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: I really enjoy the rotating game mode thanks riot. If possible I would also like to see the game mode (don't remember the name) where your team chooses the champions the enemy team will be playing. That mode was fun and you never knew what you were going to have to play.
I have to disagree. While I like the idea behind the game mode, every game I played had either a) A troll who would give a power champ(Yi) b) A player who didn't understand that they just gave the enemy a powerful champ c) A game with 10 subpar characters. Instead, I'd like to see a game mode similar to draft pick, where at the end, the champions were randomly distributed among the 10 players. This would lead to more balanced picks, with weird team comps.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
I can't believe I'm saying this, but why did you guys skip legend of the poro king? URF was on track for Memorial Weekend. I was looking forward to 4 days of URF Also, for Urf, we should have a rotating champion queue. The 10 Free champions(whoever they might be) and 45 others.
: When you go full armor Taric vs an all AD team and laugh as the enemy Yasuo tries to 1v1 you. His thought: "Ooh, a lonely support, easy kill." My thought: "Ooh, a lonely Yasuo, easy kill."
I can confirm this is one of the best things ever
: Not to be rude, but you should probably pick up some more tanky supports like {{champion:267}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} . They're all really good and viable, and all you have right now is full AP supports, which can hurt a team comp sometimes.
{{champion:89}} is a tanky support...
: Needs some top lane help
You might want to consider new champions to branch into. A slow/reactive playstyle fits {{champion:31}} perfectly. Depending on match up, I usually prefer doran's ring and pots. Use your q to harass when they CS-should grab you 2-3 cs as well. Save your W for when the jungler ganks or when your opponent goes in. This can save your life big time. Farm with your R- with the reduced CD for minions, it's even more important to get full stacks. Also keep in mind that your R is great for dragon/baron. You deal a 1000+ true damage at level 6. This can secure/steal dragon better than smite. {{champion:13}} doesn't have any skillshots and is one of the hardest top laners to farm against. {{champion:421}} is new, but extremely fun. She has a single skill shot, and a kind of dash(better for wall hopping than anything else). She also deals tons of damage, has some decent sustain, and a free teleport @ 6 {{champion:27}} is probably my best recommendation though. He has 0 skillshots, slightly immobile, an farms up for late game. He's also a very farm and react type champion that pays out big when you get the farm. If you can get {{item:3116}} &{{item:3151}} , you can literally kill people for chasing you. His poison trail also lets him free farm.
: > Chat restrictions simply limit how much you can say in-game (and removes /all chat);** ranked restrictions don't affect your chat**, but prevent you from playing ranked. from the ranked restrictions articles in support: ** Ranked restricted players will be chat restricted in other queues,** and they can and should still be reported if they continue to display negative behaviors while playing through their restrictions. Which is it? Just looking for consistancy.
> [{quoted}](name=Trinityunicorn,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=43uBk9GL,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2014-12-22T09:13:07.158+0000) > > from the ranked restrictions articles in support: ** Ranked restricted players will be chat restricted in other queues,** and they can and should still be reported if they continue to display negative behaviors while playing through their restrictions. > > Which is it? Just looking for consistency. What it means is that players who earna ranked restriction will earn a chat restriction at the same time. Basically, they get two punishments that must be worked off, and the only way to work them off at the same time is to win Normal Draft games.
: Rek'Sai questions
i've played 4 games wither her. So far, {{item:3711}} has been my go to item. I've tried trailblazer, but found that after my second item, I didn't need it. Counter jungling is super easy as {{champion:421}} , so halving {{summoner:11}}'s CD, granting movement speed, and granting an extra 20 gold is really useful. So far, in the 3 games i've played with it, I got between 500 and 1100 extra gold each game.
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: Tier List for Top Lane
I'll add a couple more good top laners: Nasus- if they've already picked top/jungle- this can be a great pick. No escape, but great sustain, and can build full tank and deal massive damage by stacking q. Singed- Another wait and pick top laner. He's extremely difficult to kill, but really easy to learn/play. Basically poison trailon, engage the enemies, ult as you engage. Cho'gath- Currently suffers against the ranged top lane, but when you learn to farm/poke with q, you'll be fine. Scales fairly well into mid/late game jax- one of the safest top lane picks. Has an engage/escape, high burst, stun, and high defenses.
: Reminder, that every player has wards - not just support
As someone who mains support, I have to agree with this. Everyone should buy wards, everyone should place wards. However, nothing makes me angrier than when I play a different lane and see a sightless support. Had a game where a teemo support only placed 1 ward in 10 minutes. I actually had to tell them to place vision on dragon. They were level 8 and hadn't placed any mushrooms at objectives(brush, dragon). They didn't buy a sightstone until after 23 minutes.
: How about giving ruby sightstone a unique passive: increase stealth warding limit by one?
This seems like an amazing idea. Currently, there is no reason to buy it. By the time you could use the extra ward in late game, you're either dead(and back at base) or at low health(and back at base). However, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to put it. What about adding to one of the masteries in the support tree? By increasing the number of wards we're allowed, we increase the value of the item without adding any additional effect. We also prevent the possibility of the item being abused(though I doubt it would be, but anything's possible...) I'd probably add it to Wealth, something like "You get +40 starting gold and +1 to the maximum # of stealth wards on the map at once"


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