: Can't log in... I
Win8.1 here I don't think it's an OS issue, it's probably server side
: What if: The Black Mist is tied to the Ruined King?
What if... at the heart of the Black Mist is nothing but more colorless fog. The Shadow Isles are Boletaria.
: gallo rework or VU?
i really hope they fix the coloring on his hands, always looked like he has yellow gloves on for me
Yoella (NA)
: Merry Caroler Karthus; A Winter Holiday Karthus Skin
Imagine Karthus going door to door, {{champion:30}} : Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about death? I have a pamphlet and full manuscript...wait, don't go... I've got, uh, songs this time, yeah...
Done25 (NA)
: Why couldn't Riot make any of these, instead of that incredibly lazy "special weapon" Zac?
I imagine the tech innovation just to make him possible with all his goey animations was a big hurdle at the time.
: The Rengar one is probably the biggest offender. While I think the new splash is better it makes for a terrible icon. Actually had a game where a friend wanted to report the Rengar on our team and he actually couldn't find him by looking at the icons - he was only able to tell who it was by identifying the other 4 champs. It's a little white squigly thing after all.
{{champion:107}} looks way too much like {{champion:96}} at a glance to me
Rioter Comments
: What is with this retcon I've been hearing about?
It was confirmed that the League and Summoners are non-canon, this upsets basically the whole history we have for Runeterra.
: Can we get an animated loading indicator for the loading screen?
It's especially hard to tell since they removed visibility on everyone else's ping
: Mordekaiser Needs to Look More Like He's From the Shadow Isle
Don't give Riot any ideas about turning Morde into the same generic green as everything else Shadow Isles
: Lane/Camera angle still really bad for red side bottom lane with locked camera on new SR
Rikari (NA)
: {{champion:50}} Nice wings,do you transform into a bird monster too? {{champion:133}} What? Ew,No! {{champion:133}} Valor,to me! (Ultimate) {{champion:50}} So she does after all...
{{champion:50}} Must destroy Demacian access to birdseed. It will all be mine.
: > Recently (starting with Trundle's rework, or at least that's when I noticed it), champs have starting chattering while playing. > > "You're in MY Kingdom now!" > "Now THERE'S a smell you can feel!" > > etc. > > Have you guys really considered what this will sound like in a team fight with 10 champs all chattering? I already find it annoying with 3 Chatty Champs in one place. One of the things I liked about the LoL voiceover was that your champ talked to you for flavor, but you didn't hear much from the others, except sounds meant to help clarify when they were triggering their abilities. > > Voices take a relatively long time to play out and indicate what's happening, so I don't think they help "legibility". When several happen at once, it becomes just random vocal noise quite quickly. What it reminds me of is that annoying thing DotA 2 does when you get killed: the enemy pops up in a window and blabs some stupid stuff at you. > > The new Sion pushed me far enough to want to come here and say something about it. That guy will not shut up. > > Anyway, just my take on it. :) > > {{summoner:4}} Hey Azure Hamster, Thanks for the feedback! This is something we are definitely trying to stay on top of as we add new types of VO for champions and skins. It's definitely a challenge to find the right balance between providing clear game play feedback while also giving depth and flavor to the characters in new and unique ways. For Sion I think this may have gone a bit too far in one direction. We've taken steps in the coming patch (on PBE now) to address the rate at which you hear some of Sion's VO when using spells and many other scenarios. If you have some time, we'd love to hear what you think once you play him again!
Super Galaxy Rumble is incredibly annoying to fight against because of the VO spamming on almost everything he does.
: Truncate report options!!!
Unskilled Player as a report option has done nothing but promote toxicity and waste Rito's time with pointless reports.
: Riven is so easy
That image clearly means a Xenomorph is on the loose at OP's house. Those bird things always attract them.
: The Irony of NA sticking it to the man "No Skull"
: Trying to pin 4kids as representative of anything is really uncalled for, man
> Trying to pin 4kids as representative of anything is really uncalled for, man Careful, talk like that can get you "defeated" in a hail of invisible gunfire.
: What do you think of this Janna edit?
Lore wise, I like how ethereal and inhuman the new Janna looks, matches with the description of how her powers changed her. Visually, just doesn't look like Janna to me. Riot's new art is great aesthetically but a lot of it screams MTG more than LoL imo.
: Phreak uses a complicated flow chart for pun usage
Dem puns yesterday in the 2015 promos were too stronk
darkdill (NA)
: "\all GG, my teammates want to kill each other more than they want to kill you"
L8t (NA)
{{champion:48}} I'm helping.
: Riot and players,please hear me..(Long post,evade if you wish)
Dominion Bros share your pain. Botting is a plague that needs to be eradicated swiftly. I doubt it's an easy fix however.
: Skills looks v.good, but, they need act the model, awkward legs and shitty clotches colours.
I wonder if you've ever seen her like this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-natPi-bHvpY/UFjCz5IxCAI/AAAAAAAAF0w/wFc9khf4AoY/s1600/wwandsora.png that... thing on the left was Soraka
: What was your first game like?
Heimerdinger, I wandered around trying to huddle around my turrets. Can't remember if we won
: The Truer Evolution 3rd
About the splash, I love how you guys took the poses of the Chinese and NA arts and blended them together into something new and awesome.
Skaarrjj (NA)
: I want to play Destiny. But I don't have a console yet. PS4 or XONE?
Sukishoo (NA)
: His isn't Hakumen, it's Metal Gear related.
  Rioter Comments
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Gundaman (NA)
: arctic ops nautilus poll
He needs skis or ridiculous massive snow shoes
Vongeo (NA)
: Well, I mean if the institute of war is gone, How will I play league? There won't be a summoner to control my champion.
"A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... A Summoner has disconnected... "
: Dev Blog: Exploring Runeterra
While I am disappointed with the vagueness of this post (very similar to the more stuff is coming we promise just wait stuff that we've been hearing for forever now) and not at all pleased with the removal of such core aspects as the IoW and Summoners, I am very happy to see all these Lore Rioters in this thread. Haven't seen this many of you guys being this vocal in like a year. Keep it up, please! Maybe we can get our own dedicated Lore board sometime soon pretty please?
: Riot Lore, PLEASE listen, just this once. Hear me out.
It would be so simple, the League has failed, a new Rune War is dawning and the people of Runeterra turn to the many champions, heroes and horrors who've proven themselves on the Fields of Justice to defend them/abuse them as weapons to conquer their foes. Swain and J3 are on the warpath, the Void is coming and newcomers rise to turn back the dark tide, bring an end to everything, or simply line their pockets to prove themselves as a Champion. With your Institute in ruins, where do you stand Summoner? too bad it ain't happening, neerner neener nah nah :P
: It's great! But it sort of reminds me of Lissandra fusing with Syndra.
Tormented Syndra/Liss anyone?
Atuko (NA)
: When did Ashe get her splashes reworked?
Pretty sure it was when she got her VU a while back.
: Get rid of that delay at the end of the game
I hate being left in suspense wondering if the game I just won (or lost) has crashed and I'm trapped/everything we just played may have been pointless due to shenanigans. Fix it pls rito.
: Some Pressing Questions
I know the answer to 2 for sure is because deliberate diversity was only recently encouraged. Olaf and Trynd come from a way old era of LoL.
: Alacrity upgrade not giving +20 movespeed?
not sure but I think its because you're hitting the soft MS cap of diminishing returns
Jerriel (NA)
Always {{item:3060}} on Thresh, lantern so stronk, such damage
: what's an ohmwrecker
Must be a thing Paladins use. I'm not entirely sure what they are either...
: [Pixel Art] Mundo make thing. You upvote, or Mundo get angry!
Corporate Mundo demand Summoner insert 2 more credits to continue, Corporate Mundo smash unlicensed copies of game
: If League's Story Was "Game of Thrones"
We don't have space for all the descriptions of Lux's breakfast. I bet it must peeve Martin the most when they change what's sitting on the dinnertable in any scene of GoT since he had it so meticulously planned out. Ramsay would not be good for skin sales.
: Can I get some sort of response?
Hello PickleBabah , thanks for reaching out to us! Have you taken a look around the Boards lately? There are TONS of threads about this particular subject. As a courtesy to the rest of our community we try not to split conversations up into multiple threads, so I won't be able to give in-depth answers to these questions here. Take a look in this Board and contribute your voice to the existing threads! -The Beard
: This is why Riot is a great company
I'm especially proud for riot that it was a handwritten note, typed letters can seem so impersonal sometimes, even though the gesture is incredible by itself. WP Riot.
Rioter Comments
: Well, at least they're producing some lore, even if the way they're doing it is horrific. I'd understand a lore reboot if the universe they were working with was something like DC/Marvel's comic universe where there are so many different established storylines and so much set in stone that there's literally nothing new they could possibly do without reverting. But unless you're that deep into a universe, retconning is lazy writing and should be avoided at all costs. I suggest getting your "official" lore from headcanon and fanfictions from now on. It's so much more enjoyable then watching Riot stumbling over themselves time after time and still not resolving any events or developing any characters.
Remember when the Lore dev's response was, "Go read fanfic?" He was very polite about it but that was what he said.
: If you need to know why TEAMWORK is important in a game like League, take a lesson from the ants.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0HoqjxfvJ4 Ants can also run in a circle until all of them have died
: The new "lore" retcons
{{champion:72}} "The Crystal Scar is weeping. I miss my kind"
: Can we update Braum and Gnar's lore?
We haven't had a reason for why someone joined the league in a very long time. One has to wonder if the Institute of War still exists. Varus only got a judgement because Tycho of Penny Arcade really wanted one and wrote it.
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