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: What was riot trying to achieve with this meta
so, in this patch rito decided that their multi-million player game needed to cut down the number of players. to do so, the last patch and many future patches have been designed to make other players rage enough that they attempt to quit the game. there are many ways to do so such as finding a better hobby, which is literally anything other than league. Once the player base has gone to a number that their servers can handle (that number is 0), then the game will become better, also known as being destroyed completely along with any evidence the game existed.
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: Why are there so few support VGUs on the list?
A. we got pyke now B. voli, cho, diana, shaco, amumu, rammus, and morde r all supp my guy C. galio is a supp too D. aatrox rework is in beta, you can see what the rework is by playing riven
: Chat during load screen.
especially becuz of that one person who takes like 10 minutes to load in
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Vulconix (NA)
: I have issues with Illaoi (against).
I have this same problem. Here is what I have found after looking for a really long time. 1. Be lucky and get lulu and learn her top and hope ur teammates do not dodge 2. Be lucky and have a good jungle who understands Illaoi and camps her 3. Ban Illaoi every game 4. Play Illaoi every game 5. Dodge every game they pick Illaoi 6. Dodge every Illaoi skill shot and let her free farm while you stay under tower 7. Feed her 8. Just back every 3 minutes because she landed 1 q and u now have a quarter health 9. Just have your whole team sit top all game against her 10. Quit league 11. Send thousands of emails to rito yelling at them to nerf illaoi (ive done this) 12. When they pick Illaoi pick Janna top and survive with the power of disengage And last but not least 13. Throw your computer across the room out of a window.
: Your soul will come back to your body, after some time. All you have to do is position yourself in a way that she can't hit both your soul AND you. She takes your soul, then go hit her. If she has the minion wave, then you're kinda fucked though. She can't farm for shit though, so if you let things get to that level, then she's scaring you. Which she shouldn't pre 6.,
I mean doing a quarter ur health with one q before she has even backed and doing half your health with no way to get close to her with her e... yeah kinda scary I guess.
: Illaoi's weakness as a champion lies directly in hand with the nature of her abilities, her dependency on tentacles and the sort of clunkiness and delays that she has on her kit, as is nature for a juggernaut. As a skirmisher or an assassin, you should use your mobility to attempt to avoid as much damage as possible, while dealing consistent dps by outmaneuvering her abilities. As a ranged carry, either an ADC or mage, keep your distance as you DPS her down while she takes hits in either a side lane, or in the thick of a teamfight. Think of her ultimate as a sort of "safe space" for herself when she casts it, you want to get her away from that safe space so that way you can focus her down away from her tentacles where she is most effective.
so... dodge stuff when she has a point and click jump every second with her ult... easy
: * Illaoi's E can be blocked by anything, so hiding behind minions does the job. * If you are hit by E but confident that you can take on Illaoi: Then you will stay in range so it won't turn into the debuff, and you can attempt to prevent Illaoi from finishing the soul in time (distracting her via forcing her to attack you, CC'ing her to delay her attacking it etc), it will come back to you if you're successful in the stalling and nothing will happen. * If you're hit by E and the soul is "killed", or that you're not confident to stay in range and ran out of it, and gains the debuff: Firstly run to somewhere behind and safe. And dodge the first tentacle that comes out. And then you **WAIT** next to it (or you hit it once to kill 1 of its 2 HP bar, but do NOT kill it). If you kill it, it will spawn another new tentacle somewhere nearby to attack you, but if you just stand there, nothing else will happen; and you just wait out until you hear Illaoi's voice that would make some comment on you correctly counterplaying the E which is followed by the debuff ending, and THEN you kill it and go back to facing Illaoi. * Pick a ranged champion against her; that tends to do favourably given her short range and relatively minimal mobility. * Pick a mean Juggernaut, especially someone like Urgot who is almost not possible to lose 1v1 (and especially against another immobile champion), and "check" Illaoi out of the lane. Or someone like Nasus and just farm under turret. * Have someone to camp your lane. * Or just anticipate the tentacle better to dodge, that works too. Its hitbox is a bit misleading because Riot can't code proper hitbox for the life of them for some reason, but just think that you need to dodge a bit more than what the model indicates the size of the hitbox.
so... run, dodge, let her do half ur health, try to convince someone to camp ur lane... alright
: New Idea for Boots
I agree knockups do need a way to be decreased, but I am not positive this is the right way. I am not saying it is a bad idea, nor am I reluctant to having this a thing. I feel like they just wouldn't be bought that much. I mean it is not even every game that there are knockups but there is not usually more than 2 possible knockups in a match. I think it would be better just to add -20% knockup duration or something to merc treads. Maybe boots of speed because they look steel?? Idk I just do not think that adding more boots would be THAT useful but hey idk.
: Should Singed receive a massive nerf or do I seem too entitled
I do not think that singed should be nerfed. Honestly, I think that it is just the meta that is helping him. The ability to just continuously do high damage to tanks in lane is helpful to his cause. With the addition of reworked Akali, maybe the meta will shift into ranged and assassins, which I suppose would revert singed back to having to flash just to hit an e. We just have to trust rito for this one.
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