: I think you're confused. 3 PDT is 6PM EST (where I'm located). That means I need to wait 3 more hours because I'm 3 hours ahead of PDT.
oh, okay thanks, then, 1 hour and 45 mins to go!
: Project Skins
Just read something about skins being available today at 3 PDT, maybe the PROJECTS will come out at that time! If so, only 1 hour and a half left!
: I can only get the yi skin right away but that's enough to sate me :P
well there's going to be a bundle available for all five skins for like 1850 RP I think
Duralius (NA)
: isnt there also going to be a party bonus thing too?
do you mean like if you buy them from the 8th to the 15th, you get a bonus? if so, yeah, you get custom Project frames for the game waiting page, or to say better, when you're waiting for the game to start, and I saw something about if your team equips project skins, the minions also become PROJECT for the reminder of the game, which is awesome, if you ask me. Apart from that, didn't see anything else. (saw these infos here: http://www.newsoflegends.com/index.php/45547-45547/ ) Enjoy!
: Project Skins
I can't wait for those skins, really, been wanting a {{champion:238}} project skin since I've started playing 3 years ago!
Jazblood (EUW)
: yo dude they coming out 2day right?
still waiting and yeah, supposed to come out today for First Strike, until the 15th.
: Pentakill's Smite and Ignite Album Out Now
Pentakill Mordekaiser is my new main skin from now on! Bring it on!{{champion:82}} I love the new album {{summoner:11}} and{{summoner:14}} ! My favorite one must be {{item:3128}}!


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