: > [{quoted}](name=FOR JUSTICE,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=s7sQZyak,comment-id=00010002000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-02T21:57:08.242+0000) > > Going by this logic, > > thanking a doctor for saving my life is bad because theyre doing it to get paid > > Thanking a firefighter is wrong for putting out a fire because theyre just doing it to get paid. > > Thanking a taxi driver for getting me to my destination is wrong because theyre just doing it for money. > > Thanking nintendo for making another SSB is wrong. Is just for profit. > > Thanking microsoft for banning cheaters is wrong. Its just for money. > > Plus you say i dont know riots intents, which is true. I dont. But let me ask, how can you either? Much less deduce that they even had a decline in sales. ik u'd said that and no, i didnt mean with that it is wrong for getting paid but it's wrong thanking someone that made a mistake by being greedy. They saw, they tried but at the end they are doing that for themselves not the ppl that are playing the game everyone wants to get paid and that's ok, if they are fair, im going to be fair to them as well, but that what they did wasnt even close to a fair and they know it, u cant charge someone for 15$ for a pass that gives u nothing but 24/7 grind for a skin that has just colored practicles in yellow, please... and what u said above, let's say doctor is misleading we pay the insurance for ourselves so we can get one if any benefit when visiting the doctor, the doctor there must to take a look to its pacient, because that's his sworn vow and after that he gets paid from all the ppl that are paying insurance that's how every country works, if u wouldnt pay taxes u would be a criminal and imprisoned or banished from the country, that's how every country functions and now if we take that example into the account -> the country becomes so unfair forcing its citizens to pay triple the taxes they did before, electricity, water, food, upkeep... and after 2months of only being able to afford a slice of bread a day, you would still thank them after they change their approach/taxing? they wouldn apologise to you, bcuz they didn't do it by the "mistake" but rather bcuz it wasnt profitable in the long run, not for the country but for the elite... and here is the same... they didn't do that for players to enjoy more and have some way to reward themselves, but rather to grab their money and let them grind to their death so they would invest even more into the game, and that's not how the fun game should look like you probably wouldnt want to spend 15$ in grocery shop just so they could let u take that amount of food with u back, with pass is the same, either u grind from the moment u bought it or it would go to waste and that's where my point begins, u'd be forced to take something u dont need with u back home just so they would let u get thorugh the doors or in LoL's case, to grind and get for what u paid for aka overpaid the pass and overpaid the things in ur shopping cart u dont really need and let's be honest, do u need something u do not need? do you need to spend hours just for a skin that u can buy for 10$?
You know it’s their product. If I tried to sell you bread for 200$ it wouldn’t be a problem, you just wouldn’t buy it. Same thing goes here. And although I hate the prestige skins cause they’re not special I think riot deserves a thanks for listening to feed back. They need to know that we want them to listen so the continue to do so in the future.
Rivini (NA)
: Oh look, Jinx is in yet another thing. I know this wasn't made by Riot, but why does Jinx have to be in **_everything_** lately? Does no one else have Jinx fatigue?
Hmm you're right actually I didn't even notice. It's actually usually all the same group of characters :I I want something Ivern :L
: Send Cloud9 Your Worlds Energy!
I made a bet with a friend saying I would gift him the C9 adc skin if they won. And even with that bet I want C9 to win so bad man. GOOD LUCK GUYS <3 {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Rioter Comments
: March sales schedule
The sales make me want to buy so many skins... Even for champs I don't play... Pls help.
: December sales schedule
Sorry if this question is stupid but im some what new to league and I don't know when the early sales come on. If anyone could tell me when that would be a huge help.
: Champ Insights: Camille, the Steel Shadow
Is there an approximate release date for Camille? Im too hype :p
Scyrizu (NA)
: Alright guys, I had this issue too, but fixed it. So first, the solution: > go to where you downloaded the new launcher and launch it from the start file there, **not the desktop shortcut** The Problem: _Upon downloading the launcher, I obviously just double clicked the start shortcut that was recreated on my desktop, little window popped up for about a second, then disappeared. A few seconds later I got a bugsplat. Unconcerned with this, I just closed it out and relaunched it. no go. Attempting to solve the problem I ran it as an administrator (maybe something was conflicting?) still nope. Finally I check my processes for any LoL related files running in case something was catching it up, nothing I could find. So I launched it from its install point, BAM started installing... Waiting on that now, will keep you updated~_
I tried this, but it did not work. when i use the desktop shortcut i get a bugsplat, but when i lauch it from the install point it gives me the "failed to create dump file : (error 5)"
: Being able to respawn camps on top of this would also be helpful. Junglers, like me, who like to try out different things and see how they can get out of the jungle more quickly or healthier without having to exit game several times would be so incredibly helpful.
If you could change your lvl mid game? that would be cool.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
I would love this, i coulde practice riven combos without needing to wait for flash cd every time. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Constant bug splat trying to open the League Alpha Client
I have the same problem, i don't know how to fix it sorry but i hope some one does...
: not really. play ranked
I played ranked, I'm stuck in bronze tho cuz I'm not great and I messed up my placements...
Dukues (NA)
: Yea honestly I agree with this. I know you doing that assassin rework which really has me worried.... Feel assassins are going to be even stronger and its really going to change the meta. I know this happens every 6 months but.... really not looking forward to a super assassin meta.
I hope they dont make them too weak as well cuz I usually play assassins.
: Who's that guy next to Ezreal and Janna and above Morgana? I don't think I've ever heard of this Ga-li-o creature. Is this a simple bug or is this a hint for the new Ryze rework?
Im not sure... Probably the new Ryze rework.
: Yorick, after all these years, you have finally made it into the free week rotation.... So proud.... {{champion:83}}
Lol why did the old Yorick never get a turn? .-. I wish he did, never got to play him cause I wanted other champs more.
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Nuh uh, I ain't dying like this. I'm going to my bunker. You guys think of an episode title._** {{champion:40}} "This is forecast janna reporting in, we interrupt your regularly scheduled story to bring you breaking news. It appears that Yorick Mori has been made free this week. We do not know what happened but are deeply afraid." {{champion:150}} **"RED ALERT, RED ALERT! I HIT THE WRONG BUTTON. SAY GOODBYE TO THIS CRUEL WORLD! ALL IS GOING TO END!"** {{champion:16}} **"WHAT HAPPENED? DID SOMEONE FEED AURELION SOL? IS THAT METEOR FINALLY HERE. DID YOU STUB YOUR TOE?"** {{champion:150}} **"I ACCIDENTLY MADE YORICK FREE! I DIDN'T MEAN TO HIT THE BUTTON, BUT I DID!"** {{champion:16}} "**HOW COULD YOU HAVE D-** Wait a minute, that's not so bad." {{champion:150}} "**WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THAT'S NOT SO BAD! THE PROPHETS FORETOLD THAT IF HIS KIT WAS EVER MADE FREE TO ALL, THE WORLD WOULD IMPLODE!** Or something like that." {{champion:16}} "But they reworked him." {{champion:150}} "They did? Oh yeah, they did. How come no one plays him still?" {{champion:16}} "He must have upset some witch or something and got a curse placed on him. I don't know. But he should be safe now." {{champion:150}} "Alright, but just in case. **GUARD DOG WARWICK, GET READY!**" {{champion:19}} "Get ready for what?" {{champion:150}} "I don't know, an endless zombie army, fire raining from the sky. The world breaking in two. We are all going to hide under my desk until I know it's safe outside." _**A few hours later:**_ {{champion:16}} "Can we leave now?" {{champion:150}} "That would be just what he would expect. No, we are staying under here." {{champion:19}} "It's kinda cozy really." _**A few more hours later:**_ {{champion:150}} "I guess he isn't ending the world or coming for me. So it should be safe to leave." {{champion:19}} "Zzzzzzz." {{champion:16}} "I can't move, I'm so stiff. I don't have a little frame like yours." {{champion:83}} "Boooo." {{champion:150}} "**AAAAAAYAAHHHHHH!** I'm sorry for how I treated you, please don't kill me and end the world. If the world ends I don't get paid anymore." {{champion:83}} "I'm not going to do any of that. I just wanted to thank you for getting over your zombie racism and finally letting me be free." {{champion:150}} "You're not going to do horrible things like I always thought?" {{champion:83}} "Nope, maybe the old me. But the new me is a peaceful monk who just loves death. As long as you aren't stopping anyone from dying, we don't have a problem." {{champion:150}} "Oh, you're welcome then." {{champion:19}} "Huh, what? **YORICK? I WON'T LET YOU KILL CORPORATE GNAR. DIE ZOMBIE DIE!**" {{champion:83}} **"WAIT NO, I COME IN PEACE!"** {{champion:19}} **"RAWRHRHEHAHRTH!"** _"Mauls Yorick and they both fall out window."_ {{champion:16}} "Oh dear, what should we do?" {{champion:150}} "Eh, I'm sure they will sort it out. **BACK TO WORK!**"
10/10 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: We cant create custom urf???
Ikr, I love having 1 v 1s with my friends in urf. wtf rito
: Yes it was ruined so hard by not having the same 15 champions every game kek
Lol, I like ar urf, I think its better and a little more fair.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Sales up, but wheres urf?
I don't really like urf, but ar urf is pretty fun.
But the skin in the bundle makes him have a gun for a throat. So I guess it counts?
glitch16 (NA)
: {{champion:222}} Anyone buying start guardian Jinx{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I am if I get good at jinx. And if I can get the money ;3;
Godlyson (NA)
: {{champion:23}} {{champion:1}} Who do you think will win Post your comments
{{champion:1}} Would win, she would one shot {{champion:23}} before he had the chance to ult.
: Are these bundles flexible cost bundles? Like, if you have some of the skins but not others, is that cost reduced from the total?
Yeah I'm 99% sure they wont charge you for a skin you own
: These bundles are decent.
Yeah I really like the "These wings are made for jumping" one. But I have the kha'zix skin and I don't really want the vi one.
: can u buy the skins in bundles indivisaully (i wana buy frozen shen but im really poor)
I don't think so, but I'm not sure so don't count on it.
Unless riot nerfs her again... Rip {{champion:16}}
: he's just not a real champion
xD {{champion:105}} got deleated
Sukishoo (NA)
: They always do this. The night hunters bundle awhile back didn't have Night Hunter Rengar.
Yeah, I find that very odd


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