: > [{quoted}](name=Ap Mid Burst,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y5ZcyfBe,comment-id=0007000300000001,timestamp=2018-02-04T03:12:28.871+0000) > > So like, 10 players? There are dozens of us!
: So you'd rather waste 30 minutes on a game where someone else's poor play caused you to have a bad time, but only in the case where the game is specifically for fun? That doesn't make sense.
A teammate playing poor doesn't automatically make the game unenjoyable
: > [{quoted}](name=Syrdon,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y5ZcyfBe,comment-id=00070003,timestamp=2018-02-03T16:51:24.650+0000) > > Well, thing is, tanks don't need to do damage. Braum is a perfect example (also Leona, Mao and a lot more). > > A tank without damage isn't worthless at all, he can engage, CC, peel and soak damage. "But... You don't kill with CC !!". No, indeed, Braum won't kill with his CC. That's why you have damage dealers. > > As a matter of fact, most "tanks that deal damage" aren't even considered "tanks". They're either juggernaut, fighters or bruisers. This is only true if you believe tanks should ONLY be viable as supports. Ignoring the obvious issues, like trying to tell EVERY SINGLE PLAYER WHO ENJOYS PLAYING TANKS that they should play bitch to the ADC all game, this becomes problematic because it leads to one of two things. Either tanks are insanely gold efficient, due to supports having reduced income and not being able to itemize purely for themselves, which results in them crushing solo lanes and the jungle by virtue of how hard they scale / how insanely tough they are with nominal gold and level input. Tanks are completely non-functional. They lack the base stats and functionality to operate in any role other than support, and in support they are starved the gigantic amounts of gold and xp they need to actually tank. Tanks are no longer tanks, instead they are speed bumps. Their usefulness ends beyond the laning phase, after which they become little more than suicidal meat shields which throw themselves at the enemy damage dealers, hoping to provide some sort of small speed-bump to buy time for their own damage dealers to do something. Tanks being fully realized and fully functional champions is fine. There are absolutely no problems with tanks having agency and applying real kill pressure.
> [{quoted}](name=MorganFreemanBot,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y5ZcyfBe,comment-id=000700030000,timestamp=2018-02-03T17:08:30.128+0000) > EVERY SINGLE PLAYER WHO ENJOYS PLAYING TANKS So like, 10 players?
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
I agree if it's ranked. If it is normals, I'd rather have a bad teammate.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Sounds like {{champion:90}} as well
I agree. The malzahar and the opponent lose game play experience.
: Don't people like the new Kat? I've seen people say they enjoyed it.
She is much stronger, but her delay on her e makes her unfun to play
: So if tanks have better base damage, better base stats, more CC, and more utility than bruisers
: Again one person, one. After that no kill pressure its gone, learn to kit, like i said choose alistar he has his knock back which is great against him since after that he has to walk up to his target and is immobile. You understand that he has weakness right? Immobile, slow? if he hits you with his cc you arent playing right, yes his design is bad if he isnt like this which isnt even op he is just trash. Ban him if you refuse to learn his weakness other then that I cant help you. But a nerf is pointless he isnt even a problem.
I never said he needed a nerf, nor did I deny he has weaknesses. I am arguing that he is inherently a bad design. Whenever he is strong, he is basically a tank with the damage of a juggernaut packed into one ability. This is why his mini rework was not a success. Even pros have gotten one shot by cho-gath when he was strong. It wasn't once, it happened atleast once nearly every game. You can't seriously expect me to play better than pros.
: Ok and if your team is good and smart then he should die then. Better yet have an ali to knock him away or up easy then he can't even get to your teammates. I'm not going to sit here and tell you all solutions its part of the game to adapt if you dont you dont win.
There are very few champions with knock backs in this game; the chances of you having a champion with a kncokback is very small. If whole team uses all their cc to permastun one of the tankiest champions in the game and kill him, then the bruiser, mage, and adc is going to fuck that team up. Cho-gath is inherently a bad design. Juggernauts still need to build a bit of damage, cho gath does not. Tanks do not one shot, but cho gath does. You don't need to use up all the team's cc to kill a juggernaut, and ignoring a tank won't get a carry instagibbed.
: Pretty sure some mages can get tanky and still oneshot, like veigar. But you also have to understand that if you can't perma cc cho( if you dont have cc you lost) with his huge model then you are doing something wrong.
: Unpopular Opinion: Cho'Gath should be able to do a ton of damage with his ult while being tanky
If you want him to one shot and be that tanky, then take away his sustain, waveclear, aoe silence, or aoe knockup.
: Oh for sure. I'd expect that it's be an optional toggle much like color blind mode. The main question is what the proper visual indicator would be, that's where I'd default to a ux designer since id have ideas, but they're probably bad ones :p.
PLEEEEASE lets the indication be something badass, like COWARDS, and have the border of the screen become a different shade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Ap Mid Burst,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GNI4W4fG,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-01T21:28:34.182+0000) > > Hmmm maybe stop ignoring debate points that debunk what you are saying??? Calling me -snip- because I used an analogy comparing two terrible people isn't a very good debate point. In fact it isn't a point at all, it is called an ad hominem, one of the most basic flaws in debate logic.
> [{quoted}](name=RedPannda,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GNI4W4fG,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-01T21:33:10.603+0000) > > Calling me -snip- because I used an analogy comparing two terrible people isn't a very good debate point. In fact it isn't a point at all, it is called an ad hominem, one of the most basic flaws in debate logic. When have I ever called you an -snip-? You're confusing me with someone else.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=RedPannda,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GNI4W4fG,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-01T21:24:47.628+0000) > >-snip- Hmmm maybe stop ignoring debate points that debunk what you are saying???
: Tyler1 can never be unbanned
Unbanned as a person =\= unbanned accounts. If tyler1 is unbanned and toxic users come here to point out how they were banned and should be unbanned, we can just point out none of Tyler1's accounts were unbanned, only he himself was unbanned. Jensen was banned for DDOSING, which is much worse than being toxic and inting. He was unbanned.
Rioter Comments
: Let me get this straight, they nerfed Death fire touch AD ratio instead of nerfing how Jhin uses it?
I don’t think any other ad champion other than miss fortune, jhin, or Varus use dft
: Cassiopeia pushed to her old state .
I play cassopedia. Her weakness is ganks, but in a 1v1 lane phase she dominates early game. The only champions she can’t beat lane phase are long range poke mages, or one shot assassins. She is no where near Nasus tier early game. She has a 49% winrate (justified by her skill cap), and a good play rate (3%-4%)
: Then apply CC? If he's only got movement speed bonuses, slows and roots alone will work quite well, let alone knock ups, knock backs, stuns, supressions or stasis. I've never understood the mentality of not having to burn an equal amount to what was used if you want to avoid an initiation. If he's gearing that hard to getting to you, and burns 2-4 actives, blows both summoners spells and then has to use his ult and only burst damage during a 3 second window when he also needs to be near 3 enemy champions, and everything but his ult will deal only 40% damage. . . Don't you think you can at least CC him or flash over a wall?
Pretty hard to CC someone when he has a huge aoe 2.5 second silence, and an aoe knockup that is a great zoning tool. Even if you do CC him, he is a tank, a late game tank. It is going to take a lot more CC to subdue him from killing your squishy's than an assassin. If you chose to do that, you have very little CC left to counter the enemy assassins or bruisers.
: Clearly cho was just overcompensated in order to get people to play him again, but this just looks like marksman saying we shouldn't be blown up instantly.
A marksmen shouldn't be blown up by one ability from a tank. Another marksmen, assassin, mage, or even brusier, shouldn't even one shot a marksmen with one ability. One rotation or a few autos, maybe, but one ability?
: I've already stated that cho has been over buffed, I am just explaining that how he currently functions during that games time frame it should be expected. I have never from the start of it said chogath is in a healthy state, I just pointed out that the squishiest of the game besides light supports is a marksman. The games length and im sure his items lead into his favor and he destroyed a squishy target.
A balanced cho-gath building full tank should not be able to one shot an adc at any point in the game. If he is building magic damage, his** full **combo should one shot an adc. The only time this can make sense is if the cho gath is literately building only ability power, magic pen, and is super fed. In this clip, he was building tanky and it looked like all the champions were maxed out. The scaling argument does not work because by your logic Nasus+Farm=Very high damage (If he uses the farm gold to go tanky it doesn't increase his damage more) Veigar+ap=Very high ap (He builds ap for more ap which lets him one shot. He is still very squishy) Chogath+health=Very high damage (He builds tank for damage so he can one shot???) If you want cho-gath to scale by health, his health should be increased, not his damage. If you want him to be a juggernaut, give him delays. Unlike Darius or Garen who need time to kill a squishy, cho-gath can just R.
: no if this happens my aram only account will be ruined....
: havent they done that after every season so far?
In seasons they usually either change a set of champions, something with the map/game (gold, buff baron, minion changes), or both. If they remove flash or heavily nerf it, you would have to change roughly half the champions in the game in one way or another. Nearly all immobile champions would need a buff and nearly all high mobility champions would need heavy nerfs.
tieger05 (OCE)
: I wish flash wasn't a neccessity.
Way too late for this, the game is already balanced around flash. Unless riot does a complete overhaul or let the game be extremely unbalanced and unfamiliar for months.
: That's even worse. It's not matching people on an even level. That would be like 1+1+1+1+1 vs 1+1+1+1+1 Instead OP's game was 0+6+1+1+2 vs 2+2+2+2+2
The 0 should be a negative. In some cases an afk is better than a new level 30
: Patch notes 7.14 - what they really mean :3
> [{quoted}] > {{champion:27}} - Riot team: Lol guys, i have a idea on how to stop all these threads complaining about random crap like morde bugs, lets make a civil war happen in the boards about singed , lets make him kinda op, but not to op, but seems op, but not really. And then we will hotfix him , hopefully by then the boards are filled with singed complainers instead of "WE WANT URF" Complainers. I loled so hard here if riot can't beat the community then they make it fight itself
Megagon (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Winters Dawn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yoQlE7pk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-12T19:01:42.917+0000) > > Ive played him since he came out on the pbe, many games. Would you still ban him even tho ove had 2 weeks of play time with him? Yes, pbe matches are the equivalent of a normal game nobody takes them seriously. EDIT: Worst logic? Yeah no,Your not gonna be fucking playing kayn in ranked because he just got released and I don't care if you want expierence on how to go 0/10 on a new champ in ranked get out of my face with that bullshit.
That is literally the worst logic i have ever seen in my life. If you don't count normals, then whenever you want to expand your champion pool you are "first picking" them in ranked.
: well not really, shes supposed to be a tank buster that struggles/fears high dps assassins. pity thats not the case atm.
No, riot designed her as a duelist/assassin. For her, assassins should be a skill matchup.
: I read that Jhin has to brush his teeth four times a day...
: >Personally, my opinion is that Yasuo and Riven are basically the same skill level with Fiora being a bit lower due to what I stated above. No, definitly no. Yasuo harder to play than Riven. Could argue for Fiora, but Yasuo is definitly not is same skill level.
Dopa mentioned yasuo isn't that hard to play, but people are just overconfident on him.
Die Alone (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=ReformedWhiteMan,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=neL81L4d,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-10T21:52:28.223+0000) > > I mean there IS a reason why you're bronze 2 NA with a 46% winrate in 80 games. don't rank shame please. if you don't want to use actual arguments, don't resort to using their rank.
: Jhin in 4 Gifs
: Unless you're {{champion:67}} I can think of a hefty list of champs she can solo before 35 min.
She's supposed to be a duelist though.
: You shouldn't even have to ping that Enemies are Missing If you do not have the map awareness to see that the mid laner is not on the map, then you should not be in a rank above silver
Yeah ik pinging enemy missing for deaths are really annoying. Like if I die, I don't need to be spammed with 100 missing pings. I don't really mind getting spammed with MIA ping if i do a really unlucky/bad play though (missing orianna ult, wasting flash)
: Stop blaming your Mid-laner when they call MIA and you still die!
YES it is so fucking annoying when I am playing basically any mid laner versus malzahar, and he roams bot. I'm not going to follow him unless I have vision, and if you blame me for not following I automatically assume you're retarded.
: It wasn't very nice... you sure you want to know?
: A Request For Help From Xayah and Rakan's Art Team
wait you guys play bot lane with each other and managed to maintain your relationship? /S
: > [{quoted}](name=Bob the Toastr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AAPh7hFL,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-06T17:05:26.539+0000) > > But those items just make sense with him. Why would you not get a spellblade item on a champ with a low cooldown empowered auto? Why would you not want 30% more healing on a champ that gets 20% free lifesteal? I didn't say they don't make sense. I didn't say he wouldn't want those items with everything the way everything is. I said he still has to buy them and still has to give up other items and stats.
They synergize very well witn nasus. Even if they didn't give cdr and if no other items had CDR, he would still build them. The CDR is a bonus to the stats and passives.
Jun Long (NA)
: {{champion:17}} *cough*
I don't want to be forced to play teemo just to make sure I don't instantly lose 30~% of them time
: ***
Elsewise (NA)
: I didn't respect his level one and got bodied. As Rammus. While starting W. Feels bad when a champion designed entirely around getting people to hit him gets demolished by someone designed entirely around hitting people.
Rammus only really spikes up in "thornmail type damage" after level 7. You're going to be outdueled by almost any melee carry(yi,fiora,yasuo) level 1. But I agree tryndamere's RNG is dumb and needs to be fixed
: Actually Janna is shit in competitive, that's what you are starting off your argument with and it doesn't stand. Non LCS games = irrelevant measure to the champion's true power. That is why Riot has always been balancing the meta by looking at what pros (ab)use, not by looking at solo queue data.
LCS is a completely different game from Soloque, even challenger soloque. Janna is good in high elo soloque, and not used in competitive.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Nothing has changed with the addition of LP. It's just a mask that's overlayed on top of ELO. LP does not matter in matchmaking. LP does nothing more than put your climb and fall into perspective and gives you actual objectives to strive for, regardless of your situation.
Try telling that to the people who just got premoted, auto filled, and say “LUL IM AT 0LP MID OR FEED”.
abdul569 (EUW)
: A quick guide to how different crowd controls work
: hallucination drugs in the poison, & cass causes malphite to become too heavy too move due to his shield passive overworking lol
yeah and lee sin gets hallucinates making him think his sight is back but he is really just attacking air
: https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=http%3A%2F%2Fimgur.com%2FleTEUY6.png&key=f0abbd34f14549f3a15cd94dd9970851&width=425
Real question-Was it actually a message in game. I never thought it was, but I am still curios.
Why is this in Memes/Games, it should be in gameplay (but lets be honest gameplay board itself is a meme)
: Lee I can understand being in the mode, but not Riven, Kennen, and Shaco. Riven is a bruiser, not an assassin as well as having way to much hard CC in her kit. Kennen is by no means an assassin, especially after the changes done to his W and ult. Shaco's playstyle is to cowardly for the game mode with his stealth blink, deception ult, and those stupid fear boxes that take 0 skill to even use while they do a retarded amount of damage in this mode. Yes I'm salty about pussy Shaco players that are scared to play the mode using a champion that requires even half a brain cell to use because they'd rather keep their helmets on tight. Yi, Xin, and Wukong should be in the mode over those 3.
Riven can be played as an assassin, and Shaco was meant to be an assassin (i still hate his guts). Kennen on the other hand is a big no. Yi and Wukong should be in this mode, but xin zhao is less of an assassin than Riven
: The Nexus is waaaay to important and needs a nerf
If the enemy surrenders right after your nexus is destroyed, you can win
Skorch (NA)
: A semi-QoL change for Yasuo for his tornado Q indicator post-nerfs
> [{quoted}](name=Skorch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nHemMM7O,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-22T09:17:51.821+0000) > > Now I know Yasuo isnt exactly LIKED on the boards, nor would i say even a QoL change is justified on him. But im hoping peoples hatred for clunkiness outweighs their hatred for Yasuo. > Good luck with that
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