: Finally got a chat restriction after 6 years of playing I can't play ranked anymore.
I uninstalled. This game is a shit fest with no regulation except "chat". But hey, you can get fancy skins to wear while your team throws
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: I just want Riot to solve this. They've tried and failed their way, and they need to start listening to us about this. Because if this is how it always is going to be, they might as well just axe ranked alltogether. Because it's worth nothing to me right now. It doesn't give me any reward for keeping on even after all of the losses, I'm not being acknowledged for anything GOOD i do, and every win is complimented by ten losses. There's just nothing I can do. I'm powerless because I'm on a team of four other people, and at least one of them isn't a team player, or is feeding, or is toxic, or SOMETHING. And that destroys the entire team. I have to have the fortune of getting a team of four complete strangers that will actually listen to tactical advice and criticism, actually know when to engage and when to pull out, and know when they've lost their lane and should just sit back and let the lane fall rather than feed. I like to think that I'm a good player. I've been complimented by people before on my gameplay. But the game is PUNISHING me for playing it, because my TEAM keeps messing up. And that's just not good game design. Again, Riot... if you can't fix it, just axe it. Because it's just torture at this point. I'm gonna give myself a heart attack over how powerless I am to stop this.
They won't listen to us though, because they are owned by TenCent. TenCent has its own business/video game production philosophy that doesn't fit with the ones that made this game. Everything about the game speeding up and micro-transaction increase is due to TenCent business model. Unless you can convince a Chinese conglomerate to lower their profit margins for the sake of a western player base aint shit happening lol
: Why is this in gameplay then? Go take it to RANT instead
: Matchmaking and Ranking
You're playing rank in the worst time to ever play rank especially for our region. Matchmaking and autofill are _not_ balanced, which is why dodging and only taking certain matches is the climbing strategy. If you take every game given to you and aren't immensely better than who you're matched with you aren't going very far. Also, you have to play META. Better to care less at this point
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Eh2Zed (NA)
: matchmaking is broken
not gonna happen- at least not for another year
: Morgana Looks More Like A Teen Now..?
: Can we nerf Pyke's survivability yet?
: Riven is disgustingly overtuned
lmao yeah I don't know why they haven't touched her.
: To everyone complaining about Kayle
I petition Kayle be the first champ in the "handicap" lane.
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: so what you are telling me is that a late game hypercarry actually has a weak early game for once? instead of a "weak but only against these specific type of champions" sort of thing?
She doesn't have a "weak early game". Vlad has a "weak early game". Vayne and Nasus have "weak early games" Kayle is a big fat fuckin minion in comparison to the other options you have available to lane with. If that happens to be top you're already in the least impactful role positionally, so why pick Kayle?
: Lets consider the Dev teams record over the last year
The Bad Player behavior-- bad - We have a robot word nanny overseeing a play pen of passive aggressive and petty human beings. There is more thought put into pissing people off and dodging the penalty system than there is teamwork Matchmaking-- worse Autofill between these first two: the game has sunken so far and has little to no enforced player integrity Positional Ranks--- another good idea but failed application. This one is is really rich considering they asked and were told over a year in advance "what would be abusable". They released it as if they had no clue how it would work and everything people said came true. Skin spam and "prestige editions". I feel sorry for the poor souls addicted to these over priced cash grab events. These are over glorified chromas marketed to people stupid enough to think they're special. I know this one isn't necessarily "the devs", but selling out to TenCent (or China) in general wasn't a move that was good for the community, even if it was good for Riot employees The Good VGUs Most reworks are at least interesting and refreshing The "broken" pool has shrank ADC balance- its nice that they hurt and get hurt in return I like Rift Herald and Dragons Turret Plating Nerfing The art and videos are well done
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Ulanopo (NA)
: Updated Player Behavior Guidelines
: My friends won't believe me when I say Xerath is sleeper OP. A good xerath can singlehandedly stall out a lost game in the mid game, and basically 1v9 carry once he hits late game.
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: As amazing as this sounds, it is very dangerous to implement instant mobility in a ranged lane bully's kit. Are we talking tumble range? longer? He could be the most oppressive top laner ever created with more mobility. This is coming from an avid teemo player.
I think no tumble no slow on E but if slow on E there'd better be a tumble no invis either so no letting people stand on you or walk over you
: And where do you find this "huge market" of people that enjoy getting repeatedly insulted?
I think the difference is there's a large group of players that can handle "bullying and mean words" on our own, and don't need a third party to take away someones toys on our behalf. What no one has the power to deal with except Riot is trolling and maintaining game integrity. I think its pretty silly to suggest that said group likes being insulted- or rather short sighted.
: Theorycraft: Teemo is Vaynes' brother... Q Blinding Dart = E Condemn ( Both can apply effects Blind/Stun ) W Move Quick = Night Hunter Passive ( Both grant an MS buff ) E Toxic Shot = W Silver Bolts ( Both are passive abilities ) Now if both of them can " tumble " ... ( ^ _ 0 )
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Sounds like you ordered a faulty Plumbus Morty
: A Compromise to make Morgana a little more viable, without actually making her OP
: I feel like most the people that complain about Riven do not know how to play Riven. **WEAKNESSES:** * For a start she is actually average lvl 1 due to poor base stats and generally relies on lvl 3 or 6 to reliably win trades in most lane matchups, even then she will still have no control over the lane against a lot of traditional lane bullies such as Renekton/Illaoi. * She has little sustain so high sustain champions like Vlad can normally harass and win out over time. * Without flash she gets absolutely bodied by a bunch of ranged champions like Vayne/Quinn/Jayce/Kennen, although she will smash them if they play disrespectfully and let her get on top of them. * If you don't group up in a teamfight for a 4-5 man stun/knock-up, then she is pretty bad in a front to back teamfight. * Her 'e' is required for a lot of her cancel combos (unless she builds Tiamat which is not as common atm) so forcing it out means you can normally win a trade against her in lane before she gets crap tons of CDR. * Anything with a dash cancel ruins her day (Poppy and Voli looking at you). * She falls off a bit in the late game and is outscaled by some juggernauts like Garen and Nasus (not to mention out sustained by them early). * Anything with a silence or point and click cc like fiddlesticks (who has both) ruins her day in teamfights (Morgana's black shield also deserves an honourable mention since she has no way of removing it). * She can't do anything in a siege if behind as she can't wave clear without being on top of the wave. * Speaking of which she is somewhat snowball reliant so picking a safe, neutralizing match up that can push the wave and keep her from roaming can also work if you are not confident. What makes her feel ridiculous is due to her cc and mobility she can often dictate the pace of the lane even in losing match ups and opt out of bad situations much easier than other champions meaning she can be hard to punish as hard as other champs. Also because she prioritises CDR and has low cooldowns she has much smaller punish windows than other champions. Saying all that she is definitely on the stronger side of things at the moment due to runes and items, so probably needs some light nerfs to compensate but the OP lying about her winrate shows this is just a kneejerk overreaction. If you look at all the champs listed by the OP, all of them when strong have high pro play presence except Riven, and when Riven is picked it is normally as a counter pick on red side. This is partially because what she brings isn't always suited to the meta in pro but also because she has a lot of bad match ups and her weaknesses are exploitable by a team that knows how to play around them (That and you need a lot of practice to be able to play her at that high of a level).
I've made similar points on the Yas hate threads. He got slight nerfs. She might get some CDR ones. No need to take away her identity or animation cancels. I hate playing against a good Riven, but I respect the time and knowledge that goes into it. When I see her on the enemy team I still gotta brush up that cd info so I can adequately plan lane phase.
: People say Darius is a counter, but in my experience, if the riven k ows how to play her well, she destroys Darius or at least can play very safe then destroy team. The opposite isn't true, Darius can't play safe if riven gets ahead because he has no mobility or Shields, can't dodge anything (other than pulling riven on q 3 to cancel, but her CDs are lower over so she can easily dash away and shield if it turns unfavorable), not to mention, if Darius gets ahead he doesn't have the tools to chase or dive her and can't snowball a lead near as well as her because he can't roam as easily or gap close without blowing flash or ghost in order to chase down weaker opponents
Bruh the feels of trying to kill her XD Just need a slow-mo gif of Darius E being juked by Rivens
: I give up, an idiot can't possibly understand the general point of view on the OPs (and my) opinion.
I understand it. I don't buy it
: Gold... gold everywhere.
lol you know whats better than selling a chroma for 250RP? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Like I said, Yasuo mains lack the brains to realize that people don't complain about Yasuo being overpowered or hard to play against, people complain about the champion with the highest banrate rn because he's boring, aggravating and bullshit to play against. You 2 are the prime example for this. Instead of trying to understand the point people are trying to make you see "Yasuo is..." and go full r%%%%% instead of even reading the posts.
You're contradicting yourself, being condescending, and are overall wrong. "Its annoying" applies to X champions on the roster that You as Y player don't use/like. That means your emotions aren't a good enough reason to change anything. You need a little bit more than that. You were only right so far as riot is decreasing his numbers a bit (a revert of things from last crit changes) You're wrong as far as his kit, which is why there aren't any notes about it being changed. The information and skills are out there for you to improve and be more prepared to fight the character. There's nothing left except "Git Gud"
: because the mentality of people who would pick a champ like yasuo = players who hyperfeed til hes insanely strong anyway, or players who get ahead but then decide to 1v5 for the entire rest of the game.. actually going out of their way to fight the enemy team solo as much as physically possible, til they become hyperfeeders as well. how is this not know to all players? its known to like 95% of the playerbase already
Then the fault is with the mentality of some players minus Yas you'd have the same shit different champ
Áery (NA)
: How to grief a game without losing LP in 2019
type "lagging" in chat as you die repeatedly. saw it on higher elo streams
: ........
I feel like IIIII don't give a fuck and there's too much cash grabbing going on with these back to back skins (over hyped over priced lease product)
: > [{quoted}](name=AntiSJW,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=UpEZtFE4,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-02-12T18:11:08.352+0000) > > I was getting flamed by somebody and I responded with positivity and tips-- they swapped from being mean to fake nice then flipped their lid again. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} If they're flaming you already, why are you surprised? When someone's ticked off at you, regardless of whether you deserve it or not, they're probably not going to listen to your advice. Sometimes the best thing to do in that scenario is ignore and focus on doing your best, or even just saying "Sorry, I'll try to do better". Also, reading through some of your responses I'd hazard a guess that maybe you're not quite as nice as you make out to be.
Look dude, you weren't there. Your first paragraph doesn't apply with what happened and the last sentence is an assumption. I don't think insinuating about me is productive for discussion either.
: You are missing the fucking point **AGAIN!** "Hurr durr counterplay hurr videos durr". No fuck off, that's not why people complain about him and you finally need to get that into that thick skull of yours. Here's an example: I hate football/soccer. I hate playing it, I hate watching it. Just because I know the rules and how to play the game doesn't mean I can't hate it. You're the one telling someone who played football for 15 years that if he'd know the rules he wouldn't hate the game and it's illogical af.
"Hurr durr I hate Yas hurr durr" - Pretty accurate summary of your point then. All you got is personal hate to go off of. That's not reason to change Yasuo, or Soccer. Best part is what I offered was logical, and what you offered is "illogical af" by definition.
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Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Are people even trying to win ranked games anymore?
I barely play rank because of the lack of integrity maintained in the mode.
: > [{quoted}](name=AntiSJW,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FVgblE5H,comment-id=00020005,timestamp=2019-02-13T06:23:52.581+0000) > > Why do i feel like you didn't even read Post before replying? Because the separation of the internet leads us to believe that there isn’t a person with emotions, feelings, and knowledge behind the keyboard typing, but rather a black hole robot rando spouting words (Not accusing, just offering an explanation. Also worth mentioning I’m guilty of feeling this way sometimes as well). However, <— this human read the post and gave his honest response. Whether or not the initial message was received correctly, or the response was “worthy” on the back end, thats not really for me to influence :). That being said I still like what I said :)
I mean that's a great dissertation that's not necessarily incorrect but I also don't think it applies here. My question implies nothing about disregarding OP's feelings or validity, but rather I question if you actually read and understood the words as they were presented. Your response didn't seem like a response so much as you making a general statement under the banner "I'm a Rioter and a support main" as if that point made it automatically relate to OP's post.
: ezreal is free blink yas is a dash that only work on units, its far from a flash way way far from it if you really call ez E *flash* because it cast mana then i will call yas E ******flash******* because of its limit (not to forget that you can hit abilitys easier on yas you know where he is dashing)
E can't hit the same target Sometimes hard to pick specific targets on top of each other (if thats the same target no dash) Allies blow a lot of dash targets up accidentally so you don't get "free" movement Shield only blocks small amount of damage for a small amount of time. If you're out of dashes, no refresh. If you miss q or no knock ups from team, no refresh. your movement shrinks the second you leave a lane and/or don't have a minion wave. can only hold q for 6 seconds instead of previous 10 Most of the damage he gets now is from Conqueror Rushing dmg always means there is a huge game window Yas can be shut down you're squishy, everyone including your allies hates you, junglers like to camp you, your allies like to flame you, expect you to be god like and at the same prolly won't back you playing aggressively, they prolly won't peel you either. Even learning Yasuo is an uphill battle just from the degradation you receive hovering it oh and this is super anecdotal but, I seem to have this running bit of luck where if I get Yas and an ally takes Malph they'll never try and use our synergy together. No matter what you may think, Yas can't "do it all".
: His ability costs are free.. his shield is free when all he has to do is _what every single other champ already does_ in the entire game.. which is not stand still, and he gets a 'free' shield for it. his ult is even pretty damn free when any knockup at all, even dumb shit like thresh flays or draven Es are enough for it. i think you need to reacquaint yourself with what the word free actually means.
Its all situational, not free lol
: > [{quoted}](name=WreckzOG,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RUFP3EGr,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-02-18T22:10:00.054+0000) > > nothing is 'free" in a champions kit please stop throwing that word around. Yeah, he has to WALK to get passive...wow.
You look silly gawking at MS based passives as a game concept
AntiSJW (NA)
: fr
only "Free" thing in a kit is zoe RNG--- because its a "free" item or summ spell
: nothing is 'free" in a champions kit please stop throwing that word around.
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name= I Hate Snow ,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RUFP3EGr,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-18T15:50:18.371+0000) > > Hey, can we give yasuo a longer cool-down on his free shield and a longer cool-down on his free flash on e, and also make his q require more stacks for tornado. This champ is a nuisance from lv 1, with his infinite free resourceless nado spam while he hardpushes the lane into you, and poking him back feels useless especially as a mage. He has something for every scenario, with little counterplay. These changes wouldnt affect his reliability at all, just make laning against his a slight bit less cancerous and ""fair"". no, stay in your lane.
: Yasuo main once again missing the bloody point. People don't call him overpowered. People don't not know how to play against him. People say that he is aids to play against because of his kit being the most overloaded piece of modern art there is.
Your feelings are speaking more than your intellect is here. I play all roles and my champion pool is fairly large. Many players have made videos/typed out posts and guides clearly demonstrating not only his counterplay but how easily he gets nuked. They/we can only explain it so much- we can't understand it for you. At some point you and other players have to learn rather than complain "that we don't get it". This applies for every champ. This adaptation skill is only reinforced in necessity by patch changes. What happens if patch X.X makes a champ you walk over suddenly a threat? What if those "tricks" you learned don't work anymore? He's getting nerfed. It may not be the one people cry for but its one that makes sense. His kit isn't changing, because it doesn't need to right now.
: Yasuo is a pain.
There are tons of guides to help with dealing with him. You should go read and practice some of them
Kattzy (NA)
: Mostly great advice. I will note though that Yas hard counters Heim. He can just e through Heim's turrets and nuke him.
i listed this match up mainly because it depends on how heim plays it. If he just "drops turrets" with no plan - yeah yas is gonna thank him for free dashes. But if heim maybe puts one in wave and saves abilities (basically letting him push) he can create a potential trade scenario yas won't win. He can wave clear pretty well next to turret and that stun really helps for when yas messes up.
GzuMafia (EUW)
: I agree with you, its hard the carry the game while your top and jungle are feeding
Or any role really
: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DzhLXh0VYAAHjef.jpg just put this here
SIayton (NA)
: How to counter Yasuo? I have a 100% lose rate to him currently.
{{champion:1}} - you need to take electro or predator. Q refunds your mana on minions. Use Annies long ass auto range to keep that shield poked. Her other abilities cannot be windwalled {{champion:90}} Take mouse and click on yas at 6 {{champion:105}} skill match up BUT past lvl 2 Yas can't take long fights with the fish if he eats full combo. Ulting Yas is almost guaranteed to kill him {{champion:238}} One of my favorite league match ups. you can poke his shield and play safe til 6. The key to taking yas out as zed is to bait windwall then ult (ww stops shurikens from clones) {{champion:7}} She's pretty good at nuking Yas. {{champion:8}} Vlad is hard to deal with Other viable roster picks that can fight yasuo {{champion:266}} {{champion:63}}{{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:91}}
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