: Does Shen have a connection with Zoe?
I just wondered the same thing. Doesn't shen's job entail watching for imbalance? = change?
Porocles (NA)
: Yup! You would receive Blue Essence instead of IP after the conversion.
"But will we get Blue essence after a game, like we get IP now?" NO You will not earn BE after games the same way you did with IP. Eventually you will likely be unable to get enough BE for the new champs you want.
Azorees (EUW)
: Yup more useless blue essence for people like me who own all the champions and already have over 5k blue essence. I have 15 keys no chests and over 5K blue essence also all the champions and I still get champ shards from chests ( why do I get these if I already own all champs ). they need to find a better use for this blue essence because people are just going to have it coming out of their ears like I am with nothing to spend it on. I also heard Runes are going to be free, how true this is I don't know but even if they added that to the blue essence I would still have over 4k left after I bought what I needed.
"But will we get Blue essence after a game, like we get IP now?" NO You will not earn BE after games the same way you did with IP. You will likely be unable to buy the new champs you want for very long.
: Not only that they raised the amount of games you need to play to get new champions, am I the only one who is disgusted by the way they try to trick you into spending your BE before you realize what you do? Emotes for 50.000 and 75.000? A Skin for 150.000? Man, thank god I´m a considerable person and did not spend my IP for crap in the past. I banked quite a sum of IP and if I would´ve wasted it on something like that I would´ve ripped my ears of for that stupidity. Please People, don´t buy that stuff! I am getting my new rune pages (yeah, thanks by the way for making me purchasing those) and that´s it! I will sit on the rest of my "IP-Essence" only to get the new releases and that´s it!
I'm one of the poor unfortunate souls who purchased said items, expecting similar earn rates between IP and "new" BE. Alas, I may have to nurse my resentment, purchase the new releases with what BE I have left/earn, and leave forever when I can no longer keep up with new releases. I'm a veteran with many years of play. I'm not great, and I'm "just one player" But this kind of betrayal definitely turns me away. You will lose players this way -> your ques will get longer -> you will lose players -> go two steps back <- <- bye-bye League of Legends, you had a good run.
: Everything in this update is great. **EXCEPT** You devs really think that this Blue Essence Earning is fun ? **HELL NO** Its damn frustrating !! I have playing this game for a couple of seasons and all i find from this currency system is frustration. If this is a way to leech money from players then it sucks. If its a way to make the game more fun and indulging, then it sucks. If its a way to get players to give more time, then it sucks. For gods sake.... Please Change this.
Kei143 (NA)
: Here are more questions on the topic of the xp bar / lvling (I'm gonna call it a progress bar): * Where do you expect the a person that plays an average number of games and doesn't talk a whole lot to end up in terms of honor lvl? --- So what do you think of using the xp bar to give people an early indication that their behavior is unacceptable? As Tormentula mentioned in his post: > [{quoted}](name=Tormentula,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=l3xTFQnI,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-07-01T06:07:32.485+0000) > > its kinda frustrating for us to figure out &quot;am I good enough?&quot; so as you said, right now you just don't climb as fast if you get validly reported (but not enough to get punished). But using that design space, if you start seeing your progress bar reduce, then people will start knowing their behavior isn't acceptable and can start to adjust earlier. Also, I don't think people faking nice is necessarily a bad thing. Fake nice still means less toxic games and I'll take all the fake nice games over toxic games. So what do you think about opening that design space up for discussion? or were such things talked about during the design and rejected?
Elegant argument. I agree that I would rather have people be ACUALLY nice, but would take play-nice games instead, over what we currently have. Having a progress bar that reveals how you could improve would help people improve. Having that progress bar also reveal how NOT to improve would help people improve. Remind me what the goal is? Is it to honor the honorable? Or foster honor in the community?
Simurgh (NA)
: Thanks for the feedback - you put a lot of energy into this post. Maybe I can answer some of your questions: * I think you'll find the most efficient way to increase honor level is just to play more games with a good attitude. Don't flame, don't question mark ping and play games, and you'll be good. Getting honored helps, and having everyone participate in honor also helps. Trying to abuse the system with premades spamming honors on each other won't help. The more good games you play, the more good experiences for nine other people you create, and you'll get rewarded. * Penalties are the only things that will drop your honor level. A toxic premade all falsely reporting you will not affect your honor level in any way. However, keep in mind, our systems are watching for good behavior on the whole for players to increase in level. If you're flaming and being negative towards your team (but not toxic enough to get punished), you might not drop in honor level, but you probably won't climb fast either.
Please explain what you meant by this? > [{quoted}](name=Simurgh,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=l3xTFQnI,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-07-01T09:24:22.892+0000) > > >...don&#x27;t question mark ping and play games, and you&#x27;ll be good. Thanks
Wallach (EUW)
: I think that your first argument is defeating the main concept of the "Honor System". You want to make the players in the community nicer to each other. The first hype about the system is fading and people that I talked to just don't care for it or about it any more. the fact that one can not know where he stands makes one apathetic to the system, and in that you're defeating your own goal. As for your second argument. A progress bar does not have to be a 'scaling up only' system. Also it does not have to let you know all the information about the way the progress is calculated. You can make the bar based on percentage of progress, instead of '# of points collected' / '# of points needed'. This way you can use you intricate way of calculating the progress and wont even need to explain it. More over, you can make the progress bar go up or down and not just up. That will also be o.k, because it was already explained that you can loose 'honor points'. This is only my opinion, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it.
That seems like a very elegant gauge to me, It would always appear the same size, but would fill faster or slower based on League's elegant honor math.
Rioter Comments
: I think most players are mature enough to know that simply carrying a game is not the same as being an honorable player. However, I do think the honor system needs a major rework. Not only is it very difficult to get the honor banner, its also not even a very good incentive for most players. You want real incentive for being a friendly player? Make honor points like a currency to buy special items. Of course, Riot wouldn't want to introduce a way to get skins or other in game items without paying for them. My suggestion is this, honor points are usable to purchase RP bonuses. good ones too, like 50% increase of RP when you purchase RP. I think Riot would actually make money on this one. A player that wouldn't normally buy RP might be more willing if they earned an RP bonus. Additionally, this is a much better incentive than the banners, as well as more attainable. The only other change I would make would be to reduce the amount of honor points a player can give out per game, so as to challenge players to really try to earn other players honor points, rather than receive them cheaply.
I feel the new system hits most of your points fairly well, but IMO they have lmade it far too much harder to accuratly deliver honor where deserved. Especially in the case of your removial of honoring opponents.
baetoevn (NA)
: Honor System! ( Enemy Team Honors!)
I miss being able to recognise honor in my enemies! PLease remedy this oversight. Thanks
: Honor
Agreed, and you should be able to see more about them before having to choose, I don't always remember who saved my neck at 10min. in. thanks
: Wasn't saying you specifically bud. Generalization of the community, since all your points can be summed up by people not wanting to support lol. 1. Don't want to support? Dodge. 2. Only people that don't want to play support are "frustrated" by autofilling it. 3. I think you can figure this one out. I did read. Don't be so quick to _try_ and throw shade just because someone doesn't agree with it.
I have had people autofilled into ADC, into TOP, into JUNGLE and MID as well as sup, and guess what, they didn't want to play the autofill roles. Autofill by nature says "oh, this is one of the roles you probably didn't want/are not great at? Too bad, it's yours. Now, don't lose for your team" It has less to do with support issues than you say. In my last few games almost the entire set of "assigned" roles were swapped to accommodate TWO or THREE AUTOFILLS ON THE SAME TEAM! and no, one should not "learn to play support" because that simply enables Riot to not fix the real problem.
: Auto Fill
I definitely agree, no amount of "lessened" wait time can make up for losing the game for your team, or losing because a teammate gets autofilled. Additionally, it now takes 3 or four que attempts before I can get a team where there isn't someone who dodges. This does not improve wait time, and worsened the experience in my opinion. The addition of doubt and concern over getting your role is not fun.
Artaer (NA)
: Autofill is making me want to play less
The biggest point I was trying to make, was not "i'm whiny" (though I am, lol, along with the rest of humanity) but that the "problem" they tried to fix with autofill (long que times) is a lateral move now that people are dodging roles that would otherwise likely LOSE THE GAME FOR THE WHOLE TEAM. 4v5 is never fair. My second point was that trying to "do well by our fellow players" by NOT CAUSING a loss in a TEAM GAME that is RANKED and dodging instead, is then penalized with longer wait times and a possibility of a role you don't play well FOR EVERYONE.
Rioter Comments
Tamuut (NA)
: So... does this mean she skips leg day?
no it means it's always leg day, RUN!
Hamßone (NA)
: I think it would be cool if {{champion:3}} interacted with towers in some sense. Have him interact with structures, buff/debuff, rebuild, gold from tower kills, control a tower, fly to towers, temporary change to have towers heal allies, or even had an ability where the tower shoots him and empowers the laser eye beams and he has a countdown timer before if hurts him. While a rock champ is not new the main ones tend to have more elemental {{champion:163}} {{champion:54}} interaction with rocks. {{champion:3}} just feels like he should be the one guy that is a guardian and you don't want to meet him on his turf. And from his lore he is made to protect others and hes all sad that he failed so hes got great abilities and wait...does he flap his wings and make you go faster? A stone creature can make a tornado thing? Why not try towers. He is artificial life brought to stone. The towers are not so different in the lore are they? Well this was fun. Thanks for reading and I look forward to his rework.
Interaction with the tower is an awesome idea. Perhaps if he ults within tower range, he extends the tower range and controls it for a time; regardless of whether its an ally or enemy turret. This makes it very risk-reward game-play.
Ryokan (NA)
: I just had a dream that Bernie Sanders played League of Legends
I just imagined him playing as Alistar, "Nothing can hold me back!" I bet this goes up enough, he might try out League. If he hasn't already... Wouldn't that be something. Heh
Pailidin (NA)
: What's YFW you realize Braum's passive icon flipped upside down is a mustache?
Clearly you're all confused, it only looks like a mustache because Braum has an upside down ram on his face. lol, made you look


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