Pale Mask (EUW)
: Shadow Isles is the best faction
Yay, I'm so happy everyone can now see Ledros! This is the art I was looking at while writing The Echoes Left Behind! Aint he cool!? (and SHARK CHARIOT woot!!)
Lewanor (NA)
: I seriously can't believe I didn't read Dreaming Pool until now
Aw thanks, that was a really fun one to write! (And yeah, I'd kinda like to see - and write about - Kalan again too at some point! Who knows, eh?)
: The comic changed my look on Ryze
Really glad you enjoyed it! The artist, Richard Isanove, did a great job of capturing Ryze (and Richard's colors! So good!). In a sense, I think Ryze would find his job easier if he _didn't_ care about individual people, and was always able to focus solely on the big picture without guilt/doubt/remorse - but if he became that cold, would he even continue on? I think his humanity and empathy are probably part of what keeps him going, though it doesn't make his choices any easier...
: Dear Riot, I don't buy the Faceless character
Well, just because the general populace of Noxus doesn't know who the Faceless is, doesn't mean that the other other members of the Trifarix (Swain and Darius) don't. Swain's a clever guy, at the end of the day. He's knows what he's doing. And keeping the member of Guile a secret - well, I could imagine that creating a certain level of paranoia among those outside the Trifarix (particularly those that oppose/have opposed Swain), which could also play in Swain's favor. Cheers!
: but if zaun invade them won't the guns just destroy them ?
Well, there are a LOT more Noxians than there are firearms in Piltover/Zaun...
: Leblanc's new biography sheds some light on some things lime-line wise, which I thought was pretty cool. It seems the time that Mordekaiser had his reign was roughly after the conclusion of the Darkin war. This is a pretty short time between the two as well. Following on from this, Leblanc's name disappeared around the time of the Rune Wars. This also almosts confirms how people forgot about the Darkin. If Leblanc disappeared, what else could have during that time? Please correct me on this as I'm not as learned in the lore just yet, but it seems the following Runeterra timeline seems to run along this path: Rise of the Targonian Ascendency Rise of the Shuriman Empire Enslavment of Aurelion Sol Fall of the Shuriman Empire Darkin War Morderkaiser's rise & fall The Ruination (This is just purely a guess, but working on time differences I'd assume that the events of the Ruination took place roughly between Mordekaiser's fall and the Rune War) Rune War Destruction of Ichatia and the first Void Breach Demacia & Noxus are founded. Noxus is based in the capital of Morderkaiser's old empire. Demacia within the petricite forests.
RE: The close proximity of the Darkin War and Morde's rise. A big war could easily lead to a bit of a power vacuum, which can lead to opportunities for aspiring warlords... Note that Noxus was formed on Mordekaiser's fall. Noxus is quite old.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: There's still several champions whose lore has not been updated: Vladimir, Draven, Talon and Riven. Are they getting any new lore or short stories? Also, where's that new Noxus icon that showed up on PBE?
We're looking to come back and give Noxus some more love a little down the line - not have such big gaps as we have had before between these kind of updates.
Trifarix (EUW)
: Riot give us a noxus Profile icon or we RIOT {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
I NEED a Noxus profile icon. Nice name, BTW. ;)
We have a winner!
Sharjo (EUW)
: A pat on the back to the fellow who can find the one time vastaya was mentioned prior to this.
Oooh, I know, I know...
Crackers (NA)
: All makes sense now.... _"Knowing **Rammus’s guidance can pave an enlightened path**, devout believers perform elaborate rituals designed to attract the favor of their deity. **Disciples of the cult devoted to Rammus demonstrate their unwavering faith in a yearly ceremony by imitating his famous roll and somersaulting** through the city in droves."_ {{champion:33}}
Great post, Crackers. Ha! The truth is out!
: So, I want to make a point about some of these stories. They're very enjoyable, but Riot's somewhat on a slippery slope when it comes to these stories. {{champion:32}} and {{champion:33}} are two champions who occupy the "We don't really know what they are" brand of story and really ask the reader/player/etc to just make a guess. Now, in short order, these aren't bad. A little bit of mystery is always cool in a character or story, especially if they're one of the few that have this. What I fear is that Riot will push this to a far harder degree and make way too many characters the "Who could this be or what could this be!?" sort of story. It's cool for a few characters but when it comes to the overarching game, I hope that Riot only gives this trope to a handful of characters at best. After all, if you're making everyone a "Take your best guess" character, might as well just let fan fiction make the lore. (An exaggeration but you get my point, hehe.)
Hey there CaptainMarvelous, I agree it's definitely not something we'd want to overuse - and yeah, we're definitely conscious of that. For these two champs, however, we felt that it works and is appropriate. Does that mean we'll be doing that loads more in the future? Nope! Cheers! Ant
Tamuut (NA)
: What would have happened if Nasus was locked in with Xerath instead of Renekton? Would he have been able to retain his sanity, or would he turn out like his brother?
HI Tamuut, Huh, that's a good question. Who knows. Nasus is much more cerebral than his brother, and Xerath seemed to prey on the worst aspects of Renekton, so I don't imagine Nasus would have turned out quite the same. Having said that, I'm Xerath would have done a number on him as well - it would probably just have manifested in a different way.
: I have a question regarding a detail in Sivir's lore ,it is mentioned that after she is deceived and betrayed by Cassiopeia that her blood seeped into the sands and revived Azir. How is this possible, how did her blood revive Azir and unlock the tomb that kept Renekton and Xerath locked away?
Hey WolfieOfTerror (good name by the way), You might like to check this out, from a few years back. It has the answers you are after:
Jabalor (NA)
: Could it be possible to Renekton to regain his sanity? Or would only death mend his broken mind?
Hi Jabalor, I'm cutting and pasting the answer I gave from another similar question: "I could see this being Renekton's big struggle, really - him trying to regain his sanity, but constantly slipping back and forth between lucidity and utter madness. I certainly think that Nasus would believe that he can bring his brother back - but will he succeed? Who knows..."
: One thing I would personally love to know, what exactly is Icathia? We know its related to the void as a sort of conduit between the Void and Shurima, but how did it become that way? Was it just an out of the way city taken over by a cult?
Icathia is definitely a place we want to explore deeper... but that's a tale for another day, really. Sorry that's incredibly vague!
: Given that Xerath shapes up to be the main baddie for the whole Shurimian continent, would Skarner eventually be led to directly clash with him? Would his Dreamsong be able to reach Xerath's mind, as he is more finely attuned to arcane matters than almost anybody else on Runeterra? On a similar topic, would Xerath be able to feel the sleeping Brackerns and/or be interested in acquiring their crystals?
Could Xerasth hear Skarner's dreamsong? Probably not - his own music is turned up too loud (since it's already been established his music goes up to eleven, after all...) ;)
: Can Renekton regain his sanity after eons, or is what Xerath has done unreversable?
Hi Nicejak, I could see this being Renekton's big struggle, really - him trying to regain his sanity, but constantly slipping back and forth between lucidity and utter madness. I certainly think that Nasus would believe that he can bring his brother back - but will he succeed? Who knows...
: There isn't anything about these short stories that I don't like. Of particular note are the slightly disjointed narrative style of Renekton's story, Nasus' own struggles with sanity, and hints of a new Brand backstory to come. The thought and effort going into these is evident, and I think everybody reading appreciates it. I'm just hoping for two things: 1. A section of the main League of Legends website devoted to these regional minisites (unless, of course, such a section already exists somewhere I haven't looked) 2. More stories. Many more. You're going strong, don't stop now.
Hi JacobusSimon, Much appreciated, thank you! As to your questions: 1. Yeah, we know these kinda disappear into the ether once they are done. It's an issue that we are looking to solve going forward. 2. Hell yes. We love love writing these stories, and definitely plan to do more. :)
: Nasus - "Renek bro, you'll kill yourself out on those streets! I can do you one better, go join the military, you can't brush up with death there now can you." Renek - "wait wha?"
Hey LastManOnEarth, Nasus probably figured that what his little brother needed was discipline and structure - something he could get in the military. A place where his aggression and fearlessness could be channeled for a purpose. Big brother looking out for his bro.
Jabalor (NA)
: Here are some other couple questions: 1. Is Renekton also now prowling the desert just like Nasus? Or is he at the side of Xerath by his new capital? 2. What do shriman people think of him? Or they see him something like a figment/cryptid just like his brother?
Hey Jabalor, 1. Renekton is out searching for his brother, Nasus. I don't really see him as Xerath's right hand man - Xerath broke his mind, but Renekton isn't serving him... 2. Ancient Shurima fell a long time ago, so I imagine tales of Renekton have warped and changed over the years. Some might see him as a legendary hero of the past, others as a demi-god come to life, while others maybe know nothing of him, or see him just as a crazy, blood-maddened beast.
: Really loved Azir and Xerath's new bios. Those short stories were really emotive and sad. I guess I have two questions, one relating more to Shurima and another general one. 1) Is there any specific reason you guys excluded Cassiopeia's new bio from this release? 2) Are there any plans to put all canon lore in one place, namely the client? Right now they are all seperated and kind of hard to find and the release of new lore is easy to miss. Besides, it's kind of weird that the game's lore can't be found in the game or the client and that you have to find these micro-sites to read them. A new player wouldn't know where to look and probably not even know there was any lore besides the little paragraphs in the client with the way things are. Follow-up question: Do we have to wait for the new client for something like this to happen?
Hey there, 1. Yeah, we considered it, but she's Noxian at the end of the day. Shurima played a big part in making her who she is now, but she's a Noxian, so we didn't think she was quite appropriate to update here. 2. Yeah, it's something we are very aware of - and are working on a solution. :) Ant
Helmight (NA)
: See, now _this_ is the kind of stuff that got me to play League of Legends in the first place. Glad to see that you guys are finally doing more lore-related stuff - thank you so much. As a side note, we've now gotten a mini-site for Bilgewater, the Shadow Isles, Targon, and now Shurima. My question is this: will these sites be the norm for lore updates, and will they ever be compiled somewhere so we can access them quickly?
Hey Helmight, Glad you are liking this background! Huzzah! We like creating these sites when/where it's appropriate - sometimes we will, sometimes not. As to compiling them? Working on it. We know it's bloody hard to find our content sometimes, and are working on a solution for that... Ant
Fasmodey (EUW)
: How big an Ascended Being is compare to a human? Same size or 2 or 3 times bigger? Also I feel like Nasus and Renekton can change their sizes, thanks to their '' ultimate '' ?
Hey Fasmodey, I'd say it depends, really. I would think most are bigger than human, yeah - like demi-gods walking among mortals, which would apply to the likes of Nasus and Renekton - but there could always be exceptions. Ant
: Any chances of releasing a new map of Runeterra or at least of Shurima? Nice to see that oval supercontinent gone.
Hey Lanceworks, Yep, we are super-keen to get some maps out, and we are currently working on 'em. Still a little way off, though, but it (or rather, they) are coming. Ant
: 1. I'd like to Ask, Since Renekton seems so enraged at Nasus, and that has become his main focus, is it possible that he would make a deal with {{champion:223}}Two-Coats? I mean, Renekton is seems to be only moving on to defeat his brother Nasus. 2. And also, since the... River... Oasis... whatever ya call it flows again, would ol' {{champion:223}}Two-Coats be interested in Shurima? 3. Since {{champion:12}}Alistar isn't from Targon, isn't from Shurima, where IS he from?
Hi Zackeryss, 1. That actually sounds like a pretty cool idea. I like it... 2. Yup, the waters are now flowing, so could Two-Coats get there? Don't see why not (probably under the cover of darkness). 3. We were thinking of him being from Targon, but have a couple of other ideas that we thought might work better. Sorry that's a little vague. TBD. Ant
: About the whole "Foundations" thing. (@Narrative)
Hi there CaptainMårvelous, and everyone else who has chimed in here. As always - I love the passion from everyone, and that everyone here is having an intelligent, well-reasoned, respectful discussion. Huzzah! This is not Riot with a capital "R" speaking, this is just me as a gamer and fan of LoL (which I played for around 3 years before I'd ever considered the idea of working here), someone who's been a professional writer for around 15 years, and someone who has worked in other IPs that also gets lots of fanfiction/fan-art etc created around it. A couple of thoughts: - No one here, let alone the writers, would want people to stop writing fanfiction. Fanfiction is awesome, and there are plenty of people who make the jump from writing fanfiction to getting employed professionally to write. It's an invaluable place to learn and hone your craft, get feedback from people who know and love the world and characters your are writing about, and just generally interact with an IP that you love. Do it, and keep doing it. - Player sentiment towards characters and world-building (which can be expressed in a myriad of ways, from fanfic, to cosplay, to fanart, to conversations, headcanon, board posts, memes, or whatever) IS a strong voice in the direction of the Lore. Truly. This is true in many big IPs, though stronger in LoL than any other IP I've worked in. I know it can be hard to see that sometimes, especially if the canon veers away from what an individual sees as things that are core to a character/place. This is typically more of an issue when that character/place is less defined, requiring players to fill in the blanks - in these cases, different headcanon starts to form among different people (which can vary hugely - especially across different cultures and languages). Rarely does everyone agree perfectly - opinions of what's cool varies, and different headcanon ideas tend to gain traction in different eco-sytems. We do listen, though, and players' opinions do massively influence us - though this more often on the macro level than the micro level. By that, I mean if all players tend to love "X" about a character, we'd be wise to understand that and find room for "X" to live on unless there's a good reason not to. We are more likely to look at big trends/global sentiment among players than individual ideas. This can influence us in little ways - little nods to fan-favorite things (like helmet bro popping up from time to time, urf sneaking into splash art, etc), or in bigger ways - such as helping to establish the personality of less established champs. As a personal example, some of the feedback regarding the new Pantheon bio and color text has really got me thinking of story ideas exploring how a little hint of Atreus may still be in there, which hasn't happened with previous incarnations of the Aspect. Perhaps something is different this time around, and the personality of the host starts to re-emerge... - A bio is not a complete story/character arc. It's most definitely not the start and end of a character, or the be-all-and-end-all. For example, just because the bio doesn't come out and say "Pantheon and Leona are friends" - and might even show them being antagonists in the past - doesn't mean they can't become friends or allies in future stories, etc. We haven't done heaps of ongoing storytelling in the past, but we definitely want to do a heck of a lot more going forward - the Bilgewater Burning Tides story, and the Harrowing "Shadow and Fortune" story was a start towards that. We do want to develop our character's arcs and their stories - they are not static. - I get the frustration when something changes in "Lore" that invalidates something someone's written in fanfiction. It's a bummer. (It also happens professionally as things develop, btw.) Hopefully these changes are for the better, but this stuff aint an exact science, and it's all pretty subjective. It's also something that is very difficult to avoid or mitigate unless we just stop and leave the lore exactly as it is - but that way leads to stagnation and wouldn't be satisfying to anyone. LoL has many, many millions of players, and a heck of a lot of fanfic being generated every day in 40+ languages - it would be impossible for us to have any kind of development with our characters and our lore without invalidating some fan-fic here and there. Note also that this is not restricted to just fanfic - it's a similar thing to making a cosplay outfit or artwork, then that champ getting a re-work and new splash. The more our world and characters get established, fleshed out and developed, the less this becomes an issue - and the more that fanfiction and what you call 'fan fact' (like the term, btw) can work together without clashing. - Should we be aware of the ramifications of any changes we make, and have our finger on the pulse of player sentiment? Hell yeah. This is super-important. It's also important not to try to appease everyone with every change - that way leads to blandness and a solution that may not _offend _anyone, but also doesn't really _satisfy _anyone. We should never blindly make a change that no one wants of course (this is where understanding players and their often contradictory opinions matter), but also we shouldn't be afraid to make a change that some people might not like (but others do), as again, if we try to please everyone, or design things (especially characters) by committee then we end up with really boring and unsatisfying characters/stories/worlds. Anyway, apologies that this has turned into a wall of text! I hope this sheds some light on things, and that it makes some sense. Cheers! Ant
: This new lore & how passionately these writers in the podcast talk about lore have restored my faith in Riot
Ralimak (NA)
: Not anymore... Possessed by a bloodthirsty war deity... His dreams of baking will never be fulfilled...
: Riot, what would it take to get in on writing for you guys?
Hi there! We actually have job advert up at the moment...
: Oh my. Ant let something slip didn't he? That deleted comment tho.
Ha! Well spotted. Nah, I started writing something that was no more profound than "Woot! Excited to see this go live", posted accidentally before the thought was finished, and had to run to a meeting so hit delete. ;) I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about the new write-ups! Cheers, Ant
spavined (NA)
: hey there ant i would just like to point out it says battle cant, in the Hecarim no one lives section in the first paragraph instead of battle chant.
Hey there! Actually, 'battle cant' is intended - not a typo. "Cant: An argot, the jargon of a particular class or subgroup." Battle cant, in this use, would refer to a kind of jargon/orders that can be used in battle that the enemy wouldn't understand. :) Cheers!
: I havent read this yet but im sure its great, but can you guys spend some acual time on the actual lore of champions and not just on these big stories. Like Im not trying to be a jerk but I used to love reading the lore and now I just dont anymore because its like 3 sentences of nothing. The old lore had depth was a few paragraphs long and was actually about the champion/and their life and why they joined not even going to open that can of worms..
Hi there! We are looking to do stories and update bios. For the Harrowing, we wrote the Shadow and Fortune story, and write up some new bios for Shadow Isles champs. Check 'em out here! Cheers!
Ralanr (NA)
: I'm just wondering about all that artwork...champion design concepts?
No. This is concept art done as part of Foundations, to help us work out what the Shadow Isles is like, what the spirits that dwell there are like, etc. It's world building stuff done to help us explore and define Runeterra, its cultures and its denizens. Cheers!
: Dev Blog: Building a Better Bio
Here we go. Check out some new longer bios here:
: This would be great except this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what riot has been doing. The older bios of sooooo much more story, lore, and background info about the champions compared to the 4 sentence bio pages we get now. And they wanna do that for everyone? This is going to suck.
We _are _doing long bios - as we did for the Bilgewater champs involced in the Burning Tides story. Those longer bios appear on the website, not in the client. Clearly we need to be better at communicating this!
Oatie (NA)
: ***
Hey! I think you are referring to the term 'card sharp' rather than 'card shark'? Card sharp is actually the older, original term - it's been bastardized into 'card shark'. Either is now generally seen as acceptable, since card shark has become so commonly used. Cheers! Ant
: Bio before change: -Long thought out story that makes player bond with the character- Bio after change: He was a guy. He's stoic.... Can't think of anything else to write, so this is the third sentence. (Hope no one notices I didn't even put in effort to write an actual paragraph about their favorite champ <_<;;;;) Seems legit. Lol.
Hi there, we are doing long bios again (like we did during the Bilgewater event) - it's just that the shorter bios are the ones that appear in the client. On the website, they are getting replaced with longer ones. Cheers! Ant
: > [{quoted}](name=Ant in Oz,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=76Ilfg6d,comment-id=002c0001,timestamp=2015-10-26T20:51:32.369+0000) > > Yep, both are on our radar - they do both deserve some attention. Cheers! Are we talking "tiny blips in the distance" or "we're right on top of it?" I'd suspect the former, because Rito.
Somewhere in between, TerraRising.
: I never understood why the lore's got so much shorter when they were remade. This mentions Graves Twisted Fate and Gangplank but their lore is like 2-3 sentences each. A lot of lore was put out with the Bilgewater event, is it really that difficult to put it in their lore?
The champion background in the game is short, but the longer background appears on the website. For example, here is TF's longer background:
: I've never had the chance to ask you this... Where did your name come from? It seems like a really strange name, and I MUST know the story behind it.
Ha! Well, I'm Australian, and when I first started playing League there were no servers down there. Had some issues with lag etc, so this was an easy way to say to my team mates 'Sorry, I'm playing in Australia'. (Oz = Australia). That's probably not as cool a story as you were hoping for, haha
: The links provided only contain the two sentence lore, what am I doing wrong?
It looks like they went up a bit early (except for Kalista) and had some odd formatting errors. They should be up again soon.
: Okay, now this Lore does Mordekaiser justice! -His empire seems to have spun across nearly all of Valoran, including Noxus, Demacia and most of their surroundings. -Even on the brink of death, being pierced by countless Arrows, impaled on Spears, standing on top of a mountain of corpses he was still defiant. His laughter a testimony to his undying craving for conquest. Not even death would stop him. -His funeral pyre lasted for several days, giving his armor its iconic Dark-steel look. Burnt by the hatred of his foes figuratively. -His reincarnation's an endless cycle of rebirth, every time his undying servants seek to bring back their master, bound to his will and unable to fail their task -His Palace's, the Immortal Bastion was built to protect his bones, his remains essential for his endless cycle of conquest and domination -This very fortress became the capital of a nation only a fracture of his empire; Noxus -He thrives on the black mist, bends it to his will and empowers himself with its necromantic powers. He's immune to it's hive-mind like control and even claimed most of the Shadow Isles for his own. A perfect base of operation -His malicious gaze is set on Valoran, seeking to reclaim what once was his (Noxus is screwed!) -Demacian steel resists his necromantic powers but not his crushing Mace, Nightfall -His specters are still conscious but bound to his will, slaughtering their comrades in pain and unable to resist -He has dominion over Metal shown by him twisting an Iron gate with a flick of his wrist -His soul is as black as his heart, only his eyes burning with malice Just perfect, now they have to only use this masterpiece as a reference for any balance work done to him and he'll be perfect! Seriously, this story is brilliant, it's truly fitting the unyielding, undying, Ironclad Revenant on his quest for eternal Conquest! ~M-M Edit; Can we rename Mordekaiser's Mace from Nightfall to Knightfall? ^^
M-M - really glad you like him. We had a lot of fun adding some meat to his backstory (urgh, there's that pun again).
: {{champion:32}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:101}}
Yep. Our Shuriman champs are on the cards for some attention.
: I did love the update on Bilgewater Champs Lore with that event. Please don't do another Shurima 2 sentences long update to lore and you will be golden Rito
Longer background is definitely the plan.
: Well, while I'm forever waiting on any Riot love for Yorick, there is one champ I'd like to know more about... {{champion:266}} Like, what the hell is a "Darkin?" Are there others like him? What does he actually _do_? Also, {{champion:27}}. His background story's been broken for over 3 years, so fix him already for the sake of Fuuuuuuu-dge
Yep, both are on our radar - they do both deserve some attention. Cheers!
: Honestly, I'm gonna have to admit. These were much better than the old ones. They did a great job of connecting all the champions together, and actually fleshed out their motivations in a concrete manner.
> [{quoted}](name=Narasimha,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gH9WcAlj,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-10-26T20:33:05.420+0000) > > and actually **fleshed **out their motivations in a concrete manner. I hope that pun was intended. ;)
: cant wait for them to update {{champion:35}} bios like its the laziest story ever... none knows why he exists or what he wants but people dont like him so hes in the league... come on
Shaco is one of my favorites - so much fun story potential with him.
: {{champion:31}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:121}}
I'm sensing a theme here...
: > [{quoted}](name=Ant in Oz,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=kqtsql6J,comment-id=00030003,timestamp=2015-10-20T00:18:40.682+0000) > > Hey Veraska, > > We really love your suggested title: The Iron Revenant. It fits his thematic better, and just feels, well, _right_. > > Long and short of it - we're gonna go with your suggestion, and change Mordekaiser's title to "The Iron Revenant." You guys should see this change with the next patch (though it could slip to the next if things don't line up). > > Thanks for the suggestion (and everyone's feedback). > > Cheers! Hehe, I'm also glad you decided to go with the correct spelling of "Revenant." Oi!
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