: CLG's faith rewarded with their 2015 NA LCS Summer Split Finals win over TSM
i think tsm dominates NA cause their midlaner is best by far, but when midlaners are closer to even itll be hard for TSM to pull through. CLG has threats everywhere, and theey ould be a really good team at worlds
: Be the hero you were born to be Kobe!
: Be the hero you were born to be Kobe!
º LB º (NA)
: Go International Kraken Society!! i <3 James Patterson :3
: I can't figure out who some of these people are XD
: when is the mode released?
: Quite
: G.A.N.K. VS I.K.S. gj riot, you've done it again.
because lnternational is so long I thi=ought it was InterNational, or I.N.K.S causerackens r like squids and squids make ink. ILLUMINTI COMFIRMED
: G.A.N.K. VS I.K.S. gj riot, you've done it again.
because lnternational is so long I thi=ought it was InterNational, or I.N.K.S causerackens r like squids and squids make ink. ILLUMINTI COMFIRMED
: {{champion:25}} q'ed me but then i ate an orange and i was k{{champion:41}}
{{champion:19}} ulted me, eat oranges be k
: No longer an island: Dissecting the top lane
from my point of view, you can literally play ANY champion top lane and they will be viable. That's right, even Janna
: Another good drill for csing would be to allow a wave to push up to your tower, and cs under tower. One thing that I see so many adc's miss out on is those yummy minions under tower because of how time-intensive it is. BAsically: Melee: 2 hits on a melee minion from a tower will allow most ad champs to kill it. For you ap champs, try to get an auto off within the first shot of the tower, so you have time for your animation to start up again after the second shot. Caster: For just about everyone, auto a caster before the tower hits it, and it'll be low enough for you to enjoy that sweet, sweet 17g payout. Cannon: For a Caddy minion, usually around 3-5 shots'll do it, it depends on the amount of hp remaining when they reach your turret. I'd personally recommend expending a little mana for these guys, as 35g is pretty worth. Also keep in mind: With the exception of another minion type entering first, or an enemy champion is actively attacking a friendly champion, turrets have a specific type of minion they focus first, before moving to the rest. They'll take Cannons first, then Melees, then Casters. Have fun with your minion genocide!{{item:1039}}
u can use this {{item:1039}} and I'll use THIS {{item:3031}}
: ***
I understand syndra, but NEVER use Ahri as an example of good last-hitting. Zed, on the other hand, has the easiest last-hit in LoL
: I don't think it would be too bad to play on the South America server? There are smart pings and you could probably set up macros in Spanish for common League phrases like "Push", "Defend", "Go for Dragon", "Report the jungler" and "Group Mid".
don't forget: "so much lag" and "report team so bad". Most importantly... "**** *** *****!!" lol jjk
: Oh how I've tried to improve my cs but there's only so much I can do when my ping is usually 300+ and once upon a time; between 188 and 300. I'm from Guyana. Although some of you may not know of my country, it's in South America. What's unusual about it is that we speak English unlike all the other countries in the region so I can't play on the region's servers since I won't understand a thing anyone is saying so I play on NA with lag. It sucks but I've learned to live with what I have and I tend to get about 80% of the cs I should up to 10 minutes in a good game. I hope this wasn't too much of a sob story, I just needed to vent a little about my lag. :/
YOUR LAG!! No joke, I had a game where I reached 11000 ping. No lie. Then again, I was at my grandmas house soo...
Dividium (NA)
: I saw "Improve CSing" and the pic of lucian, thought back to the video, and immediately knew it would be GC's. Big fan
: Bitch pls, i play for 14 hours and 59 minutes
wow u mut be addicted. I play for a healthy time, 14 hours 58 minutes 59 seconds
: Improve your last hitting
now I can say I watched this before it was popular. I knew it was this vid from the moment I saw Lucian
: Building Butcher’s Bridge: the Bilgewater event
when u join an ARAM, there should be a 25% chance of this map, 25% chance of a freljord map, 25% chance of a shurima map, and 25% chance of a shadow isles map. it is a lot of work, but couldbe fun
Zekuiro (NA)
: They should replace it with A BOTTLE OF RUM! {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}}
malzahar ulted u? eat lemons an be K
: Dev Blog: Visual Effects in League of Legends
imagine a hogrider skin for {{champion:20}} all my CoC doods like/lick tis comment!!
: Dev Blog: Visual Effects in League of Legends
i ope u guys are updating {{champion:42}} Q, it looks like some sort of sparkling powder
: I feel like Zac is the hardest champ to release skins for because he's just a blob. Just releasing new colors would be kinda lame, so they have to really really develop something cool. My Props to Riot for their work {{item:2010}}
releasing new colors would be lame u say??? Wow, in that case zac's only skin right now Is lame
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
so basically if the community (Over a bittion people) just play one game with friends we can all get these awesome rewards!!


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