Kiragami (NA)
: So will we get compensated after the option is added with a finisher that lasts past the event regardless of which house you pick? Since we lost that reward from now till it's fixed.
[Yes. Here is the twitter post made by Riot Xenogenic.](
Saezio (EUNE)
: We should be able to toggle a "Vanilla" mode basically that disables anything that isn't base to solve such issues preemptively. It should make everyone base skin, base wards, no fancy barons no fancy nothing. Just everything unaltered.
Sometimes certain skins are safer than base skins for certain champions. Especially if they remove the opaque, white based effects that come with the base skin of certain champions like Blood Moon Diana compared to Diana's base skin.
: The more approachable method (though definitely not the easier one) would be to simply make a mode similar to the colorblind mode that mutes certain animations and turns off certain cosmetic animations (like these finishers) altogether. It'll be something that takes time, and likely input from people who understand the triggers better (as in, more people with photosensitive epilepsy who can give more detailed feedback to improve the mode) but it's certainly a possible undertaking.
There is a software to check the safety of media for photosensitive epilepsy made by a specialist of photosensitive epilepsy. [Harding Flash and Pattern Analyser]( I think that's a good place to start :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Apricot Princess,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GN0cboPj,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-13T11:21:41.302+0000) > but League has brought me a lot of joy these past few years This is when I figured out it was a troll. No one has fun playing the game anymore, lol. But in all seriousness I miss when League of was fun. :\ Can't wait for the get woke go broke party at least. Hope your issue gets fixed for real though.
I've only been playing this game for about 2 years. I'm glad this game has only gotten better for me enjoyment wise and that it continues to push me to be better than I was previously. Thank you, me too :)
: yo! thank you so much for making a post like this. i too have epilepsy (along with other health issues) and the finishers are always too much for me! it really sucks that riot does this bs without even thinking of ppl with epilepsy. im so glad you spoke up when others like myself were afraid to! thank you!!!
I'm glad I was able to sum up the courage to do so :) Hopefully something good comes of it. Glad the finishers are no longer triggering people with photosensitive epilepsy, especially anyone who might be unaware they have it yet.
: Im curious why does this trigger your epilepsy? Especially in comparision to the rest of the game, since teamfights should be way mroe visual then a singel animation. (I´ve got no idea how epilepsy works btw)
All of my effects are on very low so I see a much different game compared to high or normal effects. My game experience is more bland than the average game on normal or high effects. Team fights without trigger champions like Lux or Lucian are fine for me. It's not so much that visual things bother my brain's cheap graphics card but strobing in quick succession like Lucian's ult.
: I'd like to point out the League subreddit moderators tried to sweep your thread on Reddit on the rug. :/ Yeah, sure, let's do damage control **when people's LIVES are at stake.** My sister died from [SUDEP]( Read up on it. Epileptic seizures are a serious thing. Shame on those subreddit mods.
I haven't posted anything on Reddit yet. I believe whomever posted it was just trying to bring more light to the boards post. I can post something later this week after I've gotten some rest. My Reddit username for these purposes is [/user/apricotprincessLoL]( I'm sorry to hear about your sister. May she rest peacefully.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Quickest Fix Idea I have on this is to have a Photosensitive mode that replaces all ingame assests with safer ones. The Dev end needs to have 1 "photosafe" Skin for every champion as well as lower risk Map Assets as well. The down side is Photosensitive players lose skins forever. Not a big deal from a gameplay side but some folks get attached. This does make a system with 100% reliability thou, its worst triggers would represent its highest risk. Reliability as It removes all the animation and coloration variables from skins and chromas or game mode. Is that safer thou? I don't know how bad the variance is for folks who have to deal with this. Is this even a remotely realistic solution? What are the issues that really need to be solved to make things safer for ya? Give that there are minors who play, what kind of verification is needed to enable this? I got a large gap in my knowledge on the topic here. What is actually needed?
I appreciate the attempt at trying to troubleshoot this issue, but this solution is not only impractical but likely inefficient and more time consuming for Riot than it probably needs to be. Epilepsy differs from person to person, but overall the main triggers involve opaque, bright, quick flashing spell effects (usually with a contrast difference between flashing– whether against the map color or against it's own color base). I do not think a mode or setting that removes a huge part of the game (all skins?) is viable. Not for the player or for Riot. Also, there is unfortunately no 100% reliability with epilepsy but there are things that help and things that absolutely do not help– or worse– trigger. Chromas usually do not affect spell effect colors. The best bet for a photosensitive mode would be a toggle function/setting much like colorblind mode that swaps out the spell effects mentioned above (opaque, bright, etc...) for more muted, transparent effects/effects with more overall opacity (so the contrast between the dark map color and the white/bright light blue/etc isn't as dramatic). This does mean that riot would need to look at each champion's spell effects to see if they meet that criteria, but once they're known they wouldn't need to revisit them again unless a rework or a complete VU that modifies those effects was made. I have an entire support ticket written out in detail with more information about the possibilities of making these modifications. If needed, I can post that here but I don't know if this post is the place to do that at this time. Thank you for your comment and concern. I appreciate it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Apricot Princess,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GN0cboPj,comment-id=00160000,timestamp=2019-05-14T04:53:46.608+0000) > > Yes, I use flux on one of the higher settings to dampen the contrast of flashing effects. I also have my monitors adjusted and never play or watch something without the room I'm in being well lit. I also have all my game effects turned down to very low. Etcetera. I used to be in IT and studied multimedia and design– I have all my peripherals adjusted to help out my brain's cheap graphics card :) Thank you for your suggestions. > > P.S. I chose the council on my main- super white and bright light blue flashing every time I got a takedown LOL. Unfortunate. Good information. Thanks. I also chose council. Damn. I guess it is less noticeable when I don't suffer from a medical condition. Oh well. Nice to have you in the Council House with me :D
: Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense now, I didn't quite grasp that from the original post, my bad. If the house finishers aren't adhering to the very low effects setting, then it really is an issue Riot should handle. I'm going to play around with the settings to see if I can see the same thing. Stay safe, dude.
You too {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
nm1010 (NA)
: It would be nice if framework for disabling certain features was made, then you wouldn't have to design a toggle for each event individually. I have no idea what kind of workload that would entail, but the pay off seems worth it if it saves you resources on every event/content release.
: riot making the fancy new content trigger epilepsy again? did not learn from the last incident with odyssey, smh
: IK, that's why I said that to people blaming riot and not to you. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
It's still about epileptics and blames me (and epileptics) for playing when this post isn't about blaming. It's about working together to help others.
: probably just change the color schemes, or lessen the color effects. Say instead of a flashing light with 100% opacity, it is one solid beam color with 50% opacity.
This is right on the money, LatetotheRace! :)
: How do they NOT have some kind of option for this?
I would love for Riot to create one.
Elipo (NA)
: People like op shouldn't even play videogames. They are willingly putting themselves at risk then blamimg riot when they see the consecuenses of their decitions. I understand if you want to ask for the toggle option but blaming riot of the risks they willingly take seems quite childish.
Again, I am not blaming Riot. I am attempting and asking to work with them. Please do not take other's witch hunt as my own.
: I agree. The house finishers don't seem to be more colorful than any other of the more vibrant or flashy things in league. Ideally there would be a preset that mutes the more colorful effects akin to color blind mode, but asking for a toggle for every effect seems a little much. As cruel as it sounds, at a certain point it may have to be your responsibility to watch out for your own safety if you have one of these conditions, whether that'd be messing with the presets on your monitor or wearing glasses that you know help with these things, though I'm not educated enough to know if these are options.
My game effects are on very low. The house finishers appear to be unaffected by that setting. Meaning, the rest of my game is very low effect wise but the house finishers are on high effects. All of my peripherals are modified for my brain's cheap graphics card.
: My mom has epilepsy so I do know the basics of it. The photosensitive kind works by having rapid change in colors stressing out the brain which causes the seizure. If you were to use shades that dimmed the light or made it monochromatic, depending on the severity of the epilepsy it could work. However, if the OP has an aggressive epilepsy case, s/he shouldn't even be playing video games, those are caused by rapid pattern changes and League is all about that I swear most people in this forums just downvote people out of context without even understanding what the person meant by the post. I've even had downvoted posts where I am not even talking in english....
There is a specific type of lens for epileptics that block the certain uv ray(s) that has the highest trigger rate for epileptic brains. It's made from a specific chemical produced by chemists and neurologists who ran an intensive study in Italy for photosensitive epilepsy. That lens would diminish some effect on the brain. But regular sunglass lenses, even polarized lenses, will not. Thank you for the suggestion though :) It would be pretty cool if I could rock ray-bans medically haha
TisBis (NA)
: Does disabling emotes help?
I'm actually not sure! I tried disabling map themes for events but that didn't work for the finishers. I'm going to be avoiding the game for a bit until it's safer for me to play so I don't know if I personally can test it but some of my friends can. That would be awesome if it did. Simple fix. But I doubt it with the information Xenogenic provided above.
: Videogames are dangerous for epileptics, no matter how. they know about the potential brain damage and still want to play the game, fine, but don't blame riot if you get a side effect.
This post is about attempting to work with Riot to create a photosensitive feature much like colorblind. This post isn't blaming. It's attempting to work with Riot.
: hopefully they add this , in case they dont maybe search for third party softwares that can affect that but first sending a ticket to riot that ur doing this for that reason and they can crosscheck i the tps is sfae to use.
: If it's a toggle, ok but I'll be pissed if it's outright removed or made to look worse.
This post is about asking for a toggle.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Video games are inherently unsafe for folks like the OP. BUT! This is a good time for players to band together for some QOL support. Like Total mentioned It might be helpful to have a "photosensitive mode" to reduce the trigger risk for the entire game. The OP apparently has issue with {{champion:99}} {{champion:236}}. Toggle only helps with a current issue. Its not going to make the game less of a ticking timebomb for them to trigger an episode. Skins can change animations pretty dramatically. QOL changes for players are always something I try to support, we have good opportunity to look into a long term fix for the minority of players who suffer from it. If Riot adopts it I think it might become a bit more mainstream for online games. Its worth looking into.
I agree with this comment. I would love to see QOL for people like me. I've met some odd 20 epileptics during my last 2 years playing this game and most end up quitting bc they feel like Riot doesn't see epilepsy as important. Most don't want to draw attention to themselves by making a boards post, which is also why I didn't for so long. Most people in the league community make not so great comments about epileptics playing from my experience and that's not even on such a public platform like this.
: Also the first version of the Dark Star Kha'zix/Ori login was triggering seizures, too. This is probably like the fourth or fifth time, LOL.
I heard about that! Unfortunate. It was before my time with League.
: Yeah, I barely notice the finisher... But it could be because of the House I chose. Other houses are probably more flashy. OP, have you ever used a program like Flux? Could that help? It lessens the brightness of blue/white light. You can adjust it to where there is virtually no more white or blue light, thus eliminating bright flashy lights. You can also dim the screen significantly at the same time. Would something like that help? I imagine being able to dull bright flashes and making the screen really dim could help but I'm not an expert.
Yes, I use flux on one of the higher settings to dampen the contrast of flashing effects. I also have my monitors adjusted and never play or watch something without the room I'm in being well lit. I also have all my game effects turned down to very low. Etcetera. I used to be in IT and studied multimedia and design– I have all my peripherals adjusted to help out my brain's cheap graphics card :) Thank you for your suggestions. P.S. I chose the council on my main- super white and bright light blue flashing every time I got a takedown LOL. Unfortunate.
: can't you use some sort of shaded glasses to diminish the effects of the color variations on screen?
Unfortunately, that's not how photosensitive epilepsy works. It would be cool if I could just get some sick Ray-Bans though :)
: If it's a toggle, ok but I'll be pissed if it's outright removed or made to look worse.
I'm not asking for it to be removed.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Its already recommended if you are susceptible to certain seizures not to play videogames. Youre actively taking that risk yourself in doing so, and its not like riot is intentionally trying to cause them. Options are either ship the neat thing that most people will love or dont. It would have been stupid of them not to release them.
I do not believe Riot is specifically trying to cause seizures and I don't believe I've said anything along those lines. I am aware I am taking a risk in playing as is my doctor. I am not asking for them to be removed for all players, just a toggle function in the (hopefully near) future.
: I'm not sure how you arrive at me saying "I'm sorry, we didn't think about it" when I articulated how we had multiple conversations about the toggle. Just to repeat: we had many conversations about it and multiple meetings about it, and we decided in the end that even though we did not have the time/resources to ship with a toggle, we wanted to get finishers and spawn ceremonies into the competition. It was either ship without a toggle or don't ship it at all, and we felt that bringing them to the competition was better despite not having a toggle than not shipping them at all.
I understood Xenogenic's comment and appreciate their time. I also understand your frustration, SpiritOfOdysseus. Ultimately, this is a free to play game and I choose to play it.
: I've at least *studied* health related topics...I'm not gonna call myself an expert, but I can at least give you a little info. Epileptic seizures can technically happen at any point in time. However, the three biggest recorded risk factors for triggering a seizure (and what would need to be addressed in order to make a Photosensitive mode) are: - "Strobing" effects (flashing between colors at a high rate of speed) [The "lost episode" of Pokémon was taken off air from this] - Sudden changes from darker or cooler colors to brighter and hotter colors (not to be confused with strobing, which can take place with almost any color combination, these changes are simply from say black to white or vice versa, and don't necessarily have to be done several times at once, but just done very suddenly with no gradient) - High amounts of motion (not necessarily Strobing, but just too much motion at one time over a large enough area) Basically, Epilepsy is most commonly triggered by an "overload" of sensory (usually visual) input. It's not necessarily comparable to an allergy, and more comparable to what happens when someone or something surmounts a critical level of stress. But since it's a more specialized form of stress on a notably vulnerable area, it's far more acute than simple stress factors. In order to make a Photosensitive mode, you've actually got a decent start - muting the colors and toning back some of the more hyperactive animation effects is a decent start.
The points ChaosReyn made are all correct speaking from my experience with photosensitive epilepsy. In League specifically, it also deals with the opacity of–or lack of– certain spell effect animations. Love your name btw
: No, I mean I *barely* notice the finishers. Most of the time they're so non-existent that I don't even think that they're activated. A toggle would be cool tho.
They're more noticeable if you have multiple people in the game with those missions completed.
: Man, I barely even notice the finishers.
Yeah, they seem pretty cool for those who don't experience photosensitivity.
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