Lindorn (NA)
: You make the best puns. Yuuuuge puns.
Can you check out my pun :) Riotttttttt
: Bu- but... It was {{champion:86}}teed to be impossible!
Lol! No it's not! I can't {{champion:22}} you a question now! You messed the chain up xD
Umbra Z (NA)
: I can {{champion:86}} -tee this will be a good thread
You can also use Summoner Spells, too! It's {{summoner:3}}ing when you try to think of a good pun, though!
: Ive been sitting here for the past 20 minutes trying to get more than 12 and its not working out hahaha
I {{champion:86}}tee that you will be able to. May I {{champion:22}} you a question, though? Twenty minutes? It just {{champion:245}}s into my head repeatedly until I type it. Don't {{champion:222}} my good run of Puns! You will have bad {{champion:43}} if you do! I am {{champion:29}}ing in fear because what if I run out of puns? I am very {{champion:67}}, though, so I do think highly of myself. Don't you {{champion:497}} that I am Bronze 5 but I still make good puns? I should get a {{champion:63}} new water bottle. Okay, I'm back. I {{champion:163}} , I should be running out of puns by now! I'm {{champion:91}}ted, I know. {{champion:60}} I'm good at this. This is too {{champion:150}}ly. I think I'm done. {{champion:432}} Bye! **Pun Count: 14**
puunman (NA)
: {{champion:64}} to me {{champion:22}} me about my lol puns i have a {{champion:26}} of theme ..... o wait I {{champion:6}} most of theme
Lol! Those puns make me shout in {{champion:67}} "YOUR PUNS ARE THE BEST? HA!" Because Vain=Vayne ? Vain means conceited... thats supposed to be a pun, not to be rude xD
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: Some of these opinions that you have claimed, though respectable and understandable, are easily refuted by statistics and in-game explanations. It may be so that the champions you have listed are indeed "OP" in certain elos, but you do not address them in other elos. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that because you are low elo that it means that your opinion has no merit. However most of the champions that you have listed can be countered by good macro and itemization.
But I just said that those champs were annoying :( I explained why. *Cri* why do you have to mention my elo...
pathak (EUNE)
: Champs with interesting mechanics
Katarina is mana-less, as Garen is too.
: Yeah, my problem isn't with the "your opinion" part (even if it's mostly wrong but whatevs). It's the attempt at enforcing what kind of comments people can post. And on your other thread, it's just nearly entirely flat out untrue. Even the ones that you're correct on have been either mostly or completely fixed as to remove the advantage (like iBlitzcrank). However, despite people telling you this, you persist that you are correct and saying things such as SS Vayne is stronger that other Vayne skins. And then you have the audacity to say that because people are (rightfully so) putting out the *correct* information, that they are just being rude and should leave your thread. Newsflash: that's not how **public** forums work. Everyone has the same right to be anywhere, and you don't have the authority, ability, or right to say otherwise.
I just want to respond to questions and things that people NEED. And I deleted the other thread. Thank you. I would ask you to revise your comment but... eh.
: Lux is not OP.
Her ultimate is. You might disagree because you are a Lux main. (I can tell by the Icon.) But I did say that these were my opinion... so I bet that others would agree. But that's just me.
Eggbread (NA)
: Teemo is annoying (arguably) but he does not need a nerf. He stomps low level players and very low ELOs, but beyond that he is just a minor annoyance that can be easily countered by Control Wards and Sweepers.
I feel like he just needs a tiny one with those blinds.
: You can't enforce what kind of comments people leave. If your thread is stupid (or just flat out mostly untrue), then people are going to say that. As I am now.
I said "The Ones I Find Annoying." So, I'm sorry. This is all my opinion. If you don't like it, that's fine. Untrue?? My opinion can't be untrue. Opinions are opinions.
: > Teemo definitely needs a nerf. Everyone's been saying that. Where is everyone saying that? M&G?
In the forums someplaces. I can't recall where. But, ingame, everyone complains about him too. Lol To be honest, his shrooms and blinds annoy me. I dunno about other people. They just complain and say that he's too OP. I kinda agree, but I decided to give him a spot on this page
Arizip (NA)
: Top Five Champions That Need Nerfs and Boosts? (The Ones I Find Annoying)
Ahhh thank you. I wasn't sure if it was his q or e. *Fixes*
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: when people don't get the joke {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Well, I'm sooo sorry that you don't know how to joke.
: {{champion:103}} we want new skins for ahri!!
No... we don't. She has, like, eight skins.
: Patch 7.13 notes
Uh... did anyone else notice that they forgot to say that SKT T1 Vayne is available? This is upsetting me... I'm a Vayne main... Riot (Rito), why??
: logged in just to downvote cactopus for failing to acknowledge how everyone commenting here is pissed this is happening.
Right. Lol. He made a joke about the frickin' Yorick-No-New-Skins thing! Do something besides joke about your fantasized, probably-inappropriate, going-to-be-downvoted skin!
: You can resize it using cntrl+ and cntrl- I'm pretty sure you're still mad after learning this but I thought I'd share anyway *hides*
:I Ok just saying, that never works for me. Btw why only the jinx and (2 mystery people's?)faces. If you don't know what I mean, hit REPLY. Then where the B, I, S, and so on is, go to the far-est right emoticon (The jinx face). Click it. Why no non-jinx non-2-Mystery-People people?
: what a surprise. Mine is only 2 yrs old and it can't even run the loading screen. Will miss these few ;-; {{champion:238}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:34}}
: I can never get over the fact that they said 'not a lot of people used item sets'. Where are you even getting those numbers when everything is saved locally? Everyone I knew used them, every stream I watched used them, I can sense the bullshit Riot. Don't try to hide behind fake numbers, just state that you guys originally didn't want to put it in but now outrage went by and you have to.
Btw I use item sets if that helps :)
Ukiah (NA)
: What a terrible decision. I love the nonchalant explanations too. "What if they are things I like about the old client that aren't included in the new one? What if the new client is laggy for me?" "We completely understand and are taking your feedback seriously... But we are doing it anyway because we also don't really care." I guess I'll just go f*** myself then. What failed logic and what an inexplicably dumb decision from Riot.
I agree! The old client is probably going to be much better! Btw, still upset about the whole item set thing.
Bloomi (NA)
: Or just let people keep the old client instead of updating to this slowass shit made for people with fancy computers. I hate League more and more everyday with every shitty rework, update, and change. How about letting people refund champs that have been reworked or something else useful?
Right! My computer is kind of slow, it always has been, and it doesn't have much room on it. It works well with the internet though. They need to buff a couple of forgotten champs, and don't try to "fix" what's already workable!
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
Well, just saying, I don't really know what the LoL Legacy Client is. But, it's causing a humongous stir in these comments. But, if I upgraded (which I haven't!), you'd only take the item sets away from the upgraded people, right? (I'm not being mean right there.) I NEED my item sets, though, and if you just plan to take them away forever from EVERYONE, Riot, it's not fair! Please, don't do it! I need them to help me build my items... I get distracted easily; sometimes when I have killed myself too many times or have too many assists that it just annoys the heck out of me. Please don't take away the item sets. :) (If this seems totally stupid and random, I'm sorry. I heard rumors about the item set thing.)
YakuzaV (NA)
: {{champion:266}} < Who is this a new champion?
No, it's Aatrox. He's been around for a while, bro.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{champion:67}}
: January Early Sales: 1.27.17 - 1.30.17
Lol no Vayne skins?? Whaaaaat? {{champion:67}}
: Lunar Revel Crafting
Omg that actually sounds really cool. {{champion:67}}


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