Neshy (NA)
: Conqueror requires you be in combat for 4 seconds before it can activate. Take note of when they have the buff ready. You can't just disrespect a champion with Conqueror ready and items like {{item:3031}} {{item:3124}}
If they are farming it Is almost always up. That’s the biggest problem with conqueror. That and no keystone should be going true dmg
: {{champion:122}} A 50-50 matchup against a good Renekton. Try to gain some space away from your own minions so that Renekton won't be able to fully reach you from dashing once. After he dashed, try to get away from him to avoid his W if he activated it during/after the dash. After the duration ends, go for the engage before he dashes back. Renekton is also twice as vulnerable if he chooses to dash twice to your face & lands a full combo. If he does that, fully commit into killing since he loses a ton of damage pressure. {{champion:86}} After Renekton dashes, quickly casts W for the tenacity & instant resistance against his full combo. Also press E at the same time so that Renekton also takes the brunt of damage to himself as he sets up his E-W-AA-Q combo. {{champion:31}} Predict when he's going to dash, and try to use W in the middle of it to prevent him from landing a full combo. Take that moment to disrupt him with your Q & land your Es on him. Take Grasp for more damage & don't forget Bone Plating. {{champion:6}} Pretty much outranges Renekton, as he will be forced to always dash at your face to do his own poking. Even if he does successfully dashes to your face, just press W to negate some damage while at the same time, counter back at him by Q'ing him for the slow & then flip him over with E to deal maximum damage before he dashes out. {{champion:78}} As obvious as she looks. Try to predict when he's gonna dash, and then activate W to literally negate his WHOLE combo. Take that moment to attack back instead. She has some really good natural resistance from her W passive to also negate some of Renekton's early game damage before he gets his Black Cleaver. {{champion:516}} Press W right before he lands his W on you to negate some damage while at the same time, deal damage towards him. Q, and then follow up with E for maximum damage.
: you need to trade back after he combos when he is weakest riven excels at this but also jax and fiora
I feel like a good one won’t let me. Dash stun Auto Q Dash out.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Ice Weasel X,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OlokLE9t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-21T07:31:47.958+0000) > > Technically those dodge timers could be working in your favor. Forcing you to wait longer before requeuing lessens the likelihood of you being placed on a team with the people you dodged, since they may have also requeued immediately. there is still no reason it increases above 5 minutes though. youre already taking a stacking lp penalty for every subsequent dodge. the first dodge is 3lp, the second 10lp and the next is 20lp. so its not worth to dodge more than 3 games a days anyways. the people who dodge games at all, will dodge them either way. all the timers really do is increase que times, since they remove people from the que.
We arent talking about queue times being long. We're talking about never ACTUALLY playing the game because u can dodge endless lobbies. Queue times would be short into a lobby that gets dodged
: no they dont reque they are already in que, so you will never get the same team unless perhaps you're playing support and there is a lack of support queing up at the moment.
What do you mean they dont requeue?
: > [{quoted}](name=ApocaIypse Meow,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OlokLE9t,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-21T12:01:14.009+0000) > > If we removed dodge timers it would take a HUGE amount of time to get into a game i disagree. for normals yes, but not for ranked games. it might actually shorten que times, because you dont lock people out of que for 10 minutes or longer after dodging a game. since you take a stacking lp loss on every dodge, people arent going to dodge more than 3 games per day in either case. but with the time penalty, a lot of people might decide not to play at all for the day anymore and just switch games instead of waiting on the timer.
If I knew there was no dodge penalty i would dodge until i got a good team every time, no questions.
Pelopas (NA)
: Why do dodge timers exist again?
If we removed dodge timers it would take a HUGE amount of time to get into a game
: no they dont reque they are already in que, so you will never get the same team unless perhaps you're playing support and there is a lack of support queing up at the moment.
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: I WAS GOLD 5 WITH 79 lp and lost 25 times till they got me out gold u know its fix af who lose that
: Why not just remove the Fog of War?
: What's your opinion about jinx?
THaddock (NA)
: 99LP in ranked doesn't feel very rewarding..
I think a way to make that situation feel better is that if you win and the amount of LP won makes your total > 105 LP then it should count as a win in your promo
: I feel Zac was healthier pre-update.
Revert him.. I miss him dearly.
Vekkna (NA)
: The unique frustration with Akali is her ability to dictate aggression. She has easy disengage on E and uncounterable disengage on W. The unique aspect is that her W's re-stealth heavily distorts the agency of each party in the fight. As in Akali has nearly all the agency and her enemy has little or none depending on how many skillshot aoes they can blindly spam into the shroud. Other champs have annoying target drops, vanishes, etc. but the commonality between them is that they don't automatically re-apply after each attack. Most of the time they're used as a 1-time engage or disengage, and once that wad is blown they have to wait out the cooldown. Akali's W is used for engage and disengage repeatedly within a single fight. It has no counter. It's immune to turret sight. It is a thoroughly rule-shattering ability in terms of both vision and the precedent set by existing stealth, invisibility, and untargetability spells. The rule-breaking itself is not inherently problematic, and there are exceptions to most rules. Eve's passive is a good example of this. Eve and Kat are good examples of how unique power is heavily taxed elsewhere in a kit; in Eve's case her permastealth is taxed with a large detection radius and total lack of engage mobility. In Kat's case her mobility and ult are taxed with delays, total absence of utility, and the highest-counterplay ult in the game. I think Akali's W has room to exist in the game, but I also think it's super fucking toxic in conjunction with her Q healing, E disengage, and ult mobility/stun when added together.
Damn. I don't understand how EVERYONE doesn't agree with this right here.
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Kxq8VYPX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-15T19:44:26.284+0000) > > Galio perfectly fits this bill. not even close chief
Not even close beacuse you dont want it to be? Or is there some kind of actual reasoning?
delalb (NA)
: if u wanna climb, a good suggestion is: be positive, stop being toxic, & the system will reward u
: > [{quoted}](name=ApocaIypse Meow,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eGNV5ELH,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-15T05:01:10.916+0000) > > I don’t understand your gemstone comparison.. > How is it alike? You earn a victorious skin of your choosing when you finish the season gold + > > No chance or money involved like with gemstones. Because anybody plat+ immidiately gets a free skin after placements anyway. The real vintage is the time in which you got it, make a shard system that releases any victorious skin in any season and you take away the only thing valuable about it since gold isn't hard. A gemstone skin would be more rare just because its random and you'd have to grind a lot of gemstones for it.
I agree with this. I mean, I think gold isn’t “easy” to a lot, but I definitely see how the vintage aspect of the skin is valuable. I respect that
: I think it is a good idea, but I think that the victorious skins are just so rewarding for Gold+, for me, Im still Silver V (hahahhahagdjad) and I feel like I would be so rewarded and relieved once getting to gold and getting a victorious skin in which no one else can get unless they have reached Gold+. Otherwise, it isnt a bad idea, but even I would be disappointed.
They still have to be gold* to get the token, I’m just saying they choose the skin so if they missed one in the past or they aren’t into the current season akin
: > [{quoted}](name=ApocaIypse Meow,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eGNV5ELH,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-10-14T22:41:55.960+0000) > > Maybe I didn’t explain it well. You get the skin shard token for reaching gold+. You don’t just earn it in a box. My bad How is that any different?
I don’t understand your gemstone comparison.. How is it alike? You earn a victorious skin of your choosing when you finish the season gold + No chance or money involved like with gemstones.
: This seriously degrades Victorious skins, since you have to EARN the skin at the spot by getting to Gold to prove you're worthy of the skin. Making it unlockable as a simple skin shard became nothing more than some dumb "Hextech skin that needs 10 gemstone to unlock" crap, except a lot more easier to do.
Maybe I didn’t explain it well. You get the skin shard token for reaching gold+. You don’t just earn it in a box. My bad
: Victorious Skins
: Losing 5 games After Promos to Lower MMR
The Mmr system is super unnecessary with the rank system
: Kinda surprised how many downvotes this got without any comments already. Didnt think it was a bad idea. I came to the game late too, first season playing i missed victorious sivir at silver 1 sadly. Now im diamond and would like janna and morg skins. But i can see why people may not like it, as to keep their old victorious skins rare.
It’s the boards echo chamber. I’m used to it lol
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Bhagswag (NA)
: Hey guys, can someone explain why I haven't won in a while
You're playing ARAM which is a literal coin flip of who has better champions
bobyuunm (NA)
: Is it because this is a longer game?
No, I think the biggest factor that makes League easy to watch is, for the most part, you see what all 10 players see. Whereas in FPSs you only see from one players perspective. Think about basketball where you only see it from LeBrons PoV, it makes the experience less meaningful and the decisions of the team seem more random.
: >"Thank you for your support! Let’s make LOL a real sport!" Uh, it's *been* a sport, bud. It's got a pretty decent esports following. I'm not sure if you mean you want it televised much in the way a baseball match would be, but there are a few problems with that. My biggest one being that League is pretty... unfriendly as a spectator sport. I don't really care for baseball and have no idea on the more intricate rules or strats (if there are any) but I can gather from watching for around 5 minutes that-- guy hits ball, guy runs to base, if he runs all the way around the diamond they get a point. League however requires A LOT of game knowledge to be able to 'enjoy' watching. Someone who has no idea what any of the 140-some characters do, what items are, how towers or objectives work, what the heck a baron is, why a ton of little cloaked guys are running down the lanes or even what the end goal of the game is in general, probably won't enjoy themselves sitting and watching pro players farm for 10 minutes before someone inevitably kills someone else. Heck, sometimes in teamfights in pro games I lose track of what's happening and I play the game pretty regularly. Don't get me wrong, I love League and I love that there is a respectable pro scene, I just think theres a lot getting in the way of it being as widely consumed as spectator sports we have already.
I would argue that the reason League is such a popular esport is its ease of viewing, unlike Overwatch or FPSs
: And he is strong against towers and tankers now
> [{quoted}](name=ValiantKiller,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ft1Kq9cE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-10T23:30:08.207+0000) > > And he is strong against towers and tankers now Are you going to go around posting this shit all day?
: Oh, yeah, I did dodge in the second match because someone on my team purposefully banned my hover. I forgot about that. As usual, turns out it was my fault. XD Thanks for the response.
: Why does losing 2 matches in a best of five make me unsuccessful in my series?
Umi Wow (NA)
: Wow look at this amazing 1v2 outplay
: "the numbers are skewed ur just bad and u need to understand that"
: Ekko would actually be garbage without his speed boost.
Rioter Comments
: Its time to buff kalista's range
She need me a full rework. Her kit forces her to be shit or god like..
: Most melee champs he's not laning against wreck Mordes day ill use jax as an example. In lane I can punish him and poke him off the wave and gain a farm advantage thus maintaining dominance after 1st back. but have that same jax in the jungle getting equal gold value as Morde and im a 1 v1 stat check Jax wins. There are much worse designed champions who allow for no counterplay. Morde has the decency of committing to a fight he can't Run from every time.
I don’t disagree. There are situations where he is too strong and situations where he is basically useless.. poorly designed
: still not banned 2 hours later, actually not surprised after what happened at pax
Hi! He shouldn’t have said what he said. If you feel like he should be punished send in a support ticket so it can be addressed by an actual human. It may take a ticket or 2 because you’ll 99% get an automated response the first time but they also have a live chat feature now
: Aight Morde players, I'ma need you to be reasonable for a second
He poorly designed.. so no.. I don’t think it’s ok.. He’s super strong against melees in minions and basically useless in all other situations
: Fuck You to High Hell
: Update on Account Recovery Situation
That sucks! I added you to play chill games.. I just thought you were mad at me! lol I hope this gets all worked out
: PTA needs a buff.
Would be crazy strong. Conqueror just needs a nerf. That shit is broken
: pretty easy, you just tie the Accoubt to your ip. so everyone can only have one account.
Impossible for pc bangs, cafes and schools
: Imo its mostly cause Zac gets countered by good warding, which is often lacking in Power elos.
: zacs winrate is highest in bronze silver and gold
Zacs win rate is bad in all ELOs. His rework made him a CC bot who relies on team with super nerfed dmg. His rewotk was a failure.
: Perma banned for playing off-meta
TL:DR I was given 2 week ban for using hate speech and then when i continued to flame and argue teammates Riot did what they said they would do after that punishment tier.
: Perma banned for playing off-meta
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