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A quick point about setting for this fight. I'm giving the fighters no prep time and I'm placing it in Piltover, so city environment with cover. fighters start at just out of Vi's vault breaker range. The last time these two fought was when Jinx ran Vi around the Piltover Bank and Vi smashed it to pieces. However this was planned by Jinx who probably knew the lay out well. This put Vi at a severe disadvantage. On the other hand Jinx in that fight was basically toying with Vi and didn't have intentions to kill her, just make fun of her. This fight really comes down to "Can Vi land a hit?" Because those fists should mean lights out for practically anyone especially someone as skinny as jinx. Even if Jinx is strong enough to carry fish-bones and pow-pow, I don't think it helps her endurance taking a hit, her upper body may be great, but she lacks in the bulk department. If Vi can get in to range to deliver her denting blows then Jinx loses handily. Jinx basically needs to cut through armor with her mini guns and rocket launcher. For the sake of this not being a moot point I'm going to assume hextech technology is good enough to be able to generally be able to block bullets so Vi would be able to block pow-pow with her gauntlets and armor. however Jinx's Zap and flame chompers will make life hell for Vi. There is also an argument to be made about temperament. If Jinx got the drop on Vi she probably wouldn't take her out instantly, instead preferring to make fun of her and embarrass her first. Vi on the other hand would certainly be willing to crush jinx given the opportunity. So there might be a bit of over-confidence on Jinx's part could play into Vi's favor. Overall I give this to Vi. She's generally built for pursuing and her hextech equipment should be able to keep her alive long enough to be in close range. Since the fight most likely would take place in Piltover rather than SR I think that she could also utilize cover. I'm not giving the two any prep time here so Jinx would have to rely on the chompers she brought with her and I don't think that would be enough to stop Vi's charge. I do think this is a close fight, guns are powerful and with the right positioning Jinx could easily pin Vi down into an environmental trap or something else to give her the edge, but I feel her over-confidence and need to make fun of Vi will keep her from fighting as smart as she should. One final note on the Super Mega Death Rocket. I didn't really consider that in this fight, because I think it would be powerful enough to level a large building and in the case of this fight it would probably end up killing them both before anything else. Therefore I think that the winner is {{champion:254}} 60:40 {{champion:222}}
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: Aiming a pistol is easier if you hold it with both hands, the recoil isn't negligible. I suppose the lightslingers were originally used to taking down the undead one by one. However, I wouldn't be suprised if a grief-struck veteran decided to wield two guns at once. You lose a lot of accuracy, but the strategy is still plausible if the _bullet spread + rate of fire_ are your priority. Now we could argue that rune weapons don't work with the same mechanism as regular pistols. However, even if recoil isn't the issue, the guns still look pretty heavy. Perhaps Lucian decided to get ripped after his wife ~~died~~ got stolen? EDIT: As to who I am rooting for? Bro, I wouldn't be a support main if I didn't vote for my Swiss Army Support. :P Kusarigama > Peestols _edit #2 (also deleted the part about how his guns could work, because I can only speculate)_ EDIT #3: Judging from Lucian's animations, recoil definitely is a thing, I would say it is even exaggerated for fantasy's sake. I believe the actual mechanism is still a mistery, though. EDIT #4: By inspecting the gun illustrations, I also realised the guns have no sights. The lightslingers either have eagle eyes, or they settle with body shots.
Thank you I'm not an expert in firearms so that was enlightening (unintentional pun). Kind of puts it more in Lucian's favor with him having the original great stamina I gave him still 55:45 imo though.
jawwah98 (NA)
: you have too much time on your hands bro....
This honestly took me like half an hour tops.
Genmu (NA)
: After Shadow and Fortune I reckon that Thresh has the advantage in a 1v1 fight. He's able to pretty effectively nullify Lucian's gunshots and all the innate life-melting spectre bullshit that story introduced adds greatly to his lore strength. All things considered Thresh should have already won the fight, but he took it slow and wanted to choke the life out of Lucian in his regular fashion. If Lucian wants a chance at winning he either needs some new gear or some friends, otherwise Thresh takes it.
This is a major weakness of Thresh is his hubris. He thinks himself better than Lucian and wants him to know it. He will probably be less likely to taunt Lucian again in this matter. However Lucian also now knows Thresh's strength comes from the souls in his lantern. If he can get around that or find a way to nullify it, Lucian would destroy Thresh.
: #teamthresh My thoughts here are if Lucian and his wife couldent take him down together, how will he be able to solo, considering that Thresh is still gaining power and souls and Lucian simply has two guns as opposed to one, from the last encounter.
This is a direct battle, when Thresh fought Lucian and Senna originally Thresh tricked the two of them, so it was not an open battle. This second encounter is a flat out battle with Lucian having more experience against Thresh and his tricks.
Mhija (NA)
: Lucian vs Thresh: WHO WOULD WIN?
**EDIT:** Reread Shadow and Fortune to give me a better idea of the matchup. Lucian:{{champion:236}} Gear: Dual lightslingers built specifically to take out undead foes. Training: Culled undead for many years with Senna's help, then learned dual-wielding after her death. Powers: Mostly weapon reliant, but has the ability to move very quickly as shown by relentless pursuit. ~~He also is strong enough to wield the lightslingers which were originally used as a two-handed rifle. This is similar to Ike's (of Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros) feat of wielding a two-handed sword in just one hand.~~ Correction the lore states that they were originally pistols, why did they carry one each then? Weakness: He is a regular man. He may have a bunch of training and strength he is fighting a twisted spirit. He will be vulnerable and have to outclass thresh for a while to even have a shot at winning. Thresh:{{champion:412}} Gear: A Spectral Lantern which contains a ton of souls captured by Thresh. A large hook with which he can grab and torture his victims. Training: Before death he was trained in the use of magical artifacts and experimented on them. Exploits include tearing out pages of a living book, and scratching a mirror which was a mage's look out into this world. He has great experience using chains and other torture devices. Powers: Ability to store souls. He is also undead giving him remarkable durability and resistance to normal weapons as seen in the harrowing of Bilgewater. As an undead he would also have incredible stamina. He is also extremely smart figuring out new ways for torture as well as being cunning enough to outsmart Lucian and Senna and capture the latter. Can generate an ethereal prison as shown with "The Box." Also according to the video above thresh can fire blasts of energy. He can use his lantern to protect him from harm, possibly sacrificing his souls however to do so. Weaknesses: Thresh was never meant for combat he was an experimenter and tormentor. Thresh barely ever confronts his foes directly, choosing rather to trick them before tormenting them. He also might have a bit of a pride issue, he sees his experiments as a higher form of thinking and may fall because of that. Conclusion: This is technically the second time this kind of fight has happened the first being detailed in [Shadow of Fortune]( In this fight Thresh has the upper hand initially being able to block shot with his lantern and once he gets a hook on Lucian it's all but over. However thanks to Senna Lucian gets past the lantern shield and Thresh is forced to flee the scene lest he be destroyed by the lightslingers. A second round would be a match of Lucian being able to dodge until he could get past Thresh's defenses. His weapons have been shown to seriously hurt Thresh to the point of making the specter flee. Lucian also has the advantage of Senna being able to somewhat communicate with Lucian through the lantern. If Lucian can get past the lantern without being hook he could absolutely win as Thresh relies on his magics and fear to win and has little combat prowess of his own. I would give the match to #TeamLucian {{champion:236}} with a 55:45 matchup.
: Shurima Story Q&A #2
A couple questions: Is Amumu confined to Shurima, or can he wander all of Valoran bringing sadness with him? Does Skarner primarily travel under the sands by burrowing? If so has he ever encountered Rek'Sai, who would win that encounter canonically if it happened? Thanks for the Q&A!
: We tend to let champions like Sejuani (who thrived close to a 60% win rate for a while) level off after we nerf them in some way. We're not intending to leave them to die and be forgotten, but in the interest of keeping the live environment fresh, we don't want to rebound and throw more buffs at her, since she only just stopped being picked so much. She'll be back -- we're just trying to let other champions have some time in the spotlight!
Wait wait wait, I just read from FeralPony's post that you guys are trying NOT to make a rotational meta? Is this an inconsistency in the balance team's ideals, or just a misunderstanding?
: Balance Team Q+A: Ask Us Anything! [COMPLETE]
Hello Balance Team! Thanks for doing this. My main question revolves around the top lane. With the juggernaut updates, Fiora and Gangplank reworks, and the last couple of releases for top mainly Tahm Kench and Gnar, playing certain champions has become extremely unfun. I've played Jax for several years now and a slew of other top laners, but with the new champions, I feel like I'm being forced off of my favorites. Some champs just won't die (tahm, darius) or have so much mobility (gnar, fiora) or do more damage than the adc in teamfights while having no way to lock them down due to a bit of citrus. Top lane has just become very hostile to many top laners, which is very bad because of how the lane works. No other lane in LoL is near as matchup based as Top lane. In the other lanes you can generally outplay your counters. You can still do this in the top lane, but due to the long lane and general "island" mentality counters can make a lane extremely unfun. I guess my question is this. Do you plan on keeping top so matchup based, and therefore leaving several champions in the dumpster forever without a rework, or do you have greater plans for the top lane, and could you share them?


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