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: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
With all the dashes that are available to champions, especially newer champs (Neeko excluded) would you consider adding a "Remove Slow" effect to Teemo's W, or would that be considered too powerful? Currently, MoveQuick just feeds irrelevant; it doesn't actually help you chase or escape from enemies if they land any slows, and while the passive movespeed is nice while roaming, it's lost in combat.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
Are we not going to get the 7.18 Veigar changes other Rioters have hinted at?
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 18
Why is it the same 20-30 champs seem to be always tweaked, and then others like Veigar get changed once ever other solar eclipse?
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: I'm not very sure if you'll be able to make highlights save by default in 1080p. I've reached out to some of my tech team, and they're under the impression that highlights are inherently saved as 720p in order to save processing time and that a short clip doesn't necessarily require high quality if it's only 10 seconds. With that being said, go ahead and reach out to our tech team if you'd like. One of those guys may very well have a trick up their sleeve.
Hey, thanks for the reply! I honestly wouldn't care too much if it were short, but what if the clip I wanted to do was more like 3 minutes though? is there a better way to do that, or should I stick to using OBS to record my games in the meantime? (I just wasn't expecting anything that amazing to come of URF, so sadly wasn't running it)
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 11
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 8
Any upcoming improvements to everyone's favorite "Tiny Master of Evil"? {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:45}}
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 1
@Meddler are you guys going to look at Veigar anytime soon? He was changed in Season 5 due to popularity in pro-play in the support role (what with his E being nearly instant). Changes were made so that he wasn't as punishing but still had great scaling, and could also fit into the support role (think the dash stopping on the E). However, he just sits at an awful mix between a mid and a support, and I really don't think he ought to have any favor in support role with his whole "I want to infinitely stack AP". If he's able to be successful doing that as a support, he'll become such a powerful pick because you'll have someone doing tons of damage and building legit support items. Furthermore, to keep this "support Veigar" aspect alive, it really hurts carry Veigar. I'm not saying laning should always be a piece of cake like pre-5.4, but he should have somewhat reliable ways of trading. His Q being changed to a skil-shot that STOPS after 2 targets hit is the most infuriating aspect of this game. Give him diminishing value from hitting multiple targets, sure. Lower the base damage, sure. Keep it targeted, sure; after all, Annie's still is AND it has a 20% higher AP ratio. Whatever it is, Veigar needs something to be able to fight back in lane. Thing is, with how powerful his E is, to allow more reliable damage would be making him OP again, and not really a secret OP either. Veigar needs to be clearly defined as an AP-carry or Support, and given tools to properly succeed in his intended role. His E should be nerfed in stun duration and no longer stop dashes. In doing so, power can be added onto his other abilities, bumping his ult base damage/ap ratio back, fixing his Q, and maybe even making his E a skill-shot like Lux's E so you can actually make use of it in lane.
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: Don't know if this has been asked (lots of questions here), but it said ALL RUNES YOU'VE BOUGHT BETWEEN MAY 2017-PRESEASON will be refunded... and Idk about you, but I spent easily 13000+ IP into runes and I work a lot so I don't have all the time like I used to, so I still have about a dozen champs left to buy(that and my champ pool that I actually use is pathetic [working on that]) so will I be refunded that 13k+ IP even though it was spent like years ago? Because if not that's kind of retarded and unfair. Like personally if I got all champs unlocked (again I have a few left to unlock [under a dozen]), and maybe a few champs shards (for future champ releases [OR EVEN :O new champ unlocking shards, that'd be cool]) I'd personally be fine with getting no IP... Or if I got hex-tech chests or something (or if you made chests/keys worth IP [a ridiculous amount for players with all champs unlocked]) as a "refund" for using up a very large chunk of IP on now-going-away-runes... like, all I'm, trying to say is: I have all the runes I need atm, I won't be buying any (haven't bought any in about a year or so to my knowledge), but I did spend a BUNCH OF IP on them way back when, are players like me going to get something back for spending the IP on runes? (most people who have all the champs have nothing to spend IP on anyways so that's why I'm not exactly asking for IP return :/ just concerned)
There was talk about a different reward (like special icons for lifetime IP purchase amounts) so it's possible that they do this for people who spent IP on runes prior to May 30th, and those who bought runes after just get the IP refunded so they can't complain that they spent the IP but didn't get the lifetime IP reward.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Arctic Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=tsVFObRI,comment-id=0039,timestamp=2017-07-18T17:49:56.961+0000) > > {{champion:45}} Veigar is having a new skin come out, wouldn't this be a great time to address his glaring balance issues with how ridiculously strong his E is in team fights compared to its use in laning and the rest of his kit? This thing needs a much longer cast time. It's so oppressive. When your goal is to get on top of Veigar, it's pretty frustrating that the only ones who can survive his point and click 1200 damage nuke is tanks, who have to run the gauntlet of E's.
You have almost a full second (.75 second delay; .25 from cast time and .5 from windup) to avoid being hit by Veigar's stun. You should NEVER be hit by it in lane unless already CC'd by the enemy jungler. Teamfights are a different story, and it's this ridiculous power in teamfights which makes viegar able to perform as well as he does, because you could not pick a weaker champ in lane. Even Janna and Nami could trade better and more reliably. His E takes so long to come up that if you run into it in lane, it's for one of 4 reasons: 1) Veigar's jungler/support have come to gank and you're already CC'd; 2) you're lagging out because of a bad connection and can't control your character; 3) You've never played against a Veigar and don't know what that thing on the ground is; and finally 4) you're really, really fucking stupid. And guess what? Without landing his E, his W (total delay of 1.25 seconds) should never hit you in lane, nor should his Q because not only is it a dodgeable skill-shot, but by simply having at least 2 minions between you and Veigar, his Q will not land. In lane, ignoring the jungler's presence, the most threatening thing about Veigar is his auto-attacks, and they're not all that strong. Other than that, his damage is EXTREMELY unreliable, and it's likely that you can force him to just sit at his max range and farm with Q and W. Furthermore, with how Veigar's R was changed, where it does bonus HP based off of missing HP, you're FAR more likely to survive now than anytime ever before. It used to be 120% AP, with higher base damage and an 80% AP ratio off enemy AP. If you die to Veigar's ult, and his ult alone, it's because you were already too low, or you let the game go on so that he was actually able to farm something like 1500 AP, AND you built 0 Mres. Hexdrinker, Maw, Edge of Night, Banshee's, Phantom Dancer (you hit Veigar and BOOM! He deals 12% less damage automatically) there's something for everyone. Mind you, this post isn't about trying to make Veigar better in team fights. It's about curbing power from his E so that he doesn't have to play like a bitch in lane and can actually do something other than just farm at max range, roaming when convenient. As it stands now, Veigar does about as well as his side-lanes do. If he has losing side-lanes, he can't do shit, but if they are winning, because of how oppressive his E is, he makes them win harder. I'd like him to not have quite that level of impact in team skirmishes (with the zoning and the damage that can come from W if it lands, it's literally as powerful as an Ori ult on a 10 second CD) but have him able to better fend for himself in the laning phase.
: That's not an issue. That's just...a feature. Karthus E often isn't very useful in lane, but it's absolutely essential to his teamfighting. May champions have abilities like these. Also, Veigar's E is still great in lane, particularly when you're setting up a gank.
I'm guessing you don't play much Karthus. During a lvl 2 all-in, an enemy standing in your E for 4 seconds is essentially equal to landing 3 Q's (though not the solo hit ones, the standard ones). It will deal a surprising amount of damage and as long as you don't get chunked at lvl 1 you can use his lvl 2 all-in potential to often secure FB, or at the least burn your enemy's potions/mana. If you don't get FB, you both heal up with pots, but your E passive lets you top up your mana pool much faster and harass them down much more quickly. I will say that Veigar's E is still strong in setting up ganks, but that's not really the point. Any CC will be great in setting up ganks, even soft-CC like Karthus wall. The point is Veigar's kit is way too reliant on his E to succeed, even moreso than before 5.4 changes. W takes 1.25 seconds to land, it's not going to do ANYTHING in lane unless the enemy laner is stupid enough to stand in it. Q is no longer targeted, which would be fine except it's ridiculously easy to block. You need 2 minions and common sense and Veigar can touch you with his Q. Even if you don't, you don't it's not the most difficult thing to dodge. E is very strong, stopping dashes now, but it gives a crazy warning particle with .75 seconds to react to it (.5 delay, .25 for cast time). You're not going to land this in lane unless the enemy is A) already CC'd, B) lagging out and unable to control their character, C) never played against a viegar and doesn't know what it is, or D) utterly and completely stupid. You don't even need to be on the outside of it, as long as Veigar doesn't have someone ganking, staying inside you're still plenty able to dodge his W and often even the Q. I get that his old E, what was essentially an insta-stun with no indicator and only a .25 second cast time, was OP. I'm honestly surprised it took Riot 5 seasons+ to change it. But this change was done haphazardly without much regard to what Veigar actually does. They delayed it so much that it's almost impossible to trade in lane, and his laning just feels bad because you have nothing you can do other than sit back and farm at max range, like a little bitch. You'll never land a W because you'll never land an E without a jungler. Even melee champs can walk up in range but be safe from anything but auto-attacks behind their own minions. The fact of the matter is, a champion designed for laning (and yes, his passive with the AP gains indicates that) shouldn't be so ridiculously reliant on their jungler, and should actually be able to function in lane. The best fix, imo, would be to remove the dash-stopping aspect (that was literally added as an afterthought when 5.4 veigar was so weak his win-rate was sub-40%) and lower the stun from 1.5-2.5 to 1-2, but change it so that it's a projectile like Lux's E. It'll still give people time to react, getting caught won't suck as much (it'll still suck, just .5 seconds less) and Veigar can actually use it to catch people because they won't know exactly where it's gonna land. I don't know of anyone complaining they were hit by a Lux E for any reason other than some of her skins are/were almost impossible to play against if colorblind.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
{{champion:45}} Veigar is having a new skin come out, wouldn't this be a great time to address his glaring balance issues with how ridiculously strong his E is in team fights compared to its use in laning and the rest of his kit?
: To avoid having to rely on little birds, I'll just address this myself. :) I am short. It doesn't bother me. In personality tests, I always score as an extreme extrovert. This doesn't surprise me, because I get energy from being around other people, as apposed to having it siphoned off. So "anti-social" doesn't really ring true, and anyone who really knows me knows that I love to talk to players about LoL, gaming or anything. If I'm at a con or player meetup, I spend as much time as I can just getting to know players. Selfishly, it's the only way I know to get really direct, unfiltered feedback. I head overall design on LoL. Meddler heads design on our gameplay team specifically. Gameplay is a big part of LoL, and arguably the most important part, but it's not the only part. Matchmaking and events are examples of non-gameplay teams. Our live team, which is responsible for balance, sits within the gameplay team. That means if something goes wrong, it is Meddler's and ultimately my fault. But that doesn't mean we make all the changes, or even dictate them, ourselves. Most game developers find it easier to nerf than to buff. If you have a game with 20 characters, and one is overpowered, it's easier and safer (in terms of the potential for bugs or unintended cosequences) to nerf that one character than to buff the other 19 (which also just leads to stat inflation over time). By contrast if one of the 20 characters is underpowered, there usually isn't the same outcry or effect on so many players. That said, devs do have a responsibilty to try and buff characters when they can and not be too quick to nerf someone if the community is in the process of solving it themselves. I fully admit we do sometimes nerf things too much and we try to correct those mistakes.
Not completely unrelated to the above discussion, though it's a stretch but hey, drunk on the 4th and wanted to post it somewhere. This'll be by no means my most eloquent mention of it, but is there anything that can be done to better balance Veigar? {{champion:45}} I will mention a brief TL;DR at the end with the important stuff if you don't want to read my full ramblings. His E is so broken in a team setting that it has been given an understandably necessary delay. Problem is, in a 1v1 you'll almost never hit your E because of this delay. Landing your stun used to be (and still is) the only way you'll land your W damage on an enemy champ as well, only now with Q being an easily blocked skill-shot, you're reliant on your E for even more if you want to do anything other than farm at max range. Bard Q hits only 2 targets, but at least he gets a pretty awesome stun off it. Veigar's Q should go through all targets, or be reverted to single-target like Annie's Q. (If going through all targets, the AP gained should be limited to the first target or first 2 targets killed with regards to minions/monsters) Veigar's E needs to be weaker (lower duration stun, not stop dashes) so that it can be made less obvious about where it'll land--think like Lux's E: it has a delay based upon the distance, so closer targets have less time to react but veigar is also in more danger, and farther out you have more time to play around it, but only the general idea of where it's gonna end up. The indicator of where/when it'll be is absolutely necessary with how it is now, but it ruins Veigar's ability to lane. He wasn't ever a huge lane bully in the way that someone like Cassiopeia or Syndra can be, but he had matchups he could actually win. Now, the only time you get off meaningful damage is when the enemy misplays, not when you are proactive. It's very little incentive to interact in lane, despite the passive for +1 AP for landing spells. Why waste a spell to maybe hit an enemy champ when you can guarantee +2 ap from farming? Speaking of Syndra, how is it fair that her ult has more base damage on rank 1 with one sphere prepped than Veigar's rank 3 ult? Yeah, Veigar's can scale up to do more damage based on missing HP, but Syndra just needs to have enough mana to Q and will have more base damage than Veigar's rank 3 starting. In fact, at rank 3, Syndra's ult requires 1 Q to just about equal Veigar's DOUBLED rank 3 base damage. Will Veigar's AP scaling beat Syndra's? Yeah, but she can add on 60% more AP scaling to come within 10% as well as 540 more base damage and it's honestly much easier for syndra to prep that in a 1v1 scenario than it is for Veigar to get the enemy to the required 33% HP. Hell, Syndra's Q-R can delete ADC's late game without even landing Q. Can Veigar just R, missing other abilities and get the kill? Not without being ridiculously farmed on AP he can't. And tell me how it makes sense for a burst damage oriented mage to have his ult turned into an execute? Like, if they're at 33% to get that double damage, unless they were full-tank mundo they'd be dead anyways with that 120% AP scaling, or even 100% scaling before the nerfs. Removing DFG and the enemy AP scaling ratio was enough to balance it and not punish opponents for building to their strengths without MRes, but nerfing it in that way made little sense. You'll make what was already dead, deadder, but now you can't kill what you once were able to. Veigar's winrate is sitting at 48.21% average win rate for mid, which isn't terrible, but he's ranking 34/46 with higher skill champions like Yasuo, Azir, Zed, Ryze behind him. Hell, even Syndra has a lower average win-rate (that just goes to show how absolutely broken his E is currently, it's like an Ori-ult in ability to turn around late game fights) but as people are more and more experienced on the respective champs, Syndra's win-rate average is significantly higher, sitting at 56.49% vs the 54.78% of viegar for players over 200 games. And another thing is, playing Syndra actually feels good. You can trade in lane, you can apply pressure through roaming, invading to try to steal or delay jungle camps with W, though pushing waves HARD, she has excellent gank assist--both when roaming to give or when receiving a gank, and it's not difficult for her to damage an enemy in lane--it's a real effort to constantly dodge the sphere's and W's. Veigar can't apply pressure through pushing, W is not a large enough AoE to do this nor is it a low enough CD. Veigar can't apply pressure by invading, his E takes too long to use defensively and you will likely be forced to blow sums or die. And good luck damaging someone in lane when they can walk out of your W and E well before they land, and dont' even have to dodge Q because 2 minions will be enough to stop it. Yes, Veigar has good gank assistance IF the someone has a more reliable form of CC, even just a slow to keep them in the cage, but people have to gank. And yes, Veigar's roams are solid if his team can set up for him either top or bot. But therein lies the problem: Veigar is TOO reliant on his team, moreso than most champs. Playing Veigar means you forfeit much of the ability to play proactively, and put far more faith in your team than most mids have to. It's not just like playing Zed or Cass, Talon or Leblanc, where you need to make sure you can mechanically land all your abilities, dodge in and out, and assassinate unscathed, and actually have outplay potential. Veigar has nearly 0 ability to outplay his opponent. Veigar needs to land his skills like any other champ, but is more likely to be outplayed by clever dodges and use of enemy abilities. It's not even the case of "wait for them to use movement ability so I can use Q/W/E, because the good players will move in a way minions block Q. Good players will move in a way that lets them continue to move past W and E and not get stunned or take damage. And yeah, you can hold your Q until they're on top of you and won't miss, but by then it's usually too late. TL;DR: Veigar's E needs to be toned WAY down so that it's usable in BOTH a 1v1 and teamfight. Veigar's Q needs to be made more reliable--allow it to pass through all enemies, with AP gain adjusted accordingly, or back to single-target. Veigar's ult should be reverted so that it's no longer an execute; it made sense to not be as powerful as Syndra's this way, as he had no way of ramping it up, but to be so much weaker before dealing damage and have no reliable way of dealing damage is just a strait up nerf to his ult.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 27
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 23
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: That's true ish. We've got explorations into Azir and LeBlanc going on, when they'll come out though depends on what gets found (how much change is/isn't needed?). Yasuo we'll want to look at, could be quicker though, depending on whether it's actually an update or more a large set of balance changes that shift power/mechanics around.
Can we get a mini-rework for Veigar again? His E is so strong in teamfights that it causes the rest of his kit to be gimped as a result, but it's also nearly useless in a 1v1 laning situation. The reliance on E to land his W hasn't changed since before the 5.4 rework, but now that Q is a skill shot (which is very easily blockable by staying behind minions) there is even less he can do to fight back against his lane opponent. In fact, despite gaining +1 AP for landing skills on enemy champions, Veigar has very little incentive to interact with his lane opponent, preferring to farm at max range. You still get AP, and you aren't at risk of dying. With this playstyle, and the strength of his E in teamfights, as long as his side-lanes don't completely feed, the Veigar team can almost always come out on top. However, this play-style is really not fun at all, both for Veigar and who Veigar is laning against, nor does it really fit into the theme of a "Tiny Master of Evil"
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 18
Gonna make it simple this time: Thoughts on Veigar {{champion:45}}? I feel like right now his damage is so unreliable he's basically just there for his E, and struggles to function on his own. The ult as an execute doesn't make sense, since to reach its full potential enemies are low enough to have died to his old ult (basically meaning you lose damage with it upfront). It's like he's in a bad spot between mid/support, but with a near game-breaking OP ability on his E, with the catch that it really can't be used offensively--it's basically just follow-up and zone control.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 14
I've been asking this for a while, but is there any potential for {{champion:45}} Veigar to be looked at? He's stuck somewhere between mid/support in terms of design because his E is STILL too strong for you to give him back power in the rest of his kit. He basically plays a non-interactive style in mid, just trying to farm up and survive until grouping because his E is so powerful it'll turn the tides of team fights unless he has massively fed his enemy in lane. Furthermore, it makes 0 sense for a burst-oriented mage such as him to have his ult as an execute. By the time an enemy is low enough HP to have the old base damage and 120% AP scaling, or even the slightly more recent 100% AP scaling, they would have been killed by his combo anyways. It means he doesn't feel good about leading off a fight with his ult, but meanwhile Syndra can just use hers even after missing all her spells an delete 100-0 an enemy. Even with the old AP ratio, Veigar couldn't do that with just his ult (maybe with DFG + Q + Ult, but R alone, no). Mind you, I'm not saying Veigar is terrible (though he is terrible in lane, he had plenty of bad matchups in the past) but now he has 0 incentive to interact, 0 dueling potential in a 1v1, as he requires his enemy to massively misplay to walk into his stun, W, or even Q when 2 minions can block it. Ultimately, it comes down to Veigar being even more frustrating to play as than he used to be to play against.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 7
Hey Meddler, any news on the state of Veigar? {{champion:45}} He's kinda stuck between a mid and support, without tools to function well as either, being far too reliant on teammates to set up his damage in mid-lane, and lacking the tools to really help out bot. His ult also doesn't make sense as an execute--sure doing 2X damage to enemies at 33% HP is great, but before this nerf they would have died at 33% anyways and taken more damage upfront, and it doesn't feel justified when Syndra's {{champion:134}} MINIMUM damage on her rank 1 ult (no extra spheres out) is just 55 damage shy of Veigar's base damage with rank 3, and only 1 sphere is needed to exceed both his rank 3 base damage and AP scaling (when targeting full-hp enemies).
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 3
Hey Meddler, can Veigar get some love? Please read the TL;DR at the very least. Veigar is sitting at a weird spot between a support oriented mage and a mid-carry, but fails to do either well. His E is so powerful it forces the rest of his kit to be toned down (lest he be the unknown god he was pre-5.4). --- TL;DR Veigar is not fun because he's a weak bitch who can barely function in a solo lane and is not fully designed as a support (having abysmal performances in both). More than almost any other mid, he relies on the jungler to set up plays and influence his lane. His kit leaves a lot lacking to tie into his theme/fantasy in the league (his ult being an execute makes 0 sense for a burst mage, as it just kills low HP enemies harder but is far weaker against high HP targets). To do anything other than farm, his kit is far to reliant on his E, which is far to reliant on his teammates, which makes playing him in soloq miserable. Most importantly, the rate at which he can stun enemies needs to be improved, but the power of his stun (specifically the ability to stop dashes and the increased range since the rework) need to be toned down. His Q needs to be able to travel unblocked, or revert to single-target like Annie's Q; none of this 2 minions BS. In short, he needs to be refocused to an actual solo-lane champ who can handle himself, or become a support. He likely won't win every matchup, but you shouldn't always feel terrible about picking Veigar, like "holy crap I hope my team can hold on until late-game". --- My apologies, this part rambles a bit more, which is why I made the TL;DR at the top. His kit before patch 5.4 allowed him to actually lane against an opponent, and the changes have shifted him such that he can't actually exert any pressure on his lane. And I'm not talking about his E being near-instant, I'm talking about the reliability and damage of the rest of his kit. His W has always been easy to avoid if not stunned, but now the same applies to his Q. His ult was changed to not front-load much of his burst, but in doing so it's really gimped him and it honestly doesn't fit his theme/fantasy at all. Why do I care that I can ult enemies below 33% hp for 2x damage, when the old version of the ult would still have killed enemies at 1/3 hp, but been more useful against higher HP targets? He used to be able to hold some reliable damage in lane with his Q, but now 2 minions will block all damage from him. He needs an ally to set up anything, but doesn't bring enough tools to be truly useful as a support (unlike other mid-focused mages moved support, such as Malzahar, Brand, and Zyra). He's actually the 3rd worst support behind only MF and Lux, and when his main spell changed from targeted to a skill-shot, he wasn't compensated with tons of free wave clear like some champions *cough* {{champion:13}} *cough*. As a mid-laner, I have little more to do other than farm; there is no incentive to interact with my opponent in lane (especially if my jungler is behind or lacking CC to set up my E), though roaming is fine post-6. With the changes to his E (the stopping of dashes and increased range) buffing other parts of his kit is still pretty much a no-go. Can a fix for Veigar be found? Personally I recommend removing the part that stops dashes (though they still get stunned passing it like before) and changing the Event Horizon to act as a projectile like Lux's E. Veigar can't actually use his E defensively like anyone else with skill-shot CC, with the exception of Taric {{champion:44}} who is way tankier to compensate. If you're right next to a Lux, Morg, Syndra, Ahri, etc... you're going to be hit by the skill at point blank, but have time to dodge it the farther out you are. Veigar lacks the wave clear that a Viktor has to really have his E worth being such a delay, and unlike Viktor's W standing inside Veigar's E doesn't do anything to help set up the rest of his skills--it's far to wide and allows plenty of movement to dodge his abilities. By becoming the type of skill-shot Lux's E is, Veigar can sacrifice position to attempt a near-instant stun, or play safer and try to get a pick from range. As much as I want to jest "Make Veigar Great Again" I really just want him to suck less. Pre-5.4 Veigar was (other than his E) actually really well balanced. He lacked waveclear and enemies could shove him in. He had tough matchups (Zed, Fizz) and champs that absolutely destroyed him (Malzahar, Cassiopeia), but for the most part he just had to play smart. Do I harass for damage to relieve pressure, or do I CS with this Q? Do I try to set up a stun combo and maybe get caught out of position, or do I use my spells on the wave so my opponent can't make roaming plays? Despite his Q formerly being binary, his decision making is not. The problem with pre-5.4 Veigar was that, with a little bit of practice, his stun wasn't a skill-shot as much as it was guaranteed, and that made landing the rest of his kit too easy. By becoming like Lux's E, it'll allow for more time to dodge at range, and more mind game to be played, rather than the "don't step here or you're stunned" that is currently on live. You gotta guess is he gonna throw it in front of me, or is he gonna try to trap me inside, which way do I dodge to not get hit? And as the Veigar you have to decide how you want to throw it out in the same scenarios. Try to get a max-range pick/cut off an escape? Try to get closer to trap them inside and force a fight or a flash? Try to get really close for the instant stun? Use W to try to walk them back into your E? There would be so much more decision making available.
Aizeroth (EUNE)
: I'm not saying your version of Veigar will ruin his theme or his late game. I'm saying that your version of veigar is not balanced and that is why Riot will never make it a reality. That is why i said that the only way to make him good in the early game (AND balanced) is to take from his late game.Also the old Veigar was not balanced and is never coming back so stop comparing him to the new one. Besides you, no other veigar player i know complains about his laning phase. It just seems like that you want an OP Veigar and nothing less. I suggest you just stop the debate but if you really want to keep going go create a different thread. I won't be responding here anymore.
> I'm not saying your version of Veigar will ruin his theme or his late game Except you did say exactly that, recall this: "So stop complaining about the laning phase , the only way for it to get better is to take away from Veigar's teamfight potential, which would ruin Veigars theme for a lot of players including me."? > That is why i said that the only way to make him good in the early game (AND balanced) is to take from his late game. Yes, that's true. I don't deny it, but taking away from his late game (i.e. making his E weaker by not stoping dashes, which it never used to, and by changing it to a skill-shot so that the farther away one is the more time there is to react) won't be such a nerf to his late-game that he is unplayable, and it would allow his laning to go more smoothly so that reaching late-game is a bit easier. > Also the old Veigar was not balanced and is never coming back so stop comparing him to the new one. The old Veigar's E was not balanced. The new Veigar's E is STILL not balanced. More difficult to land + even more powerful when landed ≠ balance. It's a fair comparison when asking for the problem spell to be toned down so he can lane more effectively > Besides you, no other veigar player i know complains about his laning phase. It just seems like that you want an OP Veigar and nothing less Maybe they're not as vocal, maybe you don't know many, but all of the Veigar mains I know (depending on if you include myself or not there's 8-9 of us) detest his laning phase. Also, if I *really* wanted an OP veigar and nothing less, I'd be asking for the rework to be reverted and DFG to be put back. I don't play much ranked, mostly enough just to get and maintain season rewards, but over S3 and S4 I had nearly an 80% winrate on Veigar. As much as I'd love to have that Veigar back, there's just no way Riot will ever return him to that state. All I ask now is for a laning phase that doesn't feel like complete shit. I want to be able to PvP reliably, and not P avoid P and farm minions for 20 minutes.
Aizeroth (EUNE)
: "In a 1v1, which he NEEDS to be able to perform in to fit his champion theme, Veigar is better than maybe Soraka and Janna... unless they go AD." That is YOUR away of viewing what theme fits a tiny master of evil and NOT everyone's. If you ask me, being able to destroy and cripple the entire enemy team in teamfights and late game is far more evil and fitting for Veigar than just simply being good at 1v1 and laning phase which is basically what assassins are. So stop complaining about the laning phase , the only way for it to get better is to take away from Veigar's teamfight potential, which would ruin Veigars theme for a lot of players including me. Also the only way AD soraka and janna in 1v1 is better than Veigar is if you are so bad that you can't even land 1 skill shot. When you say things like that I question what is your ranking...
Up until his rework at the end of S5, Veigar brought both excellent teamfight potential and a decent ability to lane. Some champions (Cassiopeia, Malzahar) destroyed him regardless. Against most he could do okay. He'd be able to choose between poking them and farming AP, and his E-W-Q combo was ALWAYS a threat. Against most melee champions (except maybe Fizz) he was even a solid counter pick. LeBlanc retains her ability to be a lane bully, albeit with a bit of a delay. Her instant burst was toned down in favor of more (though delayed) burst. Her playstyle remains the same, with the only MAJOR differences being the RR clone and not being able to instantly W-Q-R-E someone to death in under a second. You now need to wait a full 1.5 seconds. Veigar, on the other hand, would STILL have a crazy strong teamfight with my proposed changes. If you can land Lux's E, you can land that same version of Veigar's to at least trap them inside (as is more common now). Additionally, Veigar wouldn't have to play bitch in lane. He'd still have bad matchups, ya, but he'd be able to actually stand a chance in a 1v1 by *outplaying* his opponent, vs having his opponent fk up and walk into a stun which they have adequate warning for. > That is YOUR away of viewing what theme fits a tiny master of evil and NOT everyone's. If you ask me, being able to destroy and cripple the entire enemy team in teamfights and late game is far more evil and fitting for Veigar than just simply being good at 1v1 and laning phase which is basically what assassins are. If I asked you (which I didn't) I would respond by saying you are wrong. Veigar ***ALWAYS*** retained the ridiculous threat of late game terror, still does. In fact, I never said he was weak as a whole, just that his laning phase was trash and basically the weakest in the game. It's unquestionably far more evil to maintain both a threat in the lane AND in the late-game. Before his rework, playing against Veigar was calculating how to play around his cooldowns. You see him Q farm, go in and harass him. He might get an E-W off, but no big damage, and next time he Q's a minion you can chunk him down more. It was being stuck between a rock and a hard place: you didn't want him to scale infinitely, but you had to be cautious about going in because you might get chunked and you don't wanna give him a free lane either. Now, you still gotta beware the late game, but early you laugh at Veigar. Zoning him is ridiculously easy, dodging/blocking his skills takes little to no skill yourself. You need only create a freeze and you win lane because he can't get close enough to keep up in farm. > So stop complaining about the laning phase , the only way for it to get better is to take away from Veigar's teamfight potential, which would ruin Veigars theme for a lot of players including me. If Veigar is to have his laning phase restored (AKA what I'm asking for in more reliable damage) his teamfight will be just as good. He wouldn't be stopping dashes anymore, but he never used to be able to and that he can is even more broken than his old E, just more difficult to land and useless in a 1v1. But he'd still have an AoE stun to trap and zone the enemy, and more consistent damage would easily make up for his weaker E. Veigar's theme would be in no way ruined, in fact he would be (somewhat) returned to his former glory (RIP DFG) > Also the only way AD soraka and janna in 1v1 is better than Veigar is if you are so bad that you can't even land 1 skill shot. Have you ever played against these guys as Veigar? Janna maxes E, even if you land your Q her shield absorbs the damage and she just keeps wailing on you, with her W to keep you there longer and make her Q easier to land. Soraka has a silence field that is, OH MY GOD, longer range than all of Veigar's spells. You're not gonna land skill-shots because you're not going to be able to cast them (Her silence field is instant cast, like Veigar's old E, there is almost no avoiding it). Furthermore, because you have to walk off it both to be able to use abilities and not get snared, her Q becomes much more easy to land, with it's wide AoE. She'll heal herself up with that from time to time (she's not gonna land them all, but will land enough) and you're just gonna be frustrated with how impossible laning is. Yes, you'll be better late game, especially since Janna/Soraka are terrible picks for a solo lane regardless of AD or AP. But that they can bully Veigar out should not happen. That his only "evil" comes from not feeding the enemy so you're somewhat even 25 minutes in, that's not a tiny ***MASTER*** of Evil. He's not even an evil journeyman, more like an evil apprentice to his former self.
Aizeroth (EUNE)
: You shouldn't post this here , instead make your own thread in the forums if you want to talk about Veigar. Also you are wrong about Veigar being weak. He may be played rarely but he has a 49.81% win rate which places him higher than a lot of champions in the game. Aside from that I play Veigar myself (Level 6) and I have never gotten below A- rating in any game and his laning phase is nowhere near as bad as you make it out to be. It's actually good compared to someone like Lissandra . Also you can't just compare 1 specific champion ability to another because It's part of a WHOLE kit which makes the balance of a champion. Veigar is fine as is and this comes from someone that will keep playing Veigar for a while.
I've played plenty of Veigar since the changes (level 7, got it the day after mastery 7 became available because it's easy to do and means literally nothing other than you play him a lot) and he's *still* my most played champ. And if you read my post, it's not about Veigar being weak, it's about his solo laning being ridiculously weak. Winrates are by no means indicative of champion strength. Azir was sitting as something like a 48% win-rate while being a near perma-ban because of how strong he was. Kassadin in S3 was much the same, low-ish win rate because he was a hard champ to play and many people couldn't, but almost literally cancer at the highest elos and a perma-ban for the majority of a season. Veigar is kind of the opposite, in that he's not terribly difficult to play, and his E is ridiculously strong. So strong in fact, that despite being a poor matchup into almost every champ in the game (where the absolute best you can hope to do in a 1v1 situation is farm until the enemy makes a mistake) his E will carry teamfights in the mid-late game. Veigar's actually got a 50%+ winrate this patch (6.23) but it is largely in part due to longer average game times and somewhat because of the quick level 3 junglers are able to get. After 2 camps, a level 3 jungler needs only to wait for Veigar to be level 2 to force sums in mid and quite often get the kill on the unsuspecting laner. What I am saying, if you pay attention as you read the post, is that because his E is so strong his laning is forced to be absolutely terrible. Furthermore, he doesn't feel like a tiny master of evil when his evil plan is "let me sit back and try to survive this". To remedy this, his E needs to be weaker and power needs to be shifted to his Q, allowing him to do *reliable* damage (and THAT is the key word, Veigar's damage is strong, but extremely unreliable) while not feeling like absolute BS as he did before when you could E-W-Q-R and they 100% die, no exceptions. ---- Additionally, you very much can compare champion abilities directly, you just need to make sure you take into account the rest of their kits. Veigar's Q used to be targeted, just like Annie. They BOTH have an AoE stun, they BOTH do a ton of burst. It's a comparison of mandarin oranges to tangerines. Also, I don't know what lissandra you've been playing, but her laning is far stronger than Veigar's. In the worst of matchups, her Q is low enough cooldown that she can clear wave and roam or B. Her W and E both keep her safe from being engaged on (as does her R when she gets it) and can also be used to waveclear. Oh, and once she's 6+ and has 1-2 items, she can *RELIABLY* destroy enemy squishies that haven't been ridiculously feed. She might not have the best synergy with meta champs at the moment, but her laning is far better than Veigar's. Veigar is able to do well in lane ONLY if his opponent is retarded (doesn't dodge W or E, doesn't stand behind minions when harassing, allowing Veigar to get Q's off) or if his jungler helps out. In a 2v1 or 2v2 Veigar's E is ridiculous, and they'll burn sums or outright win most of the time. In a 1v1, which he NEEDS to be able to perform in to fit his champion theme, Veigar is better than maybe Soraka and Janna... unless they go AD.
Meddler (NA)
: Not directly yet. Lucian's performance has certainly dropped a noticeable amount, which makes sense given the item changes in particular. We do think he should be stronger than he currently is, we want to look at some systemic changes first though that are affecting a number of Marksmen, Fervor being weak in particular. Current plan as a result is to buff Fervor in 6.24, possibly with some other systemic changes, and then assess underperforming marksmen like Lucian in 7.1 again.
Hi Meddler! Posting it here so you'll se it, there's a TL;DR at the bottom if you're busy, but if you can I'd love feedback on my favorite champ: Veigar. Nothing to do with Lucian or Fervor, I was hoping I could ask you about {{champion:45}} for a minute. He really just doesn't seem to fit the theme of a "Tiny master of Evil", what with his laning being so horrendous, and I think that's by and large because of his E. You guys fixed him back in 5.4 because Support Veigar was getting a lot of play on the pro level (and he was a sleeper op for years with his instant AoE stun on the E) and one of the main changes you did was put a delay on his Event Horizon. This is all well and fine, but it got tweaked such that it is even stronger than it was in teamfights because it can stop dashes, but next to useless in the laning phase. With his E so strong, Riot can't possibly justify adding power to the other parts of his kit. So now his Q is also a skill-shot to decrease the reliability. Combined with his Q now being a line skill-shot, it's also blocked by 2 minions, and his W with a 1.25 second delay, Veigar is the one of the worst champs in the game from a solo-lane aspect, on par with Soraka after her rework. Certainly the worst laning for a mage designed for the solo-lane role. And the thing is, before the rework he could actually lane somewhat decently. There really hasn't been a champ whose core play changed so much since the nerfs of S2 Diana/Olaf. It's not about the win-rate, it's about being able to play him without having to play a bitch in lane and through the mid-game. Katarina, whose win-rate is abysmal currently because she now takes a ton of skill, still feels really good to lane with because she can at least trade with her Q. I get that pre-5.4 Veigar will likely never exist, and that's fine. I just want a tiny master of evil who feels evil, not who feels almost non-existent until it's time to teamfight. I have a few suggestions on actual ways to help balance him, and I'm hoping you'll hear me out. I'll start with the biggest offender of Viegar's kit, his E. ***Event Horizon:*** This has to be tuned down considerably to be made usable in a 1v1 and still feel decent for both Veigar and his opponent. Right now it feels like crap to Veigar in lane because it's near impossible to catch a single opponent, and you can't even use it as a quick getaway anymore. For starters, it should no longer stop dashes, but apply the stun on the end like it used to. I'd also recommend either having the duration of the stun be 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 or bringing the range back. The second part is most important: it absolutely cannot give the EXACT location where it will land. Veigar cannot even get picks from fog of war with his E in the same way you can get a Morg Q or land a Sej ult. So, his E needs to be a skill-shot with a path. Think of it as traveling in the same way Lux's E does, just a bit slower (1000 speed instead of 1300). Enemies will be able to see the E coming and react, but it can also be cast from fog of war for better effectiveness (which currently cannot happen as the warning particles give the same length of warning regardless). They'll know the general area to avoid, but it's not going to be screaming "DON'T STEP HERE AND YOU'RE FINE" like live. Veigar will be able to use it more quickly when playing defensively (casting on top of himself) or when trying to move in close (putting himself at more risk) to try to better get it off on his enemies. The delay will take longer the farther the range he hopes to use it at, giving the enemy more time to react. This way, when it's dodged you don't feel like "of course they'll dodge it they see right were it'll be" but when it hits you won't get the "That was fucking bullshit" like you used to with pre-rework Veigar (well, you won't get it as much. It'll feel like you were outplayed, more than complete BS). ***Baleful Strike (Q):*** This would be Veigar's second biggest offender. On it's own it's not bad, but it's the infinite scaling mini-game which makes it tricky to balance. Pre-5.4 you could use it to harass or CS to increase your AP, but not both. After the change to a skill shot, it was limited to killing 2 units so that Veigar couldn't farm 6 AP per wave in the mid-late game. But this also crippled his ability to deal with enemies early. While his Q does 230+60% of his AP to 2 targets, Syndra can deal 230+75%AP to anything in the area of her sphere, Lux's E has 10 more base damage and the same scaling, but damages everyone in a large AoE. Lissandra, Ziggs, Ahri, Anivia, Viktor, the list of mages with skill-shots dealing the same (or better) base damage and scaling to ALL enemies in the area they hit (whether a line like Lissandra and Viktor or a sphere like Ziggs and Syndra). They're not limited to dealing damage to just 2 targets unless there's another powerful aspect to them, such as Lux's Q with it's snare. So we have to fix Veigar's Q as well. There are a few ways to do this. **#1)** Baleful strike only grants a stack of Phenominal Evil on the first unit it kills. It is no longer limited to only targeting 2 units. This version keeps Viegar more in line with how Riot wanted the rework to go (skill-shot) and gives him a lot less potential to farm AP massively early (removing potential abuse of flat stacking AP runes and AFK farming waves for 5-10 minutes). It also improves his ability to lane by both adding wave clear and a more reliable damage source, as you can no longer sit behind your melee minions to zone him (you'll actually have to dodge). Stacks of Phenominal Evil can still be gained by damaging enemy champions with his Q. In this version his team fight and 1v1 potential are strongest but require the most skill and he can be outplayed more easily. **#2)** Baleful strike no longer grants a stack of Phenominal Evil upon hitting an enemy champion, unless that champion is killed (still grants stacks on minions/monsters). It is now a targeted spell again with a range of 525 (the range of his auto-attack, so in this way it works the same as Annie's Q). The cooldown and base damages have been reverted to 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 and 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260. Basically, he get's his old Q back (minus 125 range) but it cannot grant AP stacks on hitting champions like his W/E/R can. He again has to decide whether he needs to farm AP or trade with his Q, but he cannot possibly do both at the same time. In this version his 1v1 and teamfight are more reliable, but he doesn't carry the same damage potential to multiple targets as before. ***Dark Matter (W):*** With tweaks to the rest of his kit, this spell probably doesn't need to be touched. ***Primordial Burst (R)*** It feels rather weak now because it's an execute, and because Veigar can't land any reliable damage to have the threat of that execute. As much as I'd like to put some more umph back into it (I really liked the flat 120% AP with 80% enemy AP) I think this also would need to remain untouched until the Q and E changes were examined. With being able to get damage off more reliably, it might even be a tad strong, who knows? ------------------------------------- TL;DR Veigar's Q and E are the biggest problems with balancing his kit, and need to be reworked so he can better fit his theme as a master of evil. Event Horizon (E) is now a skill shot like Lux's E (but slower) however it no longer stops dashes and the stun time is reduced. Veigar's Q doesn't have a huge CC effect like Morgana and Lux, nor massive nuke potential like Nidalee and Jayce (ranged). It is currently limited in targets it can hit because being able to reliably Q a wave for 6 AP every time is beyond broken. Therefore Q should be reworked in 1 of 2 ways: 1) It remains a skill shot and travels through all units in its path, but only grants AP on the first unit killed 2) It is reverted to the exact stats of his pre-rework Q, except it's range matches his auto-attack range. It no longer grants stacks of Phenominal Evil when dealing damage to champions because it is a targeted ability like Annie's Q (though he still gets stacks if they're killed by it).
: Should be on PBE soon (today or tomorrow), ship in 6.24. Will still be an AP/Health item. The direction is going to be shrinking it down a bit - less cost, less stats, exact numbers still in flux a bit - and flattening the passive out to 20% in all cases, which makes it preferentially better on champions who can apply that slow repeatedly (or when it matters) rather than having the passive attempt to make it comparably valuable over many different types of AP champions.
Ever consider making it work like duskblade, in that it has a strong passive with a cooldown so it doesn't consistently apply?
: Replays are Live in the New Client!: FAQ & Pro-Tips
How do I change the location replays save to? I have a relatively small SSD for my OS and I don't want to have replays constantly written to it both for space reasons and to help preserve the longevity of the SSD.
: I definitely agree with your core argument that more is not better. Over time we have been gradually shifting from TONS of new champs and 0 updates to less and less new champs -> more quality of new champs (and more updates). Rough estimates off the top of my head: 2010 : 24 2011 : 24 2012 : 24 2013 : 8 2014 : 6 2015 : 5 2016 : like i said probably 6 This trend is definitely deliberate to focus on only making the few additions that will actually add something new and essential to the game. A side point that you bring up about how managing 130+ champions is extremely complex and possibly reaching the ceiling of what is legitimately possible. We are constantly thinking about what systemic changes to the game we could or should make to make this a sustainable and scaleable future. Things like: * Limited draft modes (like original DOTA RD) * Rotating sets of champs that are "in play" (like things that Magic The Gathering does with cards and sets) * Shifting some more of the "make new champ" resources into big VGU style updates * Other crazy ideas like - In a best of 5 every time a champ is picked, they are cut from the pool for the rest of the series These are very loose conversations at this point and we haven't found anything that we all agree is the right move for LoL, so don't expect that any of these are coming soon or in the pipe. Though I would appreciate and value your opinions/feelings on these types of directions.
I love the idea for Bo5 with a dwindling champion pool as the series progresses, but hear me out on this: if you do that, it would be absolutely epic to bring back OGN's game 5 blind pick where all champs are available. When you've cut out 40 of the available champions after 4 games (assuming banned champions are technicaly not "picked" and can still be selected in another game, 64 otherwise) what ends up being left is going to be a bit stale, and at that point you've proven the champion pools of each team run pretty deep. By opening it up to everything you see which team's strategy and performance reign supreme, and the potential counter-picks/mind games, say countering Zed with Zed, are near endless.
Odesza (NA)
: I agree! this is why I'm really concerned to, especially after I feel like I've invested a lot of time learning a champ that isn't exactly easy to play to begin with. I know she can be frustrating early on, but there's so much opportunity right now to itemize against her. She honestly seems a lot less frustrating to play against then when assassins like Fizz or Zed are strong (who I also play sometimes). I'm so worried that Riot is going to turn her into one of those champs that's so high skill cap that she can only be viable at competitive play. I know her strengths are definitely visible via her kit, but she also has a ton of weaknesses, and a very unique kit that fits the type of champ she's supposed to be.
And many champs don't even *need* to itemize against her, with their kits it's more of a skill match anyways. Ahri, Lux, Xerath, Annie, Malz, Ryze, Anivia, Brand, Cassiopeia, Karma, Morgana, champs like these all have hard CC to lock her up, often combined with great waveclear. Even champs which don't, like Ziggs, Karthus, Varus, Kassadin, Viktor, Vel'Koz, Vlad, Jayce, etc... they can either sit back and play it safe with wave clear or force her out of lane with a well timed all-in. And it doesn't matter what the matchup is, roaming is always an option.
Odesza (NA)
: Hey! I'm actually really scared about LB being one of the major 4 because she's probably one of my favorite champs. I do agree that her burst (especially to squishy targets) can seem pretty unfair, but at the same time, I feel like LB in her current state has a good amount of weaknesses (bad teamfight potential, bad against tanks, bad waveclear, pretty useless when her team is behind). I know you said you plan on keeping her mobility, but do you plan on compensating her kit in other ways (like maybe giving her better waveclear)? I'm still honestly pretty surprised she's being considered for one of the big 4 since her kit seems extremely unique as far as assassins go.
I would have to agree with you on the concerns raised in this comment, and would even add that among squishies, it's really only supports/adcs which overwhelmingly lack a way to fight back, and to an extent ADC's can build for her (Hexdrinker/Maw) and a squishy support will probably want to go Locket; for the support it often comes down to being under leveled than outright squishy. As for lane opponents, any AD matchup you'll see them take hexdrinker no doubt, and most AP will go abyssal or RoA, so outside of that lvl 2-4 window where she can really get ahead with a calculated all-in, she's not as big of an issue (imo) as Riot makes her out to be; certainly not at the levels of Zed when he was most strong.
: I believe that its because of the venue size.. The Staples center is huge, whereas in SF and NY The venues were really small.. Supply and Demand my friend.
According to a quick search on the almighty google, when searching "Staples Center capacity" vs "Madison Square Garden capacity" they differ by fewer than 100 seats, with SC at 18112, and MSG at 18200. So it's not quite that...
: Worlds 2016 - Finals tickets
Semi-finals were more expensive than Finals tickets? What gives Riot!
Meddler (NA)
: Things like: * Performance at a range of skill levels. Performance doesn't just mean win rate, but instead includes things like an assessment of power when played in an appropriate team comp, against appropriate enemies, by experience on the champion etc. * How healthy the champion is for the game. That assessment involves whether they have a positive or negative effect on things like other champion diversity, whether their kit has appropriate counterplay, whether they lead to passive or active games etc. * How long a champion's been underperforming. All else being equal champions that have been weak for a longer time are more of a priority.
Any possibility of looking at Veigar? The mage rework saw him played a bit more, but he's simply outclassed by everything else that's out there. His new passive was a good way of trying to make him interact with the enemy, rather than AFK farming to get big, but his kit lacks reliability, which really just lends incentive to AFK farm in lane. His roam is still strong, but even then there's not usually much incentive to leave early when you'll simply get more AP farming lane minions, and don't want to risk being put really far behind in a lane you can't trade effectively in. During lane, it's not even that there's a ton of champs who are too mobile for Veigar to deal with; plenty mages have this problem and as such he should be more of a pocket/last pick. But with how his kit is set up, it's pretty impossible to even trade in lane vs a competent opponent. Unless minion-blocked, anyone with boots can avoid his E, and with the delay on the W you're only left with the Q, which is extremely easy to avoid hiding behind minions, and at the worst is not a difficult to dodge skill-shot. Old Veigar had a clear weakness in lack of waveclear; his single-target Q and short AoE W made it ideal for opponents to push him in hard. However he could still fight back like Kassadin does today, as you can't dodge the single-target Q, so he could at least relieve some pressure when pushed under tower. It's even easier to bully him now, and there is far less which can be done to return fire. As much as I miss the old Vegiar with his instant stun and the ability to delete anyone with DFG-R-Q, I get why it was terrible for the game. But a little bit more reliability would go a long way, whether to his damage abilities (like having the Q damage lowered but damage everything in its path, perhaps even with reduced damage per enemy it passes through, or increasing the AoE of the W so you have to actually get outside the E to avoid it), or to his E by perhaps (making it pop more quickly at the cost of the duration of the stun).
Meddler (NA)
: A few gameplay updates
Have you thought of making Cloud Drake have an actual ***IN COMBAT*** effect? Currently, the only dragon who has an effect in combat with enemy champions (that part's key) is Infernal. Mountain impacts combat with neutral/enemy objectives (towers, barons, drakes) and Ocean is all about that sustain when not in combat with enemy champions. Infernal, being a %AD/AP increase, impacts in combat across the board. Cloud drake, on the other hand, is completely removed by combat, even with minions (which doesn't remove Ocean). Cloud drake has some really cool potential for in combat effects too. 1) You could add a small amount of damage reduction. Since clouds obscure things, thematically it fits that champions would be obscured enough to "dodge" a small amount of damage (note: this wouldn't be actual dodge again, that'd be OP). So having something like 3% damage reduction per cloud drake (in addition to the 15 movespeed) certainly wouldn't be ridiculously OP (in fact a single infernal could off-set 3 cloud) but it would add a meaningful effect to in-combat 2) Instead of flat movement speed, make it 3% movespeed, doubled when out of combat. This will be closer to your proposed 25, though a tad less powerful out of combat it would have a persistent in-combat effect which would still be felt. At 18% out-of-combat movespeed, with 9% in-combat, you might actually end up with a scenario where people sell their boot items, being able to move at essentially Tier-2 boots out of combat (it would add 58.5 movespeed to champions with 325 base, slightly less than 63.9 to that of champions with base 355 because of reduced effectiveness after 400) but they wouldn't completely drop to their base movement speed when in-combat, meaning by selling boots they could use Cloud Drake to actually garner an advantage. 3) Tenacity. Personally not a fan of this one, as I think there are better options for "in-combat" effectiveness which better suit the cloud drake theme, but it certainly is a much requested effect.
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: Yo Yousosmart! Star Guardian is absolutely a line that we want to explore further, skins team itself is comprised of a ton of Magical Girl super fans! We definitely want to make more SG skins in the future (TBD), so keep your eyes peeled for cuteness! :3 As far as our data goes players lovvvvveddddd her, like off the charts positive player response. lol **Question for the thread: **What other champions, aside from Lux, would make great Star Guardians?
Syndra plz!!! Also Ahri, Diana, Orianna, LeBlanc, and Aurelion Sol (if you can fit in a dude). Basically anyone whose kit can be bright, colorful, and incorporate spheres like stars
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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Low-Scope Mage Directions
Any thoughts on touching over Karthus? I know I'm not the only one who felt the wall nerfs were completely unjustified, especially for a champion who saw very little play as it was what with all the counters from champion kits alone (That Riot continues to add... I mean, really Taric?) not to mention items like Zhonyas, Banshees, and Maw that have really just taken him out of any meta which once could have fit him.
: Lux Redesign / Model Updates Concept Art
Gotta ask, fan for Final Fantasy VII? From the hair and parts of the face, she kinda looks like a blonde Aerith/Aeris.
: I believe that the reason that the passive stops being disabled on CS once you complete it is that even if you're using your abilities to poke, once you've scrounged up enough to get the full FQC and a sightstone (the support core), your base damages and the AP from FQC are enough that missing a skillshot will probably kill minions, just by accident, and a support's job is hard enough without disabling their gold income every time they miss.
I believe you're right on why it is disabled, but it's also (in my opinion) unnecessary to remove the disable. It makes a support have to be a bit more careful about using their stacks before getting a CS, but in most lane/team fight scenarios it really isn't an issue. And when you're getting CS, you're effectively getting the same amount of gold you would from the stack if it were consumed. Simply put, by bringing back the disable on the passive upon csing, what one does is separates the good supports from the great supports, while severely limiting the usefulness of the item for carries.
: It doesn't help it's a great anti-engage tool when assassins are prevalent mid too.
It does much more than you think. If you're still getting it for the active, you'll essentially have 25%-50% base mana regen (depending on numbers chosen in testing) compared to 100% of an enemy AP, not to mention significantly reduced combat stats. This puts you at a severe disadvantage compared to an enemy assassin, most of whom can simply ignore the slow at close enough range with their mobility spells. Even if they can't get a kill, they'll be able to force the enemy to go OOM far more quickly (since they'll have about a faerie charm's worth of regen) and they'll be much susceptible to being pushed in. And even in today's meta, I don't see an AP mid rush frostqueen's vs the likes of a Zed. Either a stronger AP item to duel him (like a syndra or fizz would, since they can 1v1 him) or a Zhonyas to survive him).
kile147 (NA)
: The problem is that supports sometimes kill minions on accident, especially supports like Lulu and Bard who have to shoot through minion waves to hit targets. Causing them to lose a large part of their gold gen for 20 secs while doing their job is massively prohibitive. I think a better way to handle it would be to have killing a minion won't disable the passive, but killing multiple minions will.
It's honestly not that big of a deal, except for maybe the mana regen. It's fairly easy to wait 30 seconds to stack it to full, and simply used a ranged auto attack to harass or put damage on a tower being sieged. Slightly trickier is to ensure you don't kill any low hp minions in a dying wave, but putting down harass at the start to proc all three charges is easy enough if you accidentally cs during the previous wave, or are worried about it. CSing doesn't stop charges building, only the ability to consume them. The 20-25 second limit would be mostly to ensure mid-laners don't do just this: blow their harass at the start to use the 3 charges and then CS as per normal. It would certainly be a bit more annoying for champions like lulu, morgana, and bard, but not the end of the world, and (at least in my opinion) separate the good supports from the great supports. ---- Also, irrelevant to above, but it's one of my pet peeves: it's *BY* accident, and *ON* purpose. You don't do something on accident because you can't do something by purpose.
: I was pretty sure once completed Frost Queen's didn't disable when you killed minions. Could have that wrong.
> [{quoted}](name=RookPusher,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8XAR4Ghb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-05T17:12:21.609+0000) > > I was pretty sure once completed Frost Queen's didn't disable when you killed minions. Could have that wrong. It doesn't. I'm saying that, to effectively be a support oriented only item, this needs to return along with the lowered mana regen upon csing.
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: Jhin is pretty much unplayable unless you are either Bronze or High ELO
Agreed. I think if (similarly to Graves) there was a way for his reload time to be increased, even if it means toning down some of his damage, it would be overall beneficial to his game play overall. Perhaps something like where he starts to reload bullets as soon as he goes empty, but if you want the guaranteed crit you need to wait for him to reload all 4 bullets.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
{{champion:45}} I think Veigar could use a touch-up. He was in a terrible spot after the his rework/DFG being lost, and was buffed (a little too much) such that he became a bit more popular than Riot liked, and so they hit his Q's base damage pretty hard, making farming early q stacks pretty tough. Additionally, when it comes down to it, other than how their stuns function (AoE zone, no damage but high utility vs linear, damage and utility) Veigar {{champion:45}} and Syndra {{champion:134}} very much fill the same niche of an immobile mage who brings some utility with incredibly high burst potential. Syndra is still pretty much better across the board, because what you give up in scaling (not to say she doesn't scale well at all) you gain in reliability, wave clear, and self-peel (veigar can't instantly stun anymore so his self-peel is pretty much non-existent)
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: Sure. Infinity Edge is slightly weaker now (little less AD), we shifted power elsewhere so it's less automatic and so that we could add cooler things to the Marksman space. Essence Reaver scales its CDR off of your critical strike chance so that it works as a big core item (think IE space). It can now give upwards of +30% CDR. Phantom Dancer does stuff other than just be straight up damage. Bonus movement speed while near your opponents and you take less damage from the last champion you hit. Isolate and kill people, basically. Rapid Firecannon charges up like Shiv, but when charged instead of prepping you for the thunder, increases your attack range and gives you a fiery hit at the end. Shiv does even more damage versus minions. It's specialized further into being the bursty clearing tool. Hurricane now crits and the bolts crit. Also movement speed. It's in the PD / Shiv space now, so it should be an option for more Marksman. Executioner's Calling is back, but it's a bit different and cheaper. Also it's a component item. It builds into something new. Last Whisper is now a component item. It builds into new things. There's something called Giant Slayer. It hurts health dudes. Merc scimitar has Lifesteal, you should feel comfortable taking it over BT. Death's Dance exist. It has something like Lifesteal but better. Also it "delays" damage. And tons of changes all over the place. This is just some of the marks targeted ones.
> Phantom Dancer does stuff other than just be straight up damage. Bonus movement speed while near your opponents and you take less damage from the last champion you hit. Isolate and kill people, basically. Does it still have the "Ignores unit collision" passive? And if yes, has creep block actually been worked on to be fixed?
: Yea this is a great question. Here's the high level points for each: Caitlyn * The zone control marksmen (traps are on a charge system now) * New play feel with headshot combos (trap and E trigger a guaranteed headshot on the target) Miss Fortune * The wombo combo marksmen (ult scaling way better, can crit) * New play feel with impure shots replaced with "love tap" new passive that gives bonus damage when swapping targets (this works well with Q) Kog'Maw * The true glass cannon hyper carry (tons of dmg needs protection) * W now doubles ALL attack speed and allows him to break the attack speed cap (but ad is lowered to 60%) Corki * Magic damage marksmen -> passive now does big magic damage instead of true and all spells now do magic damage * New mechanic: Special Delivery -> every ~5m in the game corki gets a special set of bombs in his base that allow him to cast a super mega W with much bigger range and impact Quinn * The map mobility/roaming marksmen * R reworked as a utility focused spell -> 0 cooldown and gives quinn crazy out of combat speed to quickly move around the map, not used for assassination anymore Graves * We finally made his shotgun a shotgun -> up close burst damage marksmen * Basic attacks fire multiple buckshots in a cone -> more damage up close * Q reworked to synergize better with the new basic attacks
Hi Scruffy! Thanks for the post; I was wondering if you could perhaps talk about AP Kog'Maw, and if he'll still be viable after the changes? If Riot is intending to make it so, you may need to look at the ap ratio for the on-hit effects from his W; Nashor's tooth granting 100% attack speed and 15% of ap as bonus on-hit damage, not to mention the actual effect of W, would make Kog'Maw ridiculously broken (though if this doubling all attack speed is only while active it might not be AS big of a problem, though it would still be one since he would benefit from AP scaling, attack speed, and magic pen, all of which he would be building as an AP carry). I really like that Kog'Maw can be an effective flex pick, going both AP and AD and doing tons of damage, and he's currently pretty balanced in both roles. I would love to see Riot keep this balance.
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