: PSA: ranked is not a learning experience
True, I had a diamond adc first time jungle vs d2 jungle main. Free auto loss
: soft inting vs inting
Its allowed because no bad words were said, and having 40 bad games in a row with smite cleanse nunu purchasing only boots is clearly a coincidence. Wont link the opgg since the butthurt mods get salty.
Reksee (NA)
: As a support main, thank you so much Riot!
Supports are ward dispensers, wards used to cost gold, which they no longer do so you do not need any gold since the item upgrades for free and you aquire starting gold from loading in ;)
Magikrap (NA)
: Morde should not be the highest winrate toplaner. He shouldn't be allowed to be even top 10.
: Individual lp gains and losses
You have no idea how the system works and all your ideas are r%%%%%ed. Atleast for ffs learn what counter Junhlng is be fire grading it.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Udyr is one of the top junglers right now...
In iron elo master yi is the top jungler I believe
: Why smurf? It makes no sense.
: Aphelios' permaslow and old Riot design principles.
Ashe is cancer whenever she gets buffed to be forced into the meta to counter other adcs instead of gutting all of them and leaving ashe unpickable, as it should be.
: Just a question then: Do you not understand the idea that "Supports should know their place?" Supports have a massively important job and hold a lot of control over 2-3 players at all times for the first 10-15 minutes of every game. You might disagree, but supports do "have their place" and I for one do get heated when I see mages pretend to be supports and neglect their place as a support and say lol imma carry. Sometimes it works for them, but usually it just puts the ADC behind, overexposes yourselves to ganks/roams, and usually they are more focused on bush camping than more important supportive duties like establishing vision, roaming, and taking control of the bottom river. A support that "knows their place" is a massive benefit to a team, and moreover a pleasure to lane with, win or lose. A 'support' that doesn't "know their place" is more often than not a liability and leech on resources from a role that really can't afford to fall fat behind. That's my view on the matter at least.
: You're saying you don't like a moderately fed adc face-tanking you in melee range?
No i think an adc facetanking darius is fine, since the R clicks from that adc took an immense amount of skill
: I disagree, I think it should earn you honor and be said as often as possible. Great term. _GG EZ_
Gg ez, my enemys sugar coating has now melted ;(
Obsedian (NA)
: Diversity in League of Legends
Everything's about how many diversity checkboxes you fill todaty -_-
: You're confused, Ryze is disgusting in solo Q. Everyone Masters+ is aware of this. He had a 10.8% pickrate and a 9.7% banrate last patch in high elo for a reason. We saw him nonstop after the change. The change to flux spread was an insane buff.
Im not confused, its just the ryze is literal dogshit in any iteration where ever he goes, maybe he should just be removed from rankrd and proplay until they can balanced him to not be a toplane scaling splitpusher melee punisher
Baval (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CRIMSONFKR,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=o5fjEiwU,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-11-21T05:47:40.851+0000) > > {{item:3165}} Exist > > And two on the list extremely situational items one of them need it passive be proc'd. > > Two items is for spilt pushers. > > {{item:3144}} {{item:3153}} Only what three adc's build this item > > And bloodline a rune I barely see be picked up and only adc's pick most of the time. > > Right now the last thing we need is a unkillable dps burst mage who already go around healing a shitton just with taste of blood and ravenous hunter. lmao, youre right it does exist, and it only costs 5X as much as {{item:3123}} I WISH i had spellvamp options that i couldnt take. I have 0 options. I WISH i had spellvamp runes i couldnt take. I have 0 options. boo hoo i have options but not everyone of them is best in slot. i feel for you, i really do.
: it was removed because of vlad, not any other champion
Ryze cassio azir xerath and the list goes on, each getting a full hp bar off a wave was very fine and interesting.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BigFBear,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lymuazsh,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-20T18:02:34.489+0000) > > Me as Jungle otp never liked that hardcore ganking meta. You will not like being autofilled as support every other game and forced into botlane. **Trust me. I will have my revenge as support main. You will play my role and you'll like it because support will become so unpopular again that you'll get the autofill treatment to it every other game** Have fun with your 1000 gold and predetermined items and watch your jungler fail. When you get autofilled again please post back with your experience in the forum and let us know how it went. Good luck
Nah i just lock in singed cleanse smite and force a dodge or take all your lp
Rewt (NA)
: Elder Dragon Execute proccing off DOT's (and itsself) Is like....... Why.
But but but my pc cafe timer, I need to autowin if you try to drag out a comeback
: You don't. Once you complete the quest you evolve into a Season 3 ward dispenser.
Which is ideal support gameplay
: Tru
How will I hurt tanks in lane. Mages were a bug reason tanks were pushed out. Not 8 percent true dmg lmfao
: ryze wasn't "OP" when he was changed over the summer. he only became a talking point when he was played during worlds, who would have thought that a team oriented champion would thrive in worlds and that same champion is dumbed down for imbeciles to thrive in soloQ. Remember when he had his shield? The thing that everyone complained about? He was at 44% win rate in that iteration. They took that 44% win rate and made it bronze proof by spreading E instantly and all of a sudden he's "OP"??? His damage is pretty much the same lmaoo that is what is so hilarious about these daily posts
But that iteration wasnt fun either. Building frozen heart and spammable shields meant I couldnt hurt him. Also any iteration of ryze is a proplay nightmare and a dogshit solo que champ abusing toplane
: {{item:3165}} Exist And two on the list extremely situational items one of them need it passive be proc'd. Two items is for spilt pushers. {{item:3144}} {{item:3153}} Only what three adc's build this item And bloodline a rune I barely see be picked up and only adc's pick most of the time. Right now the last thing we need is a unkillable dps burst mage who already go around healing a shitton just with taste of blood and ravenous hunter.
Because mages dont have ravenous hunter? Also please recall why spellvamp was removed (it was reslly fucking broken and abusive by other champs besides vlad) owo.
: > [{quoted}](name=AronCartman,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0ZMfnoRZ,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-11-21T05:29:53.140+0000) > > Most americans live in the precold ward power fantasy,which sadly no longer exists. If they keep it up, Germanys growing economy will outgrow USAs xD Germany's economy is stagnating and it will only get worse as their empire colloquially known as the EU crumbles around them.
True, I hadnt thought about the eu unions r%%%%%ed beurocrats. But I feel that role will be filled by China, India and other asian superpowers fast growing economis
: "RaNgEd ChAmPs rUiN tOp LaNe!"
Thought this was a QQ thread and was pleasently suprised it was an adc playrr /s
: The change in game style/philosophy is not because of demographics dummy, there have always been chinese/asian players in LoL and tencent has owned rito for years now. Its because there has been a change in generation of people playing the game. The younger generation have less patience, smaller attention spans, a greater need for instant gratification and most of all: willing to spend a lot of money on virtual goods. Riot has never been original in their approach. They always _follow_ trends- So the way the game evolved is kinda sad but really not that surprising.
: Lol sucks to not dominate everything with buying power for a change, eh? Must be quite the shock to be slightly deprioritized for once. I'm American too, but even I can see that this is just the typical experience of other regions with U.S.-based content.
Most americans live in the precold ward power fantasy,which sadly no longer exists. If they keep it up, Germanys growing economy will outgrow USAs xD
Cdore (NA)
: Remember when League was a game made for American and European audiences?
Simple, like southpark has said. Just let the chinese censors into our homes and our hearts, we love and support the communist party of china and want them controlling western entertainment because we love the chinese.
: Good. Support has been broken for years now.
Adc and thresh doing the same amount of damage to me was baffling when the death recap got fixed...
: Would it be better to make Ryze a spell-based juggernaut?
This is so fucking dumb lmfao. Just remember his next rework in 6 months will make hin have a higher then 43% solo que wr while also being balanced in proplay /s
: Are you actually high?
No adcs are so weak, that's why mages bare creeping botlane, not like kai sas 40 % pickrate means anything / s
: Supports are overtuned and you guys got used to it. No.
Strilter (NA)
: I consider substance abuse to the point it hinders your ability to play the game assisting the enemy team. Furthermore most of the time these people are 10 times more likely to snap over a single comment or error so they fall under negative attitude, and eventually verbal abuse. you wanta get high or drunk and play a game. Go play portal 2 . It is fun as hell. but don't come up in my team's game of league and ruin it because you are irresponsible, and too ignorant to know your own limits...
: "doing something that will effect the game" is a punishable offense according to riot suppport.
I got a secret, when anyone spam pings or says any bad word,me being the EMOTIONALLY MATURE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS PLAYER I just soft feeds "bad gsme :(" and then tsme buffs and donate to mid. Then when other people say bad words I report for the free bans
Void2258 (NA)
: Execute indicators
Darius is not an execute, its a flat dmg nuke. Garens R is an execute, but riot has stated they will not add one as its a skill in gauging and would make him less fun to play. Don't have sources but a ritoer tweeted this after his rework
Saezio (EUNE)
: Maybe just fix the bugs Riot?
No number changes will make him viable until his Q functions like an ability and his E doesnt self disarm him like a darius Q
GankLord (NA)
: Mid mages are being pushed out of bot lane
What kind of drugs are you taking, mages have been dominating for the entire season and edge of nights being nerfed, braindead easy mode mages arent supposed to have a lane lmfao, binary champs ported support for free poke or left to rot as they should. Also I would like to live in a worlf where mages had mana. Not like {{item:3802}} basically gives infinite mana and manaflow band also restoring mana
: Please, make this changes to Yorick. He feels awfull in medium/high elo. Long post.
I support this fully, but yorick isnt a big tiddy thic champ, so that change might come in s11. Still I used to love playing pre rework and post rework before being neutered ;(
FNC Jinx (NA)
: Pyke: Ruining Hook Support Design
People got tired of being filled support. They said tito make fun suports. Now we have pyke,senna,mages and all the other wonderful shit they shoved there that YOU the community wanted. Enjoy
: How Can I Optimize League to Run on My PC?
3k gaming rigs cant run the shitshow that is this client, see streamers 5k rigs have client crashes. RIOTer has tweeted that not even a nasa computer can run there client
: Remove Darius' lag compensation and I'll be accepting of buffs to him. Its pretty fucking stupid that he can hook people who are far out of range or even untargetable.
It was added about 3 monthe ago i think, and since then I have been pulled from the tip of the tri brush to the wall adjacent to krugs 3 times and each time it felt like 150 percent of the actual pull range, made me cry ngl. I fully support this change IF they remove lag comp from abilities such as Fioras parry and a few others im to lazy to list
Mr Sa1nt (NA)
: Explain how my Plat rank is low, for starters. Secondly, explain how I'm salty about Tyler, and not about how Riot is allowing flaming. Better yet, how about we both stick to the topic?
Hate to break it to you but plat is average elo (low) and I am on topic. Tyler is not toxic he is just passionate and gets tilted from a last day grind, and how can you criticize him when you do not play in high elo infront of an audience expecting you to perform and getting inted on stream and riots inablity to do anything about that
: No more TT, and rift is full of people telling you how to play your role
If your not hard inting most solo quers wont ever type a word,mostly just spam ping you for leaving base
Ph03n1xb1rd (EUNE)
: They should have just gone with "Do not play the game!".
True at this point, writing kda and cs and ward score is a ban if salty kids report
: Is it just me or is the League community getting super soft?
No its not you, Riot lyte (remember this fucker), he basically added the nanny bot which removed my precious 3000 chat restrictions and started P banning for simply pointing out facts like kda, cs, ward score and elo /wr which is kind of ironic because negativity is also punished the same as facts
: League is hardly the only multiplayer, MOBA game out there. At the end of the day, this is just a game. If you no longer find the game fun, find something else that is fun for you. Good bye random person on the internet.
Game only sucks because it has no competitors and its falling asleep, if dota2 wasnt a slow pace this game would be dead and the company folded, but Dota stays true to themselves and players while lol is being skin whored and 10 minue games are becoming the norm
Mr Sa1nt (NA)
: Tyler1 Is NOT Reformed
Salty because your low elo and hes in high elo where games are more passionate and where you put commitment and effort and anyone will be mad when your team autolosses at the last ranked day of the season. Just get off tyler1s back mr swear patrol and let the bald midget play in peace
JPlayah (NA)
: Please add a new bruiser item to replace Zz'rot Portal!!!
Then can we remove {{item:2419}} which RIOT has said they would remove during preseason, playing any champion who has to do damage to hurt his opponenets is not fun when 4 people on either team stopwatch Dont know why they suddenly changed there minds
jtkitten (NA)
: We told you it would happen, and it did!
Please explain how these bots are different from my soloque teammates.
: Getting DDOsed?
Lol servers are spotty,especially if your in a smaller city
: Rengar CD on bushes
Have you tried getting good at the game? I hear that helps immensely?
Dolfro (EUNE)
: Yasuo's passive.
Na boards at its finest
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