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: ixtali used elemental magic, not spiritual magic
Great. I wish there was any indication that the two sources of magic actually created different tangible outcomes.
: "balance of good an evil" . Actually this is not exactly the balance they/we are talking about now. (It might have been in old lore). There is an acceptance of duality and that good and evil are codependent on each other. But generally these characters are talking about: the Balance of elements; the Balance of emotions; And esp the Balance between the magical and physical. Ionia is a land blessed, and cursed by an abundance of spirit magic. Often we describe this as the borders between the material realm and spirit realm are weak here-- esp in the forests and highlands. And magic is a dangerous thing. In moderation it can make your village's life better. More food, less disease, longer lives, better ping speeds (okay maybe not that one). But it also can be fickle and deadly. And overusing or allowing to it to overrun an area, or having it interact with your emotions, invites unwanted guests, consequences, and changes. And in its pure form or when very strong it is lethal to us. (or so changing as to transform us into something we wouldn't recognize (see Ivern, brand, that odd shaped owl which screams outside my window, etc..)). Some magic is good. But you have to be careful. Now The Vastaya (Like Rakan and Xayah) and other magical creatures need magic to survive-- in way like we need oxygen or water. It's naturally a part of them-- they are made in part of it. So the restriction of it, harvesting of it, damning (as in holding back) of it-- restricts them. Imagine if an alien race appeared on our planet and set up cities around the globe and fields and farms... and in those large swathes of land they greatly restricted the amount of oxygen or began claiming and storing large areas of the fresh water we needed. We might attack them... and we have nukes. So these magical creatures, places, and stranger things can be helpful or dangerous-- but you have to be careful not to over restrict magic or overuse magic-- to avoid attracting dangerous creatures and unwanted magical effects.
Kinda a tangential topic, but we know that there are Vastaya in the jungles in/around Ixtal, so I was wondering, do the people of Ixaocan have to take into consideration the effects their extensive use of magic has on the lives of their own people and the lives of Vastaya that live near them? What do they do to handle the seemingly abundant amount of magic that for all appearances looks as though it rivals the level of magical integration that is in Ionia?
: kayns character splash art question
Kayn canon didn’t ever wear much if any armor because he found that it both got in the way and that he was good enough at fighting to not need it. So the darkin parts are hardened/molded flesh due to Rhaast’s influence/corruption. Kayn doesn’t necessarily have to perpetually hold onto the scythe (he can set it down if he needed to use both hands for something) but he can’t just get rid of it. He is now connected to the scythe and there is a battle of wills and power between he and rhaast for control over his body and soul. If you were to fully cut the connection between him and rhaast at this point, Kayn would be messed up. Those darkin corrupted parts would not reverse to his old parts of his body, and he’d most likely lose his arm and eye *at the very least*. We don’t know that many specifics of how host takeovers by darkin work, but we do know that Kayn is the first host that Rhaast has ever tried to take over (most others he has simply found unworthy and killed). Each darkin we’ve seen so far kind of does their own thing with their hosts, but it generally involves them dominating the host’s will, their soul/spirit, and then using some form of blood magic to craft the flesh into a more pleasing/suitable form for them.
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: As her bio on the Universe page says: >As the embodiment of mischief, imagination, and change, Zoe acts as the cosmic messenger of Targon, heralding major events that reshape worlds. It's literally the first sentence. The aspect of twilight embodies the concepts of Change, Mischief and Imagination, the Aspect embodies not one, but three concepts.
I'd say that those (mischief and imagination) are more methods and vehicles for change rather than concepts of their own that the Aspect of Twilight embodies. Additionally, the inclusion of mischief especially could be related to more of Zoe's influence and personality that she has on the ways in which the Aspect of Twilight has been represented on Runeterra for centuries/millennia. Edit: I will say that there's definitely potential for their to be overlap between the different concepts and the aspects, but I'd say that Zoe and the Aspect of Twilight seem to be more change oriented than say mischief or imagination oriented.
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: It should be noted that the aspects dont nessecarily embody a single concept, since Zoe's aspect actually embodies more than just change. Though what the other parts are slip my mind.
As far as I'm aware, we have not been given something that would indicate that the Aspect of Twilight represents multiple concepts. Now, of course, there could be sub-gradients of its concept and different, specific interpretations of what the concept could mean that the aspect might be associated with, but not much to indicate that it could represent something completely different. Edit: Although who am I to say? A lot of this is speculation.
: This is so spot on!!! It also makes me so sad that some people still think that Leona is some mad zealot who's now looking for Diana to kill her, after her visions on Mt.Targons summit/confused about the lore updates. LEONA X DIANA IS REAL FOLKS.
And there is still a tragedy of Leona's situation as even though she may learn more about the ways the Solari might have been mislead, the Solari and the Elders were still people that she had known for years. They were likely her closest confidants, were very much her friends and mentors, and Diana killed them. There's still the traumas on both sides from that moment that each would need to work through especially since Diana herself was raised by the very same people Leona was. The Elders, even more so than Leona, were Diana's family.
: Cool! Three things to consider: Under weaknesses-> you have number 3 -> army structure. I would argue that while Ashe and Sejuani aren’t at the political-strategic level of Swain and Nasus. They have other gifts Tactically Sejuani is super strong. By age 15 Sejuani is shown planning a surprise attack to wipe out another tribe. This is before she grew up. She’s cunning, risk taking, and unpredictable. If your looking for a leader that might pull off some Hannibal, Gengis Khan, or Patton type tactis — she’s your girl. I’m not saying she’d obviously best Darius, Jarvan, or Irelia— but I would bet on her doing something they werent expecting or even thought was possible. Ashe on the other hand has that rarer gift of true leadership. People are drawn to her and she brings out the best in her top advisors and warriors. People are willing to die for her because they believe and trust in her. Thus her advisors and top people really are doing their best work because she brings out the best in them. While Swain and Lissandra’s top people probably work out of fear and politics. Finally Lissandra is a wild card for Ashe and Sejuani and the whole equation. If your talking about a war between nations — who is Lissandra gonna help? I.e. Swain attacked Ashe? I’d bet on Lissandra helping Ashe — and that is super dangerous for everyone. Lissy can probably match Swain strategically. She’s not a long term ally — but any plan that he has she might counter or inform Ashe of his actions. (As long as it doesn’t infer with her goals) she might even try and curry favor or plant agents in Sejuani’s tribe by countering Swain. ( Also what are Lissy’s Real, Real goals? People should be approaching the new bio’s differently. They are an overview. We are intentionally not over- revealing. —did the bio show who Udyr was or why he was powerful? — you get that from stories. A bio can’t really convey grit, heart, intelligence or emotional struggle viscerally.)
Slightly off-topic, but I see that you mentioned Irelia as an example of a capable military commander. What sort of things might Irelia bring that would set her apart in such a role? For example, I remember it being mentioned that Darius is actually quite cautious with troops under his command. Does Irelia have any particular things she'd be known for as a commander?
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: Now, this seems very interesting. I wonder why they decided to cancel it.
I hope this symbolizes Riot wanting to explore a story like this rather than proof that it's cancelled in its entirety.
: I thought this needed to be shared.
God I loved all that storyboard art. I would actually kill for a story like that with Kat and Garen. And Garen using his scarf to bandage her wound? Amazing.
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: Heyo! Thank you! So, his big meaty bloody gory impact was... well, a bit too much of all of that. We tried to stay away from blood, and as the skill is actually an "infected" cleaver, we went a bit more into a green-ish/poisonous feel. This also links him a bit better to his Zaun origins. :) Hope that makes sense!
Definitely think the current sound is better. The preview Cleaver-hit sound is much too higher pitched. The trademark "_thump_" is not something you should get rid of at all. It's like the most satisfying aspect of Mundo.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Feb 24
A potential name for the mastery could be Titan's Benevolence.


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