: He's not wrong though. In America, when you go to most sporting events, you cheer for _your_ team and boo the _other_ team. It's just that in most sporting events, the fans are split more or less evenly, so both teams get love and hate. So an ingrained societal norm for us came out at a time in which there was no big cheering section for the other guys. On the one hand, I don't disagree with the OP. It was rude. But it was ONLY rude because the crowd was overwhelmingly American. Which is something they certainly _should_ have realized, but they did not. :/
The fans that boo the other team usually have never played a sport in their life other than little league or peewee football.
: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/4/40/Netherstride_Grimoire_item.png/revision/latest?cb=20150707235734 +{{item:3116}} That's why If Rylais finally gets nerfed into the spot it should be (tanky utility) it would leave the spot of a kiting mage option open
Wouldn't other mages just abuse the tank slow and the high ap speed boost?
: Dodges are treated by a slightly different system than Leaverbuster, which addresses players who go AFK or disconnect from a match. You can read about Queue Dodging in our [FAQ.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751844-Queue-Dodging)
: I win 60% of my games by focusing on their carry as {{champion:89}}. Doesn't matter if you're the ADC, mid laner, jungler ... if you took the majority of kills and I stop you from getting anymore kills, my team has an easier time completing objectives. I also make my build around who's the most threatening / impactful towards my team.
: As *Lew* mentioned, you'd only get a 5-match LPQ if you've exhibited a trend of disconnecting. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen and you **need** to take off to take care of something. If you're experiencing technical issues that caused you to disconnect from matches, please let me know so we can work together to resolve it.
Do dodges count the same as disconnections or afking?
: Syndra is taking her time in the sun mostly because her assa and mage counters are out of the pro-meta. I mean, a really reactive Yasuo can nullify her ultimate entirely, Xerath and Ziggs just don't care of her, Azir just thinks she is a floating minion and for Zed and Talon she is gold on CD. I have one nerf for her though: The stun should happen only on the orbs path and not the entire fan.
Why don't pros play zed or talon vs her and just get fed
VazEzren (NA)
: Not sure if this has been mentioned, but a fun little side note: If you had only 6300IP/975RP champions left to buy and didn't care which ones you got you could buy 3 mystery champion shards and reroll them for a guaranteed 6300 champ. Champ shards are 1700ip each so 1700X3=5100, 6300-5100=1200. So you'd be saving 1200ip per champ. Or we could go with RP, shards are 195RP each, 6300 champs are 975RP each. So 195X3=585, 975-585=390. So you're saving 390RP per champ, $10=1380RP so 1380/390=~3.5 so you could buy 3 champs for $10 as opposed to 1 champ if you buy shards. I count 32X6300IP/975RP champs (including Ivern after he goes down in price) so 32X1200=38400 or 32X390=12480 , so you'd save 38,400ip or 12,480rp doing this. You'd be saving at least $50(7200RP) by doing this method (I'm too lazy right now to figure out the actual amount you'd be saving since RP scaling is different between $50 payment and $100 payment). Again though, using this method only guarantees a 6300 champ if you own all 4800 and lower champs. It's also random so you won't get a specific champ you want unless you're very lucky. I'm also unsure if there's a cap on how many shards you can buy per day or not. If there is then this method would take significantly longer than just buying all the champs for that extra money. Hope this was informative! -Vaz-
MVpmack (NA)
: your argument: IP has very poor value compared to $ my argument: the point of league is to play league, IP is just a bonus you get in addition to the play experience your argument: "IP is a carrot on a stick" my argument: see first argument your argument: "league is an inferior, feature-stripped product" my argument: if you think this, why not play another game your argument: U SUK yeah idk how to say this other than why play league if you're convinced that IP is the reward for playing instead of the playing itself
I play league because it's a fun game. I do not want to have to spend money on champions to have more fun. I also do not want to play hundreds of games to unlock 3 6300 champions.
: Competitive play is prone to causing these types of emotions. When I play ranked in League or competitive in CS:GO, my palms get pretty sweaty (mom's spaghetti) and I sometimes feel like my heart rate may be reaching dangerous levels, but it's really just nerves. Some methods for calming these nerves that work for me are listening to music that puts me in *the zone* or having some of my favourite snacks close by so I can snack away during teleports back to base. I hope one of those work for you, please let me know if you have any questions. P.S. [Here's a link](https://open.spotify.com/user/armadamusicofficial/playlist/5lSgExb6yTKfLusGag7bm7) to the Spotify Playlist that puts me in *the zone*.
What do you do for anxiety and what snacks
: All Girl Team?
: And here we have yet another neckbeard that has never played a real sport and therefore has 0 concept of sportsmanship. It is people like you that prevent this game from truly functioning as a classical sport. Continue with this attitude if you wish to see League die.
What's wrong with neckbeards
: @Meddler Any changes planned for Vlad?
Didn't champion gg just get updated? Doesn't that make this post useless
: Bouy. As in the floaty things in the middle of the ocean. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0c/NOAA-NDBC-discus-buoy.jpg
: yes actually. At least i did 3 years ago in minecraft.
: Nothing, but Riot seems to think the CDR/Mana option has more potential. Or so it sounded when Meddler chirped in to present 'em
: gimme a sec check the post for edits.
: Well, Riot thinks otherwise. They're either going to: A) Change it into a high damage AP/CDR/MANA item (which would only further promote burst champions and other "abuse cases" to buy it) and it may just make Morello's obsolete or B) Chipp off some of the excessive AP and slow and further cement its niche as a tankier utility OPTION
: If it was in your game, your report is enough. Racial and homophobic slurs, among other extremely toxic behavior, are grounds for an immediate ban (14 day or permanent). Just try to not let it get to you, and mute/report them.
If homophobic slurs are an immediate ban shouldn't you see a ban message?
: Boy it's fun to play against {{champion:134}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:41}} the list goes on and on depending on who you find "fun" to play against.
nep2une (NA)
: Yeah. I honestly think she's in an okay spot, even with the ult buffs (although I'm just bad at the game and don't like it personally). Once Riot fixes the unintended byproduct of said autoattack changes (which has affected multiple other champions as well, some in good ways, some in bad), I feel like it'll all be okay.
Try flashing behind the ult
: > [{quoted}](name=AramsAreBest,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=iQFQGutt,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-10-08T06:31:21.010+0000) > > I agree Thank you for concurring with my assessment.
Just keep in mind that nearly all of the down votes are from 16 year olds still learning about life.
: @Riot; You said there would be behavior updates, YOU LIED TO ME
: How about we just straight up nerf Graves
All you do is complain about graves
Droogzy (NA)
: Fifth: if you're against an AD top laner, you should be rushing frozen heart anyways.
: Ya and other in meta champion are slim or normal size/small that can walk pass them that these guys can't.
Sion pretty easy cause you just e the minions but the worst out of all those for me is Olaf and volibear
: Chaos knight is more of my thing :^) Seriously though, people complain about Rylais offering a huge slow without impacting the mage's capability to utterly DESTROY you. They should be forced to choose between UTILITY or MURDER POWER A nerfed slow and rearranged stats would be best, werding out abuse cases and not severely impacting rylais users in general
Morde will be nerfed which will make him pretty useless for a patch or two. Maybe 3.
: i dont
Lol you just added that after my comment
: "Assassins counter mages"
Love how you only use Annie as an example
: > [{quoted}](name=Wolfram Oxford,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tOvdPAXm,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-07T18:36:24.475+0000) > > What I mean is you shouldn't be losing to that. That is basically a free win and by no means is a superior build compared to anything else. I think you might just have a problem with Vayne isolated to you and whoever in this community simply does not know how to face her. My post is about how much damage can an awful build do. It literally has NOTHING to do with winning or losing i think you need to realize what this threads about because im a plat adc main that loves fighting vaynes because it usually is a free win
Why do you never post on your plat account
Zarros (NA)
: This is beyond stupid. I'm sorry. Mastery means absolutely nothing other than that you play too many champions to climb properly. Source? https://gyazo.com/c19548431ba3e997349d22c508ecd892 35 mastery - d5 - 63% winrate.
He is probably a smurf therefore all of his mastery is on his other accounts
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >Where is this poll that 75% of the community doesn't want DQ? There is no poll, but there's a number of claims and facts that point to that being a thing. 1. 11% of the whole playerbase was angry at Riot in around July for replacing Solo Queue with Dynamic Queue. 2. Riot said that the number of players didn't shrink since the last time they announced it - 67 million active accounts monthly in 2014. 3. There is around 11 million ranked accounts on servers using Riot API - that is: China and Garena excluded Now the math. 11% of 67,000,000 is 7,370,000. 7,370,000 out of 11,000,000 is 67%. There: At least 67% of the ranked community is angry at Riot for replacing Solo Queue with Dynamic Queue. Got any more questions?
Meddler (NA)
: The general approach is fairly similar to the Elo system. Wikipedia's got a pretty decent write up on that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system I gather the LoL MMR calcs do have some other stuff going on as well, particularly around things like placement matches, adjustments for queueing with others of significantly different MMRs etc. Not certain on the details though sorry (not a side of things I'm too familiar with).
Are you ever going to rework the placement and 5 player elo idea?
Zerenza (NA)
: As a top laner (The lane you find these in) it can be very frustrating. Say i'm playing poppy or something and i'm the tank, my team needs me right? But Tryndamere is split pushing....like just imagine Poppy rolling her fucking eyes cause that's what i do constantly against champions like that. I have to constantly leave my team to stop them from getting an objective because i'm the only person who can actually stop them from split pushing. Anyone else will get killed because they aren't duelists and these champs do a lot of damage usually wasting my teleport or something. Not to mention champions such as Xin Zhao, Jax, Tryndamere, Udyr,Yasuo and Master Yi are just really boring and can actually be extremely frustrating if their ahead because they are still carries and build like an ADC so sometimes stopping them means dying yourself. It's just become a bit of unhealthy design and is a real flaw, i do think however that the next update is "Fighter/Diver" update so imagine these champions getting reworked and actually being fun to play and play against (i trust riot with reworks in most cases) As a side note, Riven, Irelia and Fiora are not mindless split pusher's, a good riven, Irelia and fiora should be with their team. The only time you split push with them is when you know the enemy laner can't 1v1 you, either because your super far ahead or because they just aren't a good duelist but this is just literally a rule for top laner's, if your 6/0 before 15 minutes, just keeping pushing your lane, if they ignore you they lose and if they don't they lose map pressure. Btw Zed, Nocturn and other Ad assassins, are assassins their job is to be alone and to assassinate stray targets. Especially with Zed, Nocturn is a diver so he should be with his team like a Diana or Ekko would be. Shaco is the only real AD assassin that likes to split push and is actually really effective at it. Olaf, Shyvana, Shen,Vi and Trundle CAN split push but their primary role is as a tank/bruiser they should be with their team, like do you even know what these champions are supposed to do? Like why the fuck is vayne here she's a goddamned ADC XD SHE SHOULD BE WITH HER TEAM! YOU MAKE NO SENSE!
I do not have words for how wrong this is.
: So you think having a bad game should be punishable? What type of punishment do you think you should get for your 0/8 Nasus game? http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2208457265/206718547?tab=overview What about your 0/7 game? http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2193562514/206718547?tab=overview Every single person has a bad game from time to time. Even the best pro players have uncharacteristic games and deliver poor scores. There is a serious difference between having a bad game and 'intentionally feeding'. You are absolutely right that calling someone bad is not acceptable. No, it is not negated by mute. I see this excuse all the time, and it doesn't hold up. You've already seen it, and your other teammates are now being exposed to and affected by your attitude. Negative attitude negatively affects performance of everyone exposed. There are many studies and a lot of data to back this. It also makes a game that is supposed to be fun .. not fun. What are you accomplishing by insulting others? Does it make you feel better? Do you think it's going to make the other person play better? I don't know about you, but I don't log onto League in the hopes of being discovered by a pro team. I play League and many other video games because I enjoy playing. I enjoy the challenge of always getting better and facing stiff competition. When I lose, I focus on the I can do better to carry my team to victory.
What about players who are intentionally low key trolling. Yes I am 100 percent they are trolling and yes I am 100 percent they will not be punished.
Kei143 (NA)
: you can do that as well. screen shot it and send that picture to support.riotgames.com
That's a hassle most players wouldn't go through
Serato (NA)
: As soon as someone discovers an algorithm that produces a truly random output. But that in and of itself is a contradiction, so the answer is never. ARAM will never be truly random.
I meant truly random like all champions unlocked.
: You are welcome.
When is aram truly gonna be all random?
: I'd be 100% ok with victorious rek'sai. She only has 2 skins, and one of them is her launch skin. Also, she has been one of the most hotly contested jungle picks on the pro scene for 2 years now. And it's not like people weren't also playing her in soloQ. Maokai is just not meta. He had a couple months where he was ok, then the meta shifted and now no one uses him. Kind of a let down, tbh.
nep2une (NA)
: Nunu also has plain AP ratios and isn't a fighter. Lee has his large AD ratio as entirely bonus and is a fighter.
In your original comment you said 3 of his abilities had massive ap ratios.
patmax17 (EUW)
: She can't roll out of J4's ult! <3
nep2une (NA)
: You realize… that's not the point? Also, both champions have at least 1 decently high ratio ability. Except it doesn't matter because to build that way to emphasize said scaling makes them exceedingly squishier compared to their normal counterparts. And in Lee's case, he doesn't even build much AD, so it being specifically _bonus_ AD restricts it even further.
Nunu builds full tank while lee usually builds an average of 3 ad items. I wasn't targeting your whole argument. I was just pointing out a flaw.
: I was imagining him in a lion onesy with a magical Wardrobe Shield
Is that the one from Narnia
: Oh yeah. PS, this nerf is going to hit the majority playerbase a lot harder than the minority high elo. Not everyone can point perfect clear the jungle like a high diamond and up player could. People in plat and below (or at least most of them) can't kite *that* effectively. His nerf hitting low elo harder than high elo does matter because that is where the majority of his dominance is, in low elo.
I think he's pretty weak in silver idk about gold
nep2une (NA)
: - free ability every 5 autos, on respawn, on game start, and on recall - q is a smite that gives massive healing that has massive ap scaling and multiple buffs including % max health, size, and out of combat ms that refreshes every time you q again - gains additional bonuses if used on jungle monsters - has a strong, 12 second long attack speed/movement speed buff that can be both cast on allies and themselves, and if cast on themselves, reflects over to allies in a portion - has a point and click ability with low mana cost, low cds, a slow, and massive ap scaling - has super strong increasing slow that leads into super massive potential nuke Better? And no, I'd say it sounds about the same.
Ap nunu isn't really a thing though
: > [{quoted}](name=Stargazerone,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=axT0mNKk,comment-id=0000000000020000,timestamp=2016-10-04T23:28:16.184+0000) > > Lol either way they have no proof they are avoiding me and not sending me anything through email or chat logs. Something messed up on their end and my account was wrongfully suspended and they are not willing to admit it. I have nothing against you, but I do have something against an unequal system, where those who run the system claim equality for all. So I am just taking what Riot Tantram said of you, that you uttered hate speech. Which if I am to take at face value, means you should, by their rules be permanently suspended because they have "zero tolerance". A thread above yours, the player also evidently uttered hate speech, had no prior punishments (not that it should matter due to a zero tolerance stance), and was subsequently permanently suspended. By you NOT being permanently suspended for hate speech, it proves Riot does NOT have zero tolerance for hate speech.
Meddler (NA)
: Pretty curious to see how much this does or doesn't affect J4, Anivia and Trundle's performance (not expecting too much on Taliyah given she creates terrain much less often). Suspect it's pretty minor in the bigger scheme of things, could be pretty significant in certain circumstances though (attempted Vayne dunking as J4 especially).
I don't get the vayne part. Does this mean she can't roll out of it or that she can't stun him on his wall?
: We do! Any... other ideas? Braum-berjack? Brau-max? Gentleman Braum? Plushie Braum? Braum and the Hendersons? Mind if i cut in Braum? Aslan Braum? Reverse Braum? Adblock Braum? AutoBraum Rollout!
I read Aslan braum as Asian braum
: > [{quoted}](name=AramsAreBest,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gzEQJalW,comment-id=000b000100000000,timestamp=2016-10-04T16:41:59.053+0000) > > You say bronze all the time but you&#x27;re silver 3...? People have more than one bank account bud.
Why would you post in the gameplay section on your lowest ranked account? Unless your other account really is in bronze.
: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: One Champion Scales Harder With Red Dragon Than Any Other Champion
: > [{quoted}](name=AramsAreBest,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pAvAeqkw,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2016-10-04T16:35:02.463+0000) > > Frozen heart frozen gauntlet Frozen Heart isn't a juggernaut item. You would be better off building more health to get a bigger first shield to absorb burst than you would burning an item slot with no AD or health.
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