: As Morgana's lover, I support this, not bad man, not bad. Skin might have used a little bit lighter color but regardless. +1
D'awww thank you :D
Bhagswag (NA)
: Good good. But isn't she smiling a bit too much? LOL. Anyways, I clicked her b/c bewbs and was not disappointing.
haha thank you! Yeah, but I wanted her to be all smug looking. Maybe I made her too happy? lol
: Sir, you can never draw boobs too big. Unless you put Mad Moxxi's boobs on Annie or Jinx, I guess.
: Sometimes its better to embrace the nonsense in a clearly non serious way then to try and fight the opinions of the frustrated masses every time an uninformed anti-x champion thread comes up.
: hiii upvoted :3 I very much like the way the skin was colored and if it isn't too much asking, would it be possible to get tips for that? ;o I also like to draw and I am fairly new to digital drawing and applying colors is the one thing I always struggle a lot at >.<
Well, I have a hard time choosing which colors to use. So to fix that, I use layer filters to create a base in which I can color over top of. If you want more information on that, I can provide it. As far as the actual technique? I use a standard hard round brush to lay in the colors and details, and smooth it with a large soft brush. The only real tip I can provide, is make the program work for you, not against you. If you need to use special brushes, or many layers with filters then do it. It's not cheating, you are just utilizing your tools to the fullest :)
Knalxz (NA)
: I was going to say the tits are kind of large then I looked at Morg's model and, yeah that's pretty accurate but but her skin is a little more pale. Speaking of Morgana's in game model. This would be a badass remodel for her. http://img0.joyreactor.com/pics/post/full/Morgana-league-of-legends-games-nsfw-1982293.png
That would be pretty badass :O And, honestly I was considering going more pale, but I didn't like how lifeless it looked (even though it's how it should be). And yeah, she has a pretty large chest for how skinny she is o.o
Ironhold (EUNE)
: Oh wow you're the first to ever answer this question to me, literally everyone else to have used this did't reply to me, as if I'd ask for the secret to eternal life or something. But I digress. You moved the channels on the layer in particular, without affecting the whole image. Which means the face and wings are on separate layers, you used a mask or the lasso tool, or did you just erase where you didn't want it to appear(since it's a different layer)? Am I overthinking this? :P IMHO, I find this effect when used on large objects with more defined shape to be of greater effect, than on organic curvy surfaces. You are right, it indeed makes the wings look great, it gives an otherwordly iridescent appearance to the wings, which fits a fallen angel, and makes the face look mystical. Should you try it on armor and/or spell effects or something next time, I'd like you to tell me how it went :P PS. What is coming next? When is it coming? Keep up the good work! Practice makes perfect!
Well, I added it in after I merged everything. So I had the merged layer (without the background) and copied it. Then just move whichever channels and erased what I didn't want. I'm sure you can mask it for ease but I couldn't be bothered :P I like the refracted look on hard surfaces more so than organic. But also for things that are out of focus or otherwordly. I could try it on a spell effect next time but I'm not very good with special effects. : 3 As for what is next? Either Darius or someone random. Hell, I might do Kayle to pair with Morgana. But I had promised a Darius forever ago and I really need to do that .-. lol
: Megara from Disney's Hercules?
ooo I kinda wanna draw her next. : 3
: Still pretty feathers.
: Things I Learned About Riven from Boards
I love this post, just saying. I actually chuckled a little bit and nodded. Im not sure why people tend to focus so hard on say, Riven, when there are other champions who can snowball just as hard. But eh, to each his own.
Zerana (NA)
: Looks a bit like Shantae the half genie.
Not gonna lie, I had to google that. Shantae is adorable. XD
Ironhold (EUNE)
: Nice texture on the chest and face. If I may ask, what's this thing called(Layer effect, filter, brush?) you used on the wings, eye and cheek paint? Which platform supports it? Photoshop I presume? It looks like red(magenta?) and green are ceperated out of the base and projected outwards, as if looking through a pair of these:
Thank you. What I did was manipulated the channels. It's a tab on Photoshop in the layers. I just selected and duplicated the layer, and moved the red or blue channel (cant remember which). It makes a nice refracted look. I originally was only gonna do it for the wings and cheek, but it made the eyes look entrancing from a distance so I kept it on the eye as well. I hope I answered your question!
: Oo, nice detail. Colors are spot on like usual and i cant describe any more of how good you have drawn her. P.S. I really can't wait to see you draw
Thank you so much! I am actually sitting on a WIP of Darius for Beasteu (spelling might be off). But, I'll be honest. I suck at drawing men. XD So I'm still doing some anatomy studies so I do him justice. Glad you enjoyed the piece :D
: Senpai <3
:3 Your name makes Morgana happy ;)
: Awwh its so nice :D
Thank you so very much :D
: I think her left leg, the one we can't see at all, is more or less coming straight out from her body (so at an angle from our perspective) and her right leg is crossed over top and resting with her right calf on her left knee to keep it supported but also high in the air. (Also it looks really nice, good job!)
Actually yes, that's exactly what's happening. It was a struggle to show due to her dress, but I suppose I did well if someone could actually figure it out. Thank you both Maratsune and Phrixscreoth :)
Boohya (NA)
: yeah feathers can be a b*tch, you eather have to go full out with the detail or not at all and make a good scribble of it
Yeah, so I kinda made a weird detailed scribble that looks wing-like but not Morgana wing-like haha
: Actually they ARE great boobs. They don't defy gravity and were actually drawn in the "tear" shape. WP'd
Thank you :D I try to pay attention to gravity when drawing in general. I still think I made them slightly too big but I really appreciate that they look natural to you :)
: Upvoted for justice, I mean revenge! and the artwork of course =P...oh and the name; clever!
Lolol Thank you :3 And, Justice and Revenge are just two sides of the same coin, no? lol.
Phil Fly (NA)
: upvoted for boobs
: Nice Morgana's Wings are burnt if you were to be accurate.
Yeah that is.....hard to draw :3 These were actually my first wings I have drawn.
Rioter Comments
: If someone asks me about dragon's ghost one more time
Or the whole "why is there a face by Garen's name " e.e (Had a Garen ask me that himself. I lost all confidence in the game Q_Q )
: Thank you everyone for all the replies and advice. I half expected people to be mean here. Thank you im glad theres nice people :) makes me feel better. I added those who asked me too :D hope to play with you soon
I'm not really ranked, but I'm pretty chill. I have some friends who are kind as well, you can add me if you want. I tend to play exclusively with friends as to avoid any rude people. Every game has it's toxic players, but it's all about if you wanna play the game enough to push through it. Usually the mute button or your own attitude can help. League is really fun and kinda life consuming, but don't let it get you down. :)
Grazer (OCE)
: An idea that would improve upon the Ruby Sightstone
See, I like this (as a support/top main). In bot lane, as a support, sometimes you get behind and you have to go straight utility. I have been a Sona with Mikeal's, Harbinger, Twin shadows, Sightstone before. They all have stats yes, but I needed their utility more than the stats. Often times, the best way to come back in a game is through vision. Yes, the trinkets are nice, but once I get the sightstone I swap my trinket for either red or blue depending on what is needed from my team. For those who are behind but need a substantial buy for vision, these upgrades would be helpful. Especially Topaz, cause with the mastery and that, you can plant wards more safely and get the vision while avoiding combat. With the sightstone already taking up a spot in the inventory, might as well make it adhere to any situation the support needs it to. Though, instead of Ruby holding 5 charges, maybe make it so you can have a max of 4 wards out on the field? Little bit more interesting so it is a viable option compared to the others.
: Uhm... Now that Nami gets Buffs... Is there any legitimate reason to pick Sona anymore?
I love them both and choose them at different circumstances. Sona's kit is more about keeping my adc healthy while she pokes. I prefer her with say, Caitlin or Lucian where they sit back and poke all the time until they are ready to execute. Sona's AA range and shield help immensely with this. Sona and say, Caitlin, also synergize at level 6 where it becomes a lane very capable of killing the enemy. She is also good for mid game team fights as her auras are strong enough to give your team a boost, be it a stun ulty, q aura for more poke, or speed. Nami on the other hand, I prefer using for a strong kill-y lane. Her kit goes well with say, Jinx or even Draven. Her bubbles allow a potential kill, she has great sustain, and enhanced autos. Due to her mana hungry nature, she can't heal/poke as much with her abilities. Her AA range is a little less against other champions. Despite that, her bubbles and healing make great kiting plays. Her ult is nice for an engage/disengage. I did not do any math because their kits make different plays happen. Yes, maybe Nami heals more, or maybe Sona's powerchord does more damage, but as a support, it's about your utility. What you can bring to your ADC. I think if you want to follow the meta, use Naut, shen or thresh. If not, play who you like. As long as you understand what you can do to enhance your ADC, Nami Sona or hell, even Taric might be more appealing to you. Just have fun :)
: No no no. Per grand designer 5000000000000000, Alkali is _countered_ by acids, and therefore, must be the basic ninja.
: > [{quoted}](name=Keevalroy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ccs1Bm4r,comment-id=00000001000000000002,timestamp=2015-07-22T21:44:12.585+0000) > > That ship set sail a long time ago...I wouldn't trust Riot to hold a spot for me in a small line. I'll play their game, I'll attempt to have fun despite the hypocritical, egotistical liars in the balance team, and I'll try to enjoy the new content they put out despite angry reactions from the players affected by them, but I hope they don't expect trust or apologies from me for what they've done. > > A positive approach was attempted at first, but the more we've tried, the quicker we discovered that no matter what arguments we make or examples of contradicting logic we can bring up, our words always fall on deaf ears unless they as the content creators feel the same way. Our voices are next to meaningless if it goes against their grand design. And I get that. Maybe I'm an idiot. Maybe I should be mad about this stuff, but I'm not. I just want to play a game I love playing and enjoy the stuff riot gives me. It kinda makes me sad to see these people who all they can do is complain about what they hate. Its understandable of course, but frankly its kind of depressing...
They already fixed part of the splash. And are now looking at in-game models. If you go to the PBE boards, there is like no complaining of the visuals. Maybe a thread or two. They have been pretty good about clarifying decisions as of late, so I have no doubt that even if they don't change her in the ways the community wants, that we will have answers. Meddler is already talking about wanting to make a game dev on Fiora.
: Wait, are you really saying that Fiora deserves a Traditional skin more than Sion and Gangplank did? All they did was put her in a new outfit and brushed the hair out of her eye. They didn't even change her VO. Meanwhile Sion and GP don't resemble their old selves in the slightest and both lost their loveable old VO's in the process, but Fiora deserves a Traditional skin? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Riot gave you people one. Sejuani got one when she didn't need it, so why not Fiora too? Gotta have 'dat fanservice'.
Agreed, From an artistic stand point, there is little to no change. On her model, I would say make the facial proportions a little less invasive, but the bodies look nice. Also, the only thing wrong with her face in the splash is the lighting. The way it's done causes extreme sharp edges and you lose the rounded-ness of her features in the bg-light. Funny thing is, no one is complaining this bad on the PBE boards .-.
: {{champion:421}} : "*noises*" Campaign Promises: *noises* *inspirational noises* *seductive noises* *noises of freedom* *noises* *inspirational noises* *screech of war against communism* *inspirational noises* *promising noises* *noises of promise* *ambitious noises* *inspirational noises* This also doubles as Rek'Sai's Campaign Speech.
: Let's be real. Mf losing Grievous wounds is not going to create a heal tank meta. Why? Because Grievous wounds is already so rare, that if such a meta were to exist, it probably would already.
Well, I think people are pairing it with the new spirit visage, which would make healers like soraka and sona and such, a bit stronger. A Swain with full Spell vamp and a sona on the team will be hard to kill unless you can ignite him. But, thankfully Riot is pretty good about taking out cancerous things, so hopefully they will fix it if it gets too broken.
SoMNia (NA)
: Only the last one is a buff. And I think it's kind of unnecessary. The first 3 are definitely improvements to gameplay clarity, and I whole-heartedly approve of them.
Agreed. Though, The leash would have to be done tactfully as to not be in the way of gameplay, it would be nice. I would be more about the ally shield leash. Definitely would help some engages and team-member coordination. As far as the shield applying the protection, part of Orianna's mechanics are the "timers" and travel time of the ball. Whereas it would be nice to be able not have that so bad on the shield, it is part of learning how to play Orianna. The point being, it may be less of an option than the other QoL's, however it would make life a LOT better. (and with the shield buffs recently I am shocked they didn't touch on Ori's)
: > [{quoted}](name=Artaccusations,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=4i5avxsV,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2015-06-29T21:57:52.393+0000) > > D'aww thank you! I actually think after I finish Darius I will do {{champion:37}} . She is one of my favorite supports >.< > > And that is very well thought out. I love reading all these little responses cause It gives nice insight into how the community sees a particular champion. > > I actually don't have any other pictures that pertain to Zyra specifically, this was the first time I ever drew her tbh. You can feel free to look on my Twitter (@evilwarbunny) for any posts. But I wouldn't mind designing a tattoo, you can feel free to add me on the client or through Twitter if you have one. I'm slightly busy, but I can still make some time ^_^ =^D well, i would never dream of taking up your time, so if you are busy no worries at all and i will wait expectantly for your sona contribution ... i need to figure out how to use twitter i suppose..... i dont have one, but i heard you can look at it with out having one? anyways, something i suppose i should get to eventually...
It's no problem at all ^_^ And It's pretty simple. Just kinda like Facebook but less game requests. You don't need a Twitter tho to look at someone's feed. I used to just bookmark people and check it every so often haha.
: well first and foremost another beautiful drawing.... im trying to keep track of any posts you make in the hopes of seeing a {{champion:37}} drawing one day (shameless ask) and wishing riot had a follow ability... but as far as your mini game.... she is thinking the same thing so often i think and feel when i see one in my own garden... a failure... this one is not right... not good enough, not strong enough.... did bugs eat the leaves, was it the weather, or disease? who knows, but we need to produce better... single leaf on the bud will lead to death.... beautiful... deadly.... but practical also, there is a tat ive been working on, and it has some components to zyra's ulti, do you happen to have any other pictures about her that i could maybe shamelessly steal from and dictate in part to you?........... would you be willing to draw any, and in a form a tattoo could be realized in?
D'aww thank you! I actually think after I finish Darius I will do {{champion:37}} . She is one of my favorite supports >.< And that is very well thought out. I love reading all these little responses cause It gives nice insight into how the community sees a particular champion. I actually don't have any other pictures that pertain to Zyra specifically, this was the first time I ever drew her tbh. You can feel free to look on my Twitter (@evilwarbunny) for any posts. But I wouldn't mind designing a tattoo, you can feel free to add me on the client or through Twitter if you have one. I'm slightly busy, but I can still make some time ^_^
: I like my Zyra drawing better. Maybe one day you'll be a great as me.
lol I like it :D
Fritterz (NA)
: When your team is arguing in chat and you're in top lane...
I so know the feeling. And then you just sit there in top lane long enough for their team to ignore you and then you cause chaos :P
: Great job on this, I like it! Could you draw Gnar next, if you haven't already? Interpretation: "It's just us now. The other four are dead, but they're weak...we can do this, my sapling!"
Haha When Zyra is around, it's never just 1v1.... :P And Gnar is so cute! I have little scrappy doodles laying around of his fluffyness, but they are little warm up doodly things. I could try my hand at him of course, as always :)
: I believe Zyra see's a reflection of her past in the flower, and is remembering her life as a thriving jungle plant with her family before she was forced to find a human host to survive. Love the portrait, love zyra, the first champ I truly mained.
That's very thoughtful, I like it :) Thank you very much, and I hope Zyra gets a buff or two so you can start playing her more often :)
: WOW!! the amount of detail you put onto your pictures are simply fantastic. Link: https://twitter.com/evilwarbunny
D'aww thank you ^_^
: Like D CANE!!! A trick2g thing. But nevertheless, i would love to see your WIPs in action. P.S. How much time did you spend on Zyra? Did it took more time than Cass or was it ~~longer~~ less? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSS_Ep8W0sI
oh O: My Twitter is Artaccusations @evilwarbunny. Anyone is free to follow/bookmark. I'll start posting more often if people want me too. Zyra took more time than Cass because of how much detail and color there is. Zyra was about 12 hours total. It spanned about 4-5 days working on and off.
: I'd like a yordle next :D {{champion:78}} because she doesn't have a good splash and is actually a rly nice yordle to draw with all that armor :D
Never even thought about poppy! That would be very interesting to do. Might be something that I could redesign her a little bit, just to bring her more "modern". Can't turn down a challenge :D
: seeing that you seem to have too much artistic talent, I think it would only be fair for you to give some to me.
Rofl, If I could I would. I would love to see people drawing all the time : )
: Now that you made two masterpieces, who is on your next list? I would love to see a {{champion:122}}, but then again, you are D artist. So which champ do you plan on creating?
D artist ? .-. And Darius is definitely next on my list. I have a pretty decent action-y idea for him. It might take longer than Zyra tho, just cause it will be more than a portrait. I was debating about putting up my twitter so people can see WIPS but I duhno if that's something people would want.
leafboom (NA)
: dude apply for a job at rito, you're rito level at this! and whilst you're there, nerf riven pls ty edit: oh yeah one more thing: CAN YOU DRAW LUX PLEASE! <3
Aww, thank you :D And though I don't think I could nerf Riven, I could make her ugly or something so people play her less? That might work? lol. Sure I can! I will prolly try and draw all the champs I can, so she will be gotten to :D
Ancestor007 (EUNE)
: It is really cool, but her nose is kinda awkward
I definitely got lazy halfway through it
Decrous (NA)
: "Little flower, our kind shall cover the world in beauty."
: Can't wait see who is next, Hoping on {{champion:134}}
Syndra is definitely on the list. She is one of my favorite champs to play in midlane :3
Kinjishi (NA)
: Very beautiful drawing. You get to see her in a light that you don't normally.
Thank you, I tried. I'm trying to think outside the box and give the champs more personality than just a fighter.
woobeee (NA)
: "dafuq shoot some thorns or something. useless plant"
: Omg. That looks so freaking amazing!! I really can't wait for your next drawing!! If riot can implement a following system... I would definitely follow you in a heart beat. Keep up the good work. Heck you can make new splash arts for these champions and it will look way way better than Rito. Interpretation: Why my little bud, if only we hadn't got nerfed, then you would have bloom to your full and limitless potential and make the Fields of Justice, the Gardens of Justice... TL;DR Can't wait for your next drawing. Your skills are beyond us.
Dawwww Thank you :D That is very very kind of you. I also love the interpretation ^_^
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