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: This doesn't really help the discussion and frankly would be considered jerkish. Did you have something to add that contributes to the discussion? For example, how is Wukong fine and what makes him not need any buffs or fixes?
No. I want the convo to end and for the reds to not touch the Monkey.
: We dismiss your dismissal. Don't be so rude. Everyone has a right to a voice here, so long as they are not breaking the rules.
yes but his opinion sucks and I want Wukong to stay as far under the radar as possible.
: Hey Meddler! Sorry for asking again, but what do you think about the current state and gameplay of {{champion:62}} ? I hope you may take a closer look on our Monkeyking. I really do love this character, but his gameplay and kit doesnt really match with his idea. I mean, with {{item:3147}} you really do have an insane Single Target Burst, but like the old {{champion:91}} , he has that kind of problem that after he found his target -> get in, kill it (maybe) and die as well. As long as his playstyle will remain like it is, i think he needs some kind of disengage, like a 2nd Decoy with a system like Akali Ult? Just an Idea. Would be awesome to read what you guys think about him. Btw, last changes on him were in April 2014. It was a nerf. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} #MakeTheMonkeyKingAgain Greetings
Aeko (NA)
: I could see her working in some matchups but the biggest issue I see with mid lane sivir is that she's not that much of a lane bully compared to other adcs people might run ( corki, lucian). As you said, she can stay safe and she has waveclear and the mana refund on her spell shield helps a lot especially against mages, but the biggest question might be what does she do well enough in mid lane to be played mid?
Good question. She can ruin a mage's combo, their farming, she can push lane and she has a semi-decent roam. Usually when i've been playing her, even if I'm behind by a kill, I still end up pushing the lane farther than my opponent.
: Mid lane Sivir would get butchered by pretty much any mid laner.... this isn't S1 man.
Assassins maybe. But so could mages.
: huh i've seen less twitches then sivirs but yeah mid lane sivir is hysterical in quite a few matchups({{champion:45}} )
really? Twitch is semi popular. I havent seen Sivir all season. Played mid sivir against a veigar recently. Poor guy didnt stand a chance.
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: Rakan's voice is... not what I expected.
Just cause it's not what you expected doesnt mean it's bad. I expected more of a taric like voice but what I got was so goddamn hilarious that I stopped caring,
: Got any plans for Riven in the future? Also, I've noticed Galio's Q is doing tons of damage, have you thought of nerfing it or adjusting it? It has sizeable wave clear and damage in skirmishes.
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Chris Pratt,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=yOe5FROl,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-03-23T17:22:38.638+0000) > > Got any plans for Riven in the future? Also, I've noticed Galio's Q is doing tons of damage, have you thought of nerfing it or adjusting it? It has sizeable wave clear and damage in skirmishes. Fuck Riven. she's fine.
: Patch 7.5 - Revisiting Aatrox
Aatrox mains: Aatrox feels bad Riot: We gave him changes until we can give him a rework. hopefully he feels better Aatrox mains: He still feels bad. Actually he feels worse Everyone else: What are you complaining about? they said this wasnt a rework. stop complaining Aatrox mains: But Riot is gutting my already underperforming champ with a smile on their face while telling me it's for my own good Everyone else: **STOP COMPLAINING!**
Nghiemie (NA)
: Hey, diamond skarner main here, reached #1 Skarner NA earlier this season. Skarner is actually quite strong right now, he's just fairly uninteractive. His ult and Q are already not very interactive spells (I think the last iteration where his Q stacked up to a stun and his Ult consumed stacks to do more damage made him a bit more interesting). His passive is also hugely binary. Not only did it singlehandedly destroy his ability to go top lane (which I loved to do), it also put him in the weird place of being stronger based on where on the map he was. This was ok for invading and baron/dragon, but otherwise too easy to play around. Other champions with similarly binary strengths, such as late game scales or early game menaces, have ways to take advantage of their relative strengths to cover their relative weaknesses, but skarner can't other than to get free dragons because his strengths are so cut-and-dry (you may mess up and duel a voli bear at level 2 not knowing how much his bite does early game, but skarner has literal 'do not enter' circles). This isn't to say he's bad, in fact I've had great success with him, and know others who have as well. It's just that he's so binary in every aspect other than his E (which by the way is great, love the cd reduction mechanic) that nobody wants to play him. Now, what would I like to see? First and foremost, make his Q more rewarding to hit consistently. It feels completely useless at the moment. Earlier it had a buff the more you hit it, a permaslow, or a stacking stun. My favorite was the stacking buff because it made skarner scale up as the fight dragged on, which felt amazing. His W and E are in good places in my opinion, I like the Cd reduction mechanic on E and the speed ramp-up on W. His ult also could use minor tweaking, I'd love to see its duration extended on targets debufed by your E/Q/Whatever you want to attach it to. That way it's still good for the sudden ults out of nowhere (but maybe tone down the initial power so thats its not a case of buy QSS or lose the game) but also becomes more devastating the longer skarner is in the fight. His passive, obviously needs a complete rework. The stacking srun was my favorite, but I really like his new E as well. What I would really love to see is skarner storing up crystal energy as he hits his Q, then entering a supercharged state, darius-style when he stacks up, which makes him move and attack faster and maybe empowers his ult. I'm really glad you're revisiting Skarner, I've played 2000+ games of the little guy and gotten two different accounts to diamond on his back, so I'm always happy to see where he goes. Also I'd love to see more skarner players I miss my kind
Hashtag:BronzeLyfe Skarner here. I unlocked skarner around the beginning of last season before the juggernaut rework was even a thought. He was free for a week and I used him for 2 months straight after that. I found his CC control and his "you're not getting away; bring that back line up front" pretty exciting and fun. I agree that the stacking Q gameplay was great and I wish something like that could return. I love the idea that you brought up for his ideal passive: crystal charges that give skarner power in some short burst. At the very least, it would make this idea of "Skarner as a juggernaut" feel more natural than "you can't be stopped sometimes in these specific areas". Rather than yet another objective controller, just give him more chasing power. More lockdown. Something that could easily be punished yet rewards a tenacious chaser. How about returning his old "crystal stacking" passive but allow his E to **ground** opponents instead of stunning them. It gives the best of both worlds while making use of a mechanic that riot recent introduced {{champion:69}} Just spitballing here. I didnt like the spires from the start because I knew that the whole idea of being gated by area and time would make his chasing gameplay weak.
Émiil (NA)
: Unpopular opinion - Patch 6.9
really easy to say when you dont suffer from the real problems with this patch {{champion:69}} This patch sucks.
: Yorick gets one skin in 5 years
Sion's been reworked for over a year and he still hasn't gotten a skin. At least you got promised a yorick skin. Sion users have NOTHING. Except nerfs.
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ScorpionSYR (EUNE)
: Wukong tips and help
I main wukong Jungle if you want to test that out. E > W > Q then prioritize R>E>Q>W Get a good leash at gromp and use your clone to tank damage for you while you farm the jungle. Get Chilling smite Warrior and boots of speed. Then rush Black cleaver, and build either Last Whisper if you're ahead or tank (randuins or banshee's) if you're behind. If you're feeling ballsy, gank at level 4. Use your W in a bush to sneak up on someone. E and Q opponent for massive burst damage. When you're level 6, E>Q>R botlane and mid lane if they over extend. Dominate teamfights with your Black Cleaver empowered Ult and win games by the 30 minute mark. If you dont want to jungle, just do what everyone else on this thread already said. they got the right idea.
: Riot Girl Tristana Bug - Patch 5.14
Bump. There's something weird with the gun. IF you try to recall with it, the gun stays in her hand and she rockets off of air.
destos (NA)
: has anyone else been getting randomly blocked from talking in champ select?
Same here. Happens more frequently when I send two short comments quickly but sometimes even one comment will get me banned. I thought it was an autoblocker from cursing but nope. Simply calling "Top" in Blind Champion Select can get me banned. Can someone explain? Or link to another message board explaining?
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: What if I told you, some of us bought Bloodstone Taric in hopes that it would look as badass as advertised because we just dont enjoy wearing pink?
I'd say you were being OUTRAGEOUS. Who doesn't like Pink Taric??
: New free champion rotation: Brand, Kalista, Nautilus and more!
I've been brushing up on my Support and Jungling abilities in anticipation of the new season (I usually top whenever possible). I dont have as many supports as I wish and the only one i have that I'm really good with is Alistar. but then Nautilus and Taric became free... My supporting capabilities have never been so outrageous. And I love tanky champs. Thank you for this rotation.
: Champion Update: Tristana
So she's a yordle now huh? The genocide is complete....Sleep peacefully, Megling race


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