2Behold (NA)
: I watched it. And I dont think he even knows why this change happened. He broke down what it means, but he doesn't really get in to the why. Like hes like we save you 800 gold...well unless you wanted that ruby crystal so its only 400 gold. And he ignores that in order to have the same early vision Im going to have to spend more on control wards. Not to mention he doesnt touch why the {{item:3309}} {{item:3312}} {{item:3306}} were removed.
Yes he does. All of those items are unused in competitive (they got the sightstone combine item instead), lower tiers only buy their active support item and no sightstone, and other classes were abusing the items (namely the quest rewards for frostfang amd targon's). This change fixes all 3 problems at once. Maybe you don't like it and that's okay. But he did explain and if it's really a change for the worse they will try something else.
2Behold (NA)
: Whats the logic behind the support item changes?
Watch phreak's patch 8.2 rundown on youtube. He explains everything in detail.
sobi999 (EUW)
: I see a good person with a good heart in you. SOO much better than a intelligent person with a disgusting personality and no morality. One of the reason i say this is because of how open you are to admitting your own mistake and how flawlessly you reflect on your mistakes. Lastly, i have a very strong feeling that you might be really good in one particular field and average-bad in others. You have to find that field of work/subject that you are really really good at and focus on that. Trust me, everyone of us has some kind of special talent, 99% of us just fail to recognise it.
Thanks for the kind words. When I arrive at the comedown of a self-induced rage like this, I often reconstitute the thought that half of all people on this earth are below average. My mere existence is an anchor and a testament to the magnitude of human achievement. If low achievers did not exist, how would we know just how highly successful the successful people are? If the low achievers were to suddenly not exist, very simply the next lowest half portion be the "low achievers". Low achievers are inescapably and logically forced to exist. It's just, you know. Some days it doesn't feel good to know that you're one of them.
: You need to look within and find out the true reason for your anger and unhappiness. League is just bringing it to the surface.
Oh I already know it. I am an incredibly low achiever. I have been "told on" by other students to teachers for being too "slow" in class projects. I have poor work ethic. I accomplish very little. Some people who have played guitar for 90 days play better than I do, and I've been playing guitar for 7 years. Same with piano. It sometimes takes me 4 hours to write a well-thought-out 500 word post. Other people probably take 15-30 minutes. In League, it translates as me being a Season 2 veteran and still not being able to carry Silver IV games. I peaked at Plat V in Season 4 but now I'm stuck in low Silver. 700 ranked games in Season 5-7 and I'm still stuck here. Silver IV. And I don't know why. Gets me angry that someone could spend so much time on a game (6000+ games total) and still just be "average", or hell let's face it, below average. Some days it's fine but other days it grates on me real bad. I just don't want to get caught playing League on the extra bad days anymore, even if those days are rare. EDIT: I recently took a survey on "highly successful habits" where the top 15% of people would score a 4.8/5.0, and the average person (top 50%) would score a 3.7/5.0. I scored a 1.6/5.0. lol
: I may have never gotten punished in-game, but this game makes me too toxic. I quit.
Rioter Comments
: Not banning Vayne at this point is ALMOST considered trolling
I would be fine with her damage if her stealth timer was reduced to ~0.25 seconds, just enough to tumble while stealthed. There is no good reason she should be able to tumble, walk around and chill, and reappear anywhere within ~500 radius of where she disappeared, hit for massive burst with new tumble ready in under a second. That is toxic gameplay.
: If I have a completed page in front of me in champ select, I shouldn't have to hit the save button.
They keep it like this so you are incentivised to buy rune pages. Duh why would they make it easier for you to save money
: While we're at it, if i'm sitting on a champion, can we just assume that's the one i want, rather than assuming i want to dodge?
This is to incentivise locking in rather than picking and afk sitting for the next 25 seconds. It saves a lot of time in the long run.
: Press the attack needs to be buffed for melee champions
Lower burst, massively increase damage bonus for a shorter amount of time. 30% bonus damage for the next 2.5 seconds could work. We might see tanks go precision with this.
: This is true, but don't u think 10$ is a bit overpriced? I mean, u can spend it on a huge lunch...
Then you should have thought a little harder at name select. Each name has to be unique, so switching your name interferes with other people if you were able to change it so often.
KazKaz (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ratpie,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U0WZJ7Ey,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-01-21T00:38:02.856+0000) > > Riot shouldn't have to make it easier for peoples' poor planning. If you were naming all of your accounts different things, that is an individual's problem. If you do not have enough IP or cannot afford RP, then quite honestly you are probably not playing this game enough for it to be a big deal. And if you do not have enough IP or cannot afford RP, then you probably don't have enough champs, that you can just scrap your account and start a new one with the right name without losing a whole lot. If I suddenly want to change my name to something better I shouldn't have to fucking buy a name change. Most other games aren't like this.
Steam lets multiple people use the same exact name, just with a hidden ID, and so does Blizzard's client. In this case it doesn't matter when and to what people change their name. In LoL, every name is unique. People can't change their name willy-nilly because it will interfere with other people's names. It's not the same.
: Name change is wayyyyyy too expensive
You don't need to change your name. It's not even all that important. The option is there if you have the money, but otherwise if you think $10 is too expensive then it's not for you. What else can be said?
Tentaku (EUNE)
: @Riot is camping problem noticed/planned to be dealt with?
I have a positive upvote thread where I showcase a game in which the Jungle Jax hangs out in Top river bush for 3 minutes doing nothing but wait for me to use my mobility skill to go in. And by the end of the game he's higher level, equal farm, more kills than my jungler. As easy comparison, all my jungler did was power farm, and Jax only killed me one time in lane. But he invested 60-70% of his time in a bush. He had 30 cs at 10 minutes. And he was rewarded for it and won. How the hell is that fair.
: At level 9 with maxed Q, E->Q from Zoe can deal up to 737.5 + 245% AP magic damage.
You trying to make a point by using only single target potential damage output and not any other factors is why the balance team doesn't listen to us.
Akrid415 (NA)
: Pfft. I've been level 2 ganked by {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} while me and my laner (mid) are still level 1. Way too fast imo.
Lvl 2 gank has always been a thing. Level 3 and level 6 gank tho? Now that's messed.
: I've complained a lot about the BE system, but I appreciate the 50% BE sale on champions
: Please riot IMPLEMENT (Get out of jail free) dodge system i cant live like this.
GuiruleZ (NA)
: i had 2 accs in d1 and a masters acc last season. you are silver. im aware of what zoe is weak against but frankly rushing at the enemy is not always a viable strat... shes a broken champion and a ladder stomper
Yes she is good in solo queue, if you don't want to see Zoe just ban her, who cares, and just because you are a high rank doesn't mean your suggestions or advice are any better than anyine else's. In fact your original suggestion would completely ruin the game in ways that i'm sure would take more words for you to understand than i have patience typing out on a mobile device.
GuiruleZ (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Apparently Noob,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mZvZITaI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-17T23:47:35.714+0000) > > Vs. Zoe you need more divers and tanks, less squishy assassins and supports. > > If you are losing to Zoe it's because your whole team is too squishy or too immobile. why are you lecturing me on "what we need" do you understand how solo q works? i saw a guy pick tryd into teemo. they dont give a fuck and if they did they wouldnt know any better
Because if you are losing there is something wring, and i'm telling you what's wrong without resorting to "git gud"
GuiruleZ (NA)
: If someone on my team highlights zoe i cant ban or they will run it down
Vs. Zoe you need more divers and tanks, less squishy assassins and supports. If you are losing to Zoe it's because your whole team is too squishy or too immobile.
Kai Guy (NA)
: I believe that Higher honor still increases the amount of random key drops unless i derped on something? So you'd miss a few 1 time rewards but you get random keys more and the repeating milestone rewards as well.
Well it's still not enough then. Every season I get about 8 extra chests that I can't open. I thought we were supposed to get roughly equal keys and chests? That literally what riot said. Even with high honor it's not even close. I'm down 24 keys just from this year alone.
: I felt the same way (honor 5). Especially because I'm always thirsty for keys as I earn boxes way faster through S ranks than I do key fragments with honor (didn't even get all my boxes open from S7 playing regularly). I read that the reasoning is that honor 5 rewards are "better" and repeatable. So even after you hit 5 and gain the initial reward for it, you continue to earn the higher level rewards sooner and therefore more overall.
Böljy (EUNE)
: Why not make people earn blue essence by their performance
Because Riot knows their criteria is not perfect and that people will game the system (or try) going for highest IP gain rather than winning. Anything that disincentivises hitting the nexus should not be implemented, and that includes "performance" based rewards. There is a reason why even Overwatch scrapped their performance based system and replaced it with win/lose system for MMR.
Rioter Comments
: the claim that garen cant be buffed for high ranks without making him op in low ranks is a lie
> [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ETWXwRGv,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-16T18:20:52.029+0000) > > - dont lock him out of his w active, while his q animation is playing. So THAT'S what happening. I always die to this and I was wondering why W never activates.
iBubster (NA)
: Play on Korean Server for Free?
You need a Korean social security number. If you don't have one, you can't play. Period.
Rioter Comments
: Please don't have missions requiring ranked mode.
The mission has everything to do with ranked placements tho. If you don't want to play the mode you don't get the exp. Duh. It's like declining an optional mission in other games. You lose out on the rewards, unfortunately.
Crett (NA)
: i imagine it has to do with poke comps
{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Viktor's Ult
Whenever I use it it doesn't even sit still, it just fizzles out and does nothing immediately after I die. What's up with that
Rioter Comments
Kai Guy (NA)
: {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:238}} can really wreck her day.
even more so. I don't get why Zoe was nerfed the way she was, or even that she was nerfed at all. If you look past her laning phase, she is actually bad. You just have to think a smidgen and remember that she is in your game. That's really about it.
Rioter Comments
LankPants (OCE)
: 100 HP is more than 15 HP/second for 4 seconds in every possible case. you'd have to survive at basically dead for at least 7 seconds to heal 100 HP which is a low end Overgrowth, assuming you don't have any form of GW put on you, which you're bellow 40% so Morello's hits you. Also to have a 100 boost from Overgrowth at 4k HP with a Cinderhulk you'd have to have been around fewer than 160 creeps/monsters dying, which is not going to be the case at this point in the game. The 100 HP also gets multiplied by resists, so that argument's complete BS. No matter which way you cut it Second Wind is just worse than Overgrowth, the only people who'd think otherwise are those that simply never bothered to do even the most basic of math. >You also aren't factoring in the effects of these runes on the human psyche. Flat 100+ extra health says "don't hit me I'm too tanky and not worth it!" but hidden health regen might cause them to try and kill you because all of a sudden you're fairly low, but little do they know you're healing for an extra 8-15 health/sec. I'd love to know what game you're playing to arive at that. No one notices a 100HP difference or a 15 hp/sec difference (when you're already dead BTW, at decent life it's more like 4) because both of these things are insignificant. The thing is the 100HP is just mathematically better outside of extreme niche cases, so you should be running that.
You speak as if healing from Second Wind is not compounded by resists. All health is, so that argument is neutralized in this case. The biggest difference is in earlier on. Second Wind works with your base health as well AND works the moment you get hit by a champion for 6 seconds, so only counting 4 seconds is not valid unless you die instantly, then yeah sure Overgrowth is better. But as Amumu with 2 CCs I would hope you would survive for more than 4 seconds. Typically as Amumu I survive long enough for 2-3 bandage tosses, so about 10 seconds in-combat. Often times I will be at around 200HP, so one good auto+skill seems like it will kill me, and often times I do see people try and flash for the kill. But I'm healing and I have good resists so they won't be able to. Compare that to if I had Overgrowth with 250 HP. If I'm already running away most people won't bother trying to commit. 250 HP early on is too much for anyone who already blew their rotation.
LankPants (OCE)
: If you have 4000 HP and are at 300 HP then Second Wind heals you for 15 HP/sec. That's not actually enough to save you from most Supports, even a Janna out DPS's that by quite a significant margin and will eventually kill you. That's before mentioning it does jack-shit if you're not at 300 HP. It's also not worth runing for such a niche scenario and having such a worthless rune in any other scenario. Second Wind is primary a laning tool and it's very weak on junglers who do not have to deal with lane poke.
It's not an in-combat warmog's. You're overestimating its intended power. 15 HP/sec in a 4 second clean up is 60 HP. Including resists that will block 120~150 effective health. That's 2 extra autos, or 3 seconds against a support. Usually enough to make a difference. Certainly better than the flimsy ~100 health you get from Overgrowth, considering Second Wind actually starts healing you the moment you take damage, which as an frontline initiator, Amumu highly appreciates. You also aren't factoring in the effects of these runes on the human psyche. Flat 100+ extra health says "don't hit me I'm too tanky and not worth it!" but hidden health regen might cause them to try and kill you because all of a sudden you're fairly low, but little do they know you're healing for an extra 8-15 health/sec. Tanking hits is your job, and the more you can convince the enemy to hit you and not your ADC, the better.
Tahm (NA)
: I think ive seen you stream before(?) may be a different person. Youre good at morde. We have all seen your post. I have done pretty well on morde my last few games trying to learn him But please.. Dont try to validate morde over norms when you duo _Every Single Game_. I have a +80% avg winrate on my two junglers last season when i duod.
LankPants (OCE)
: That's even worse because you almost never have to deal with poke in the jungle and if you're building towards Warmog's you're already building towards almost unlimited antipoke. At least Revitalise gives you some bonus HP back when you smite or pop a pot, Second Wind gives you fuckall all game out of the jungle. Your antipoke would be better if you just ran Overgrowth for the 1 extra HP to proc Warmog's anyway. Second Wind gives a jungler literally nothing, it's literally a waste of a slot. Far better to take whatever small amount of HP you can get.
It's great insurance against weak clean-up. Supports without damage who happen to survive last in a fight cannot kill you if you have Second Wind. It's also insanely good against non-sticky melee. Get baited
: At lvl 1 -3 your playing bots anyway the perfect time to let new players run free and maybe just maybe give some tutorial explanation of the JG. The games been out for years now and the battle tutorial feels like it hasn't been updated for a while. Theres also a lot of forcing going on in other lanes. I want to learn a certain champ in top lane or mid but can't because you have 2 v1 lanes or 2 v 2 lanes which mess up learning how to farm and trade it just becomes chaos instead of fundamental building. As a user I don't have an option against it, I can't decide to go jungle when these situations arise Riot forces the user to just deal with it. These are new players who cares if they take Garen Jg at least they have the option to actually learn. Not to mention the actual practice tool doesn't unlock til lvl 10... huh!!!? So Im a new player bought a champ (with money this is important to remember) and I can't learn the champ in normal play cuz its just chaos, but can't practice with him/her at all either. Why does Riot let me spend money if I can't effectively learn and have to play their dumb progression game... Bad UX...
That is terrible game design. There is such thing as overdoing a tutorial and is one of the easiest ways to deter new players. No one wants to have to sit through an hour of tutorials just to play. The meta is also not strictly enforced. It's just something widely accepted. Riot from the beginning never enforced meta. Level 1 Jungle start used to not exist long ago. Why force new players to conform right off the bat? That's why they wouldn't make a detailed tutorial like that. The other thing that deters many new players is information overload. Just looking through the item list or champion list is daunting enough, but adding runes on too of all that would make many quit before they even really start. Again, the new player experience doesn't necessarily revolve around overly informed newbies like you. Just accept it and be glad you get a full rune page at all. If you are scared to try a champ in normals but also complaining that you don't get to access everything an experienced level 30+ player can you might be playing wrong. Normals doesn't matter, go nuts.
: I fail to see how locket and redemption benefits adc more than any other class, they dont, stop exaggerating. But yes, having a support for AP is a nice change lets hope it goes well.
Same thing as lulu. Having hidden defenses causes enemies to overcommit, using their burst or standard spell rotation, then get pummeled by non-stop autos from an ADC that didn't die. No class as a whole benefits more from barely surviving than ADCs, as they get constant damage output the longer they stay alive. Compare that to a mage or tank where that burst heal doesn't matter much if they are waiting on cooldowns. It's only fully beneficial if the locket/redemption lets them survive for another spell rotation, which could be up to 10 seconds in some cases, in which case the fight is already over and meanwhile the ADC either also died or plowed through and finished everything.
Rioter Comments
: Sorry, but that just ain't true. They're plenty useful. If you wna adjust them each and every game, go ahead. I prefer to use my time on other things.
I consider not spending 6300 IP on rune pages (up to 100k+ IP investment total) a big time saver. All that time playing League spent on rune pages? Naw thanks.
: You're not even lvl 30 yet, I don't want your input lmao
oh right I forgot this is the only account I'm allowed to have, sorry you're right
: So the hardest learning curve needs less time to learn... Behaviorally we form patterns habits etc, so locking away smite at 9-10 its a nice way for many new players to learn certain ways and either avoid jungle or struggle with it.
The train of thought is that you eventually see someone else jungling, see the merit in it in it/find it interesting and try it for yourself at that point. You end up playing a lot of games. 1000s of games. Getting access to a difficult portion of the game 50 games into it isn't going to hurt you all that much. It will hurt people who aren't prepared for it though. Trust me, if smite was available at level 1, there WILL be people "forced" into jungle by their peers without knowing what they're doing. The game doesn't necessarily revolve around overly informed people like you.
noukinn (NA)
: Know what would be nice? If the next batch of patches were NOTHING but nerfs across the board
Next patch "Maokai, Garen, and other tanks all get a 5 base armor nerf next patch. No buffs this time around" Lol
: Riot your low level account User Experience is absolutely horrendous...
The "new player experience" is bad for smurfs because you already played through it before so anytbing that's locked away is considered stuff "taken away". But to new players it's stuff "to be added on". Riot doesn't care about the "smurf player experience" so if it sucks for you then too bad lol play your other account instead
: Superminions Should have structure priority
If you were that close to winions then you should be able to close out the game right after anyway.
: Ranked and Clash -- Honor
Because low key if you're deemed toxic you probably wouldn't be fun to play with, especially over multiple games. Riot is protecting your friends from being exposed to your toxicity long-term.
Arammus (EUW)
: the strat was you buy a pinkward, go to red, place the ward at gromps, place your towers at the wall to gromps, towers fire at them, gromps cant get to you and will lose agro (heal again) and this repeats. you being "in combat" made you "not afk"
... do you mean krugs because the rock creatures near red buff are krugs. The big frog near blue buff is gromp.
: A compliment on what Riot really managed to balance
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