: This is wrong.
Name an AD tank or an AP juggernaut then True tanks scale off AP Juggernauts scale off AD
: The Definitive Difference Between a Tank and a Juggernaut.
The easiest way for me to put it is that tanks are AP and juggernauts are AD
: For the first time ever I bought Deathcap to complete an AP build and got less than 600 total AP..
I've noticed that while AP has been massively reduced in the past couple seasons, AD and crit has been getting massively increased. AD champions are constantly getting new toys and new items, items that give a lot of utility or passive power, and free RAW AD now on fervor. Imagine if DFT instead gave 100 free AP, that sounds op and idiotic, right? But thats about the equivalent to Fervor now. AD has constantly been getting new items, while at the same time AP has been LOSING items and items have been straight up getting AP removed from them. I mean DFG got removed for being too "bursty" yet AD immediately got Duskblade which had the zed ult for more "burst" to help them kill their targets? And even now it gives TRUE damage burst. Riot plays favorites with AD so much it's sickening.
: Of course you are going to have a toxic person. They could be having a bad day. It is the people that have a history of being toxic get banned/punished.
IMO if you tell someone to kill themself or they should have been aborted, or start throwing racial slurs it should be an instant punishment. You dont just say "kys you stupid n****r" just because ur in a bad mood, thatls not something you "accidentally" say. Now if someone's just flaming that's one thing, but going off the wall to tell someone to kill themself/drink bleach/racial slurs, you actually had to know you're typing that out and be ok with saying it, and that proves someone is inherently toxic. EDIT: Me saying that people telling others to kill themselves and using hate speech should be punished is being downvoted? The world we live in.
Aptest (EUW)
: sounds awesome! but i don't see it in the shop... how do i get it? does it drop off a mob in the jungle ?
There are legends than if you play on the howling abyss, there is an extremely rare chance to come across the "sage poro". Talking to this poro will start a quest that consists of several epic boss fights and one fight against the king poro himself. If you are able to subdue the king poro he will then drop the Pebble of Seeing. If you throw gold at this item and nurture and feed it, it will eventually grow into that which you are seeking. {{item:2049}}.
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: But Maw is balanced, that is if you're a melee champion.
no. it isn't. An item that automatically activates a bubble at low hp which also gives lifesteal, ad, and spellvamp after the bubble activated ontop of having decent base AD and a good chunk of MR isn't balanced. A step in the right direction would be to make the bubble no longer auto activate but make it to where the player has to turn it on, similar to Seraph's embrace.
: Yeah, those 2 need nerfs. Though Maw is slightly balanced. EDIT: Downvoted because I agree with him? Or are people just salty I said Rylai deserved to be nerfed? Move on with your lives.
U got downvoted for saying maw is balanced. It isn't.
: very few champions are ever going to use archangels because the tear is so damaging to your early game power. morellos and RoA are redundant no one gets both of those items
honestly I always build archangels on Brand. Though I guess with w and passive he has enough damage to be able to get tear early with little drawback.
Nuparu (NA)
: The Maw passive effect is not a "get rewarded" effect, it's a "holy shit you can survive a Syndra R now and maybe fight back" effect.
Mages have BURST. after that they're pretty useless until their cooldowns come back up. This item single handedly makes it nigh-impossible for a mage to burst you (unless they're extremely fed already) by giving you a bubble, and now it also gives you bonus attack damage ontop of the lifesteal and spellvamp for you to kill them since their CD's are down, all because you bought a single overloaded item. Hell this item is so overloaded it's component item {{item:3155}} can instantly win laning phase for an assassin vs a mage. not to mention if an assassin buys {{item:3156}} and {{item:3814}} any mage is just completely fucked against them.
Loza (NA)
: Hey Riot! I feel great to be a reformed player :D
I used to be extremely toxic on my first account, I wont lie. It got permabanned. I was negative I was a flamer I was the "ff at 20" guy I was even like that on this account for a while but I'm not anymore. The reason I was such a dick in-game was due to my real life being completely terrible. The main cause of this was my own mother. Now I know what you're thinking; "Oh he's some pissy little teen thats bitching because he didnt get this months new Iphone" wrong. My mother was an extremely abusive and manipulative person, who MULTIPLE TIMES sent her OWN mother (my grandmother) to the hospital due to mental breakdowns and told me STRAIGHT to my face that her life was more important than mine will ever be, and this was when I was about 14. She would constantly insult me, scream at me for literal hours if I so much as washed the dishes in the wrong side of the sink, she would throw objects at me, she would go into fits of psychopathic rage and break everything around her, smashing mirrors, throwing things, destroying all of MY belongings to deliberately hurt me, then trying to say her doing that was all my fault. She would only buy clothes that have holes in them for me from places like salvation army, then insult me by telling me I dressed like a slob and that I was disgusting. She would literally frame me for stealing things (like money or medicine) from other members of my family that we lived with to get me in trouble, then she would laugh at me about it when they were gone. She made living conditions unbearable (I was forced to live in a rat and roach-infested house when I'm allergic to both, just smelling a rat or roach can give me an asthma attack). All of this sent me into a severe crippling depression that was so bad I was contemplating suicide. Then she got on drugs and everything got 10x worse with her and me and my family had to kick her out WHILE she was making death threats to all of us. I had to live with that monster for 22 years (I'm now 22, we kicked her out for good about 2 months ago) and yes, monster, I no longer talk to her, I no longer have anything to do with her and I'm keeping it that way. Now that she's gone I've actually been an extremely happy person and I'm getting along with almost everyone (except the occasional troll) and I've been having a lot better games. I'm making tons of new friends left and right, and I have a much better outlook on life. I really don't know what to say, seeing a "reformed player" post today just really made me feel like sharing this. If anyone else is going through something like I went through, I can only say try to make some friends. I know it might be hard, but just trust me. While I was going through all this I only had 1 true friend, Tyler, and hanging out with him every day made life worth living. Sadly me and him no longer get along due to ME having a mental breakdown finally after years of torture from my mother and taking it out on him, but I don't think he's ever truly realized that I most likely wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him being my friend.
: What do you call a Nautilus Quadrakill?
I would have said Naut a Penta.
: Spot on! I really dislike how all of the recent champions and remakes involve complexity, which is not always necessarily good. {{champion:427}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:44}}
IMO the yorick rework made him simpler than before, or at the very least is on the same level of simplicity
Luxychan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Paladin 0f Life,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=usFLmExU,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-10-23T22:32:50.767+0000) > > What about semi simple kits with nuances like Nunu? Easy kit but now has some micro managing mini game that affects his powerspikes and ganking potential. Or like Poppy, easy kit but passive provides fun play that is not always predictable it lets their kit not be super boring and adds depth to the game while keeping mechanics low. The poppy changes were, in my opinion, one of the best changes to a champion I've seen. It helped her become a fun to play cham,pion without completely complicating her kit. It's a wonderful example of adding a hint of complexity without ruining the gameplay.
I agree on poppy being a fantastic rework, but my personal favorite rework that kept it simple is Yorick.
: The only ranged champion (without being super ahead) I see who can "pop a tank before the tank can even properly initiate" are {{champion:126}} cause he's overtuned and he has his own armor shred in kit making strong vs tanks plus his high base damages mean LW+BC is viable on him and {{champion:67}} cause she's an anti-tank champion by design. In competitive you rarely see a tank even popped by a team much less an adc. No other ranged champion will get LW+BC generally besides {{champion:236}} who really isn't particularly great at bursting a tank. >Not to mention how ranged vs melee lanes can cause the melee to literally be unimpactful for the entire game by bullying them out of xp, cs, and also makes melee have zero enjoyment of the game That's simply due to people not understanding how to play the game and not caring enough to learn how to play it, Imo. As I think ranged are easier to play in lane but more difficult for the team post lane while melee have more difficulty in lane but more leeway as they get tanker in the midgame. Watch competitive outside of {{champion:150}} into certain match ups you'll almost only rarely see a ranged champion shut down a melee one in lane and fully take control of the match-up and the melee tends to be the more impactful one as the game goes past laning since damage soaking and CC are valuable for a team which melee tend to do better than ranged.
The ADC doesnt even have to be the one that has BC, having a champion on your team buy it isnt uncommon at all. And perhaps they cant pop a tank, but any adc with poke can get a tank to low enough hp where they wont want to engage at all. The only tank I think is exempt from this would be Zac because he can engage from a mile away.
hOrnn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arthimetes,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cyy00qxH,comment-id=000600000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-23T00:49:06.102+0000) > > I mean I kinda just said it, why ask again? > > Directions to play {{champion:63}} > > Insert sticks directly into the anus so that they are then assimilated into the flames of your rage. It makes his spells do more damage. Trust me, I set a lamp on fire once, I know how fire works. pffft i bet you max q second on an aoe teamfight mage, 'ofc i do it does more damage' no it does not, e bounce to 5 targets do it right. the proper flash for game winning brand pentakill combo is as follows, R, QEW
: Damage is meant to outscale tankyness period, that's how the game is designed because it forces the game to end (usually within a reasonable time) Or else when things reach late game you end up with borderline unkillable tanks fights on both sides that get no where fast and allow for easy stalling out of the game, thus the game is harder to end thus matches drag out well past the point where it's interesting and starts to just become frustrating and feel pointless for both sides.
Yes damage should outscale lategame, but when marksmen can pop a tank before the tank can even properly initate the game stagnates into "who messes up first" instead of a meaningful teamfight. Not to mention how ranged vs melee lanes can cause the melee to literally be unimpactful for the entire game by bullying them out of xp, cs, and also makes melee have zero enjoyment of the game
: >Unique Passive - Reduces physical ranged damage taken by 50 or 25% (Whichever is greater) This item would literally break the game into a tank meta as it's that disgustingly overpowered {{item:3075}} + item would literally invalidate any ranged auto attacker on champions like {{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:154}} And {{item:3143}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3075}} are already anti-auto attacker items thus anti-ranged items.
As I said the numbers shouldnt be taken as set in stone, but there needs to be ranged damage reduction that isnt just armor since LW and BC can make armor almost meaningless
: So you want to build armor and have there be zero counter to it? Now we know why youre not in charge of balance.
Not at all, but ADC's can counter armor easily, so a reduction to ranged damage that isnt armor would help melee vs ranged, especially tanks
: {{item:3143}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3742}} ?????
: {{champion:5}} : "Somehow, I'll Make a meme Out of yoooooouuuuuu!!!!"
*WHACK* {{champion:5}} "I thought these new plants were supposed to drop healing fruit when you hit them" *WHACK* {{champion:22}} "Xin, leave Zyra alone." {{champion:143}} "QQ"
: Did you just call Soraka an item? You monster.....
I thought {{champion:16}} was just an upgrade to the {{summoner:7}} spell. Am I Leagueing wrong?
: downvoted me cuz i am burning you? {{summoner:14}}
No, I'm immune to fire, I'm fuckin' Brand broh. You trying to burn me is making me stronger, like shooting a flamethrower at a housefire.
: No, "main" and "one trick pony" aren't the same thing.
: but you admit your a flamer with a stick up your ass? http://imgur.com/oZqut7q
I mean I kinda just said it, why ask again? Directions to play {{champion:63}} Insert sticks directly into the anus so that they are then assimilated into the flames of your rage. It makes his spells do more damage. Trust me, I set a lamp on fire once, I know how fire works.
: Depends really. What if he's 1 auto away and I have enough attack speed? I'd flash for him.
And He'd be over 2 other walls by the time you flashed.
: well apparently splinters hurt cuz they are making you angry {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: nope i referred to the items i posted in my statement... but good job taking shit out context and implying things that arent there {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Who shoved a stick up your ass in a joke thread? Loosen up, it'll hurt less. You might still get splinters though.
: ***
I never said they're required in all MOBA's, but they ARE required in league because of how easily marksmen can kite and how oppressive their early game is vs melee. I agree it would be a LOT healthier if Marksmen are not required, but sadly that's the case for League.
Rioter Comments
: Go ahead and delete Doran's shield...
I think they need to rework it to give 75% base hp regen, 60 HP, and a unique passive that reduces ranged physical damage by 12 that applies AFTER armor.
: I understand that, but it is physically *nearly* impossible to get that amount of lethality at level 8, so it's sort of pointless, level 13 would have been a better example.
Well there is 40 flat penetration in the game right now, so giving the level that gives 40 pen from lethality seemed like a good example.
: It's not really realistic to have 3 items to get the lethal at level 8. You make good points when you make arguments, and I respect you, but sometimes you're being unrealistic.
Again im not saying you can have all 3 items at lv 8, I was giving an example on how Lethality scales with your target's level.
: -> Implying it's possible to get 3 items at level 8 LOL
When did I imply that? > (39.99 at lv 8) That's only a reference for the scaling of Lethality. 60 Lethality = 60 armor pen at lv 18, 39.99 at lv 8, and I believe 26 at level one, I never once said that you would have 3 items at lv 18. Way to skip over my entire post to try to troll me about something I never even said. Just like you were doing before with my post about Brand.
: Karthus has a 1% pickrate
Don't you remember this happening with Morde? and now all the morde "mains" have vanished/turned into Karthus/Aatrox mains.
Ralanr (NA)
: I may be an ass for thinking this.
Honestly, there doesn't need to be an AP alternative for all of the assassin MR items, mages just REALLY need at least ONE more AP/Armor item. With the new Lethality, late game that's 60 flat penetration. {{item:3157}} is 45 armor. Mages are going to be FORCED to build an item that's really bad on them to even try to survive now, something like a Deadman's or Sunfire, because if they don't they will be taking even more damage from assassins than they do now. That isn't even mentioning all the other armor shred items, masteries, and runes. I mean imagine if the assassin has a Juggernaut with {{item:3071}} on his team, the 60 lethality, and maybe even a {{item:3036}}, a mage with {{item:3157}} will almost take true damage from that assassin. Also, Maw is getting buffed so it will be an even better early rush item VS a mage now (the passive bubble will also give 20 bonus attack damage, and Maw is getting 5 more magic resist and 10% CDR while only losing 5 base AD), and if you don't want Maw you can rush the new Edge of Night, or hell, why not get both and make the mage completely useless? It would be a bit different if mages had as much magic pen and MR shred as AD champions have armor pen and armor shred. Mages have {{item:3151}}, {{item:3001}} (which the MR reduction is getting removed in preseason), {{item:3020}}, {{item:3135}}, and {{item:3091}}(which nobody EVER buys anymore). So realistically a mage can have 30 flat pen plus 35% magic pen. On the other hand, AD has the three reworked items which will give 60 armor pen at lv 18 (39.99 at lv 8), {{item:3071}} for up to 30% armor shred, and {{item:3036}} or {{item:3033}} for 45% bonus armor penetration. So realistically an AD champion can have 45% bonus pen, 30% shred, and 60 flat penetration now. (and they don't even need to be the one that has Black Cleaver.) With the massive difference between armor pen/shred and magic pen, like I said before, mages are going to be FORCED to buy an additional armor item next season which will only make their damage plummet, while AD champions (especially assassins) get the damage they want while getting enough MR to make mages almost unable to touch them. I mean if an assassin buys the new Maw, Edge of Night, and {{item:3139}}, they will have 115 MR, a 415 Magic damage bubble that also gives 10% lifesteal/spellvamp and 20 extra AD, a spellshield on a 30 second cd, and QSS to remove any cc the mage might throw at them, on top of gaining 175 AD, 20 lethality, 10% lifesteal, and 10% CDR, I really see almost no downside to the AD/MR items. I mean Zhonya's FEELS bad to buy on a mage, you're losing out on a lot of AP and mana if you rush it, making it harder for you to even farm, let alone fight your opponent.
: it does counter your point, brand can pop the god damn shield with a spell. Also even if you were right, it's simply ONE case.
The entire problem is brand having to pop it with a spell, if he does it will almost certainly be with his E, the lock-on. Then you have almost no chance of stunning an assassin off of you unless they stand in the Pillar of Fire, if an assassin buys this item brand will be utterly helpless against them. Thats my entire point. And thats simply one case of the few i mentioned, im certain theres others that I wouldnt know since I dont play every champion.
: because mages are so magically insane
: Yes, but mages aren't supposed to be able to instakill the class meant to counter them.
They will be almost unable to kill assassins anymore, I can easily see a mid lane assassin building Maw and Edge and being able to all-in the mage absolutely whenever they want with no fear of death. Those 2 items alone will be 70 MR I believe, plus the spellshield and the maw passive that increases the bubble with bonus MR.
: You. Can. Pop. The. Shield. If. They. Even. Manage. To. use. The. Shield. Before. Your. Ult.
Nailed it, completely glossed over my point about making brand helpless as well as other things, you are unable to try to talk things out, only trying to call me wrong without talking about it, especially the Brand situation.
: I did, because the projectile speeds of their ults make it simply impossible to do what you've been saying. Also you can pop the shield with any other non CC spells before dumping pointblank cc on them too, so EON is simply an item that will most likely not be abusable.
Nauts ult takes way longer than 1.5sec to reach you unless you're right next to him or walking towards the ult, and most the ultimates I mentioned are used to engage, so you wont be taking damage until they hit And once again, which this is the biggest one youve been ignoring, about Brand, you can turn on the spellshield and jump right onto him and he will be utterly helpless because he will be literally unable to stun you off of him, and he damn sure wont be able to do enough damage to make the assassin want to back off. And again youve ignored what I said about sej and sona 3 times now, which it is extremely obvious when they are going to ult so turn on the spellshield right before they get in range and their ults are useless, especially so on Sejuani because her ult marks the engage for a teamfight. But im sure youll just gloss over everything without even mentioning it and tell me im wrong without even attempting to have a conversation about it.
You have yet to try to counter any of my points, you are only saying the same thing over and over again.
: Assassins are meant to instagib.
Not instagib but still kill fast, thats why the assassin updates were meant to make it take just a bit longer for an assassin to kill you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Arthimetes,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rEOhTQe8,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2016-10-21T01:05:13.212+0000) > > Merc gives more AD than maw plus lifesteal, theres no real damage loss. > > BTW 65 AD is WAY more than 70 AP, since the average mage scaling is about 60% > > And zhonyas is a massive power loss, it gives terrible AP and Armor for the price. > > But granted you do get to become untargetable and immobile for 2.5 seconds on a MASSIVE cooldown that almost never actually saves you. You are extremely new if you think merc scimitar is a good rush.
Never said it was a good rush, only said that youre not giving up much damage to buy a 65 AD item with MR as well as lifesteal. Way to gloss over my entire post in an attempt to insult me.
: Most likely because they are countered by the ranged burst rotation from mages, a good portion of which have point click or instant cast spells.
All im asking for is at least 1 more AP/Armor item since this lethality stat will literally nake zhonyas armor mean less than nothing lategame.
: I'm just going to say this, other than TF and Karthus, there is simply ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can use EON to react. It's meant to be a prep item, not a react one and it will not be fast enough to stop those ults other than TF and KTS. It doesn't take 1.5 seconds for Sejuani to throw her ult and EON's channel and shield gets cancelled if the user takes or deals damage and I'm pretty sure using summoners also cancel it. And you can't cast spells during it. The abuse chance is highly unlikely.
Youre missing what im saying completely. And btw theres plenty of time to use it with a naut ult or nami ult headed your way, unless theyre right on top of you. For Brand Ive said twice now but you skip over it so ill put it in caps this time so you catch it. BRAND NEEDS TO HAVE HIS PASSIVE ON YOU TO STUN, TURN ON THE SPELLSHIELD AND JUMP ON HIM AND HE LITERALLY CANT DO ANYTHING TO YOU. And you also skipped what I said about sej and sona, which I said WHEN SEJ OR SONA ARE COMING STRAIGHT TOWARDS YOU ITS OBVIOUS THEYRE GONNA ULT SO TURN ON THE SPELLSHIELD. It lasts 10 seconds so they either have to wait for someone else to clear it or forget about engaging. Fully read what someone says before calling them wrong please.
: Let's put it this way. Mages gib entire teams with their spell rotations. Assassins (for the most part) gib individuals
The mage will never be alive to do so anymore, any good assassin player will delete an AOE mage before they really even get to do anything.
: None of them other than Karthus have ults slow enough that (Unless throw at max range where they could easily be dodged) that 1.5 seconds worth of channelling can stop them. Only Karthus is anally raped by this item. It's an item about preparation, not an item for reaction.
Again, Naut and Nami ults have very slow travel times, Sej and Sona its obvious when they are gonna ult and you can just channel it right before they engage since it lasts 10 seconds, for brand like I said turn on the spellshield before you jump on him and he cant do anything since he wont be able to stun If a TF is either running at you with a gold card or ulting to you, either way you have enough time to channel and make it useless. So yeah they are still screwed, plus more that im sure I didnt mention.
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