: "calm down, it's just a game" the ultimate deflection argument for ruining ranked games
TL;DR - I kind of suck, but see some value in ranked play anyway (better stat tracking!). I wish people (myself included) could chill out, but actually -saying- that during/after a game is incredibly counterproductive. I think I'm in the minority here, but my main motivation for playing ranked is better stat tracking. I have no real desire to grind my way up to diamond/plat/etc, and doubt I'll ever even hit gold. I do take games seriously though. I do my research before games, and generally try to be a positive force for the team. But you know what? I'm not a very good player, and I tank more than my share of games. Sometimes people think it's intentional feeding or that I have no place in ranked play. I get that - it's got to be frustrating. I try to ignore/discard the pure rage and take any nuggets of honest criticism to heart for next time. Even from the most venomous ragers, there are sometimes actionable truths hidden beneath the layers of hate. I try not to respond to the truly blind and empty rage, because it doesn't serve anyone. I also steer away from the 'Come on, it's just a game' response, regardless of the situation. This isn't because I don't believe it's true - I do think everyone would have a much better time if people just chilled the hell out. But during or immediately after a game, that type of 'deflection' (that's a good way to put it, OP) just comes across as passive-aggressive and inflammatory. If you want a rager to calm down, this isn't going to do it. And if you just want to needle them back, well that's kind of crappy too :). I should point out that while I don't recall starting any ragefests against other players in game, I -have- responded to rage with rage of my own. It's been thankfully rare, but it feels pretty disgusting afterward. I don't want to be that kind of player, and I try to think about that when someone else rages. There's a fair chance that it's a reasonable person who lost control and will kick themselves later.
: League related sites
I'm not sure if it's the site you're looking for or not, but [the Champion section](http://www.elophant.com/league-of-legends/champions) of [Elophant](http://www.elophant.com) provides that sort of information. It pulls stuff like most popular and most successful builds for each champion. Hope that helps!
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: You might enjoy Echo; here's your [same example match](http://lolecho.com/?na:1735385436).
Yes, I saw your post about Echo (and commented on it) last night after posting this. It looks fantastic - I only wish I knew about it before I started working on my own site. I wouldn't have bothered! Echo is much closer to what I actually what to see after a match than any other site I've found. Great work!
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: Analyze your matches with Echo!
Very slick site you've got there. I kind of wish I found it before I started working on my own - this may be the site that convinces me I've been wasting my time! :)
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