no she needs a buff. no range till 11 is devastating and she'll die 20 times before she does any damage.
: Why was Shyvana retconned?
you guys are crying about her lore when the game is a steaming pile of unbalanced shit? LOL
arkment (OCE)
: A Kayle mains lament
another shitty rework. What riot is best for. Useless until 11 when she gets range. cannot use ult on herself because she has a dumb animation for it and now has a mana cost. I'm probably missing more since I only played her in training. I swear I knew they would ruin the ult and I was right but was not expecting to obliterate her. oh well...
: Let's just hope Kayle doesn't get Irelia'd lol
why? she sucks so bad until 11? basically 4v5
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