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: 1. The champion pool is shared, you are denying other players from taking those champs and boosting the chances of getting a champion you want. 2. Since it's so early in the game you won't have interest yet nor is your comp is on tract, so taking those champs gives you more options on what to build your team around. 3. If you're not sitting on 10,20,30,40,50 gold you're wasting money. You can sell the champs you brought for the same amount you payed for them, unless that unit is a Tier 2 plus 2 star unit.
> [{quoted}](name=2Charmnot2Charm,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=TjtTJPLV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-03T11:30:35.618+0000) > > 1. The champion pool is shared, you are denying other players from taking those champs and boosting the chances of getting a champion you want. > That's terrible! It's annoying enough to so often see the champ you want snatched up from the shared draft, but you're saying people even take your champs out of the shop? Ugh!
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Ratpie (NA)
: Seems a bit simpler than that. If you have a single item and so you cant make your next item, just buy an extra champ you don't need, make the item and then sell that champ and put the item on where you want it to be. It is pretty simple. I think this aspect of the itemization being locked onto a champ actually makes it into more cost analysis and involves more thinking.
I do this as well, but there are multiple problems with this approach. First, it only lets you check combinations for items you already have, which doesn't help you plan for what to draft. Second, this option is not available if your bench is already full. Third, it's only possible when you have access to the shop. Finally, it's unnecessary cumbersome and slow, which can be a fatal flaw if you have a lot of other team management to do during your turn.
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Bruteque (NA)
: Item set name considers "Caitlyn" a swear word.
Yeah, there are many perfectly legitimate item set names that get mauled by the censorship filter, for example "Magic Titan" becomes "Magic \*\*\*an", "Cassiopeia" becomes "C\*\*\*iopeia", etc. The entire feature is ill-conceived and should be removed; there's no need to censor item set names in the first place. But, if they're going to censor item set names, they should at least do it right. Edit: At least this stupid feature can be disabled in the client settings by unchecking "Enable Language Filter" under "Chat & Friends".
: Patch 8.1 notes
If you guys are going to keep adding health to things Soraka players would otherwise want to choose, you should really consider making Rejuvenation scale with her maximum health, or making the health cost of Astral Infusion not. With this change to Resolve secondary bonuses, my resolve has finally been broken and I'm making a Warmog's Soraka build....
: Patch 7.22 notes
When I saw "Uncapped Leveling", I thought Udyr would finally be able to finish leveling his skills. But, alas, I was wrong. (But he should really have an in-game quest for that, even if it's not available in every game. Maybe if the game drags on to a certain length?)
: The thing is, her pre-rework character was about seduction and being attractive. They're cranking that up and making it a part of her gameplay. Her entire thing is luring people to their deaths, it makes sense that she'd have an unattainable body type IMO. I don't know. I like it, and for me it works as an example of making a female character's sexuality be a focal point of the character without making it feel forced.
If you want to talk about unattainable body types, Illaoi is the poster child for them. Even professional women body builders on steroids don't come close to that degree of musculature, but there are abundant examples of women with sexy bodies in real life. I love Illaoi's gameplay, but her hyper-unrealistic appearance is somewhat bizarre. And, I get that it's a fantasy game, so hyper-unrealistic characters are not out-of-bounds, but there's no _explanation_ for why she's so freakishly muscular. As for Evelynn's body type, it's well within the normal range for healthy women. But, there is a disturbing trend lately of lying to people by saying that all sizes are beautiful and that having a healthy body is impossible so no one should bother trying. I know it's difficult for both men and women to maintain healthy bodies in modern society, especially for people with desk jobs, but it's not impossible. When was the last time you saw a 300-pound gymnast, ballerina, tennis player, etc.? I'm guessing never. Yes, it takes time and effort to stay physically fit, and there are many fun activities like video games and movies that are more fun that exercising, but for the people willing to put in the time and effort, the benefits to lifespan, energy, mood, and general health are real and well supported by medical research. Now, I will admit that this is harder for some people than others. Genetics and epigenetics are a factor, but epigenetics are not entirely outside of our control. For my first 2 decades of life, it was impossible for me to gain weight by eating, and I would eat 4-5 meals per day. Now, I put on weight if I eat more than 1 meal a day. Then, I was full of energy, brilliantly intelligent by everyone's account, impressively agile, and I felt great. Now, even just sitting upright in front of my computer feels like a Herculean labor; my entire body feels stiff and sore all the time; I struggle to maintain my balance even just walking normally; and, my mind feels foggy compared to how I remember it working in my youth. What happened? I got a job as a software developer, which took up so much of my time that I wanted to spend every minute of my free time playing the video games that I love. The only exercise I got from that point on was the daily commute to work and the occasional grocery shopping expedition. The rest of my time was spent either in bed, or sitting in front of a computer. And, gradually, my health, my mood, and my appetite declined. After a decade or so, my health had declined so much that I became depressed to the point where I couldn't even force myself to keep going to work, despite my strong work ethic, and I could no longer care about my health or even my life. I went for days at a time without eating anything, simply because getting out of bed and getting food for myself felt like more trouble than it was worth. Now, I live on social security disability benefits, and I have all the time in the world to play computer games, but ironically, I lack the physical strength and stamina to spend much time playing them or to play them anywhere near as well as I once could. Now that I understand the cost of not exercising, I'm trying to eat more to have the energy to make an attempt at getting back in shape, but I have no appetite, and it's so hard to eat even one meal per day now. The way my body works has radically changed, and based on my understanding of epigenetics, those changes would impact any children I might have now. So, with that understanding, I think it's actually better for humanity as a whole that people don't find me attractive right now, and honestly it's even better for me personally, because it gives me more incentive to try and regain my former health. Little by little, I'm managing to increase the amount of food I can tolerate eating, so I know improvement is possible. The only questions now are whether or not I can maintain enough interest in my health to keep up the effort and whether or not I can stay alive long enough to become healthy again. If I ever do manage to get back in shape, though, I intend to set aside time to regularly do the physical activities I remember enjoying in my youth so that this never happens to me again. I get that it can be extremely difficult for some people to get physically fit, but I promise that it's worth the effort, regardless of how much effort it takes, because I'm painfully aware of the costs of neglecting one's health. Telling people that a healthy body is unattainable so they shouldn't bother trying is doing those people and society as a whole a terrible disservice. Even if an athlete's body seems impossibly far away, every little bit of effort helps, and eventually it adds up to produce observable benefits. And, frankly, the idea that it's somehow wrong or harmful to portray athletic characters with healthy bodies is utter madness. There is absolutely no need for some kind of special justification, like a theme of seduction, for making attractive characters.
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: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
TL;DR: From "Phase 3" to "ITEM SET CREATOR TOOL will return", League will be unavailable to play.
: EXECUTED: The Terrible Truth About Jungle Monsters
How is Tryndamere both a jungler and a non-jungler?
JRobin31 (NA)
: I agree that pings should be mutable because I agree that pings can be annoying but I disagree that it is "toxic". Don't throw that term around carelessly. Now receive my up vote.
There is a difference between annoyingly excessive pings and toxic pings. An example of toxic pings is when a player spams retreat pings on a specific player, the whole game from the initial fountain spawn to the destruction of a nexus, regardless of what that player is doing. The difference between that and a player who tries to coordinate with teammates, but does so with annoying and disruptive bursts of ping spam is malice. If you have not had a teammate maliciously abuse the ping system, consider yourself lucky.
: many new players or average players, dont know the cost or names of most items so they remember their icon or a part of their name and they look for that item, instead of looking for the sub items needed to build it in general , it takes time to get used to
This sounds like an argument for why more players should use item sets.
: Championify isn't a good answer though. It allows you to import popular and pro builds, but with no option to edit them.
Yeah, that's useless to me. A big part of the fun for me is coming up with my own builds, so the last thing I'd want to do is copy someone else's.
Hind327 (NA)
: I use Item Sets daily, and on every game. With the new Beta its GONE. wow, really sad. New beta client is slower to use and poor use of space for navigation. Riot what are you doing? I'm going to need to take pictures of my item sets? Seriously? Why take it away? AAHHHH
At least for the time being, we can edit item sets in the legacy client (there's a link on the launcher). So, I'm using the legacy client to edit items sets and the LCU to edit runes and masteries. It's really annoying to have to switch back and forth whenever I want to make a new build, but at least item sets haven't been completely removed as a feature.
Danthael (EUNE)
: This is unacceptable. If they plan to remove item sets I'm quitting league. Looks like they don't give a shit about old players. I have like 30 sets. They are great to create new builds and save them so you don't forget after some time. Seriously, if you are trying to ruin the competitiveness of this game, RIOT, do know that league is special because of its competitiveness ONLY and if you ruin it you will eventually ruin your game entirely. Was hyped of the new sandbox and replay features but removal of item sets outweighs the pros of the new client. GG for casuals, FF @ 20 for all who loved the old, competitive league, because now it looks like dream for all noobies casuals who mostly play with bots.
Even among casuals, there are players that love item sets. It's such a great feature. I mean, the UI isn't perfect, but it's not bad, and it's so much more satisfying to create your own builds and have instant access to them in-game.
: Ethernet vs. WiFi: Ping, Packets, & Playing Better
Seems obvious that the K/D/A would not be affected, as the matchmaker tries to put people against others of roughly equal playing ability. If you think of ability as (skill + tech), then a player with a little worse tech and a little better skill would be matched up against another with a little better tech and a little worse skill, balancing for total ability. Looking at rank/MMA might be more telling.
: Not really a question but genuinely happy you guys made an effort to make a non-sexualized girl champ who's also a person of color! That makes 4 strong {{champion:236}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:43}} ik a lot of people will give me flak for being an SJW for bein excited about this but it's important! Especially as the number one played game in the world.
(Hands out flak cannons.) Seriously, though, I agree that having a variety of character types is a good thing, although I wouldn't go so far as to call it "important". Some of the most-loved classic games of all time have only had one or two playable characters, leaving no room for variety.
: The only way to eat chips is with Salt, salt, and MORE SALT!!!
Nachos everywhere get their pitchforks....
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Annie Direction
> [{quoted}](name=Beluga Whale,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=3IXxdZwi,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-26T19:17:25.629+0000) > * Annie players should feel connected to and empowered when accompanied by their summon Tibbers. This _will_ mean shifting some power out from Annie’s direct abilities into Tibbers himself. This has me imagining that when Tibbers gets summoned, Annie's primary control and spell origin becomes Tibbers.
SwipeZ (NA)
: Nice to see something on Zyra after waiting for so many days. Yes, some people pointed out the vagueness, but for Zyra it's hard to be completely specific with the goals wanted (changing passive and interactions with plants). I would say, after reading through all the rioter comments and the post itself, sounds like you guys did a lot of playing and research since you hit the nail on the head with what us Zyra mains have been complaining about / talking about for the update. The only thin I dissent with is balancing Zyra around support. To me, she is and has always been a mid laner. Her kit (minus passive) is quite frankly designed to be a mid laners kit. She was just moved to support since she always provided high damage and strong counter initiation, freeing up mid for a more roamy champion. I know you want to keep mid Zyra in mind, so please keep her viable mid. Also, keep Zyra jungle possible as well, it is quite strong and works well.
One thing that always bothered me about jungle Zyra is that you can't use plants at level 1. I hope the reworked passive and the focus on improving the plants side of her kit will improve that.
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: To be honest, the few times I've seen Sorakas do that it was entirely a misclick when they were trying to heal their ADC... I used to do it sometimes to be a dick though.
Yeah, when I healed minions, it was most often because my teammate moved unexpectedly at the last moment, but I did occasionally top off an entire minion wave in front of an undefended tower before recalling. I will miss losing that strategy, but it's a small price to pay.
: Is it worth playing Soraka now?
For healing teammates, in low pressure situations she's stronger now, and in high pressure situations, she's weaker. Her self-healing has been completely gutted, making her much more vulnerable to enemy aggression. Building spell vamp is strongly recommended.
: "Free sustain+Damage+Point & Click is not really a good combination of things. The only counterplay to it is to not be within range." Agreed! It'll still do damage, heal, and be point and click, that's not changing. BUT! What if, for 3 seconds after Q'ing an opponent, the opponent could fight Vladimir to get the health that he stole BACK? We're not going to do that in particular, as I don't think it fits Vlad particularly well, but my point here is there are other ways to make it fair while retaining all that other stuff.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Stashu,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=OJQBsbEM,comment-id=000c0001,timestamp=2016-03-04T23:12:03.303+0000) > BUT! > > What if, for 3 seconds after Q'ing an opponent, the opponent could fight Vladimir to get the health that he stole BACK? You scared me there for a second, but I'm glad you're thinking outside the box. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
: > Where did this one come from? It seems like simple mechanics are automatically branded as lame. What's wrong with circular AoEs all of a sudden? It's not their simplicity. It's that they are often cast in exactly the same way. More of a comment about their similarity in cast type than the cast type itself.
There is certainly room to change Q to some other type of skill shot, but I don't feel like it needs to be done simply to add diversity for its own sake. Q and W are already different enough that their usage doesn't feel interchangeable. By all means, feel free to experiment, but in the end, please go with with whatever feels best with the rest of her kit.
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Leetri (NA)
: I can do that too. {{champion:266}} Muscular guy with big weapon {{champion:201}} Muscular guy with big shield {{champion:122}} Muscular guy with big weapon {{champion:36}} Muscular guy with big weapon {{champion:119}} Muscular guy with big weapons {{champion:3}} Muscular guy with wings and horns {{champion:41}} Muscular guy with metal hand {{champion:86}} Muscular guy with big weapon {{champion:104}} Muscular guy with big weapon {{champion:120}} Muscular guy with horse legs and big weapon {{champion:59}} Muscular guy with big weapon {{champion:24}} Muscular guy with big weapon {{champion:38}} Muscular guy with no legs {{champion:64}} Muscular guy who's blind The list goes on. Females also have such champs like Poppy, Anivia, Kalista, Lamb, Lulu, Rek'Sai, Ezreal and Tristana, all of which you "forgot" to mention.
So weird that combatants would have athletic physiques. Mind... blown.
Mohrb (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=T33MO,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=7xjmoMYz,comment-id=005f,timestamp=2015-10-14T06:56:05.856+0000) > > Jinx is disgusting. Pale with a flat chest. Even her personality is ugly. So people are actually asking for a 2nd ugly female champ. > > That's all I had to say. Lol, Jinx is by FAR the sexiest one in LoL. Crazy chicks are hot. Pale chicks are hot. She seems like she really has FUN and a positive attitude (while murdering people). Gotta appreciate that over Katerina's grumpy ass.
Let this be a lesson to us all that attractiveness is _subjective_.
: Yo that's a nice sexist sentiment you got there OP. Don't blame ya though - not like you know anything about it. Here's the key ASSUMPTION in your argument: That the worst thing that can befall a woman is a disassociation with beauty. You assume in the most sexist way that all women seek to attain socially appropriate beauty. Really? I get that you want to protect people's fee-fees, but it doesn't work so well when you characterize women as angels as opposed to people.
The OP didn't say any of these things. What you're doing is reading between the lines after painting your own paranoia between the lines.
: We need to stop asking for an "unattractive" female champion and this is why
Riot shouldn't make an ugly witch or hag champion for the sake of making an unattractive female champion to cater to feminists' whining. But to make an ugly witch or hag champion for the sake of making a really creepy- and cool-looking witch- or hag-themed champion? Two thumbs up; would play.
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: I've got the same problem, wanted to get some rune pages before the sale ends
This has happened to me very rarely, but just from joining the queue. It's not a result of trying to navigate while in queue. Very frustrating, because you have no champ select screen, and then you get hit with a completely undeserved 5 minute penalty.
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darkdill (NA)
: Should Karma have a real passive?
I like Karma, both old a new, but I agree that it feels like she should have a real passive, as opposed to just splitting her ult into 2 abilities. I don't think she needs more power, though, so I wouldn't go for the bonus magic damage suggestion. I'm thinking something with the quiet meditation theme, as nothing in her kit currently gives that feeling, even though her character concept / lore really do. For example, maybe if none of her spells are on cooldown and she's not moving or attacking, she gets bonus mana regen that slowly builds over time. That wouldn't give her any extra power while engaging, but could be help her sustain as a support while giving the opposing team an extra incentive to harass. Or, instead of mana regen, maybe stealth detection that gradually increased in radius. But, something to reward moments of calm, as right now she seems to be all about rushing around frantically spamming abilities and attacks... something to add a yin to complement her current yang, and bring balance to her gameplay, so to speak.
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: Organizing rune and mastery pages
Riot... I've never begged you for anything before, but now is the time. I'm begging you for this feature. I'm not even picky about how you do it. The ability to click and drag pages to reorder them would be fine. A configuration option to autosort by page title would be fine. A button to sort the pages by title would be fine. Anything that doesn't require manually recreating multiple pages to accommodate each new page would be a huge improvement. Riot, please. *puppydogeyes*
: -225 movement speed + 100% cool down looks so good and theirs more
: Sightstones: Multiple Item Paths
I like the idea, but I would want to scrap the health bonus from the base sightstone (because Soraka) and lower its price a bit to compensate.
: New Monthly Game Mode - "The Jungler's Revenge"
I think the jungle defenders spawning in the dragon pit / baron pit would be a problem, due to spawn camping. Giving Baron/Dragon buffs when the jungle defenders are near to prevent spawn camping is problematic as well, because Baron and Dragon won't always be up. I'd suggest instead that when their spawn timer completes, they don't immediately respawn, but are given the ability to click on a jungle monster to spawn next to it. Neat idea, though. I'd play it.
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: Extra Bonus RP is coming for a limited time!
RP sale starts Jan. 12th. Winter Wonder Orianna is available until Jan. 6th. .... Conflicted....
: Orianna was still wrecking havoc at Worlds. She is not the problem, you just suck in using her.
Yeah, but Worlds was pre-Preseason. Get with the times, man.
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: Patch 4.20 notes
Don't forget that you can also adjust mana costs in conjunction with the changes to mana regen....
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