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: I get the feeling you run into A LOT of toxicity with the way you communicate with others. When you start a game questioning people's decisions with their picks and talking about yourself and wanting kills n shit, it's really inviting hostility. If you just chill a little, I think you'll very rarely have a problem with people flaming you. Ignore it. And don't start shit yourself. Don't even ask for reports. Just ignore flamers. It's easy. I think you NEED this punishment just so you can reflect a little and stop yourself from acting like a cock.
Yea what happens is I get set off at small provocations, and if they respond it turns into a flame fest. I have found it improves the game a lot to ignore them, but for me that's hard. Muting is a thing, but I don't like muting because occasionally they will stop flaming me and actually have gameplay stuff in the chat which I don't want to miss - even in the middle of the flaming. The beginning part questioning their picks and stuff was really just commentary to myself. I didn't need to say that. The stuff about asking for kills was in /all chat and a joke about asking them to feed me. Obviously, they didn't.
AonDor (NA)
: Yea, I agree, that's what landed me the punishment. I actually thought they told you when someone was punished? I didn't know that didn't always happen. BUT Nasus was just as toxic if not more so than me. While I have control over what I say, so does he, and I feel that he should be punished as much. If they don't always tell you my point is moot.
Also, completely unrelated. What does the Purple Banner and the Herald Title mean? I've seen various colors and such with no clue to what they mean.
: > [{quoted}](name=AonDor,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=V21MQJvZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-07T23:01:40.874+0000) > AonDor: ur worse stfu > AonDor: hes bad reported > AonDor: zac doesnt count as a teammat > AonDor: our jg is useless > AonDor: lich bane dumbass > AonDor: stop telling me how to play when ur shit > AonDor: YOUR LANE IS 13/4 NASUS > AonDor: STFU > AonDor: this nasus tryna be all high and mighty This is all punishable stuff, and can earn a chat restriction. > My point here is I was being flamed, and much worse than I flamed back, yet when I reported Nasus I got no feedback saying he was being punished and I got a chat restriction? You don't always get the feedback every time a report goes out. > I don't understand. Even in the chat log you can tell my toxic is coming from being provoked. No one but you is responsible if you choose to respond to provocation in a problematic manner. I know that's rough to hear, but you have complete control over what you type at all times.
Yea, I agree, that's what landed me the punishment. I actually thought they told you when someone was punished? I didn't know that didn't always happen. BUT Nasus was just as toxic if not more so than me. While I have control over what I say, so does he, and I feel that he should be punished as much. If they don't always tell you my point is moot.
: So it is a fair punishment. If you reported Nasus, his log would be checked as well. It doesn't matter who was worse or who started it. You can't be certain Nasus didn't get a punishment.
Actually usually when someone gets punishment, you get a message saying "Thanks for your feedback. A player you recently reported has received due punishment or something along the lines of that. I agree- I was toxic and should be punished. However, what I don't agree with is that Nasus was not.
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: I didn't even read. I will just say one thing about that. Over sensitive people. If you actually want to kill yourself or hurt yourself because some RANDOM IDIOT from a fucking VIDEO GAME told you to do so, then.. well, i don't know. I'd tell you to do so, but it's too childish. Don't you have other things to do in your life ? I'd NEVER hurt myself if some random silver idiot told me 'kys' or 'hang urself'. It just shows how stupid you are. The person who said that is stupid, but if you listen to that person, you're even more stupid. Amen.
Holy fuck. Who tf do you think you are to say this. People are actually depressed and actually committing suicide right now, and the fact that you have the nerve to call them oversensitive when there is actually something WRONG with them that needs to be fixed shows how shitty of a person you are. IDGAF if this is a computer game, when you are contemplating suicide, and a random stranger tells you to die, it will hurt. > Don't you have other things to do in your life? Dude people flaming shouldn't push you off of something you want to do. Who are you to say what he should and shouldn't do in his life? How do you know? Bro wtf he probably doesn't sit at a computer playing league all day. All it takes is one game for someone to tell you to kill yourself, and if you are depressed, and suicidal, it is likely you seriously will contemplate it. People saying kys will hurt no matter what. It's not a matter of sensitivity. > I didn't even read. Obviously, since if you did you'd realize that this person is not as lucky as you are, and a simple kys could drive them over the edge. Did you not read the other comments? people who were so depressed or suicidal one kys actually did cause them to try? No. You and I are lucky enough to not be depressed. You better hope to god you never get put into a situation like he is in, but if you do, maybe you'll understand then, kid.
What are your thoughts on fleet footwork and grasp Wukong? They give him incredibly helpful sustain. Especially grasp, because it gives him tankier stats, so he can focus on a damage build to make up for electrocute - this makes it the sam =e but he has lane sustain.
: Actually, your information is not true. I have so much expierence with RIOTs automated system I figured out it works together with the leaverbuster's indicators, which makes sense because it says LEAVER on your screen and REMAKE on the other's: * Do you move? If you move, is it far outside the base? * Do you deal damage and or assists, do you die? * Do you use skills? Warding the totem is fine, too. The amount of "AFKness" matters. Try it: Buy an item AT THE BEGINNING, then move out of the base and stand around AFK for 2:30 minutes: Leaverbuster would flag you (not necessarily for a punishment, but apparently a hidden score counts up now until you move) and voila: Remake pops. Buy an item SHORTLY BEFORE minute 3, then move out of the base, heck even skill, use summoner skills: Leaverbuster sees you are AFK for 2:30 minutes, basically 84% of the whole game: You are a leaver, Remake pops. Buying an item does not count at all. I was once Bard but the loading was so fast, when I came back, the game was like 2:45,I purchased my stuff and walked down: Remake popped. Had a missing Yorick one, as soon as he entered the lane as Level 1 with Doran's ring, "Enemy team agreed to surrender 2 vs 0". Apparently walking up all the way toplane with a purchase was not enough time for the leaverbuster. I have an account where I am AFK on purpose, "AFK Poppy", and I used that to figure out how remake works.
dang i was told. this is actually really helpful thank you, and thanks for correcting me!
: I do not think this is a bug. The items have NO effect on /remake. That's not how /remake work. You can buy items, afk for 90 seconds, and the /remake function will still work. The item is likely unrelated, and it may be a mistake piecing the cookie together with the failure to /remake. One of the most common reason (I cannot back this up with proof. I recalled reading this from a Riot employee, but it seemed like I imagined it or I just cannot find it anymore. It's not on the /remake FAQ.) is that if the disconnected player is ATTEMPTING to connect to a game that already started, this will barred teammates from using the /remake system. It's what I always used to type in bug reports related to /remake not functioning correctly. If I had the match history on, I could probably pinpoint the problem. Basically, there's probably no bugs. Item is not related to this.
Actually, this is not true. A Remake only happens if someone starts the game AFK. When the item appears, the game registers as them gaining an item - as in, they take an action. Therefore, to the computer, they are no longer AFK, so the Remake function is not necessary.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Oasis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MmJN52J1,comment-id=000000010002,timestamp=2017-11-11T21:32:54.339+0000) > > In S7 you couldn't push down a tower with 2 people at level 5 from from 100% in less time than it took your lane opponents to resapwn and run back. It's one thing for towers to be so strong that it's difficult to press an advantage, it's another for a single kill at level 5 to dictate who wins. I finally got a chance to play a lot last night and in almost every game people were knocking on inhib towers between 10-15 mins. The snowballing is absurd, and the towers more pathetic than ever even *without* Demolish. > > I don't blame Rito, this is what preseason is for. But this absolutely has to be fixed before S8 starts. THIS. Jungler comes bot @Lvl 3-6, Tower dives with the two bot laners, kills ADC or support. Minions push forward, all three back off for a moment then tower dive whoevers left if they havn't backed off. Tower is down to less then 1/4 health by time the first person gets back, forced to wait for the lane partner or get dived then loose the tower. Second person gets back in time to see the tower go down. Loosing tower team at ~4-5. Team that took tower at ~6-7. That's every couple of games for me. That's why I took a break for a few months.
I feel you, except in that case your team (or their team) is failing to react - three people tower dive two people. At least two of them will be brought moderately low, and the dive won't be instant. This should give time for your mid laner, your jungler and maybe even your top to come down. (top w/ tp). Now they are in an equal or losing fight - they are low, and you (mid laner, top, jg) are not- you have tower too. If this is deciding a game for you, it's partly a failure on your team's side.
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Cdore (NA)
: Cannot view Rune Pages during Champ Select
This same thing happened to me. It happened on the PBE, but then fixed itself, so I assumed that Riot had managed to fix this. However, I played a game the other day and it appears to have made it onto live. This forced me to use suboptimal runes. @Riot pls fix.
: Why do people think it's cute to say gg ez at the very end?
Lol and the times people say "gg ez" when they lose.
Ren Ex (NA)
: ^ This. I'm loving how Ornn plays thus far, but the delay before the Q forms makes his reliability go right into the gutter for me. I get that he's supposed to rely on a CC-Heavy team to get of perfect combos, and I like that. It's the same idea behind Yasuo and his ulti. But at least Yasuo can still reliably proc the combo solo, while Ornn is hoping people forget he summons a pillar.
I agree, however. His pin is almost exactly like Poppy's, but Poppy doesn't create a wall. This does mean Ornn is a better fighter in close spaces, but since if he were, say, in the middle of mid lane, he would do nothing if not for his wall. It gives him a way to do something in open areas, and not completely disable one of his abilities. On Poppy this is not a problem, her e is extremely (kinda) long ranged, but Ornn's dash is shorter. To wind this up, I think people need to use his Q less as his only wall, and instead realize there are other walls around. Therefore, I think his Q has a good summon time. There are really cool ways to play around it. Like, summon it a bit to their left, making them not want to cross it and instead move the other way, but towards a wall. Then, you just ignore your pillar and use the wall.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dextix LT,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AB63GmsN,comment-id=000a00000000,timestamp=2017-09-02T07:13:40.076+0000) > > Well child, virtual things such as runes do not depreciate like real life things such as cars. > > Or do you think the real world and the virtual world is the same child? > > A car does not depreciate because of age, it depreciates because a car aging makes it less effective, because there is such a thing in the real life, child, as wear and tear. > > Give us a break child and learn the differences between the virtual and the real world. Well in the real world, runes are worth precisely dick. So they owe you absolutely nothing.
ZER0 2 (NA)
: Okay Riot, What The Hell.
Yo. The higher tier runes should pay themselves off, with the increased play power and increased chances of winning.
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: The Melledoneus Rant.
m̶̧̢͇͈̰̯̻͉͍̭̭̩̣̤̯̜ͨ̄ͦ͒̇̈́́ͫ̎̍ͯ̈́̂̿͗͂ͩ̇ͪ͘͠ė̝͍͎̮͉͎̫͚̺̹̊ͯͪ̿͋͊́ͣͪͤ̆͋̀̄ͮ͂͞͠l̢̮̳̩̳̹̫̺̬͇͖̿̓ͧ̉̎ͯ͂ͥͦ͘l̵̸͚̭̪͍͇̮̖̳̆̿̈́̏ͬ̈́̕͞e͈̫̪̫̲̗̘̲͙̥͕̭̺̻̞̼̘̫̥ͧͫ̓̀̍͂͑ͣ̒̅̒͌̋ͨ̈͋͘͟͜͡d̳͈͕̘̹̞̻͇̣͒̂ͥ̎ͭ́ͯ̄̓̍̃̅͢͝ǫ̷̗̩͔͖̤̲͉͕̟̗̙̣̰̑̎ͦ̐͗ͮͥ̈̿̂̑̆͂n͛̏̄ͤ̏́́́͏̲̭̯̺͍ȩ̥̲͙̖̲̩͕̱̗͓̟͖͚̗͕̟̩̅ͥ̂ͦ͟ͅų̷̶̬͚̰̠̟̪͖̳̺̯̜̱͖̖̣ͩ̈́̔̂̾̏ͫ̈̏ͩ̔̈́̃͐ͦ͢ş̸̵̧̳͎̖͓̘̺̰̜̘͉̜̫̼͚̼̞̓͌͗̊̈́ͪͯ̌̃̈ͮ̓̌͆͌̉ͪ͝ ̛͇̣̮̽ͯ͊ͩͫ͗͛̄ͦ̒͋ͨ̚̚î̴̢͓̟̰̪̯̫̥̤̘̥̘̬̥̠̲ͩͤ̒͋ͯͦͪͮ̀̕s̛̳̹͔̬̫͚̙̞͚̞͓͖̓͌̇̽̓̀̔̅̏̎̇ͧ͐̀͐ͮ͗̀͘̕͟ ̹͍͚̾̽ͭ͊͊͆͒́ͣ͌̈ͥ̃̃ͣ͘͘͠l͚̳̬̫̜̟̳ͫ̾̓̌͗ͨͦ̇̈̇ͭ̀i̵̡̡̱͕͚̺̳̯̲͕͕͇̻͚͔ͨ̈́ͩ̈̉ͪ̏̈̎͑ͅf̵̲̯͖̟̥̰̭͇͔̥͒̈̽͊̀̓̓͌̋̏̔ͫ̈́̕͡e̸̸̷̾͋̀͌̈́̎̏͋̕҉͚̳̱̳͉͉̳̘ ̛͗̐͊̂̃̋̃̓ͧ̃̐̐̀̚҉̠̠̙͚̞̣̖͉̗̼̥̥͞ͅ ̸̢̧̳̝͍̜͎̦͕͎̟̰̮̻̩̩̱͊̓̓̋͋ͭͫͣ̄ͮͩͭ͞͡m̴̨͓͚͕̗̻̰͎̌̒̑͐͊̏ͮ̉̇ͨ̎̈́́͊̆̄̋̀e̷͉͎̖̠̮͎͓̫̘ͯ̏̔͊ͭͧ̿͆ͨl̵̬͓̰̲̣̗̣̼͖̙͇̮̪̙̪ͣ̂͂͂͛̉́̓̊ͧ̓̀͌̆̄̏̑͡͝l̴̢͔͈͈̮̺͓ͣ̈ͨ̐͛̓̎̔͂̋̈́͌̉̃͋́͑̐̀͡e̴̛̛̬͉̞͎̣͎͚̰̠̠̒̌͌̇͆ͬ̾ͩ̾ͩ̍͘͝d̨͊̍ͪ̓̍͋͛͌̿ͦͭ́̔̒ͬ̍͝͏̨̨͈̝̙̗̟͚̯̮͓͖̣̣̱͔̟o̵ͣ̏̿̓͐̍̽̋҉̵̪̱̻̫̩͍͕͇͓͕͎̯̘̮n̵̶̺̼̙͕̩̤̩̼̦̣̝̯͎̮͖̩͍͓ͨ̆̓ͫ̀̓̑́ͅe̴͍̗̤̻̤̒̉̎̋̀͐̽ͪ͢ừ̢̮̜͔̤̖̩͖͗̀ͣ͗̄͑ͮͬ̏̋̌͌͂ͭ̌̓ͯ́͢͝ş̷̼̲̫̞͙͈̣͚ͨ̅͑͜͞ ̶̩̭͚̼̯̼͚̺͙͎̙̩̰̭̗͔̾ͧ̊͊͆ͮ̔̒̊ͩ̑̋ͧ͋ͫͤ͗͝i̸͉̫͚̬̝̫̼̙̻̫͎͑͛ͧͣ̃ͬ͗̑̒̕s̶̡̠̩͓̻̪̰͇͈̰̞͓̮̲͔̯̘̣͎̋͑̋́ͫ͆ͭ͐̿̒͡ ͒̅̉̎ͨ̅̍̇͆ͪ̌̊̋ͮ͏̲̤̣̳͉̠̻̜̺̭̟͙͜m̸̸̨̩̠̣̯̥͖̥̥͙̪̘̝̖͎̩ͧͣ͆͡͡y̢̨̞̻̯̙̳̓̀̽̊̍͛͞ ͮ̃̌́ͦ͂҉̸̧̢̟̰̞̘̤̫͟m̶̢̪̤̠̦̦̱̳̞̭̺͎̻̘̠̝͈͎̆ͤ̓ͨ̾̎́̚͢a̷̷̤͖̘̙ͧ̑̉ͩ̓̋sͤͦ̆ͣͮ͒͆ͯ̅ͧ̊̐͏͏̧̯͓̬̦͈͓̜̝̜͎͔͙̜̳͙ț̴̬̲̬͔̰̯̦̜͓̣͚͚̠̘̗̼͕͙͆̉ͪͥ̒̏̒̚͝e͚͇͙̥̺̯̹̼͈̰̙̙̹͚̥̫̦̞̍ͭ͛́r̨͎͕̳͖̝̪͓̻͍͓̩̜ͫ̍̓͌͌̽̐̀ͅ ̓ͦ̇́ͩ̓͆̈͂ͭ̆͏̴̹̼͓̝̖̙ ̸̗͖̦̱̬̮̩̘̰͚̮̻̣͍̬̝͆̅͛̇̉ͤͣ̓ͧ̄̉ͮ͆̀̓̿ͧ͛͘Y̵̢͎̖̮̰̠͚̠̳̥͚͔̣͋̾̔̔͊̇̍̈́͟Ë̪̰̭̺͇͚̥͎̲̼̝̘̲̘̖̪͇͌̀̿̓̋͊͗̿̑̍́͡S̢̼̲͚̺̜̬͇̣̺̠̟̮̩͔͚̹̔̐͗̋͝m̶̧̢͇͈̰̯̻͉͍̭̭̩̣̤̯̜ͨ̄ͦ͒̇̈́́ͫ̎̍ͯ̈́̂̿͗͂ͩ̇ͪ͘͠ė̝͍͎̮͉͎̫͚̺̹̊ͯͪ̿͋͊́ͣͪͤ̆͋̀̄ͮ͂͞͠l̢̮̳̩̳̹̫̺̬͇͖̿̓ͧ̉̎ͯ͂ͥͦ͘l̵̸͚̭̪͍͇̮̖̳̆̿̈́̏ͬ̈́̕͞e͈̫̪̫̲̗̘̲͙̥͕̭̺̻̞̼̘̫̥ͧͫ̓̀̍͂͑ͣ̒̅̒͌̋ͨ̈͋͘͟͜͡d̳͈͕̘̹̞̻͇̣͒̂ͥ̎ͭ́ͯ̄̓̍̃̅͢͝ǫ̷̗̩͔͖̤̲͉͕̟̗̙̣̰̑̎ͦ̐͗ͮͥ̈̿̂̑̆͂n͛̏̄ͤ̏́́́͏̲̭̯̺͍ȩ̥̲͙̖̲̩͕̱̗͓̟͖͚̗͕̟̩̅ͥ̂ͦ͟ͅų̷̶̬͚̰̠̟̪͖̳̺̯̜̱͖̖̣ͩ̈́̔̂̾̏ͫ̈̏ͩ̔̈́̃͐ͦ͢ş̸̵̧̳͎̖͓̘̺̰̜̘͉̜̫̼͚̼̞̓͌͗̊̈́ͪͯ̌̃̈ͮ̓̌͆͌̉ͪ͝ ̛͇̣̮̽ͯ͊ͩͫ͗͛̄ͦ̒͋ͨ̚̚î̴̢͓̟̰̪̯̫̥̤̘̥̘̬̥̠̲ͩͤ̒͋ͯͦͪͮ̀̕s̛̳̹͔̬̫͚̙̞͚̞͓͖̓͌̇̽̓̀̔̅̏̎̇ͧ͐̀͐ͮ͗̀͘̕͟ ̹͍͚̾̽ͭ͊͊͆͒́ͣ͌̈ͥ̃̃ͣ͘͘͠l͚̳̬̫̜̟̳ͫ̾̓̌͗ͨͦ̇̈̇ͭ̀i̵̡̡̱͕͚̺̳̯̲͕͕͇̻͚͔ͨ̈́ͩ̈̉ͪ̏̈̎͑ͅf̵̲̯͖̟̥̰̭͇͔̥͒̈̽͊̀̓̓͌̋̏̔ͫ̈́̕͡e̸̸̷̾͋̀͌̈́̎̏͋̕҉͚̳̱̳͉͉̳̘ ̛͗̐͊̂̃̋̃̓ͧ̃̐̐̀̚҉̠̠̙͚̞̣̖͉̗̼̥̥͞ͅ ̸̢̧̳̝͍̜͎̦͕͎̟̰̮̻̩̩̱͊̓̓̋͋ͭͫͣ̄ͮͩͭ͞͡m̴̨͓͚͕̗̻̰͎̌̒̑͐͊̏ͮ̉̇ͨ̎̈́́͊̆̄̋̀e̷͉͎̖̠̮͎͓̫̘ͯ̏̔͊ͭͧ̿͆ͨl̵̬͓̰̲̣̗̣̼͖̙͇̮̪̙̪ͣ̂͂͂͛̉́̓̊ͧ̓̀͌̆̄̏̑͡͝l̴̢͔͈͈̮̺͓ͣ̈ͨ̐͛̓̎̔͂̋̈́͌̉̃͋́͑̐̀͡e̴̛̛̬͉̞͎̣͎͚̰̠̠̒̌͌̇͆ͬ̾ͩ̾ͩ̍͘͝d̨͊̍ͪ̓̍͋͛͌̿ͦͭ́̔̒ͬ̍͝͏̨̨͈̝̙̗̟͚̯̮͓͖̣̣̱͔̟o̵ͣ̏̿̓͐̍̽̋҉̵̪̱̻̫̩͍͕͇͓͕͎̯̘̮n̵̶̺̼̙͕̩̤̩̼̦̣̝̯͎̮͖̩͍͓ͨ̆̓ͫ̀̓̑́ͅe̴͍̗̤̻̤̒̉̎̋̀͐̽ͪ͢ừ̢̮̜͔̤̖̩͖͗̀ͣ͗̄͑ͮͬ̏̋̌͌͂ͭ̌̓ͯ́͢͝ş̷̼̲̫̞͙͈̣͚ͨ̅͑͜͞ ̶̩̭͚̼̯̼͚̺͙͎̙̩̰̭̗͔̾ͧ̊͊͆ͮ̔̒̊ͩ̑̋ͧ͋ͫͤ͗͝i̸͉̫͚̬̝̫̼̙̻̫͎͑͛ͧͣ̃ͬ͗̑̒̕s̶̡̠̩͓̻̪̰͇͈̰̞͓̮̲͔̯̘̣͎̋͑̋́ͫ͆ͭ͐̿̒͡ ͒̅̉̎ͨ̅̍̇͆ͪ̌̊̋ͮ͏̲̤̣̳͉̠̻̜̺̭̟͙͜m̸̸̨̩̠̣̯̥͖̥̥͙̪̘̝̖͎̩ͧͣ͆͡͡y̢̨̞̻̯̙̳̓̀̽̊̍͛͞ ͮ̃̌́ͦ͂҉̸̧̢̟̰̞̘̤̫͟m̶̢̪̤̠̦̦̱̳̞̭̺͎̻̘̠̝͈͎̆ͤ̓ͨ̾̎́̚͢a̷̷̤͖̘̙ͧ̑̉ͩ̓̋sͤͦ̆ͣͮ͒͆ͯ̅ͧ̊̐͏͏̧̯͓̬̦͈͓̜̝̜͎͔͙̜̳͙ț̴̬̲̬͔̰̯̦̜͓̣͚͚̠̘̗̼͕͙͆̉ͪͥ̒̏̒̚͝e͚͇͙̥̺̯̹̼͈̰̙̙̹͚̥̫̦̞̍ͭ͛́r̨͎͕̳͖̝̪͓̻͍͓̩̜ͫ̍̓͌͌̽̐̀ͅ ̓ͦ̇́ͩ̓͆̈͂ͭ̆͏̴̹̼͓̝̖̙ ̸̗͖̦̱̬̮̩̘̰͚̮̻̣͍̬̝͆̅͛̇̉ͤͣ̓ͧ̄̉ͮ͆̀̓̿ͧ͛͘Y̵̢͎̖̮̰̠͚̠̳̥͚͔̣͋̾̔̔͊̇̍̈́͟Ë̪̰̭̺͇͚̥͎̲̼̝̘̲̘̖̪͇͌̀̿̓̋͊͗̿̑̍́͡S̢̼̲͚̺̜̬͇̣̺̠̟̮̩͔͚̹̔̐͗̋͝
AonDor (NA)
: Those OP Fighter top laners.
Thank you guys... I just don't know I might just stick to practicing one or two to get really good.
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: Some of the things Vel'Koz says
Can I just say... this is the nerdiest thread I have ever read... XD ME LIKEY
: **earn some chests?** Buying something isn't earning it, brah.
FoxFyre (NA)
: Ahri. I might be just a liiiiittle biased, though :^)
Just a little?? Your name is FoxFyre and your icon is Arcade Ahri XD.
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Akenero (NA)
: Ashe is a really good starting point
yeah... but I'm not exactly starting
AonDor (NA)
: ADC 2017 | Who is the most fun?
Ok thank you for all your help... I'm still not sure. i might just play Vayne a lot in normals, as her playstyle is perfect for me. She's just a little hard for a first-time adc. Are any adcs similar?
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: Patch 7.3 notes
Can we get region release dates for the practice tools? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Too*
No, not too*. To*.
: online skin model viewer. Both Super Galaxy {{champion:105}} and Void {{champion:105}} are nice skins, Cottontail {{champion:105}} absolutely pisses people off.
Lol. Super Galaxy is my favorite of them. Void is OK. Cottontail is hilarious, but not really my thing. Thanks though.
: Soon™. Memes aside though, fantastic work riot. We appreciate it.
Can we get an actual date though? Like, will it come with 7.2?
: i would point twords {{champion:103}} she has good assassin type elements while also being AP for damage diversity. she also has a good laning phase as long as you use her mana responsibly and hit your qs and es semi regularly.
: why not fizz I love playing fizz and he fits all that criteria you mentioned
Yeah. I don't like his skins tho, and while of course I don't need skins, they look amazing.
: Call it weird... But Vi could work mid. She is basically anything you want her to be, assassin Vi, Brusier Vi, Tank Vi, and more. It could work or could not work but to me she can if you play your cards right
Thats weird... lol But actually a pretty ok idea. I might wait till she is on the rotation and try it out.
: We were able to see the champion the person played next to their summoner name, being able to identify who it was that we played with. Like, I remember that awesome Braum support, I want to friend him, or invite him to another game or such.
YES! That too.
: What... That would deal 360 +80%AP At level 6 she would have at MOST 100 ap. So 450 damage - 30% MR that pretty much everyone has would bring it to 325 damage. Lets say u got hit by her easily dodged q though. Thats 210 damage. Or 150 damage after MR. So Q+R on syndra is 475 damage on a 0/0/0 syndra. At level 6 ashe has 923 health So a Q+R on a level 6 ashe by a level 6 syndra with 100 AP would deal 51% of her health. Basically stop exageratting. Your supports shield should of absored 100% of that.
Also if you are mid, and still split pushing, you wont have a support to shield you... just saying.
: This is helpful as we think of ways to improve the recently played experience. What else would you want to see/do with recently played?
Remember which ones left or were AFK... so you can report them. Remember which ones were really nice... so you can honor/ friend them. (This is if you forget to after a match.) It would be nice if you could honor/ report from that list also.
G 4 (NA)
: lol exactly what i was thinking- especially since the example he gave was the defense choice which is 100% game-specific
yo you two are taking that comment way too seriously. Im just saying, if you play different champions it changes around which items are best for them. Say, a GA seems like a really good idea, but for this champion you never get a GA because of this or that, item sets can help you keep track. You don't just have to put one build in an item set. Yo. An you can have different sets for different scenarios. (Before you shoot off at me like "GA are good for everyone!!" it was an EXAMPLE... ever heard of that word??)
Fertsa (NA)
: {{champion:99}} Sorry to say this, but most assassins aren't that great at laning, most "overall good" champions aren't great at quickly killing people, and most champions with a good laning phase fall off late. If you're good enough at lux she can fit all your criteria except "being an assassin". Even then at higher Elo people will dodge skillshots more, which is part of why lcs play has a lot of point and click cc.
Envonyx (NA)
: He has a learning curve thatll take time to get used to but he is getting a shyv level update in the near future so id keep your eye out
: QSS no longer stops his ult BTW. Other options include LB, although she plays a bit more similarly to a mid laner she still has the burst of an assassin. If you like mobility Ahri might be up you ally although she only plays like an assassin when ahead. She is safe, has roaming, and doesn't fall off super hard when behind though.
Ive looked at LB.. shes pretty good and similar to Zed with her mimic and place switching... but idk i just dont like her that much. Ahri was one of my top picks and Im looking at here again now.
: {{champion:103}} Like Blitzcrank for the Mid Lane. Land one charm and hear them whine about how OP she is. {{champion:3}} Surprisingly good against all AP mid laners and has one of the best teamfight ultimates in the game. {{champion:99}} I think we all know what she does. {{champion:13}} Ryze is a frickin beast once you learn how to use him. At least until they nerfbat or rework him again. You should own him already though. {{champion:50}} One of the most annoying champions on the rift in the right hands. He would be banned more often if people actually played the guy. Loaded with CC, ground effects, and lifesteal. {{champion:134}} Her ball-handling skills are legendary. Everyone knows how oppressive she can be. {{champion:238}} Mr. Teleporter can be wicked with enough practice, but has the flaws you pointed out above. {{champion:143}} Good in both Mid and Support, Zyra only needs time in one place to become ridiculous. Probably the best raw tower defender on the rift right now due to how hazardous she makes any dive into a place she calls home.
THANK YOU... very helpful. Ill look at all of these!!
: {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:6}}
Envonyx (NA)
: Aurelion Sol
He is pretty good... i played him once but i didnt really like him. im not sure... maybe i was trying to depend too much on his glowy sphere thingys??
: I'd recommend {{champion:105}} , Zed's a nice pick too. QSS doesn't counter Zed anymore.
Really?? Thank you. Ive looked at fizz, but he doesnt have good skins. :/ I dont NEED skins but they are soooo cool.
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