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Bultz (NA)
: Junglers have way to much say in my lane.
You need to be safer. If you are saying that your own jungler is ganking and feeding your lane, so what, it happens. Otherwise, if you are stating that their jungler is better and ganking you or camping you, that's on you. You have the sole power to 'waste the junglers time'. It's ok giving up some CS. This is also quite good for you as their jungler is sharing experience with your enemy laner, giving you some sort of level advantage. All you need to do is always keep in mind where the jungler might be. When you're thinking about an all-in, always remind yourself for the jungler. Was he just bot? Did he recall? Was he spotted by a ward on the opposite side of the map? Yes? Ok, it's safe to go all-in. No? I have a 50% chance (based on the enemy laners movements signaling if the jungler is their or not) of being ganked and punished for trading/harassing/all-in. Sometimes it's best to be patient when looking to dominate your lane. This is what separates the good players from the UN-KILLABLE players. Be an unkillable player...
Destaice (NA)
: Use it as an opportunity to learn from the smurf to improve as a player instead of bitching about it being unfair.
This is a perfect example here. Me and 2 buddies tried 3v3 ranked teams along time ago where flex queue never existed, we would go up against challenger tier players (that were on the actual top 200 challenger soloqueue list). We would lose, but we actually saw a fighting chance and would adapt and learn to become better players. We learned things we didn't understand before and in then, we beat people of our own caliber easily. Eventually we would go up against higher level players again. We lasted for 15 minutes at a stalemate (which is actually impressive to us). To go even for 15 minutes in 3v3 against challenger players who we had learned from is basically a great accomplishment. We lost again but the improvement made is drastic. What i'm pointing out here is to not eliminate players who are better than you, but to learn from them. In return you will easily understand how they 'get out of bronze'. Use what you learned to 'get out of bronze' and... get out of bronze :){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: Still wondering why 20/150 champions are being played in most matches ?
I actually see more unique champs in my ranked games nowadays. Also, why would you care if people are playing those champs or prioritizing them? Why are you complaining and not abusing that fact. You can abuse this and find unique champs that you know how to play that aren't meta and do well against those match ups or are more influential in a game than they are. I play Rek'sai Jg and Orianna midlane. So far i'm 5-0 Orianna (just started playing her a week ago), and I now know how stupid she is if played correctly. The point here is, who cares if other people pick those champs.... look for champs who look like they might be extremely influential and play those. You'll actually be more respected in ranked for not following the meta while picking 'VALID' champs (not teemo) and 80% of the time, those champs are WAY better than the ones listed here. Trust me. I've also been playing alot of viktor and he's also pretty busted. Let me give you a list of champs that I think are influential yet are not in the 'meta': {{champion:266}} (Just got buffed) {{champion:34}} (1 Shot potential is real, also the wall to catch people out, so much area control. It's like the new azir (control mages are best in soloq, forget about any assassins)) {{champion:63}} Looking at either brand mid or support, dumb champ with high damage. {{champion:51}} Probably the best ADC to carry due to the easiness of CS'ing early game and getting that gold to spike up. Long range and plays safe. Also considered one of those "Control champions" who control area's with traps) {{champion:164}} {{champion:58}} Have you seen hauntzer play these champs? Titanic hydra op. {{champion:131}} Look at Arcsecond and how he plays this champion. He didn't get #1 in challenger with 'meta picks' {{champion:150}} Frozen Mallet still busted on him. Played him on another account few days ago. Very influential in split AND teamfight {{champion:120}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:83}} More champs that I didn't want to give a description for because i'm tired, but I still believe these champs can easily carry. All these champs have the potential to carry even harder than those champs that you have listed which are considered 'meta' if played correctly. You just have to know the universal rules and basics of league of legends, and atleast a 1 week experience playing the champs first to understand them and get a feel. In conclusion, it does not matter if there are only 20/150 champs being played. There are many champions who are even stronger than those, but people refuse to play them either because they are 'boring', they are a 'tank' (Why don't people play tanks? Defensive stats are still combat stats, not only damage), or they just refuse to play non-meta champs because of their role-models/streamers.
: I get disconnects and lag whenever I get a phone call
Get an ethernet connection. Your phone call is interfering with your wi-fi.
: Perma ban and unfair behaviour of riOT
It's not riot's responsibility to keep your account in a good manner and not permanently banned, that's your responsibility. If you can't stop yourself from being toxic, that's your fault, not ritos. This isn't robbery. This is a free game with the option of buying additional content. Say you had items you bought in your car. You aren't responsible to drive on the road so you end up crashing and ruining all of the value of the items. The insurance company isn't going to pay for crap if it's your fault :). It's your life, live responsibly
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: TFW im too scared to play ranked because theres yet ANOTHER scripter in high elo
Oh so it's not just me that notices there have been an increase in playing against scripters lately. Thank god. Thought I was crazy and got bad.
: Yep, this is what I do as well and it only screws up like 1 out of every 25 times and Im pretty sure its just my computer that's screwing it up
> [{quoted}](name=Hello I am Bird,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=1zh1hTQs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-17T18:07:58.183+0000) > > Yep, this is what I do as well and it only screws up like 1 out of every 25 times and Im pretty sure its just my computer that's screwing it up Alright, Thanks for the feedback guys!
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Phoresh (NA)
: NextGenGaming is looking for a Coach AND Analyst.
Hi there, i'd definitely be available to coach for you guys! I'm (currently) a Diamond 4 Jungle(Primary)/ADC(Secondary) main. I know quite a lot about the game and can help teach a few things that may help your team become better. Just add me ingame: Artishy :)
: Hot NA girl looking for duo
"Hot NA girl looking for duo" I didn't recall league being a dating site.
Nethris (NA)
: This is NA m8, not EUW....{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=Nethris,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=gAGUjrEA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-22T18:22:10.046+0000) > > This is NA m8, not EUW....{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Hah.
: Diamond 5 Support LF Ranked 5's Team
Hi Mandie, I'm looking to get back into ranked 5's and looking for various teams that meet my satisfaction as well. Most of the teams i've been with don't have any dedicated shotcallers so if you ever find a team or are planning to make one and if you'd allow me to join you, then I'd be happy to as there would be a dedicated shotcaller (you). I'm Diamond 5 and have been rumbling around between D4 and Mid-D5. I am an ADC main first and a jungler second. I thrive to learn more and become better. Disregard this if you don't have any room for me or you're not making a team.
: Recruitment
Hi, i'm a diamond adc. I can help you out with my unranked smurf if you want :) I've already added you on there.
Drop that rank to D5 and i'll consider. been losing alot of ranked games so no longer D4.
Oranges (NA)
: Club [Vrsty] Varsity Recruiting (3 spots left)
Rank: D5 Gender (optional): m Name (optional): Mark Age: 19 Activeness: Frequently Mic: (yes/no) Yes
: Looking For a 5th Man for team
Age: 19 Skype: Artishy Favorite Adc (or champ in general): ADC: Ezreal/Lucian, Champ in general: Lee sin/Rek'sai. Highest rank in a season/ current rank: Highest: D4, current: D5
Artishy (NA)
: D5+ (Or based on statistics) TT Ranked 3s LF 1 MORE
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: Help me get to dmnd
That's a BIG leap from silver 4 to diamond 5. From personal experience (as i am diamond 5 and have a smurf at lower elos) in both gameplay and mindsets in silver and diamond, I can tell you there is a huge difference. We can't let you become a freeloader as that would actually hurt the society (especially in the diamond area, same scenario with boosted players) and you would not enjoy playing ranked as you might not understand what the hell is actually going on. Real diamond players that deserve to be there would also not enjoy playing with you as they'll have to write a whole summary in the game chat to make you understand why you should do 'this' or 'that', and still not listen properly because of bad (might i say silver?) habits. Silvers tend to take things for granted such as leads, gold or experience. If someone gives you this lead in diamond (or plat), they expect YOU to do something with that lead. If you don't know how to use that lead and just let the enemy team come back then you haven't done your job like you're supposed to. Diamond also punishes HEAVILY. A silver that might lane against a diamond might become disastrous as all diamonds will look for SOME lead. A silver player will EASILY give them a lead if they don't know how the game works. This lead transitions to them becoming a threat to YOUR team now. This will then make your game less enjoyable as you'll have no idea how to come back and be consistently underfarmed and won't be able to do anything unless you have CC and/or are tanky. Instead you should climb yourself and experience how to get better, learn your champs more to prepare for diamond later on. Jumping from silver to diamond is like pouring boiling water in a glass cup. It can't take the _**pressure **and_ _will crack._
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: Hextech Crafting Denies You A Key If You Have Bad Behavior ?, No one really knows when we'll be considered "reformed". Just be nice.
: As guy who mains Zed, Yasuo and Talon...
People need to realize that just as damage items are Combat-items, Defensive items such as Armor, MR, HP, shielding, etc. are ALSO combat-items. They increase combat EFFICIENCY, not by increasing your damage, but by using your raw damage already with increased survivability. You will reach a point in the game where defensive and offensive stats start to become imbalanced, and that you may have TOO MUCH offense, and not enough defense, resulting in combat DEFICIENCY. You must have a proper balance between the two, as you definitely increase your strengths... but even weaken your weakness. This is why bruisers wreck assassins 1 on 1. In order to combat DEFENSIVE items, one needs to buy defensive items as well. Sadly, assassin-players like you don't have much variety for defensive items besides {{item:3155}} , etc. Either way, building defensive doesn't always help, sometimes going a more penetrative approach (Such as Black cleaver, or Last whisper) may help as well. _**It's all about killing them FASTER than they can kill you! **_ League runs on a rock, paper, scissors metaphor. Rock(Tank) beats scissors (Assassins), Scissors beats paper (Carries with High damage, but not enough defense to survive scissors), and paper beats rock due to them being able to kill them faster than the opposite.(Maybe). Bruisers who build armor are **SUPPOSED **to beat melee assassins, as they have the necessary defense ( And probably CC, as most bruisers come with some sort of cc) and enough base damage to take down the assassin. This is only to "balance" out the game. Things that low ranking individuals cry about. Stuff like "It's too op, i can't do anything against it!", when in reality, if it wasn't for that champion you're up against, the champion you're playing might be considered "too op". Anyywayyyss, mages are meant to take on a different damage-type approach, just like there are Anti-AD assassin bruisers, there will always be ANTI-AP assassin/damage bruisers. (Such as Galio, a very underrated champion, for example) Assassin mains are meant to kill mages in order to balance out the game again. So just a note, those "toxic armor spamming champs" aren't toxic at all, it makes the game very healthy.
: I'm waiting to log in, tell me why you play your main!
{{champion:64}} , -Dash, dash, dash, kick, dash, dash! How the hell did i kill the midlaner? I was just bot...Dash,Dash,Dash! MOBILITY,MOBILITY,MOBILITY. MOBILITY,MOBILITY,MOBILITY.
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Artishy (NA)
: LF Mid position for 5's Team PLAT+
It's tomorrow and i'm online, no need to wait for me to get on. just add me
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: you didn't make a profit Profit is the money a business makes after accounting for all the expenses. you didn't make any money
> [{quoted}](name=Sweetheart Annie,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=ePoo8e90,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-12-13T03:32:35.164+0000) > > you didn't make a profit > Profit is the money a business makes after accounting for all the expenses. > you didn't make any money Okay, i'll change everything to "savings" lol.
: i think i did the same with 35-50$( damn it riot i cant remember spending money <3) i got bored waiting for sales and blew whatever i had left on chests.. didnt calculate the difference though i probably broke even. got firefighter trist and cottontail fizz(which was brand new) and some older 975s... i didnt buy any RP in the bonus sale though so i wont be doing it again :( probably not gonna buy more RP until Dragontrainer trist is on sale though i really want snowday bard and more chests :p
> [{quoted}](name=Veracious Embers,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=ePoo8e90,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-13T03:16:47.746+0000) > > i think i did the same with 35-50$( damn it riot i cant remember spending money <3) i got bored waiting for sales and blew whatever i had left on chests.. didnt calculate the difference though i probably broke even. got firefighter trist and cottontail fizz(which was brand new) and some older 975s... > > i didnt buy any RP in the bonus sale though so i wont be doing it again :( > > probably not gonna buy more RP until Dragontrainer trist is on sale though i really want snowday bard and more chests :p Niceee, I'd say i got decently lucky here, no pulsefire ezreal or anything but it's something.
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: Focus on the aspects of what you can control. Frustrating as it can be to watch allies make mistakes/poor decisions/outright throw or troll - you are ultimately accountable for your actions, thoughts, and feelings in relating to the world (the external aspect) of reality. Internally, your mind is your own - and to lose your temper, to lose control, is you demonstrating weakness by saying: others wield greater control over you than yourself. That being said, when you find yourself tilting in a ranked session - post game: stop. Don't go into another ranked match until you've calmed down first and foremost. Secondly, examine your own actions, thoughts, patterns of thinking - find out what you could've done better/improved upon. This introspective examination of your abilities/meta-cognition will make you a more conscientious and self-aware player, with a better understanding of not just limiting your mistakes - but capitalizing on the ones that you do make to expand your abilities and help you grow from such experiences. e.g.: mechanical skill refinement (the most basic), strategic pro-activity (taking advantage of an asset YOU control), strategic reactivity (taking advantage of a window of weakness an enemy has presented), foresight (understanding the chain of possible events with each action/inaction and weighing up the benefits and cons of each). Suffice it to say, there well never be a point where can say in full confidence they are 'good enough'. There is always something to improve upon - and that should be the guiding beacon of light that illuminates your path. Not to compare, compete, or look down on those you've surpassed - but to realize your fullest potential, if not push the boundaries of what you thought were your limits.
Thank you sir.
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: Thoughts on Kindred? Strong Or Weak?
Every new champ is strong , it's what riot purposely does to make people play the champion. Then they cool it down and nerf it to ACTUAL balance level . I personally think riot isn't right doing this to us. It affects all our game play when a new champ is released. I mean, a new champ has basically the same things as any other champ if you think about it. A gap closer/mobility OR some sort of cc, along with damage. Riot honestly has released nothing that's new. Kindred ultimate is a mix of bard and trynds ultimate. That's all. Nothing new. No new "mechanics " like zhonyas or such. It's just immunity, mobility, damage, cc, and that's it. Something the majority of other champs have as well
nikyg5 (NA)
: Gold 3 jung/supp looking for team (curse/skype)
Stop spamming threads... instead bump them or such.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago Server Move Complete
Riot... don't do this to us Californians. We are losing everything.... EVERYTHING!!!!! DAY 253, Still trying to survive without water, now I get the news that we have to survive with higher ping. NO WATER. NO PING. WHAT ELSE?!?!?!? No 'D' on the Hollywood sign?!?!?!
: Get off your high horse plat 3 scrub, as if you have anything constructive to say with your low tier mmr
Real true diamond players won't talk like this, you are diamond yes, but i can already feel the toxicity within you. Don't listen to this guy. He'll teach you the wrong ways, you win when you're having fun :) Promise.
: Any advice to reach Platinum?
Jungling is an extremely big role for getting your team early control. You just need to have the correct mindset, and honestly low elo players just don't understand that plays can be made. They just don't do it. "Just do it" - A wise man once said. Start getting lvl 3 after completing some jungle camps (try picking an early game jungler if you want, someone like Lee Sin, or Shaco). Then just go mid... and camp like you've never done before. The same can be done for top if needed. Although you do need to find the balance between camping SO hard and actually going back to do camps, because if you just camp a lane and don't do camps you'll eventually find yourself pretty far behind the enemy jungler experience-wise. You do need to be an experienced jungler in order to pull of things such as camping hardcore. After scoring a kill, push the lane. Screw anyone who tells you otherwise to NOT push the lane... Then tell the laner to push to turret and start beating it down. After you got a good few hits on the turret it'll be around half health with your laner's help. Recall, get COMBAT-TYPE items (swords, AD, AP, etc), and go Re-Gank the lane that you finished pushing. Chances are their flash is down already because you've ganked them previously before, meaning even a HIGHER chance to kill them again. Continue to kill, push, and beat down the turret until the turret is actually beaten. After that, head to the other lane that you haven't ganked/taken the turret, and repeat the same exact process. Except if you ever plan to go bot, after scoring a kill tell your bot lane to head towards drag and do it. This will give your team an IMMENSE gold advantage AND an increase in map control Start buying wards to ward the enemy jungle and try to catch people out (if you can burst them down easy, like lee sin).
: Harassment, Premade of 4
Deal with it. This is league. c: We all learn the hardway. You see, you're letting them get to you. Don't let them get to you, mute them. You can ALWAYS solo carry a game. it IS possible. Just as a wise man once said.... 'JUST DO IT'.
: Returning Player, LF People To Play With!
Hi! I'd gladly play anything with you! A little background info on me: Plat 1 last season. Peaked at Diamond V but got demoted. Currently plat 2. Lee Sin is my favorite. One of those rare species called 'meta breakers'. anddd I play to have fun, beat anxiety for playing games about 2 months ago. Either way, add me! Artishy
iainB85 (NA)
: I think you have to be a licensed therapist to win ranked games these days.
you win some, you lose some. Just mute everyone and play the game c: be the one to control the game.
: P2 ADC LF duo
Added, I main jungle, can pick champions according to your needs
Simpumba (NA)
: Lf duo. Plat to diamond
Plat 2 here, Was plat last season, actually reached diamond V this season then i got demoted, decayed back here. Add me Artishy (I've already tried to add you) I've also seen you're a mid main. I'm more of a jungle main but in any case i'll try to gank you even if i'm not jungling just to get us fed. (As a support or top, even adc.
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