Sephìra (NA)
: Drew Taliyah : )
Oooh! You seemed to really capture her personality with this piece. I'm really digging the texture of the clouds.
: League Themed Wedding, LF Reds to reply!
I didn't sign up for feels today. :O But wow, this is seriously so cool and touching! I don't have a lot of insight or advice, but my fiance and I both play League together and plan on weaving in a lot of League references in our ceremony. Here's to hoping you find a Rioter to make your day even more special!
Śato (NA)
: "Potting and swag walking away with 1 HP" - best done as Heimerdinger
Missed opportunity! :O
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: How are you liking the Pre-Taric Rework? And, if you haven't read them, I'd recommend the Wheel of Time series. :)
Hopping in to nerd over Wheel of Time and Brandon Sanderson! I guess I'm a bit of a masochist because I've reread the entirety of the series about two and a half times. :O
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: No Little Red Riding Kindred? Seriously, I want this thing.
I haven't seen that one yet! That concept is adorable. :3
: i can't see my buttholebunny urgot i'm disapponted
It's like if Teemo and Urgot had a child.
Oh, the mastermind behind that majestic video is here! Never have I been so entranced yet simultaneously horrified by anything like this. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: What about this one? I am assuming it was made by the same person who did that Thresh concept as he is in the background of this Singed one which I would buy in a heartbeat, especially since it appeals to me as a father. :)
I love Father's Day Singed! :D And you're right, it's by [VegaColors.](
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: "A New Down"
Fixed it earlier, but thanks for the catch. <3
Eiryuu (NA)
: I always congratulate my support if they do a good job. :(
You're like a support main's hero.
Zielmann (NA)
: When even the enemy team admits in post-game that the win was mostly because of you.
Can confirm this is the best feeling in the world. :D
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SSJTribe (NA)
: I love me some tentacle squid! Vel'koz is my go to champ in 90% of situations. I also love playing Lux and Twisted Fate!
Support Vel'Koz. <3
: I'm a bot lane main, swapping between AD and support depending on pick order (draft) or what I feel like at the time (Team Builder). Bard and Lucian respectively. Currently Mastery 5 on Luc and 4 on Bard. The reason behind the ADC main is that Lucian is one of my favorite champs personality wise on ONE end of the personality spectrum (cold, hard badass). I started playing bard because he was just SO FLUFFY HOW CAN I NOT PLAY HIM, and then I like him. P.S Can you shoot the skins team a message for how good Snow Day Bard is? I liek penguins :3
Hell yes, Bard main! That's cool that you play both bot lane roles. It probably makes you stronger at both roles to understand the bot lane synergy better.
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: i played braumix and teamix at the same time... W..H...A....T....T........H...E.....F..U...C....K.......O...M...G.....H..E....L.P..M....E...P...L...E..A...S...E.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
That sounds worse than playing against a fed Teemo on the enemy team! :O
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: report potato for feeding
Best comment ever.
: Introducing "Potato"
I know you said this was a jungler, but I'd play it as support just for that peel.
darkdill (NA)
: Leona/Diana making Valentines sweets
Is that a poro in the cake batter?! Diana, you MONSTER!
: One for All Shenanigans
Love Kshaway. <3 Nami One for All is my favorite because of the giant, spooshly ult waves that come at you.
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Mhija (NA)
: Pets Named After League!
Getting a cat and naming it Meowkai is on my to-do list in life.
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UrPalAl (NA)
: You forgot Draft Racing guys!
Whoa, that looks totally fun! I need to play that one.
: what is your favorite?
Find the Teemo because he deserves every death he gets. :D
: sorry to be a jerk about this but why dont you invest you time more properly admin and bring attention to the issue alot, and i mean alot of players are having right now, if you dont know what im talking about please take a look, i love league a lot and actually invest good time into it. right now i cant play as well as many other players and when we get in a game it auto dc's and we lose our lp and get punished by leaver buster here is the problem thread:
Hey Cobbel! I'm sorry to hear you can't play the game right now. I poked Player Support and they confirmed they are going to respond to your thread soon! :)
: I think my most embarrassing moment (not counting all my deaths to jungle) was a game where I played Blitz support. It was a very close game and we were grouping for a team fight that would probably determine the game. I playing blitz was looking for a pick when I pulled Kennen..... Not only was that bad enough but he also had Zhonyas and Ulted before even had the chance to silence him. My team got 5 man Kennen ulted and they ended the game
I've definitely done that on Blitz, but with Fiddlesticks. My team.. did not like me. >.>
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: I wish I was {{champion:245}}, so I could fall in love with you all over again.
Aww! That one is super cute. :3
Rew711 (NA)
: {{champion:37}} *gets seduced*
: {{champion:429}} Do you want to be my soulbound? :)
Dating Kalista sounds legitimately terrifying. One fight and she'd be thirstin' for vengeance!
: > that would thaw even Lissandra’s frozen heart! pls Lissandra doesn't even build frozen heart n00blord
Report Glyceroll for being toxic. T_T
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: Bride Sona and Groom Nocturne need to be skins now.
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: I yelled OH YEAH when I saw this...I think I have a problem
You're not the only one, pal.
: enemy brand told jinx i was carrying her lol
That is the best cat gif in the history of cat gifs.
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: Easily Lux.
I'll be having nightmares tonight, thanks. :(
: {{champion:267}}
I have a major problem when I play Nami and just spam Ctrl+4 repeatedly instead of doing anything useful. :(
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: Life Story Thing: What League has give me.
It's so heartwarming to hear stories about how the League community can inspire people to chase their dreams (and succeed at it!). I've actually never read any of your comics yet, but you better believe I'm googling them now. :D Also, your friend deserves some serious karma for being so awesome. Just.. wow!
: I feel like I laughed harder than I should have at that fed soraka comic. I love your art style, Rachel.
You're not the only one! I choked on my water laughing at it just now.
uguubear (NA)
: A Community That Impacted My Life
Thanks for sharing, Allison! I've always really admired your artwork, so it really warms my heart to hear how meaningful these experiences have been for you. As for my inspirational story, truly... it's coming here and reading things like this. It genuinely inspires me to see and speak with so many amazing people within this community. It's just *so* freakin' cool that video games can affect so many people's lives so positively.
: Global Ults Lilypichu
My biggest regret in life was not having seen this video until today. I lost it when the enemy team started using Zhonya's when they spawned in base, haha!
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