now!" Then the murder bridge event ends and I'm left wondering what next. If we had a page/website section we could check regularly we could get access to the stories even if we haven't been really paying attention, and with how often riot is releasing these things I'm going to forget about them again before the next one comes out... It doesn't even have to be done by Riot, a simple board thread like this with a dedicated team willing to post the links in the thread would be enough. That said, I know myself and would likely abandon such a project pretty quickly.
: How bans should work VS how bans work right now.
You do realize humans, taken as a unit are dumb right? Your expecting forethought and understanding of mechanics most people don't think about. You want not dumb team mates? Form a 5 man team and que up with them.
Rioter Comments
: [Community Project] Classes and Sub-Classes for all champions
{{champion:74}} Heimer: Main: Mage- Turret
: Tank Yi is Cancer (daily reminder, with proof/screenshots)
I see 3 damage items, Devourer, a Hydra(I don't care if it's titanic, its still a damage item), and Rageblade. His damage makes sense. Why? You LET HIM GET SATED! Quit bitching and counter jungle his weak as early game. So tired of people complaining about "Tank" Yi's... damage/armor mix builds used to be called Fighter, why is that not longer a thing? Rek'sai does PISS TONS of damage with a fighter build, but do people complain? No... Should they? No, Fighters are cool.
: Yes, because his Q doesn't make him invulnerable. Totally. Your acting as if it's Master Yi vs 5. Master Yi has teammates; he's not alone. I play Master Yi a lot, he's one of my favourite Champions. But I do agree he needs nerfs, not that I'd like him to get nerfs :P.
The thing about yi's Q, its way easy to tell when he's going to do it. Why? Because you see him running straight at you. As long as you know the range you can hit him with a stun before he uses it.
trist521 (NA)
: Which one?
Just google search MSI laptops, you really can't go wrong. MSI is basically what Alienware used to be before Dell bought them.
While neat I think it should be something more focused on the skill of the player, maybe a active skill or ultimate that during that time they have tenacity like balls(not immune to cc outright, that's Olaf) and during that time they would get a heal or buff to their stats for all the CC thrown at them, maybe an ability similar to braum's wall to help them tank and steal the attacks? Hmmm seems like we're designing braum with a new ability..... need to think on this. Edit: Maybe a yasuo windwall style ult with "It effects me now 100% but I'm getting buffed for it and I took the blow for my team" kinda deal?
trist521 (NA)
: I don't really want to spend more than $1000 but if it's around there and it's worth it I would be willing to spend more or even a lot less.
MSI's got your back. I'm running a pretty neat $900 laptop with an nvidea graphics card and an i5 CPU. Its built pretty solidly for how thin it is, kinda wide though. Its about 1/2 inch wide. I like it. Runs fallout 4 like a dream, so league don't even make it flinch.
: Remove Highlander's immunity to AS slows
Highlander's entire point is to be immune to *soft* CC. Stun his ass!
: What program are these people using during loading screen?
Its pretty common in ranked. "Know they enemy and know thyself and you shall win 1000 battles" after all. Its a website called Lolnexus, also theirs the standard extended match histories here on this site. Lolnexus just takes the info on this site and makes it more readable. These kinds of sites have existed for a long time (late 90s, basically sense the start of online gaming)
Zidaryn (NA)
: Can Raka double use buff from Q on Heal?
It refreshes the effect time but doesn't stack.
: How long til play
You can play now.
: Don't Rework Vel
I like vel as is.
: NA need a Grill Caster
: Hextech chests
Don't bother getting to many of them unless you don't care what you get. The odds of getting a single specific thing are really low because of the sheer volume of what you could get (which is everything)
Wildlash2 (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol's (not very) OP Jungle Trick
That's actually pretty cool. To bad it doesn't make counter jungle any easier/safer so your still limited by the respawn timer.
: Why is Guinsoo's still not gutted?
because its an ap item that boosts ad?
: @RiotRepertoir So why a Stun on Taric's new E instead of a Charm?
I think its a stun cause they don't want to completely get rid of the only good thing about him before. But a charm would be funny imo.
Abraxis (NA)
: Is it okay to leave?
Mute all and build for split push. Never group up, they clearly don't want you anyway. That's what I'd do anyway. OR just ignore chat, record the game and send it in to riot support as extra evidence for reporting them. (Riot don't mind this one bit)
woobat (NA)
: im a girl
I'm guessing someone's a troll.
Because he's actually pretty easy to outplay and you sound like a whiny loser who got outplayed.
: Warhammer Themed Skins
To bad Warhammer is a licensed property owned by gameworks and this will never happen.
: And what really grinds my gears is all of us have dumped so much money into this and all these years later NO NEW MAP! Shoot they even took a map away how the f does that work where does all the money go. Oh i know employees to make champions all day. Hey we need another champion to play on the same map.
Riot's given up on the "new map" idea because every time they've tried developing one on their own it flops, and yet new champs get received as god sends. If you were a company with limited time and budget, where you you put your dev team? Though they should totally have more custom game support. Maybe a mod workshop?
: > [{quoted}](name=Anothis,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Q0mPeAWE,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-30T06:31:03.851+0000) > > You don't have to. Its totally your decision to buy a skin and support the company that made you an awesome game. Its also your decision to gamble with said company for what's in the hextech boxes. Made an awesome game 5 years ago this is not the same game. But hey it is the same map i guess they have that.
If your not enjoying the game anymore then why are you here? There are tons of ways to spend your free time, do something you enjoy. Might I suggest watching an anime for free on crunchy roll, or finding a new game on Steam? I hear Blade and Soul is pretty popular with old school LoL fans.
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