: Ping muting, surrender at 15, and more on the way
Absolutely Brilliant! Unanimous FF@15 brilliant because it empowers a team that "puts no faith (unanimously) in their perceived possibilities of winning or whatever" to allow everyone to move on. This could even spur more aggressive play in the early game in solo queues--people empowerment and exciting aggressive play, both a win! Also it empowers everyone to manage their play time more effectively! Whoohoo! The on my way ping system may cause a little more confusion for some but it relays the most important information a player can ask for which is a more immediate feel of how each of the others are thinking and "increases the amount of (relative) information bandwidth in a smaller space of time" between players who aren't using VoiP applications! a team work feature marvel! And finally, ping muting... Well it's always a tragedy to not want to hear unreasonable pings but, unreasonable people make for detractive team mates.... and well it happens. Also, there are some that may yet believe that they are better off not hearing the pings of anyone else and that's unfortunate, but they will sew their own fates in time. Halleliejia!
bf02 (NA)
: I love it when people defend assholes by turning the argument away from "human decency" to "my rights are being violated"-political bullshit.
Riot did the right thing, however since the comments taking a broader nature: The only way for people to get around slurs is for people who use them to be allowed to be "diminished" by revealing their flawed view. Some people use the N word for example as a sort of recognition and a sort of faith to a common suffering, and it empowers them. Only people of that race can get away with this, thus a type of empowerment. Race and therefore racism is never going to go away until there are no differences in race. It's that simple. Free speech is more important in the end. Social censorship is only perpetuating lies about ourselves.
: Dev Blog: The Animation of Ivern
I went bonkers when I saw Ivern's animations. With them he has to be the most trolliest concept evar!
: Into the Mists: Creating Shadow and Fortune
This approach isn't bad, but it doesn't hurt to have an epic.
: Wildcards snatch another win
Perhaps one if the best pro level spokesperson's I've read comments from. Hey when are we going to spotlight the support positions and play making?
New001 (NA)
: Voice chat is something we are exploring, agree it's an important aspect of competitive organized play.
I think, that as the game in general has evolved there is a lot more to say here or to be left unsaid. I like to use the phrase: "There is no accounting for taste..." That being said, if I were advising RIOT on it I'd say stay away from it. If simple chat toxicity, which can be monitored recorded, studied and moderated was one ball to handle, having or even endorsing the same exact thing in voice is an even bigger monster. People think the world is a happy place for everyone...it isn't. People like to think that people like themselves are on the other end of the link, perhaps it's a toss of a coin, but real time connectivity and matching isn't your neighborhood, it might not even be your county or state, in fact it rarely is in my experience. Mostly though,I've found people, of all ages, can and do act like children under the right circumstances. But I'm not RIOT/
: /dev: New001 on competition beyond ranked
In the area where I live, I thought we were ahead of the nation by having "gaming pubs" emerge. One such pub opened close to where I live, but sadly, didn't last. It had lots of room for tabletop, and had a portion set aside for a LAN where League was a much anticipated, if not the primary reason to have it put in. Don't get me wrong that particular pub closed in under 2 years, however many others are surviving if not thriving in the general region. My point however is that League has been supportive of the uLoL leagues, however people move on in their lives and careers and often the most demanding human endeavor we all share a stake in: the acts and performance of human self husbandry, in general.... family. However, wht gets people to be able to more economically and realistically stay engaged in a sport is regional identity and recognition. The luckiest of us can play in adult softball leagues, and are limited only by the playfild spaces, generally in the public domain. For league, those common areas might have been the many online coffee houses that were next to everywhere around here in the 90's, those are gone now, pretty much. There are some gaming LAN spots still here and there, however those generally aren't serving food and have other sociability and creature comforts, like food and possibly drink, well strong and sometimes hard drinks, to be clear. I see a lot of people in the region on a regular basis, and there is definitely a family based interest, and time spent at home LAN parties, so it's not like there isn't a type of organic or grassroots support and commitment for this sort of thing. People even have Bowling and Darts leagues... The question I think is if RIOT can tap into the milieu of LAN activities already extant and possibly even share that with other popular gaming activities that, as a bottom line, need space to do. More so space that has the right atmosphere and electrical logistics to post events on a regular basis. I have to say though, nothing in the gaming industry matches or even comes close to the commitment and know how RIOT has displayed on maintaining an "existentially" game of competitiveness that is worthy of calling a sport. I've been telling people that for a long time and like to speculate LoL could be considered an Olympic "competition: if not sport under the right considerations. Anyhow, you get the idea? Nothing brings people together in this mid range level better than geographically relevant identity.
: A 2009 Player's Plea to Riot Games.
I am not casting doubt on this general, and very broad commiseration, however I think--again in broad terms perhaps many are missing the point to all the efforts RIOT places forth in this game. Like you I've played LoL since it's early inception and I played DotA before that (not trying to one-up you but it does make for a good comparison in this case). That being said, perhaps many never played DotA, however the changes and improvements from DotA to LoL are significant, and made for a sort of more stable effort/playing field across the map. Things like no creep deny, and even in the last patch an effort to crush maintain this broad but profound dynamic with creeps. From reading the patch notes it was observed that at the high end play the first wave of creeps from the base was being delayed by a team (with coordinated team work), to offset the first wave out, creating a huge impact on the early game that was unacceptably potent. Compare this to DotA where one champion in particular (Raigor Ironhoof, I believe is the name) could delay 3-4 or more waves of creep spawns at a time at level 1, with his abilities (hilariously fun!, and yes devastating to what happened at the other end especially early game). However DotA is a much more chaotic game which only really requires about 3 players on a team to create a winning dynamic, or to "carry" a game. So winning strategies rely much less on coordinated team work as much as more gimicky, sometimes exploitive (vs exploitative, get the drift?), methods of winning. The recent changes, particularly in the mastery tree, and the "darker" game overall are very broad changes that determine the general, broad and profound for many aspects of the game and--if you think about it--very ballsy for RIOT to do, but that's what it takes to create what people enjoy most, 'head-to-head' competitive play versus the best opponents out there, other people. The prime difference is in my comparison is that LoL maintains a trend toward Teamwork, versus individual performance. I know this is going to sound funny but, here goes: In doing this, individual performance becomes even more important (not just in mechanics but in decision making etc.) believe it or not because Teams RELY on it. The flip side--and this has been articulated by RIOT with the many changes you are talking about--is that the game must appeal to people's "fantasy." It's easy, and extremely attractive to have a fantasy of dominating your opponents, and it can suck being on the other end however this is the balance the game must, existentially, maintain. Consider all the "fantasy" mechanics one experiences in the game, Fireballs, teleportation, time warping, MONSTERS! Not the same as a game of checkers, or say, soccer, where the limitations are inherent in the players fitness and how well they can communicate and coordinate is the same as in LoL, much more so than it ever was in DotA. I'm not gigging on DotA, I LOVE IT STILL! However the constant change in the game is what makes it continue to be the game it is, **a competition between people, more so than the constraints taken in in doing so**. May I suggest that you are not alone in having a reaction to this broad "tweaking" of the "game board (vision) and it's deep undercurrent of customization (keystone masteries)" Also it will take some time for all the maximized permutations of these changes to come to a new settlement (professional level play) to have an effect on lower level play. With the foreseeable work going on with the mastery tree there is a lot of room for that existential tweaking of the game to continue by, I would argue, the best gaming community in Esports.
having studied human behavior, you are now doomed to seeing the truth behind all the rationales others regurgitate to justify themselves. Thus the remainder of your life is going to be a series of disillusionment vis a vis the fleshy blobs that surround you. This is being played out online. Hard to have fun without peers.
BUsHers (NA)
: Is it still possible for me to get my account if i got permanent banned for being a Toxic player?
Wow I am curious what you said or did to get your account permanently banned due to behavioral issues. It'd be educational, since the line seems to be 'socially fuzzy'. However I am both impressed that an account would be permanently banned based off of behavioral criteria, and understandably RIOT shouldn't redress such decisions (and if I were RIOT I'd do exactly the same thing)--and at the same time at least morbidly curious perhaps. However there are some constructive aspects to do this: * Namely this can be your confessional before you make a new account * The community gets an idea on how it's efforts and RIOT efforts are working(?) * You and the community get a better sense of our roles (mostly you since the numbers of people involved in your case may never even see this posting) * You can get feedback directly from the community about it which can only be constructive for everyone In short, whatever lesson you may have learned, right now it's only a void of silence and all the dialogue is just in your imagination. I don't know if you're posting on a new account already but if you're posting on the banned account, let this be the last of that life before you begin anew?
As far as the money Master Nami is right. As far as the rage you feel, many share it. It's an issue of online social dynamic system management and you are, as you are also in real life, simply a numbered presence in the grand scheme of things. I think you pose a valid question as to if the system is flawed, but you don't have a 3rd category for not yes or no but undecided/unsure. One thing is for sure is that you are, unfortunately up against the community, not RIOT per se. So when you think about it and go over your fairly proliferant rant, it's the community you must appease with your behavior in a game. Now take a look at society. Most if not nearly all people in modern western or in cities don't have to excercise any responsibility toward any others outside of maybe their immediate family, unless say they're in public service (where they're often abused, sort of like being online, go figure). So people seriously don't generally look upon the situation with any sense of responsibility towards being a "team mate." This goes for people who don't know how to "talk to each other" like a team mate also, and this would be a decent descriptor of your behavior from everything you said. So RIOT does their best to basically help "us" vet ourselves... I too have invest a ton of money in my account, and I "blew up" like you did and got marked under the new system and i felt the same rage you do, except my account wasn't banned, yet...I ralyl don't know what it will take if I make another not so smart move, esp when i know better but I'm just as fed up with people as you are. It's like living in fear except you're playing in fear. In fear of ... the community. So just beware of how you talk to people in real life too.
: Increased Dodging in new Solo Queue
Yeah there is a learning curve with the new timers, and i didn't know about the alt tab issue, although I may have experienced it once and didn't realize it. I was clicking on the "ready" button for the match to set up and for some reason it instantly switched to not ready as if I had maybe clicked the much smaller button, which I did not do. I suspected a bug as a culprit and the learning curve with the timers (I learned my lesson once early on, and I had read the instructions, it was just a sort of habitual mistake). Thanks sirPTFXXIV and iHerring(sp?) for the comments, and I think Jewish's comment better words my reflection on the situation. As it is RIOT is probably working on the buggy aspect of things right now since the dynamic queue is down *sad face* right now. I'm not really sure the process takes longer than the previous draft to be honest. Again I think as people get more conditioned to the process it'll be waaay shorter than the previous mode on average. So all in all, Hear Hear for increased dodge time out timers, as it may be debatable as to any increased time wasting, but there is certainly less excuse to be dodging on purpose.
Onwodori (NA)
: Has anyone else had especially toxic players in the new team builder, or is it just me?
I have noticed that there is next to no talking at all in my games and it's statistically sound compared to before the patch. Some of though, I have attributed to me (pretty much always solo), being matched up with players that are prearranged. I've also noticed a difference in the way the other players play also, they're synced in a wonky way that suggests to me they're coordinating among themselves and it can sort of throw off my game compared to what patterns I'm used to. Specifically in regard to what you're experiencing, if anything I've experienced a much lower toxicity. But I'm not "down" on most of what people consider toxic, I have thick skin, and it is the internet after all. One thing for sure is that if you have expectations of other people, especially in groups of strangers and more so for anonymous ones you will be perpetually disappointed, and it really doesn't matter if it's League or life.
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: 5 Faces of new champ select
Brilliant! I think these terms should be used officially <:D
: Game disbanded due to summer not selecting a champion [Client] Issue
This happened to me recently and seems to be an issue I've started to encounter the last few days or so. I have been put n the timer because of leaving champion selection, or failed to select a champion when I had clearly done so long before the timer ended (I was actually messing in my masteries when I got booted for not selecting a champion). I hope the record on my account for not selecting a champion don't reflect on my accounts behavioral statistics in a negative way because of this. It really does seem to be happening more often and I've never encountered this before since the release of the game. (No recent changes in my system or ISP either).
: Ping, Winrate, and Vayne Probs
Awesome info! It's great to have a confirmed statistical reflection (positive information) for otherwise anectdotal assessments. I'd be interested if there were a correlation with the CS numbers as that is a more individually based performance reflection perhaps, or even KDR somewhat.
: Totally agree, there's a TON of stuff to look at! Not from this data set, but I did some exploration into warding/sweeping in games from live servers (where us mortals play) earlier this year. At high levels of play (diamond+), over 20% of all wards placed are swept or killed. This is compared to 2% at the lower end. Quite the difference in vision control.
Could that tasty morsel be put into the load screen tidbits?
: I have this feeling that Riot is trying to tell me something. Something important. But what could it be? ... Eh, must not be that important.
: Reports: How do they work?
So how does the system go about when, essentially two or more people in the game become embroiled in, not playing the game and instead, essentially bickering. Then the two or more parties proceed to report each other? Say the, bickering starts pre-game and references are *not* made to this? On a side note, I've played, literally,"thousands and thousands" of games of LoL and--as you would say it---I had a bad day. Fatigued as I was with the behavior as well as the play results of the other players I --even as I did it--proceeded to fall into the same pattern, announced I was going to leave (I'm not a leaver as my thousands and thousands of games played would indicate, statistically it would have to come to 0.001% or less, of games I've left and of those 95% or more would be internet or the like. It's just not me. The point being that I got one of those--as I see it--insulting cards from the instant feedback system for "leaving a game." and was punished for a considerable period of time, I think it was hours. Thousands and thousands of games, check em! And now I was one step away from what? a Permaban? This card was my notice. I've invested hundreds of dollars into this particular account and even had multiple ribbons adorning my loading screen frame, I love to talk about it with many people in the public ( I work with the public, a LOT) and talk it up to curious people who don't play, but who are interested. I tell them RIOT is creating a bona fide sport through it's efforts, and I can support that statement. ... I know what I did was wrong even as I did it, and it wasn't an act of retaliation. I remember I was genuinely fed up with the other players and let it all go, I had to for my own sensibility at that time. I had to get out of and away from what I regarded as a hoard of immature trolls, and I let them know it, because I have no problem acknowledging it. ... I still play but I don't remember that incident until I come across reading how your system is going to work like the article above. In remembering that event I come back to the feelings of fear and anguish associated with the possibility of losing my investment on a passion I enjoy, and it's horrible. It makes me not want to play any more, I know I will but that's the way it makes me feel. ... I am glad that RIOT developed an idea I do remember suggesting a year or two ago (I"m not taking credit but I do remember voicing it), and that's to break the two person limit on solo queue. This alone, I feel and predict, make a profound affect on the game in general as it is played in the bulk mid level of the competitive ranked system. In so doing it will have a correlative effect on the playership and how people behave. I predict there will be a lot of 'solo mentality' at the bottom of the ranks and look forward to a more competitive, solo ranked queue.
: Since I'm a silver top main scrub who could never remember to buy wards, I started buying a pink ward for the top bush in river. I feel this is a good way to start the habit of buying wards, because you will normally feel the value of the pink ward, since it will not expire. You know your enemy laner DOESN'T have a ward, and you will probably see the jungler coming at least once before it's gone. On top of that, in my elo, my enemy laner won't typically check the bush themself, so the value is immense.
Just think, if you buy more than two wards per game you're a part of the elite top quintile of all the playership!
: This is a really informative piece. In fact, I'd say it **swept** me off of my feet. If I was able to, I'd give you an a**ward.** However, I can't, as the **orb**ligatory awards ceremony for informing people already passed. I'm sorry if you're **s**crying because of it, it really is a shame. Nevertheless, you've put a whole new perspective into the **lens**es of your players. Thanks, Riot!
: I would have liked to know whether trinket wards counted towards wards purchased. My gut says if Sightstone didn't, yellow trinket didn't either. Also would have been nice to see wards placed instead of simply wards bought.
Each category is treated specifically. The very first graph says it all vis-a-vis your question. You can simply overlay that first graph over the others. Keep in mind also that that first graph is also a complete trend over all players at all levels. Even though numbers for placement might give some insight it's a lot less demonstrative of utility overall since the timing, and judgement in usage isn't observable from numbers. The **information you mention is already there in the post game stats **complete with a map showing all ward placements (although no time stamps-meh)
: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
Yayyy! Halelujiah! At least now I can point to something factual to explain why I upgrade my trinket etc, from nearly any position I play (Silver), and say look there is a direct correlation with the level of play and the vision game. As if watching pro matches couldn't demonstrate that enough. As an overall strategist I get challenged when I advocate for wards in my games, and this at least helps vindicate my own convictions broadly and roundly Thanks and it'd be nice to have this sort of information updated say maybe quarterly somewhere easy to access or through a 3rd party via an api. I dunno, I'm really not that technical, but it's thing like this that I think helps lower end player who want to improve, become more likely to do it themselves. Of course the solo queue match-making system that's coming down the pike will help and possibly bend the trends above a bit. It'd be fascinating to watch that happen! Thank you thank you Jules and NANCYMON!
: Wait you want this to be for solo Q ranked too? Then people could just all get on skype or TS and be like a ranked team. I think this should only be for normals/TB/normal draft pick
> [{quoted}](name=MićaĆomlaDJ,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rdMQGsVG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-04-25T12:14:25.620+0000) > > Wait you want this to be for solo Q ranked too? Then people could just all get on skype or TS and be like a ranked team. I think this should only be for normals/TB/normal draft pick Yes it's specifically for Ranked solo/duo queue. Ostensibly it's an opportunity for another game or two with the same group of random people, for healthier challenges and individual ranking reward, however it's also an opportunity for people to friend each other, and whatnot. It's like a spark before the fire. As it is players run into each other at higher levels of play and it's from these processes that pro teams often seem to emerge. This is sort of a mechanism that the hundreds of thousands of other players in lower leagues can have to generate more organized team activity. It along side the champion mastery system can help people can pave way to more organic "player made" leagues.
: Solo Queue Suggestion
So like during Champion Select, players would have a box or something to check off if they're "open to another follow up match." This is a non commitment, only an indicator for everyone so that they know they've all got the time and are interested. So basically if things go well then after the match, WIN or LOSE, the team can all click in again, and go to a holding lobby, where they can take a few minutes break or something and then click all ready and once that's done the matchmaking process begins again. The only problems I'd guess there might be is in the current matchmaking algorithms, which make construct match ups by juggling players into teams. It would have to juggle only one side or something. this could take a little more time depending on the level of play for the matchmaking process to complete itself. Anyhow that's about how it'd appear to players.
: Wait you want this to be for solo Q ranked too? Then people could just all get on skype or TS and be like a ranked team. I think this should only be for normals/TB/normal draft pick
> [{quoted}](name=MićaĆomlaDJ,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rdMQGsVG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-04-25T12:14:25.620+0000) > > Wait you want this to be for solo Q ranked too? Then people could just all get on skype or TS and be like a ranked team. I think this should only be for normals/TB/normal draft pick In further consideration it would be a major change. When RIOT developed LoL they came up with a vastly superior matchmaking system to replace the fashion by which people got together to play DotA. They also addressed many of the flaws in DotA's "basic push map," design, among many other things, and LoL was empirically it's own outside of the broad head to head push map concept. In maling the solo queue, it might be asked, now if it can't be improved. Well I think the best way to improve it is to essentially add an option to it, the rest is essentially unchanged. What it would come down to would be numbers. I would guess that the number of solo queue team's "staying together for another one" occurrences will be low--if at least at first. So the efficient thing to do would be to have them "upgraded" appropriately for their next match. For example a group that averages a Bronze 5 type elo would get boosted to a team that averages a Silver 1. Later, depending on how things are received these "impromptu" match-up teams might be matched against each other, and in effect they're just as likely to get matched up with each other using the same queue matchmaking processes already in place. The idea is to open a door for those players seeking more than their own self gratification over misconstrued playmanship. It is a logical tool for a game that stresses team work over individual hot dogging--even though both are required, in a sense, there's a lot of loners out there that can come out of their shell, and there's a lot of players that are ready for just an opportunity to take their play to the next step if they--let's just say "stumbled" into the right group of people.
: Solo Queue Suggestion
It's time for the Solo Queue to transform to something new
: Wait you want this to be for solo Q ranked too? Then people could just all get on skype or TS and be like a ranked team. I think this should only be for normals/TB/normal draft pick
It would be a feature, for solo queue ranked, yes. The key being that the team, if it comes together (and there's a lot of odds against it, just because people have their own schedules), would be facing either another impromptu team, or a set of Solo Queue players higher than their previous match. The matchmaking would bring the impromptu--yet still solo queue generated team--up in it's rating so they'd be facing a team above the relative level they were matched with previously. The various players would earn LP the same way and hvae their other ratings adjusted also. Essentially they'd face a bigger challenge. The assumption is, whether the actual case or not, that they will have all gotten on to Curse or some other VoiP. What it does is incentivize people beyond the one game. The rest of it is details and measures to throw off any abuses.
: anything that makes players stay together and may be form 5v5 in process is + from me
Thanks I hope it gets some visibility. <:)
: Solo Queue Suggestion
On giving it further thought, a feature like this may be required to only "kick in" when there are no duo pairs within the groups... reason being that if there are a smurf/boost duo, those teams may "ride" the boosting pair--although it also increases the odds another team might have the same. However if duo presence is filtered out, it's an easy solution if this should occur. Also if it's a hit, or a success we might have to rename the solo queue to something else... <:O
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: It Lives: Urgot Mid with xPeke and Innox
I've always been a fan of Urgot. probably in a similar way as I gravitated towards Nasus early in League. I've always felt he's under rated, and I'm happy he's getting more attention--then again maybe not heh. I really don't feel he needs a rework, even though RIOT does reworks soo well (Sion comes to mind). I consider Urgot perhaps the best **bellwether champion** in the game. He has a lot of elements that work together, debuffing, tanky features, steady damage as opposed to spiky. So I am of the poinion that the game, in terms of strategy and play-balance, has gelled to a point where a beast like Urgot can thrive as much as any other. Where team comp and synergy is paramount over simple lane picks. Bravo RIOT!
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Socrates,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=ffY8IMgK,comment-id=00130002,timestamp=2015-03-11T20:56:43.906+0000) > > There are no demotions planned currently. This isn't intended to be a ranked system in the same sense as leagues. The grading system does give players an idea of how they are improving with a champion via the per game performance evaluation. Also, performance and winning or losing does dramatically effect gains and losses, so a high performing player will unlock rewards much more quickly. Wouldn't the most "accurate" assessment of Champion skill be based on a person's Champion-specific Team Builder MMR, relative to their base MMR? If the concept of Champion expertise is defined principally as how much Champion-specific ability a person has? I get the idea of wanting to acknowledge and reward investment of time and energy into learning a Champion, but I'm not entirely clear on what Riot's aiming for here. Is the idea to tell the team, "This person is going to be playing above their usual level this match, because they're on a Champion they're really good at"? Or just to give people bragging rights about their familiarity with a Champion? Or what? If a person has played thousands of games with a really weak Champion, and actually does better with other Champions they're less familiar with, would they be getting this distinction? What if the ratio between their Champ-specific MMR and their general MMR is much better than most others have with that Champion? What if much worse? It's just that "being good at a Champ" is actually kind of an ambiguous concept. I suppose I'm also a bit irked because there's a lot of shallow analysis that goes on in LoL with regard to, e.g., winrates, and people who just do not understand the matchmaker system.
it's completely feasible to create a tier/expression system based off of stats that players of various levels show trends in. For example one might get tiers/tanks/rewards (expression) for demonstrating high CS counts amongst other factors. using CS counts as an example statistic (amongst others), stats from the various strata within the current MMR system can be gathered and where an appropriate trend exists and achievement level can be made for reaching say gold or diamond level CS levels. This can be done for KDR, Jungle creeps killed, W/L ratio and even assists/damage dealt etc. Factor in that each format will have their own particular trends (soloQ/arranged team/normal/league--and yes team builder would have it's specific quirks too) and look for correlations between the lower level play to the higher end within each and you have scales. Obviously to have that expressed would be way too articulated, and it clearly illustrates that creating a basic expression rating people's performances with specific champions is a broad endeavor but not ambiguous. The only real question is what the top end of the scale is going to be at the highest tier.
: Champion Mastery hits PBE
What might be interesting is if you can make the tiers and information available for fellow party members to see during champion select, for the current system the icons would have to be split so that the team could see the twi current player's respective masteries. This way fellow team mates might make requests, or suggest counterpicking ideas?
: On the other hand has Mt. Targon shown any signs of having any musical/bardic-related culture?
Well Bard is a term of Celt/Gaelic origins, so thematically it would lean more toward the Targon speculation imo, and any and all cultures have a form of musical/lyrical/lore roles , if not professions of sorts.
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: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
By far the best character background to date imo. thanks for staying true to Amumu...
: Upgrading the Tribunal
I confess o not being on the forums for some while concerning the overall game behavior issues. For me they seem something of the past, I haven't experienced too much childishness in the games as far as chat abuse for a long time.


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