: Play the Nexus Blitz alpha
Poor Amumu. 10% increase in friendship doesn't matter when the original number is 0.
: Patch 7.19 notes
It seems like many champions are getting invulnerabilities lately, with Xayah ult, Kayn ult, new Evelynn ult and new Xin ult negating damage. Maybe we should just get a game mode that gets rid of taking damage all together, just a huge base race. Also, is the new xin W just a Rengar Q with a slow, or am I just imagining things?
: Intro to Midseason 2017
Does the new rift herald looks like a Golisopod evolution? Or is that just me?
: Patch 7.4 notes
Does cho still only grow to six stacks, or does he continue to grow with the stacks, eventually (hopefully) filling up the map?
: {{champion:236}} This is getting ridiculous. {{champion:133}} I know. {{champion:236}} We have tried those dolls, {{champion:133}} I know. {{champion:236}} We have tried chocolate, {{champion:133}} I know {{champion:236}} We have even tried that Billboard with flashing lights. {{champion:133}} I KNOW! We have tried everything. {{champion:91}} So. What now? {{champion:236}} We may have to call in the Boss. She could probably find someway to make this work. {{champion:133}} Wait! There is 1 more thing we can try. Look at this piece of paper that has conveniently landed next to me. {{champion:236}} _starts reading_ Come join the Festival Queen Anivia for a night of party, fun, lights, and maybe even find your true love. This could work. {{champion:133}} But the only problem is...how are we going to get her to come? {{champion:91}} Leave that to me. I have an idea.
Is convivially supposed to be conveniently? Or is convivially supposed to be describing the paper that fell? First time seeing the word so I'm slightly confused.
: Patch 7.1 notes
Lee Sin's dragon rage does 150/300/450 damage. This is unfair, as my Dratini only does 40 damage, no matter the level...
: Patch 6.22 notes
Anyone else think AD Katarina is a possibility due to her slashing when she picks up a dagger, her shunpo, and her death lotus all scaling better with AD rather than AP? At least a building a gunblade or something...
: It’s time for May bundles!
Twitch isn't in the "pierce and skewer" bundle? I guess I must have misheard him when he says "Sewer Skewers for everybody, hahahaha"
: Patch 6.9 notes
Hmmmmm... First they get rid of mana pots, now they get rid of mana regen in items, maybe next they get rid of mana all together!!! URF forever confirmed!!(I know you can still get mana back by kills and assists and such)
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
A MarioKart themed skin would be cool, with turtle shells spinning around him and star power or bullet bill for his E. Only "slight" chance of lawsuit there.
: Still waiting on some love for the relationship between my favorite champions: Riven and Yasuo. So much potential with this as mirrors of each other and the conflict they have. Maybe a love story???? Please? :')
Or, even better than a just love story, Riven and Yasuo meet up, connect through their pasts, But Yasuo finds out that Riven is the one that killed the elder Yasuo was supposed to protect. Yasuo's brother said he was killed by a wind technique, and Riven has one, maybe two if you think real hard. The Q is broken wings, and that is a stretch, but wings go hand in hand with wind. The real connection is Riven's ult "Wind Slash."
: Sail on Ironside Malphite, sail on
I saw this coming from a league away. Cuz a league is a nautical measure of distance... and league of legends... Anyone? I'll let myself out
: Patch 5.15 notes
Did anyone else notice that it said "crouching yordle hidden teeto" instead of hidden teemo?
: Debonair Galio doesn’t always go mid lane...
Debonair Galio can kill two stones with one bird, He can find a haystack in a needle, When Debonair Galio works out, the machine gets stronger, He can cure any disease with his tears, to bad he never cries, The only time Debonair Galio is wrong is when he thought he made a mistake, When we need to find something, we ask Google, whenever Google needs to find something, it asks Galio, Galios keyboard doesnt have a CTRL button, because nothing controls Galio, However many upvotes this gets is Galios average kills per game,
: Champion Mastery Q&A coming 3/13
I am just wondering how this will effect free to play champions. If you don't own them, and just trying them out, will you be graded on how well you play? Then when they go away, and the new free champs come out, will you keep that score on the old champ, or not even be graded at all?


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