: What champs do you actually find fun anymore?
{{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:101}}
: Wrongful Suspension: Falsely Accused of Racism :/
I read the chat logs and I don't think you were racist. But you were toxic near the end. Could have been a ban for that and not the racism. Probably that since racism is an automatic perma I think
: 4 man tried to report me
Basically, 9 people can report you in your game but if you did nothing wrong nothing happens. But if you did something wrong one report is all it needs. Also, calling for people to report you (asking enemy or your own team to do it) is reportable. I never flame and just report after. Usually get 1-2 notification of a successful action a week.
: If you're a support main, what champ is your most played?
Was a thresh one trick since thresh released, now its thresh and pyke, mostly pyke.
: most efficent crit user that is not meta.
{{champion:23}} He isn't meta but holy hell can he hurt
: We want a dog champion
We didn't have many cat themed champions, but we did have numerous dog themed ones.
: Most Satisfying Sound(s) In League?
Tryndameres auto attacks, thresh ult, pyke W
DeltaDan (EUW)
: Just a slight problem that a certain adc has right now...
I love sivir. And I fully agree on her abilities being too expensive. But, I feel like if they were lowered shed become that auto win again
Yara0 (NA)
: How do you deal with jgs when your in top? I hate them.
Ornn feels so strong for me lol. Went from silver 4 to nearly silver 2 with like 15 games won and 4 lost before I lost my groove. Anyways: 1) Watch minions and the map. If you know you're getting camped don't push out past the middle of the lane. Try to have him always pushing to you so his jg doesnt get a window in. 2) Before enemy jg ganks top for the first time, if you're minions are pushed in and he's MIA, hover significantly back. It depends on matchup, but you want to be just inside xp range and far enough away to force your top to flash for you if they wanna make a play. Jg will be a lot weaker than you, so if their top is late on the engage or doesn't come at all you can usually just walk away. 3) Farm. If you have a massive gold lead on your top and you have him really low, his jg wont see it as a good gank
: Way too many of you are making light of disabilities to insult people who make errors.BLANKing STOP.
Cyberbullying is an actual thing. Bullying is not just the physical realm. People get in league to get away from the real (or why the hell does anyone play games lol). We don't need that shit coming in here and ruining the fun for us. Yeah people can mute. But by the time they do mute it could be too late. Some people get hurt by one comment and it bothers them for hours. Yeah maybe they shouldn't take it so personally. But maybe other people should also be, ya know, decent? I'm against too much censorship. I enjoy my freedom to experience and enjoy life. But I am for censoring the abuse of things people cannot control. Making fun of someones skin color is wrong. Making fun of someone's gender is wrong. Making fun of someone's sexuality is wrong. But why is making fun of a disability so controversial? In all these cases the individuals are not able to control it. It is a permanent issue. Hell gender isnt even permanent and it's still wrong to make fun of someone for being a girl or a buy. But religion? Go for it. The person chooses to believe and if your argument is sound or persuasive they may even agree. Politics? Even easier. Wanna make fun of a play? Tell them how they fucked up. No need to use hate speech.
: Way too many of you are making light of disabilities to insult people who make errors.BLANKing STOP.
Problems like this tend to take years to be solved. If a person is dead set on not seeing it as something fundamentally wrong then they never will. Any children that they have will likely agree with them unless something horrific happens to them. It took decades for the N word to be seen as something horribly wrong to use, and there are still people who see it as perfectly ok to use. Honestly, for anyone who sees the making fun of someones disability as ok, do you see the N word as ok? Or some homophobic slur? I mean, what is the difference?
: Way too many of you are making light of disabilities to insult people who make errors.BLANKing STOP.
When I see someone throwing around comments like that I report them for hate speech. Why is racism wrong? Becsuse it abuses a human being over things out of their control, such as skin color. How is this any different? A mentally disabled individual cannot help it. I myself am disabled (physically) and I have friends who have mental disabilities and it just bothers me so much that disabilities have become the new group. Before my generation it was racism, then when I was a kid homosexuality was the new slur, and now it appears to be disabilities
: strongest passive in the game? (just the passive, ignore other aspects)
: What champion can one-shot players?
Many champs can lol. A full ap malph ult will kill anyone it lands on that doesn't have mr. A lethality trynd will one hit kill any squishy he can catch. Etc.
: How to perform A Tryndamere cheez
I love trynd, and what you did wrong was go in like that. The trynd in your game went in on you so hard because he got those crits. You didn't. And without them you don't have the dmg for it. Watch Foggedftw2, a challenger trynd one trick. You'll learn a lot about when to go in even for other champions
: Who would you want to receive the Ultimate Skin this year?
{{champion:236}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:555}}
: What is your favorite champ to counter Zed with?
I like {{champion:101}}. I can zone zed pre 6 really hard, and post 6 just play safe. It's very possible to poke him down enough for him to not dive you under tower. The later the game gets the stronger you are and the less dangerous he is. Plus when he roams you just go out of lane a bit and ult
: What if Riot allowed for 2 more item spaces in inventory? So you could purchase 2
Why 8? Go to 10! Add new item's, tweak item's to have more restriction's (More ranged or malee only) and boom, awesome revival of league
Punctual (NA)
: Do I need to manually report someone that used racial slurs?
I report such players. If I'm unsure of the system catching it, I type out the particular transgression in the little blurb they give you (No idea if it's ever even used by bots, but surely if the account is ever manually looked at it's read). For bigger issues, such as players that wish cancer upon someone, I take screenshots and submit a ticket.
: What champion do you think represent the game the most
: Could your main live your life?
{{champion:412}} I'd feel sorry for anyone around lol.
Rioter Comments
Saezio (EUNE)
: If you could play with yourself as the other botlaner...
: Say the reasons you dislike the current state of the game
1) Much harder to have a comeback it seems. Basically whoever gets ahead first wins. Oh that vayne grabbed a kill pre lvl 6? Welp you lost the game if she's even remotely competant. 2) There are far too few options in higher levels of play. We have so many champions. But you can count on one hand how many champions are used in a role that arent pocket picks. 3) Epic monsters are so damn weak. Baron falls over to a stiff breeze. Elder drake feels better but it's still far too easy. Wheres the damn epicness to it? Make the bluffs actually hard to get and not where someone can solo baron, someone else solos drake while 3 push lanes. 4) Toxicity. It seems worse than ever. Or at least its getting to me worse than ever. Allow people to have ALL chat removed. Pre game, in game and post game. Many would love the option. And it would help people not be toxic and others to not see it
: To those that feel like each game is a gamble because of the report system...
I have a few thousand games on me too, I've been here since late S2, and I have never suffered any sort of punishment. And holy hell can I be a chatterbox. What's my trick? Don't ever blame other people or attack other people. Yeah, give tips like 'mundo vs trynd is basically whichever one gets ahead first, that's why you should have picked nasus'. It's me complaining about the 0/4 mundo top who offered to go either mundo or nasus. It doesn't attack him, it doesn't blame him, it informs him in a way that may help him in the future. He went on to prove me wrong and turned his game around rather than afk. Or how about 'Vayne's 'weak' early game ladies and gents'. That's me at a point where in real life I have to try and not throw my mouse at the screen (maybe tower diving at lvl 2, and then just going 1v3 repeatedly after with stupid amounts of dmg). Basically, you're a Human. You are probably far more intelligent than I am. I'm sure you know right from wrong. I mean if a psychopath can behave better than you, you need to reevaluate your life choices.
: What new features would you like in a champion?
I would love a champ that can fake their death. Syndra ults you, and at the last possible moment you hit R and she sees your corpse fall to the ground and leaves. Meanwhile you managed to get away.
: Who do you think is pykes best ADC to pair with and what is his easiest support matchup ?
ADC's I love supporting as Pyke: {{champion:119}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:67}} They all are able to capitalize on my plays. And they are able to snowball really well. So if I get them a kill or two they can take over the game and make it easier to get them more kills. Supports I hate playing against: {{champion:25}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:26}} Morgana can black shield my Q engage. I just hate how she makes me lose my tempo. Other than that shes not bad. Soraka can save people from my ult at the last moment leaving me dead in the water. Same with Zil
: Tell me about the most satisfying game you ever had
I had a phase where I played only twisted treeline for like a year or two and during that time I mained Sion. The old pre rework version of him. And this is the game I base my surrender votes on to this day. Both my team mates quit. The enemy team is fed af. They take both inhibs and I just stay there hitting minions. 156% life steal with ult 2.0 attack speed 70+% crit 400+ ad 6k+ hp To say they could not kill me would be an understatement. The more I farmed the harder it got for them. Eventually I reached a point where I could 1v3 without my super strong tower. Then I could 1v3 under their tower. I won the game literally 1v3 when my team quit on me. God I miss those days. I'm still salty about the rework
y0r1ck (NA)
: BM'ing enemies during a game is good, agree or disagree
I think the uninstall comment is too far, but in general some Bm is fine. I particularly enjoyed 'Calculated' since it aimed at showing you were more skilled without actually putting someone down. I dont like making people feel shitty, but I like to gloat lol. So I just try to not say they're but, but that im better
: Is it always a good thing to follow what your team says?
Honestly it was your call. At the end of the day you lived and stopped them from getting more gold. Your team forced the objective and gave them gold for it. They should have backed off or did it differently. You did no wrong. I tend to listen to team mates who give good advice or calls. But first and foremost I listen to myself. I know my champ. I know what I can and cannot do.
: What is the limit to tolerable and abusive teammates?
I screenshot those types of comments and send them in a ticket. It's above the norm.
: Mordekaiser Has Almost Definitely Never Eaten a Taco
: Dark Star
1. Dark star trek Tryndamere might be good might be shit. 2) {{champion:63}} all of his abilities could look amazing 3) {{champion:101}}
: Isn't the word "abuse" a bit misused?
Eh, it depends. For me when a champion abuses a build its saying that there is some way in which the champion is getting more out of it than they should. Things like Hec with predator when it was first released. Things that needed to be patched and fixed.
Moody P (NA)
: Can we have a separate gameplay board that is rank restricted
I am all for this, if the cut off is masters. I mean, a player in masters/above sees diamond players the same way a diamond player sees a silver. And like you said, masters players make the best posts.
Lunio (NA)
: Why are all of xerath’s skins terrible
I remember finding him fun a while back and I thought of getting a skin but then I saw how they're all so... bad. I mean jeez.
: What pre-rework champion would be really busted in modern day League?
Old Sion: Insane attack speed with conq, and extra max health stacking. I used to get to 5k hp on old sion in a match while building full ad. 2.0 attack speed, 75% crit, 156% life steal, point and click stun. Imagine that with conq and with 5k+ hp running at you. Good luck.
JoroA (EUW)
: What are your 5 most hated champions in order?
1) {{champion:63}} : When I try to play brand he has such low ability range. When I play against a brand he hits me almost off of screen. Wtfh. 2) {{champion:119}} : Slip up once and he wins game. Keep him down forever and let him get one kill and he still wins game. Annoying af. 3) {{champion:24}} : Super strong early game. Insanely strong late game. I mean the team that has a jax is the team that wins. 4) {{champion:238}} : How is a champion with 3 built in flashes that 1 shots most other champs considered fair? Landing a skill shot on a competant zed is impossible. 5) {{champion:143}} : Damn her plants. Way too tanky and way too much dmg.
: My username is claimed to be inappropriate after a couple of years using it
*Had Hentai in the name, get's banned.* Meanwhile Evelyn... ROFL
: nope. done.
First note: Top is supposed to be an island, meaning you're lucky if your jg ganks for you. You're expected to 1v1, or 1v2 if enemy jg comes. Second note: I'm sorry your team was flaming you. But if over 3 games different people have the same issue with you, maybe something really is off and you should reevaluate your attitude or play style? I don't tilt when my team flames my 0/8 pyke plays because I know the game is an oddity and i'll do better next game. It's all about the mental. Third note: I don't think you deserve to be punished for what you did. It's not really toxic as hell. it's negative and unhealthy for yourself and the community, but it's not what I'd consider toxic. Now what I would find grating about you is that attitude about you needing ganks because of point 1. I just can't stand top laners who complain so much about getting no ganks when playing in a role where they shouldn't need ganks in the first place.
: If Every Champion had a massive brawl, (not including Gods like Aurelion Sol), Who would win?
Ooo, fun little topic. {{champion:268}} : Control over sand. Has an entire immortal army to throw at you (can't kill sand). {{champion:245}} : Much like his trailer, any mess up is undone. He won't ever be hit. {{champion:54}} : Belly flop and 90% of champs are gone. He will be extremely hard to put down and won't struggle much to put others down. He won't win, but he sure as hell will remove most champs from competing. {{champion:56}} : He drives everyone around him into terror fueled insanity until they kill themselves. He might win just because everyone around him will kill themselves and he wont ever be seen. {{champion:517}} : He might win, depending on who he fights first. {{champion:23}} : I mean... he literally cannot die... as long as he's angry he's immortal. And he's always angry. {{champion:26}} : He can just wait for everyone else to die of old age. Aside from Azir, most aspects would also be here. Nasus, Xerath, Renek, but Azir is special since his power and the reason he wins is different.
: Why do people hate jungle the most?
I can play an ok JG game for my rank and I do enjoy it. My biggest issue with it is my rank. I feel like the people I end up playing with dont know how to maximize my contribution to them, and because of my low rank I tend to not have good jungle players whom I can watch and learn off of. I know I'm not the best. I'm low silver for a reason after all. But I also feel like if people knew how to play better I could learn off of them.
: For those who hate the Windwall, what would you do for Yasuo instead?
I posted this in another thread, but basically: Make WW last a very short amount of time. Something like 1 sec or under. But for blocking an ability it gets +1 sec. Blocking an auto it gets +.5 dec. This way Yas still gets his outplay moment, but it no longer feels so broken and unbeatable
TheFortex (EUNE)
: Can you make cc get delayed until a non interruptible dash ends?
Yes to this. I would love this. Exemptions should be most ultimate abilities that are unstoppable now such as malph ult and Virginia ult.
: What do you think is the best example of the English language being a fuckup?
James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher With proper punctuation that is a complete and logical sentence within the English language. Most people don't know how to do the said punctuations though.
: Why do people hate superman?
For me it's his personality. I loved the darker, more Human injustice version of him. Superman and his idealistic nature just get under my skin. He's made to be so perfect and better than everyone else. It makes him one dimensional. You know how all of his stories will end. He will win. He will do the "right" thing. He never loses.
: Disappointed with analyst behaviour
While I'm against the use of that word, I think that people in his position are the only ones who I can accept calling a play idiotic. The man knows what he's talking about. A bronze player, or even a diamond saying it is not the same as someone who works around the pro spectrum of players
: OR **Just remove the term from the list.** There will always be some term for "badly calculated to the point of implying intellectual handicap". Just stop the euphemism treadmill already. You're not actually banning the sentiment and, more crucially, _SHOULDN'T BE_.
> [{quoted}](name=Metal Janna,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=TXTBRzBx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-17T17:26:23.966+0000) > > OR > **Just remove the term from the list.** > There will always be some term for "badly calculated to the point of implying intellectual handicap". > Just stop the euphemism treadmill already. You're not actually banning the sentiment and, more crucially, _SHOULDN'T BE_. There will always be a word for it, the issue is THAT word. Call the play stupid idiotic, dumbfounding, etc. You dont have to use a word that's the equivalent to the N word or a homophobic slur.
: Oh no, he used a bad word that is super common to use!
> [{quoted}](name=Snake of Avarice,realm=EUW,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=TXTBRzBx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-17T17:33:06.737+0000) > > Oh no, he used a bad word that is super common to use! The N word was super common to use. Are you pro racism? Homosexuality was a slur, are you homophobic? Why should people be able to use mental illness to the same degree?
: After being stuck in Silver for over a year, I have found the secret to climbing.
I mean, isn't that how it should work for everyone? I never got the whole react with emotions things to how someone plays lol.
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