: The Bots Have Invaded ARAM
To dispute a previous comment. I was level 165 when i saw these bots so the idea that only low level accts will play with bots in aram is false
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afmghost (NA)
: Just in: Riot under fire for removal of bot preserve.
now that TT has been officially removed, i can confirm multiple bot sightings on ARAM. 3 bots in 2 games in a row. they all went about 0/13 - 0/20 depending on the game length. What is really sad is that riot claimed TT was removed for not being popular while they let it be infested with bots.... geee i wonder why it wasnt popular. So apparently now that the bots have taken over ARAM, it will lose popularity and be removed next by this logic.
rada3 (NA)
: Amumu ult not cancelling Katarina ult??
yeah mumu ult is a Root. That means you cant move and cant use movement abilities for example flash or Ahri Ultimate. To cancel a channeled ability you need to stun (Ashe ult direct hit) silence (malzahar Q), knock up (janna tornados) or knock back (lee sin ult) or throw (Voli or singed). Roots such as Mumu ult and zyra vines do not do any of these they simply prevent movement.
: [GAMEPLAY] - Azir Bug Collection Thread
well i can confirm the bug with his abilities not casting, and it happens with just one soldier out for me. I dont need to have two or more soldiers out for this bug to occur. I think it has to do with his soldiers auto attacks cancelling the spell cast since he has to go into that attack animation to make his soldiers attack Also you left out a huge bug where turning line missile indicators on makes the skill shot lines on Q extend way past the ACTUAL range of the ability. Azir is practically unplayable with line missile indicators ON.
: Azir's abilities not working?
I have noticed this is well. It seems to come from casting a Q, E, or R when one of your soldiers is attacking. Since Azir goes into his weird attack animation to make the soldiers attack it cancels your ability if you cast Q E R right before or during the auto attack I highly doubt this is working as intended and needs to be fixed because it has gotten me killed several times. Spells should cast and always override auto attacks.
: [Gameplay] Vi's Q vault breaker stops working (possible fix in post)
i can confirm this as well. I think i died while charging Q then upon respawning hitting Q simply did nothing. The cooldown was not triggered the icon never changed, and even manually clicking on the hud for vault breaker did nothing. Somebody told me to relog and that did fix it I could use Q again as normal.

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