Meddler (NA)
: When it comes to how things interact we believe it's best to go for a clear, consistent set of rules where possible, so that you can predict ahead of time how two abilities will behave together. In the case of Windwall, Braum E and any other missile stopping effects we might someday do, that meant we needed to develop a set of rules on what they would and wouldn't stop, with the goal of keeping those rules as clear cut as possible. What we ended up with is basically: * Missile blocking effects will stop all projectiles unless those projectiles go so high they vanish off the top of the screen. * Projectiles are defined as abilities or attacks that move between locations with a travel time * Units are not projectiles. For things that are around the border between a unit and a projectile (Orianna's Ball, Maokai's Saplings etc) a judgement call's needed, with whether or not the thing has some agency of its own being one of the key tests used to assess whether to treat the thing as a projectile or not. That does mean that some things that thematically don't feel like they should be stopped by a wall of wind (Nami ult, Braum ult etc) do still get blocked. That can feel a bit weird thematically, we believe that's a worthwhile cost for the gameplay clarity it offers though. Nautilus' ult is at present an exception to the above, being unaffected by Windwall/Braum E, and that's something we'll change so that it functions like other projectiles.
Because Yasuo clearly needs to be more annoying than he already is, huh?
: Mordekaiser back to being irrelevant
Another masterpiece by CertainlyT and his refusal to take any feedback I must say?
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=DogIsGod,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ABYXqd5j,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2015-11-21T18:47:54.326+0000) > > Hmm, I don't really play immobile champions No wonder
: 1. Play Draft Mode 2. Ban them or ask your teammated to ban them. 3. ??? 4. Profit
It still doesn't solve the real problem, just because we're not seeing it, doesn't mean it's not there.
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: What if I told you Yasuo did not actually get buffed as much as the masteries suggest?
> [{quoted}](name=DarthSpectrum,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tiJMEaKk,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-12T01:36:03.870+0000) > > No seriously. The only real buff Yasuo received this patch is that his power spike hits sooner now. Now tell me, what happens when a champion that is supposed to be a late game carry hits his powerspike MUCH EARLIER
M0b1us (NA)
: It is sometimes referred to as a "band aid passive". That is, a passive that is used to justify certain stats or cost. Example Xerath. Before the complete change, Xerath's mana cost were pretty minimal. The rework however boosted all the cost by an absurd amount. To justify this change, Riot gave him a passive to regen mana based off auto attacks. Which is funny considering that the new passive is equally as out of place as the old if not more so. Lissandra passive is very much the same story. In order to give her passive more "power", Riot made Lissandra's mana cost pretty high. In my opinion, "band aid passives" are a lazy design.
{{champion:69}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:157}}
: Laughing Fish's 40k lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
Laughing Fish, you're truly God-sent among all these forum ragers {{summoner:30}}
: The problem is that the ADCs in professional teams have been playing exclusively marksmen during their whole professional career. It's tremendously risky for them for abandoning their usual picks and years of specialized training in order to try a hand at Mordekaiser.
I think you got it wrong, if that's the case he wouldn't be banned at all since those pros don't have to worry about him being picked.
: TFW Words bans are the same as your solo queue games
No no no, our opinions doesn't matter because we're just lowly peasants who can't differentiate major balance issues.
Canastus (NA)
: @Riot - Regarding your philosophy for reworks.
Anyone willing to bet that not a single red will reply on this thread? They seem to avoid this kind of conversation cuz it might hurt their ego.
: Nerfs would be great for the time being, but at the end of the day, it won't matter. That kit is a broken mess of overloaded BS crammed into one release. He needs reworked from the ground up if he's to be healthy for once in his life.
Guess who's the Designer{{champion:122}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:157}} Literally all of them have overloaded kits with the band-aid passive or stat as an excuse for being balanced.
: They said they balanced them given their last nerfs and people just need to stop banning them to see. (--yeah right LOL)
They're just trying to sugarcoat the truth.
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: I tried out teemo jung last night, and that shit is fun. But its still stupid making a nerf to ranged while leaving the melee the same, Like you said there are more melee's that work almost to well with it than there are ranged, and most ranged (except kayle) are shitty at jungle.
I mean, I know that melee champions should be compensated with higher power than ranged champions due to them being easily kite-able, but come-on, does Riot have a raging hard-on or something on melee champions?....Seems like lately, the melees are getting TOO MUCH compensation just because they're melee.
: Already got some people talking about it if you want!
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: {{champion:51}} {{champion:76}} but my traps grant vision when triggered. Thus I don't need wards.
: I can understand not getting it before full build if the stars align (I've had games where every time I back I've got enough gold for that next big item, leaving me less than 100 gold for my would-be upgrade), but not at full build? That's unacceptable!
The most ridiculous thing is when the enemy Jungler or mid keeps roaming and getting kills from the lack of vision, I mean isn't it supposed to be your instinct to get visions to prevent further massacre? Pretty sure that ward over there would save you from {{champion:11}}'s gank, while I doubt {{item:1036}} will.
: Passive: collecting all sighstones gives Taric % max health true damage on all auto attacks. Active: Taric gains true sight of entire map. Cool down 1 second.
Sounds legit, if all these champs can have %max HP true damage, why can't Taric? :^)
LaceUp23 (NA)
: You comparison isn't that great. Even in games like CoD (deathmatch) vision is pretty important. If you know where the enemy is, you can kill them easier. Also, League isn't called, "you ward in this game" either.
Pretty sure he wrote (sarcasm) there.
: My favorite is when someone does not upgrade their trinkets, but still blames the support for the lack of vision.
This actually happens too many times...
: Ahri is disgustingly OP and needs some nerfs
Riot honestly should just revert her to pre-DFG removal state, with the charm amp and stuffs, she was strong but balanced before, I don't get why Riot insists on giving her MS buff on Q. Why fix something that isn't broken? I love Ahri and I play her frequently but I don't like the unfair advantage she has now.
Penns (EUW)
: Why would I upgrade my trinket? I dont even get more damage from that? Id rather wait in base for a {{item:1036}} imo.
Silly you, you shouldn't even go to lane without {{item:3031}} :^)
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passıon (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcana Lancer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V7kZjGEO,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-12T15:37:15.468+0000) > we got {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} ALL AT ONCE. 6 People and 3 top. Seems legit. EDIT: If you're saying 1+ were on the enemy team, then you guys should l2 ban.
Who says it's draft or ranked, I don't even play ranked, only team builder and this shit is getting REALLY boring.
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: That happens to pretty much every single one of the Juggernauts and Fiora too. Especially Morde, he just needs a drag to be back in the game.
Well, never said Juggernauts are not problematic either.
: I haven't had much problem with her. The trick is to *not* duel her on even terms. You want to overwhelm her unfairly and put her behind. However, sometimes my ADC doesn't agree and thinks it's cool to duel her 1v1 with not even a Pink ward; then she gets fed and is then a big problem. Which is exactly what every one of my ADC's did today.
I can't even count anymore how many times a Vayne got dominated early and after BotRK, BAM! She's back in the game.
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: As a player who mains support, I'm sick and tired of seeing...
I said it before in a thread that she needs her flat true damage removed, I got downvoted to oblivion.... People these days....
: > [{quoted}](name=AkiyamaFlame,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y2sLmrvs,comment-id=001b00020000,timestamp=2015-09-11T03:15:23.646+0000) > > What? You contradicted yourself like 6 times there > > He got nerfed a lot so hes NOT top pick, ie not pick/ban, but his numbers are high so he's pick/ban??? wtf? > > Yasuo is weak because his numbers are **bad**. Not high rofl > > His base stats are terrible. not sure if he edited his post or not, but i got what he was trying to say perfectly. he's saying that Yasuo is not top pick cuz he was nerfed a lot by Riot, and if his numbers were high he **would be** pick/ban that clear it up for you?
I didn't edit my comment btw, idk how come he got my points wrong....
ßluę (NA)
: Yasuo's entire kit makes him a unique champion and mind you, he isn't even the strongest champion in the mid lane or top. There is so many posts about nerf yasuo or yasuo hate threads, meanwhile there's so many other better mid lane-top lane champions in the current meta (Azir, Ahri, Gnar) Yasuos wind wall costing flow would make it awkward to play the champion because it would be like "using wind wall, wait.... I don't have flow shield anymore." (it's a pretty counterproductive cast because every time he uses wind-wall (alot) he expends flow shield) And I will say it "Yasuo does not need nerfs, in fact, people struggle to use him or play against him (in low elo, solely because people don't know how to use or play against him)" It is really a fact that in "High Elo" (sorry for stereotyping but it's generally true) people are able to use him effectively or play against him because they understand how to beat him. In high elo you have an understanding of how to beat champions, people are even organized enough to wait out Gnar's mega then engage. Now imagine if Yasuo didn't have that survivability against a team ready to take him down the second he steps in. THIS, is the real reason why Yasuo is "Hard to master" besides the mechanics needed. Yasuo is a melee fighter/assassin who is supposed to be in the middle of fights, dishing out damage, which is why he sorta needs the flow shield plus wind wall. Yasuo is a fair champion right now. Windwall also has a high cooldown, I think 20 seconds, just bait it out. Flow, riot even said, tap Yasuo with an auto then re-engage in the how to play against Yasuo Bait out his tornado- Riot also said you bait this out because he is most vulnerable after cast. After he uses ULT, you can CC lock him My conclusion: It's fair point when people really only look at him from a "low elo" point but from a perspective that understands how Yasuo should be play, whether against or with, (it really shouldn't be implemented). I hope I got this right ^_^
The only reason he's not a top pick right now is because Riot has nerfed him so many times, since the moment his number makes him strong enough, he's insta-pick/ban tier, his kit right now is just overloaded with random bonuses thrown here and there, making him impossible to balance without breaking him.
: > ..yasuo is a carry and is therefore supposed to be vulnerable {{champion:23}} - Self heal, immunity to death {{champion:11}} - Self heal, damage reduction, slow immunity, can go untargetable {{champion:114}} - Heal, can block ANYTHING for a short duration {{champion:24}} - AA dodge, defensive steroid Melee carries are NOT meant to be as vulnerable. Thats an advantage they get over their ranged counterparts.
The problem is, Yasuo's Windwall benefits his entire team, for the duration it has, being resourceless, and combine that with the rest of his kit, it's an overkill.
: That opening is misleading {{champion:121}} can't fly.
Well {{champion:34}} can't even fly over a wall in the game...
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: I hate having a Vayne on my side. Such a useless ADC. I want an ADC that can waveclear and siege, not have short range and only be good for killing someone 1v1. I have her banned just so I don't have her on my team.
She doesn't waveclear creep, she waveclear the whole enemy team.
Rioter Comments
: That's a good example of a thematic failure on fizz's kit.
Let's pretend that pulling dragon's soul is thematically correct, it still doesn't justify the free-EXP passive which is my point in the original post.
: does it have to be? nowhere in fizz lore does it mention the ability to control sharks yet his ulti uses a giant sharks that pops up OUT OF A FREAKING WATER PORTAL. and yet noone complains. beside mordekaiser is known for pulling and controlling the souls of his enemies....why would a being as powerful as morde be limited to controlling humans. why cant he do the same for dragon souls. their souls are not that different from human
If you're trying to put in logic in the game, how about start with Vladimir sucking gasoline (or w/e it is in) from Blitzcrank and not die from food poisoning. It isn't about the logic, it's about the lore, Fizz is a "TIDAL Trickster", if Morde can pull out souls, do you want him to be able to control baron's ghost as well? Hell, he's supposed to be able to control every single minion that he killed then, cuz they're supposed to be a lot easier to control by logic.
Xonra (NA)
: It's okay though, because Riot doesn't like hidden power. Unless it is on a reworked kit. At least Yasuo's passive isn't hidden power. I mean you don't see Morde's until suddenly "wait how is he 2 levels ahead of me when I've been in lane the entire time?"
Remember when they're slaughtering all those "hidden powers"? Not to mention that there's no real counterplay to "i'm gaining more exp than you by default lel".
: At least Yasuo's passive has a draw back. 10% less crit damage, and I don't mean his crits do 190% damage. {{champion:51}} vs {{champion:157}}: Both have 100 AD and no items. {{champion:51}} crits for 200 damage. {{champion:157}} crits for 180 damage. (200 - (10% of 200, 20)) 20 less total damage. Both now have IE. {{champion:51}} crits for 250 damage. {{champion:157}} crits for 225 damage. (250 - (10% of 250, 25)) 25 less total damage. ----- Meanwhile, {{champion:82}} apparently is in a duo lane with solo benefits.
That actually proves my point even further: "Oops, apparently double crit is a bit too much, let's just make him deal a little less crit damage lel"
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcana Lancer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=icAJOJm2,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-26T06:50:13.753+0000) > > *Proceeds to give him a free power in form of exp-penalty free passive that will always give him a level advantage without any effort* > > See, this is EXACTLY THE SAME case with Yasuo, you're giving him an out of nowhere free double-crit passive which he doesn't have to work for. It's just a lame excuse for "oops, he actually can't really compete, better give him a free power passive which thematically doesn't have any correlation to the character anyway". That "impossible to balance" statement is nothing but an excuse just to shape him into what you have in mind, not what the community have in mind. > > And you wonder why people hate CertainlyT. The effort is being a melee laner in a dominantly ranged lane.
It doesn't affect the passive in any kind of form
toonpang (OCE)
: Yeah, I seriously wonder how being incentivized to work with a "buddy", or getting an experience advantage, or healing his allies works with Mordekaiser's theme. The experience thing works with Zilean because he's a time traveler. But unless you read Morde's kit, there's no way of knowing this guy is going to be hitting level 6 before you hit level 4. And sure the dragon controlling thing is cool, but that's not thematic either. Mordekaiser has no connection to dragons outside one skin. I think the W passive should be scrapped entirely. It's one of the main reasons why he's OP now, and rewards him for playing passively.
> [{quoted}](name=toonpang,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=icAJOJm2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-26T12:00:11.961+0000) > And sure the dragon controlling thing is cool, but that's not thematic either. Mordekaiser has no connection to dragons outside one skin. Totally this, never even once in his lore a single dragon is mentioned.
: i dont want this "new morde" at all. i liked the reliable, non situational damage that old morde provided. and old morde could be dealt with by a lot of solo laners in top, and pretty much every mage midlane outranged him dont worry though, new morde is far more toxic and polarizing than before for the sake of the lcs big plays dragon
Old morde is deemed as "toxic" while in fact he actually is a fairly healthy champion, he actually trades off mobility and CC for raw power, meanwhile abomination like Kalista exists and Riot be like "no she's fine, deal with it"
Rioter Comments
: I really want to upvote, because Repertoir is fantastic, but I just can't upvote a CertainlyT hating thread. You could honestly have left that part out and had the thread carry the same weight, but you chose not to.
Well, I didn't say anything that insults him as a person, what I'm trying to say is that he's really focused on reworking Morde yet he forgot that the playerbase should be the main focus, not his own idea alone.
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