Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 2
Hey Meddler, Hope you don't mind me asking you a few questions, two is related to the games (I.E Master Yi and Kennen) and the other one is about BE. Blue Essence has been a bit harsher then I would want to say. My primary profile (which is now permaban for reasons of my own deserving) gained 33 champions that I earn with IP, some were low tier cost such, Annie, Master Yi and Sivir, But others cost highly mostly would be above 3000 IP, this would include Jhin, Fiora, and Riven. With this new profile it level is almost to level 30 and I bearly have 10 champions, a third of what I should have and most of them was just through regular BE and the highest cost that I got was Fiora, I cant even get jhin with this speed, gaining champions to build up my arseanal once more has became much more of a challage, can you give assistance to players who are having much more trouble gaining the champions they wanted or give more power to BE over EXP, cause by my prediction the requirements for leveling up to play Ranked should be increase or the number of champions should be lowered, or increase the amount of chance of champions you would gain if you play certain lane (Example: 90% time in jg introduce champions that play in jg) As for the champions I mention in the first sentence, I have concerns over those two champions, Master Yi and Kennen. I notice Master Yi is up for getting a buff and from what I can tell the increase of AD makes me feel like it encouraging more Crit build from lower elo, would this be the case? is Crit Yi gonna outshine regular Yi or on hit Yi? As for Kennen, I neven seen him in any of my games let alone any bans to him, last time I play him I can bearly do anything thanks to DFT being gone, I would use that to dominate top lane over most champions and it would work, now since that is gone, I been trying to replace the ideal, but seems like the last time I try I just feel like I've been turned into batter and made into pancakes for kids to eat, can there be a clarify about him, im lost at why I cant get as much damage output as I want on him now, Meteor was good on paper but he needs to get an item that slows enemy, Clarify dont give bonus AP to his E and his ult is just felt too weak now. I wanted to play Kennen for quite some time, and I don't even own him now, and it bad in the game (I presume). My main Question about Kennen is that will Kennen be talk about for potential buffs? cause Electrocute falls off late game and early game won't work that well for bruisers and tanks due to them having their own healing ability, not including riven and Fiora that would just overpower him in general
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 20
@Meddler I understand Trydamere and Master Yi are a bit underpowered, but why change Master Yi Kit? He may be having the same kit since season 3 and only once got a small kit change (hence only needed to change his passive and his ratio on his Q and W as I remember I think) but why change it now? instead, why not bring back the nerf you have given to him in patch 6.24 when you guys nerfed his ultimate duration start out point and buff his increasing duration per kill/assist? You guys nerf him hard in that patch completely changing his two main items that made him great to play with, now that gone crit is the "ideal replacement" for most players that play him. He went from a DPS champion to a BPS making his damage really his at the cost of true damage and survivability. Why not bring him back to the class he was listed in that was suppose to bring him up to the ideal of Fiora and Yasuo but not make him so simple like Garen or Patheon. Cause of all the Skirmishers out there in league has a way to really gain some awesome defense (Fiora passive and W with an ult that gives AOE Heals and Yasuo with his passive and his W giving him the sustain and can potentially MOST SKILLSHOTS IN THE GAME) as for Master the only thing that makes him good in sustain is his Meditate but it requires him to stand completely still and not attack that later becomes mostly useless since his heal streath isnt even strong late game unless you contribute to some AP, his Alpha Strike no longer bring that amazing play like it use to be making him invincable while he in alpha Strike on top of the fact you cant do mind games like Fiora and Yasuo. A man once said, " If you don't have the right tools you cant play with your food" (made that up to prove my point). I'm not saying your not doing a good job (cause I love you guys and I love my Master Yi since I been playing him since season 5 when my cousin played this game and I play Yi every single time) but when it comes to making champions "*Unique yet easy*" type of champions you guys make it hard to do since it moves them away from what role they take, Master Yi has to be up in front, and in most cases he cant 1v1 til late game, and even when late game comes most can just bait his Q or just poke him til he dies, either way, most champions can out mobility him which is funny cause his Ultimate makes him catch up but he cant and most champion can also out damage him too. (looking at most assassins)
: Preseason Attack Speed Tweaks
Can you guys give insights about the Attack speed Ratio, please? I'm super curious about how it gonna be. you guys talk about this 20 days ago, since you guys said "Asap" I was hoping you meant within a patch or so, meaning that I can see how it looks in PBE, but no post came up about it. Can I please in an insight about it? I play Master Yi, Kayle, and Diana, I need to know how it gonna be for my main 3 champions that been hard to play with since the Rune Reforge
Naqel (EUW)
: It'd be reasonable if you had any chance at responding to the aggression. As it stands, if the enemy marksman so much as accidentally contributes a single hit to the support's poking rotation, it immediately becomes an all in for the kill. This happens with more than just Karma and Sona. The problem isn't even the damage being dealt, since that went down or stayed equal for the most part, it's the fact that everyone is now really squishy, even the tanks like Taric who were supposed to be "untouchable" with their +20 base armor.
now since the MR is gone
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 10
Meddler Im a bit worry about Kennen and Master Yi, both in my case are a bit underwhelming to use, both of their original builds including the On-hit Master Yi are just under pavement and the off-Meta is starting to take over once more for both of them IE Master Yi Crit build and Kennen AD on hit. You guys are changing up some stuff for Attack speed characters like Master Yi and Kayle, so I really really hope it goes well there, but I'm still worried about Kennen, Can you please give me some light to the end of this tunnel.
Sparkle (NA)
: Brace Yourselves: Runes Are Coming
when is the limited time store coming out? will my suspended account get to get to purchase, I dont wanna miss out on the store {{sticker:sg-soraka}} when is the patch coming out?
: Could you please tell me, why the secondary rune when u switch to "domination" only gives 11 ad and 18 ap while "sorcery" gives 15 ad and 25 ap? Wouldnt it be more smart to give "lethality/armor pen/magic pen" ?
they buff the pen and lethality in items, then they also give some more over this one rune which will be proven better.
Sparkle (NA)
: Oh hey I answered this a little further up but I think it's buried below the "Show More". :) Basically, we wanted to make it easier for players to talk about their choices. Instead of saying "Precision slot 3" or "The one with Coup De Grace in it" we gave each slot a memorable (hopefully?) name to identify the choice. So now you can say "I chose Cut Down in the Combat slot because they have 3 tanks on their team" and other players will know what you're talking about.
thanks can you answer one more question, you guys mention about a new stat, which is bonus attack speed at lv 1, can you guys further explain this please? I think i might be acting stupid here but im pretty sure it about "instead of gaining attack speed on lv 2, you gain it on lv 1 further boosting the attack which helps with the loss attack speed from missing raw stats of runes." is that right or am I getting close?
Sparkle (NA)
: Runes Reforged Path Summaries
Yo quick question might be irrelevant now but something I want to ask cause I was making a video tutorial about Rune Reforge. Why did you guys finally decide to give each slot a name? *for example the legend slot or combat slot*
Shiznyte (NA)
: Fizz already has GW in his kit I thought, so Does Kat if im not mistaken. AP Champions IMO deserve a way to decrease healing even if they made it like a 30% heal reduction until you completed a full item that would be nice!
no fizz don't, and you know why Kat has it, so she doesn't have to build that item since she doesn't need the cdr nor the mana. I think that item is just fine, however, they do need to look over at what item they need to tip the scales as a mage, meaning they do need to rework some of the ap items
Shiznyte (NA)
: you're right on the money dude!
But I think that when they thought about this item is because of the low CD for champions like ekko and such, those AP champions that does something with their AA, now since you dont need to use an ability to get the GW, it ANY MAGIC DAMAGE from the source that gives GW, it states it on the item, so champions like kayle, fizz, ekko ect can build this and it will affect their AA. hell even these items right here can do it {{item:3144}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3145}} {{item:2015}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3098}} {{item:3303}}. So atm the moment to my thoughts it is where it is, though I do understand your concern, but if they do that then they might need to reduce the amount of mana refund the item gains. Not saying it super OP but hard to fight against
Shiznyte (NA)
: Tanks aren't the ones life stealing up to full HP, ADC / Melee Carries are though. But i do agree Tanks can be difficult to kill and low HP especially {{champion:78}} with her silly passive of "if i get low enough i get a shit ton of free stats"
ya, tanks are supposed to be hard to kill...I think what you guys are saying is the bruiser champions like Xin, Fiora and such
Shiznyte (NA)
: you make some good points!
so giving kayle another item to be op with?
Ars3lyn (NA)
: Changing the Ranked system and Edit the Report system.
please ask me anything as I'm more than willing to answer anyone
Rioter Comments
: LOL you obviously don't play support or really understand why Censer warped the meta, it warped the meta because it is the only support item that increases offensive capabilities, if you are going to have an item like that it MUST have competition and counter parts or it will be rushed by everyone even if it's weak like right now; especially since statistically speaking, on average supports end the game at level 13 with only one item plus their SS item and a component or two so we have to pick the item that gives the most to the ADC during that time. There are currently NO early game items left for supports besides kinda sorta redemption which is geared more for late game teamfights than the early to mid game; both of the aggressive enchanter items have been nerfed to fuck and relegated to late game items and there just aren't any good choices for a decent early game item, when there should be several choices to choose from as opposed to being forced to build the same thing every time which is dumb as fuck, boring, and inappropriate for a strategy based game. It wouldn't be "giving free AD" just like Ardent doesn't give free on hit or AS, the support has to give up their gold and some of the teamfight strength that comes from active items like Redemption which was the previously bitched about "OP" support item because everyone took it first with the Locket combo to stall out...This change won't do shit, they need to give us more items to choose from that allow the support to play a significant role and to provide significant buffs if they should invest their gold into that. Making the item weaker in the early game and mediocre at best in the late game BASED ON LEVEL was dumb as fuck because supports don't make it to 18 or full build all that often unless we're talking normals or Bronze which are just a clusterfuck anyways.
Yes, I do play supports on the occasion as I have plenty of games as both vanguards and Enchanters, consider how you seeing that Censer is "wrapped the meta" cause of the item being the ONLY support item that is "aggressive". I wonder if you really have forgotten Athene's Unholy Grail? The item that gives a great amount of AP and more healing power then Censer early game and more damage output. The reason why this item is getting nerfed in the early game cause it was outshining Unholy because of it amazing passive, not only giving attack speed and damage to your carry but now to the source included, being twice the "Ardent" output. I really don't see why they nerf the late game of the item but I'm not the one to argue about this one single item as I gone through plenty of games without doing so, even though I don't play as much support as you do, I have knowledge on what I can do best as I play plenty of champions like Soraka, Sona, Thresh, Shen, and Poppy. However, I do agree with you on the Options for items on Supports, ALL CHAMPIONS SHOULD BE ABLE TO OPTIMIZE THEIR BUILDS FULLY. With this small fact, they need to really go down and change up how support should be since they keep allowing enchantress to build items like the locket and knight's vow. Of course, when it comes to supports they really don't have gold power in their hands, but that the part where it is interesting since you gain gold from assist and such. With this fact you would need to interact with your team as much as possible, cause you know you gain gold from other things that can catch you up anyways, if your aggressive and need gold to really be the "from support to mage mid laner" then you should be taking Spell thief path since you can gain gold and farm late game, accent coin gives you gold off of dead minions (by chance) but once you fully upgrade it you gain additional 40 gold from every assist you gain, and relic shield gives 4 charges total late game and you can use each one on cannon minions or super minions that gives massive amount of golds. As I said before they do need to bring in some more enchantress items and vanguards items, but they don't need to change the gold system for the supports because as supports should be gaining less gold than everyone else in general anyway, but don't mean they shouldn't make more items for the support line. Not only should they do that, but they need to get rid of the "mix breed" items in the support areas. If you think I'm wrong then that fine then. It's my words, not like I'm from Riot or anything even though I am trying to be in their system so I can help with proofreading a lot of things since they make mistakes on PBE/Alpha. Regardless hope you have a fancy day man, try to get to Master next season man
: Yeah, I don't build EoN anymore since they removed the MR from it. Seemed to make it pointless.
I sure do build it cause champions can simply stun you or snare you if played wrong
Moregaze (NA)
: Because of true damage = balanced in Ritos eyes.
no longer true damage bud, it now in physical
: Because the lethality changes worked so well, no one builds edge of night anymore and youmuus is incredibly situational, everyone builds duskblade
I do, like i said, it situational dude.
: They made it the only early game aggressive enchanter item and now they don't want us to take it early, and oh yeah the only one that can give damage to an ally, there's nothing to compete with it; what exactly are we supposed to build besides it? They need to make more aggressive items that can compete but with their own niches that empower different types of ADC's, Censer empowers AS ADC's, so they should make one that empowers casters like EZ, and one that empowers AD stackers like Draven so there are plenty of options available for each type of ADC and enchanter combo that will each play differently.
*facepalm* right like to think that giving free AD would be a good idea, Ardent is still fine, remember that item works just fine with ezreal, as he deals with his Q that includes on hit, which ardent gives, and giving more AD to crit champions like Jhin and Draven would make them too much to bare. I understand this meta alone is not doing well for the ADC and Support but IK that rushing that item 100% is not healthy for the game, so making it weaker early game (since it has AP anyways) and still make it good for late game. now since they nerf late game this will get enchantress to start thinking about what to really build instead of "oh just rush this item and it all good"
: If you hate this item {{item:3504}} that much just delete it, don't give it the {{item:3056}} treatment, if it doesn't fit in the game just delete it like DFG. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
they don't hate it, they just don't want it to always be the first items to rush, they want each support items (much like the lethality items) to shine in each way. For example, when they did the rework on the lethality items, they want to make sure that each of the 3 main items has a shine to each one (ghost blade for movement speed for the ganks, duskblades for extra burst damage, and the edge of night for CC problems.) showing ways to help with problems with the game, say it a talon vs a Annie, if Annie gets her stun off, your dead, would it be better if you get duskblade for damage or edge of night for nullifying her stun making it easier to kill her. edge of night will shine better since you can stop her stun and kill her.
Secimon (NA)
: Personally I like the insane ADC meta, it's infinitely better than the goddamn tank meta. At least they've been able to fulfill their role for once in the game's life. Attack Damage _Carry_. Ardent censer should ideally be a reasonable item to build if you're going to play a shielding support, but not strong enough to the point that ONLY shielding sups are viable. I think every item in the game should be able to be built viably IF you're playing a champion suited to building it.
I do agree with this statement, and I want to say that Ardent is a good item still to get since it does give AP and the boost ADC needs, though all riot is doing is to make it less of a priority to get the item so early, which is good because rushing it makes the ADC hammer so hard in the early games, now with the nerf they won't hammer so hard which gives other enchantress items like unholy grail, and Michael crucible to shine in the early game.
shatnin (NA)
: could just get roa and be done with ap building
less based damage so make sure you get some more ap. You would now need more armor than before since he only gets half of the armor which is a huge change (which is good tbh since they build him to fight against mages and AP champions)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 13
Hey Meddler, can I have a word with you about the Rune Reforge? Was really hoping to have questions answer cause I'm quite confused over a variety of Runes, can we do email or something? I just don't want my questions to sound embarrassing here.
: BringBackApYi
> [{quoted}](name=BlueVestGuy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ee9Qud9d,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-13T03:31:32.632+0000) > > BringBackApYi upvote please
: BringBackApYi
> [{quoted}](name=BlueVestGuy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ee9Qud9d,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-13T03:31:32.632+0000) > > BringBackApYi no just bring back the Yi before the patch 6.8 nerf on his Highlander duration, not the items
Rioter Comments
: ***
or even player who has even 200 games with him, but ill see what i can to reach hin again
patmax17 (EUW)
: That's already very similar to what Quinn and Valor do {{champion:133}} Not to say it's wrong, just keep that in mind and avoid overlap :)
Quinn has great movement speed allowing to do that type of stuff, but what we spoke here is something entirely on his ideal lore and playstyle, Quinn playstyle is going around battling with 1v1 fights, blinding them so they get to miss directions and such. For what I am saying for Teemo is to have tracking power like a scout, use his invisibility to set him in position to gain vision power for the team, and can 1v1, having some type of slow with a better type of blind. Quinn gives vision to herself, mainly herself, to see if she safe or not, teemo, on the other hand, wouldn't have that choice, he only would be gaining hints of old footsteps or something to track them with. Then use this to pretty much help team give vision ( better mushrooms being maybe bigger vision able to have less mana cost on them but less damage to compensate it).
: I expect her to regularly take Press The Attack. With the bonus AD scaling now on traps, it should be a pretty insane keystone on her. What I imagine could happen with Caitlyn may be a few things. **A: A mini rework on about the Xin level** Caitlyn is a really awkward champion to balance, as her power curve is meant to be good early, bad mid, good late. Thats really hard to balance at times. Caitlyns traps also make her skill ceiling deceptively high, which is why she'll always be better in pro play than solo queue. We could also fix her resonant theme up a bit here (ill explain more later.) If worst comes to worst, we may just have to put some small rework on our favorite sniper. **B: Change her power curves** This is also something you could do, although depending on the player, it may upset them. Maybe make her scale better but continue to weaken her early game, make her mid game better, etc. Very risky, but possible. **C mess with more numbers** This could very well work. The trap changes were an amazing way to transfer her power in a healthy way. We could keep on doing this and hope we can get amazing results from it. **D: Give her a flat out gameplay update** This is where I believe a lot of work could be done to fix up Caitlyns theme. What Caitlyns theme suffers right now, is Jhin kind of has the sniper niche. Caitlyn could easily regain this spot, but work would need to be done to help her do it. Caitlyns kit also has its core flaws, which could be fixed by a mini update as well. The thing about Caitlyn, is what do her Passive, Q, and E have to do anything with a sniper, other than names? Caitlyns R also does not feel like you are actually sniping someone. Sniping someone should feel like a process, and lining up a shot. Not clicking a button. I also have seen a Rioter state that they would like to upgrade Caitlyns visuals to fit that of Piltovers Sheriff, and not how she looks now. Overall a lot could be solved by this, although this is a very inefficient route for what we need to happen to Caitlyn and what we want.
press the attack dont give AD anymore now. Just gives a short burst of damage and increase damage for 6 seconds
: sooooooo I should continue shit posting?
: I had a few questions for Meddler, but maybe you guys can answer some of them. 1. What's holding back juggernauts, assassins, and skirmishers? The champions are staples of soloqueue, but almost all of them are totally absent on the LCS stage. 2. Knockups aren't affected by tenacity, and QSS doesn't usually help much either. Knockups are a common type of CC, though. I often see teams that make me think "I'm going to be chain-CC'd and there's nothing I'll be able to do about it." Do you view this as a problem? 3. I like to have 1 or 5% crit chance runes, will that be an option in the new rune system in the future? Or do you think that's unhealthy? 4. Would champions be easier to balance (across all skill brackets, from Bronze to Challenger to LCK) if you weren't concerned with "counterplay"? 5. Diana is the only champion in the game with an asymmetric spell, her Q. No other projectiles or dashes work like this. Is there a reason for that?
I'll take the answer for #3, they know that crit is gonna be missed, but they know it is very unhealthy for the game. It, not my statement cause I love a small chance of crit, it tips the scale for me, but when it comes to crit change, it is just unhealthy.
: Mm hmm. Everyone who isn't Riot Sparkles and Meddler is new
: sooooooo I should continue shit posting?
: I am neither of those individuals but HI!
HI you must be new then? XD
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.20
Novalas (NA)
: Generally I opt for BORK -> QSS -> PD -> DD. Boots are generally Tabis or Mercs.
Ender L (NA)
: You wish I would wish I was you
I'm innocent {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
i e v e n (EUW)
: Any plan for Master Yi soon ? He REALLY suck right now ... It's been a while since he need buff/rework.
Hey here to relay what they said to me, they think he in the right spot. They cant really hit the serious troubles he been having, they are waiting for doing a larger scope on him, meaning a Rework. Yi is good, it just his playstyle isn't easy to really pick up on since his Q is his only power to dodge other spells if you add QSS you will be fine for Master Yi, I have him as my highest mastery, I know he lacking but this type of work they need time to do. For now they need to find what is a Master Yi, what defines him, once that part is answering then they can get into something deeper about Master YI.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.20
Novalas (NA)
: You're welcome to apply! Tons of available positions on Always looking for talented people! :D
Question, what happens if I'm the guy who wants to test(er) of many things, the guy who wants to find all the big and small bugs in each item, champions and map locations? I don't have a degree sadly but l have a huge learning curve! So it will be awesome what position this would be.
: Master Yi gets asked about in every patch chat -- unfortunately he's pretty solidly in the camp of champions that likely need a larger scope gameplay update to address any real/serious problems with the character.
Oh and about the "asked about in every patch" that me sorry, I just have a hard time playing with him, really wanna be able to play him, but either way sorry about that
Novalas (NA)
: Certain Rioters are a lot more active in the community (via social media, etc). A few of us are actually fairly new (myself, Endstep, Ender L, Auberaun, and GangIeri). We've only been around for about 2 months now. :P
oh dang, I wish i can really join ya one day, I still would love to see the mechanic for the game, it seem soo awesome
Novalas (NA)
: So my personal thoughts on Yi, if I play optimally on Yi, I should be able to outplay everyone with Alpha Strike (especially with QSS). I think he falls under the same boat as those champions but he's able to do so at an earlier point in the game (generally I've found he's able to pop off with just Blade of the Ruined King).
{{item:3124}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3153}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3006}} ? I guess this path?
: Master Yi gets asked about in every patch chat -- unfortunately he's pretty solidly in the camp of champions that likely need a larger scope gameplay update to address any real/serious problems with the character.
okey feels bad... I guess I must be playing him wrong or something...
: Are there any thoughts about Thresh at the moment?
I'm still surprised that AD thresh top is a thing...(it scary)
Ender L (NA)
: Don't think we have plans for Teemo in the near future, but I have played some games of him on Runes Reforged. There are definitely some new runes you should try out. The Ultimate Hat can be pretty fun with full AP builds and if you're a fan of the on-hit style, Glacial Augment gives you a Frozen-mallet like slow effect at level 1. As for your rework idea, like a lot of our older champions, Teemo needs to have a clear identity defined. Right now he's the Swift Scout, but what does that really mean? If you're theorizing changes to his abilities, you should think about that aspect too and try to find something that could define him a little bit more. Right now, I think both Teemo's W and E are pretty lackluster. It might be interesting to move his W to his passive rather than the E and make his stealth a a more strategic basic ability. What do you think? Always love me some Teemo Talk ;)
why not make him a real swift scout? Being able to really do stuff with his movement still excelling with 1v1 battles, but use his swift scout for vision power, not saying to make him control ward but able to use one of his ability to scout ahead and get deep into the enemy territory.
: Commenting 800 times, or writing 800 words per comment?
I think both, also where can I find info about all of you, all I know so far is Riot Sparkles and Meddler. cause I may know about league of legends but idk nothing about the rest of the rioters.
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