Sirhaian (NA)
: Lux VFX Update
Alright, so I tested it out in the PBE, overall great changes! Here's a few things though: Base Lux - Basic Attack feels a bit off, too wide - Q, W, E all great - R is pretty good overall, but I feel it could be a harsher light. All of her other skins hit harder in terms of how harsh it looks/feels. Steel Legion Lux - Basic Attack has the same problem as the base but I think it feels even weirder being shot out of her staff - Q, W, E, R all great, really good improvement over live Elementalist, Star Guardian, and Battle Academia all feel great still (Elementalist feels perfect especially, my favorite skin). Though it looked as if Battle Academia's R cuts off abruptly at the tip, not sure if that was intended, I didn't pay much attention to that on the other skins. I really wanted to try Lunar Empress because I had some issues with how the VFX on that skin felt in the past but couldn't buy it on the PBE so I couldn't try it. (Lux main btw)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sirhaian,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Ia7L3yAv,comment-id=0010000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-25T17:08:34.464+0000) > > Oh, I see. Sadly, I do not have any way to adjust the height of the VFX depending on the terrain height over such a long range... :( I figured that wouldn't be part of your work, 'cause resolving it would require some odd things like changing the angle of the effect based on the view of each individual champion, and that would STILL lead to clarity issues if you, say, flashed to the terrain height of the caster mid-animation. Thanks for the answer though!
Yeah, I think I ran into this issue recently myself where I was ulting someone in Baron pit (while on the other side of the wall) and it looked like the laser passed right through the players and didn't do damage. At first, I thought someone was scripting but after playing with it in the practice tool, it seems like that's just how the R behaves in that exact spot.
Pika Fox (NA)
: By lifetime are we talking about since TTs release all the way back yonder years?
That is what "lifetime" means, so I assume so.
: Where?
: When is the patch coming out?
SnupRawr (NA)
Coming next patch, they already said
Ęvelynn (NA)
: yasuo literally has 5 of the things on that "insufficient weaknesses" list but he kept all of them....really?
I can't seem to figure most of them out, mind explaining which ones?
: Disconnected from chat?
Friend of mine is on having the same issue right now
: Rioter confirmed on the Reddit thread that it's a typo. The fix is to reveal enemies like it was supposed to. But great downvotes everyone. I'll spend some extra time spamming Leblanc on my silver account this month just for you ;)
I stand corrected (they updated the Patch Notes as well). You're comment came off as snobby, I think that's why people down-voted it.
: "LeBlanc's R - Mimic no longer causes her E - Ethereal Chains to reveal stealthed champions" Is that a typo? Cause if not, it's not a bugfix, it's a significant nerf. And what happened to all the actual Leblanc bugfixes and spell buffering improvements Meddler promised for this patch?
I think her E is supposed to trigger that "shimmer" effect on stealthed champions, not fully reveal them. That's the bug
: They don't listen to balance feedback. They do a great job on out of game stuff
Meddler's "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" posts are a good place for balance feedback that actually gets an audience.
: I mean, does it really matter? Just safe your gemstone until 8.10. It is at most a month away.
Well like I said, I was just curious. I don't really plan on doing this right now anyway.
nerp1186 (NA)
: Changes to Gemstone Redemption for Hextech Chests
That sounds like a great change! Curious tho, why 8.10 and not 8.9? Seems like a fairly easy change.
: I just won a game, but lost LP. Can I somehow get that lp back?
I would open a support ticket, not much the Boards can do for you if this is truly a bug.
: i think me and a friend figured it out, wasn't a bug we are sure because i was casting ekkos q and it looks like i just had bad luck that the enemy cass ulted at that moment and just got lucky.
: Appreciate it! I only posted on here because I wasn't sure if the PBE boards were still a thing.
: I can try to attach a clip I just gotta figure out how now hmmmm
If you go to a replay of a game where you had this problem, you can take 'Highlights' in the spectator. That's the easiest way without using 3rd party software. Let me know if you want more help with that.
Roamcell (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Kled 3 vs 3 jungle monsters don't increase rage
Yeah I don't think that's a bug. If you read the tooltip (description) of Kled's passive, it reads "Kled restores Skaarl's courage by killing enemy champions and minions and attacking champions, structures, and epic monsters". It doesn't list monsters as a viable way to restore courage, only epic monsters (which are Baron, Dragon, Rift Herald and Vilemaw).
: Yoricks Shepherd of souls
As far as I'm aware that isn't supposed to happen. I also checked the League Wiki and nothing there makes it seem like it should. I'm not much of a Yorick player though so I'm not 100% sure. If you could attach a clip of it happening that'd be useful. Fun fact: They're called Mist Walkers ;)
ElTr0 (EUW)
: Cant connect to the game
If the problem your having is the same as me and my friends do, you have to try to 'Reconnect' after the rest of the players in the game have gotten past the 'Loading Screen', otherwise it fails. If that's not the case then I would contact Riot Support directly, here's a [link to that](
: Game is Unplayable [CLIENT][CRASH]
Have you tried, when you have this problem, pressing Alt+Tab to change focus from the game and then press it again to refocus on the game? I haven't had the exact same issue as you but, I have two monitors and sometimes if I click on the game to refocus onto it, I get a white mouse and things don't work as intended but if I Alt+Tab out and back in the gold glove reappears. Otherwise I would contact Riot Support directly and they should be able to help you fix it. Here's a [link to that](
Saiki (NA)
: [Gameplay] Zoe Double-Clicking W-Ignite Also Uses Up W Ability AND Actual Summoner Spell
That seems frustrating, could you maybe take a clip from a game you did it in? Or a custom game? You can record a highlight through the Match History 'Replay' button if you don't have any other way to clip it.
: Casseopia Ult bug
Is there supposed to be a video or picture on this post? If so, I can't see it :P
: Fighting new swain makes me lagg
As Arthem69 mentioned they're very aware of this bug and there is a pinned post on the Boards about it. If you wanna know how to fix it that's where you'll find it. Here's a [link](
: Rune Page Bug (Cannot create a new rune page)
I would contact Riot Support directly since it seems like a technical issue that they might be able to fix, faster than the bug itself could be addressed. Here's a [link](
cuckjew (NA)
: Can't click anything
Did you ever try leaving the game and coming back, restarting your client, or restarting your computer? Those things usually fix those kind of issues. Either way I'd recommend contacting Riot Support directly, citing 'Technical Issues'. Here's a [link.](
EbonP (NA)
: Items that show up
The purpose is to restrict the Item List from showing up in your Shop when playing on that map. Ex: So if I make a Item List and set it for Howling Abyss only, and I go into a norms game on Summoner's Rift I won't see that Item List available at the top of the shop. It would only be available on Howling Abyss. I do kinda agree though, it would be convenient if it showed different items
: Says I don't have enough RP to gift (Even though I do)
Ańdrew (NA)
: Gifting wont recognize rp
It might be a silly question but have you tried restarting your client? That's all I got :/
: Rengar bugs on the PBE
This post might fall on deaf ears here, you'd have much better luck over on the dedicated PBE Boards right [here]( P.S. I linked it right to the 'Bugs' page for you.
: WorldBreaker Skin not Redeemed
I would contact Riot's support directly. Go to [this link](, choose a 'Request Type' you feel fits, and fill out the form.
Rioter Comments
: [Gameplay] Swain FPS drop
This is a known issue, Riot has acknowledged it [Here's a link to the pinned thread](
: First win of the day
There was an issue with First Win of the Day yesterday that was resolved a few hours ago. Rewards from that I believe were distributed (I got mine). [Link to Riot Support's Twitter Post](
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: And which summoner spells can we expect? I know you mentioned Clairvoyance as a good example, and Revive as one that wouldnt necessarily work, but how about the others?
My guess is Clarity and Clairvoyance
: there is nothing on the RIOT side that they can do and its not just league that is being affected so don't act like you are entitled to shit. it was already been addressed that the middle man between league and verizon needs to fix something on their ISP. it is affecting four major ISPs: 1. FIOS 2. Verizon Wireless 3. Armstrong 4. Continuum and this has nothing to do with riot only caring about the west coast. for someone to say that it shows your ignorance. If you Google Level3 network you find their twitter, the fact they are in the midst of a name change to CenturyLink as well as outage maps. One such link that seems helpful: I'm not sure I'm reading this right but Level3 seems to be having some outages heavily on the east coast. please research your shit before you blame other people!
Thanks for sharing this info. I was still wondering what was going on and trying to find info.
My Hands (NA)
: theres a large chance its from leagues side.. also the problem is only with league so why address verizon on one game?
Blizzard titles are affected aswell
: Ran a few cmd ping tests, seems to be normal atm but I will report back if it changes again.
Just tested again. Getting an Average of 130ms again. No packet loss atm
Stexe (NA)
: East Coast Latency Issue (Verizon?)
Ran a few cmd ping tests, seems to be normal atm but I will report back if it changes again.
: Verizon fios Philadelphia
Same and some friends as well. In Delaware and have Verizon FiOS.
: 137 Ping in my games
Same here and a few friends. In Delaware and have Verizon FiOS.
: *expecting to see some toning down for klepto, overheal/targon adc meta, and some of the overpowering junglers.* *checks patch notes* Big turret beam damage decreased. Ya boy Heimerdinger does some serious damage. Probably too much, in fact... R - UPGRADE!!!'d Q - H-28G Evolution Turret BEAM BASE DAMAGE 200/270/340 ⇒ 100/140/180 (0.7 ability power ratio unchanged) Oh..
This patch was locked before the Holiday so you should see those things addressed next patch.
: Xayah clean cut interaction with gangplank barrels
This is also an issue with Illaoi tentacles!
: It never becomes the same for every level. Experience goes in cycles of 25 levels, and after level 150, every cycle is the same. So, level 150-151 takes (let's say) 3000 XP, and it goes up by 100 every level to 5500 to get from 174-175. It then resets, so 175-176 takes 3000 again.
Oh that's interesting. I wonder where I read what I thought then.
: First Win of the Day rewards XP not BE
: > [{quoted}](name=Mortdog,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Jh3Mtzu6,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-11-08T20:54:39.405+0000) > > The numbers I posted only come from leveling, which compares to IP. > > You can also earn even more BE just like before from Hextech Chests and Missions and other sources. Those didn't change any. what happens when im level 75, will i still need the same amount of exp as i did going from 30-31? does the rate of accumulation slow down in the long haul?
I can't remember the exact level but there is a point where it stops going up and is the same exp for every level
: It's supposed to knock you back to you Auto attack range when you collide with someone.
Ooohh ok that's interesting. Is that across the board?
Rioter Comments
Sparkle (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Armenian Bot,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=9ls3OEo8,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2017-07-26T21:20:19.589+0000) > > So if these don't go in the keystones slot where do they live? The greater rune slot? Yes, this is the entire major or greater rune slot for the Domination path.
Cool that makes sense. Thanks for the reply!
Sparkle (NA)
: Runes Corner: Domination Major Slot Sneak Peek
So if these don't go in the keystones slot where do they live? The greater rune slot?
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