: I'm in Ottawa, Canada Ping spiked on Teksavvy.
this happened to me too on TekSavvy but I'm in Toronto, used to have a 30 ping and since yesterday night I have a 110 ping.
: yes I completely think its fare. you're responsible for your actions no one is forcing you to say racial slurs or hate speech that's all on you. so if you say it you gotta accept the consequences. if you can't then you shouldn't have done it in the first place
I agree I was wrong and was given a second chance by riot to play as a reformed player. I for sure wont be saying such things ever again.
Dispelle (NA)
: It's normal to get a 2-week ban for normal-level flame after chat bans. As this is beyond normal-level flame, it's normal that it skipped a tier. Hope that helps. Good luck with your reforming on next account though.
Did you see my chat logs? I posted them above. All I did was say one homophobic slur, nothing racist or sexist or anything. Can you tell me what was beyond normal-level flame about it?
: > [{quoted}](name=AptitudeX,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=hLEmIZ3B,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-22T17:08:46.539+0000) > AptitudeX: %%%got > AptitudeX: get rekt %%%s While the entire logs are pretty toxic and feature a number of insults and abuse, these two lines are the reason you jumped immediately to a permanent ban. **Riot** has a *zero tolerance* policy for this behavior, and punishes it very aggressively. Do *not* use this language in *League*. A single instance of it can result in an immediate 14-day ban, and when combined with the level of harassment in your logs you might even be able to go immediately to a permanent ban on a fresh account. Remember though -- this is not the only unacceptable behavior in these logs. If you continue harassing, insulting, and belittling other players you will end up permanently banned on other accounts if you decide to continue playing. If you need help with ideas or suggestions for moderating your behavior in-game, let us know. We're always happy to help.
Welp, thanks for the clarification. I guess ill just have to start all over again as a reformed player.
: In short, yes, Riot does not typically remove legitimate punishments for toxic behavior. I still encourage you to post the logs so we can help you find better ways to approach situations like what caused you to react that way, though. What's important is that you learn from the mistakes you made here so that you improve as a person and a player.
Here are my logs, I was in a really bad mood because I kept losing and that second game I felt as if everyone was ganging up on me because I was losing lane as fiora. I'm not trying to make excuses but I just wanted you to know where I was coming from. Game 1 AptitudeX: bard go over AptitudeX: lol AptitudeX: wow AptitudeX: %%%got AptitudeX: why ks AptitudeX: fuck u AptitudeX: lee ur bad AptitudeX: come top and give me kill now AptitudeX: since u ks AptitudeX: rekt AptitudeX: ur maokai retard AptitudeX: haha pussies AptitudeX: go to ur safe space AptitudeX: what the fuck AptitudeX: mundo too tanky gg AptitudeX: are u guys fuckin inting? AptitudeX: smh AptitudeX: nah AptitudeX: so u wouldnt have to int? AptitudeX: lmao AptitudeX: not bronze AptitudeX: but u are AptitudeX: lul AptitudeX: theres a reason why ur bronze AptitudeX: and im not AptitudeX: lol AptitudeX: almost got u AptitudeX: trashuo losing to tf LUUUUUUUUUL AptitudeX: noob smh AptitudeX: 2v1 AptitudeX: ur bad AptitudeX: did mundo not come ? AptitudeX: lol AptitudeX: this twitch AptitudeX: no pussy AptitudeX: lol AptitudeX: coming AptitudeX: hehe AptitudeX: such betas AptitudeX: its sad AptitudeX: gg AptitudeX: first time kennen AptitudeX: ur bad AptitudeX: get rekt %%%s AptitudeX: ez ult AptitudeX: all me bb 5 man stun AptitudeX: nice lee AptitudeX: so bad AptitudeX: TRASHUO!! AptitudeX: u got caught AptitudeX: noobi e AptitudeX: all me AptitudeX: we won gg AptitudeX: yall are some ASS AptitudeX: ?? AptitudeX: ??? AptitudeX: im baiting scrubs AptitudeX: im challenger for a reason AptitudeX: i did more dmg than u yasuo AptitudeX: ur bad AptitudeX: i bet AptitudeX: hehe AptitudeX: gg AptitudeX: lol AptitudeX: challenger AptitudeX: ez Game 2 AptitudeX: no tp top early gank gg we win AptitudeX: WHAT AptitudeX: WHAT AptitudeX: WHAT AptitudeX: OMFG I FELT IT TOO AptitudeX: WTF AptitudeX: ON MY COCK AptitudeX: did it really? AptitudeX: wtf AptitudeX: LMFAO AptitudeX: HOW AptitudeX: HOLY SHIT THATS BROKEN LMAO AptitudeX: go away AptitudeX: lrl AptitudeX: how i take tower shot AptitudeX: lag AptitudeX: how about top AptitudeX: ya getting camped AptitudeX: gg AptitudeX: 3 times he ganked AptitudeX: im not... AptitudeX: look at the lane AptitudeX: dumbass AptitudeX: are u guys qued or not AptitudeX: have to be qued AptitudeX: how AptitudeX: lol? AptitudeX: how about when she is pushed AptitudeX: wjhere is my jg AptitudeX: rip AptitudeX: 1v2 top AptitudeX: there is no way ur not qued AptitudeX: over extended? AptitudeX: do u know that that means AptitudeX: 1v2 ur a bitch AptitudeX: get my jg top tjhen AptitudeX: for one gank AptitudeX: hahah AptitudeX: my jg is inting AptitudeX: lol AptitudeX: see lmao AptitudeX: i got camped wow AptitudeX: no shit lmao AptitudeX: im not trying anymore AptitudeX: cuz we lost AptitudeX: my jg is no where to be found AptitudeX: 0 ganks top AptitudeX: lmao ok buddy AptitudeX: the difference a competant jg makes sigh AptitudeX: just end pls AptitudeX: xD AptitudeX: ^ ] AptitudeX: like im gonna get banned lol AptitudeX: looking at ur recents ur shit lmao AptitudeX: i didnt have a jg this game AptitudeX: they did AptitudeX: simple as that AptitudeX: got camped we lost game AptitudeX: ya im used to 1v2ing but yall got lucky AptitudeX: yet u always came when she was low hmm AptitudeX: she was losing hard we all know it AptitudeX: she lost 7 ranked games in a row for a reason AptitudeX: that dosent make sense AptitudeX: you dont lose 7 games in a row without being bad AptitudeX: lost 1v2 i shoulda won tbh AptitudeX: only after i died 3 times to ganks u soloed AptitudeX: lmao AptitudeX: no i dont AptitudeX: ...
Kei143 (NA)
: it typically isn't reversible, but if you have had a long history of positive behavior, you can try to contact support and see if they can lower it to a 14-day ban. But that depends your history and the person reviewing it.
Alright, thanks for the help.
: Some people only skip to a 14 day, but excessive behavior of that nature can sometimes result in skipping all the way to a permanent ban. Here's some information on the tier systems and skipping them; https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ-#h1q4
Oh ok thanks for that link, so is there nothing I can do about that perma ban I got? Do I just have to make another account?
: well fact you got Chat restricted and you still went into homophobic slurs right after it.. means you obviously don't learn and got the ban. so well deserved
Yes but some people get 2 week bans first and I just skipped it, do you think that's fair also?
Kei143 (NA)
: Extreme toxicity (typically calling people %%%s, %%%%%%, or telling them to kill themselves as a griefing tool) can skip punishment tiers. You can post you chat logs here, and we'll be able to tell you whether the punishment skip was warranted.
Does it really​ matter if you think it was warranted or not? I was need the impression that a perma ban is irreversible. I was only coming here to ask if it was possible to skip punishment tiers which I now know is possible because of the homophobic slurs I used.
: Yes that's the reform card. The most common cause of skipping punishment tiers for chat is repeated use of hate speech (racist/homophobic slurs etc.) or making threats/wishing harm on others. If you're unsure what in your logs is anything like that I'd recommend posting them here for us to go over with you.
I realise now it was the homophobic slurs that got me banned, but skipping punishment tiers is not listed anywhere on your website is it? I was not even given a warning. I honestly think it's unfair that some people get a 2 week ban first while I just slipped it. I know I made homophobic slurs and I'm in the wrong for that but does that really warrant me skipping tiers?
Sarutobi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AptitudeX,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=hLEmIZ3B,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-22T15:25:36.466+0000) > > The reform card is the thing with the chat logs right? Because I got that. I will admit I was toxic but I really never said anything THAT bad, I don't think going straight to a perma ban is warranted and I didn't even know that was possible. A two week ban would have kept me off this game long enough to be a reformed player as I would have had time to think about what I did and the threat of a perma ban looming. It would be best to copy/paste the full logs here. You might not think they are that bad, but to some slurs arent that bad and we all know the rules are set to have it that those are basically an auto-ban. Your wording though makes it seem like you have been punished before, like youve gotten chat restricted before, just not the 2 week ban. somewhat confusing.
Yes I've gotten chat restricted but never gotten a 2 week ban, and I made some homophobic slurs I guess which is why I got banned.
: There are a handful of reasons you might get permabanned without any prior punishments. Your behavior could've just been *that* bad, or maybe they just locked it because your account looked like it was compromised. Did you receive a reform card upon logging into the client? If you did, it should have some more information on what the ban was for. If you did not, you should submit a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and speak to player support about it.
The reform card is the thing with the chat logs right? Because I got that. I will admit I was toxic but I really never said anything THAT bad, I don't think going straight to a perma ban is warranted and I didn't even know that was possible. A two week ban would have kept me off this game long enough to be a reformed player as I would have had time to think about what I did and the threat of a perma ban looming.
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