: Kai’Sa available now!
Nice bonus XP with missions. More blue essence which we can only spend on champions. Not like we will not have earned 7800 essence by the time the next champ is released without the 300 from the quest.
: URF sails off with Party IP in its wake
Am I the only one who is kind of glad urf is temporary? Yes, it's fun making insane plays and impossible escapes, but then it starts becoming stale. Not only that, but I feel after urf is over and going back to normals/ranked everyone is in a mechanical slump.
: Extra Bonus RP is coming for a limited time!
Riot is trying to show its community the virtues of patience. Never buy RP until it is double bonus. Then buy $400 worth.
: Patch 4.18 notes
But what about kogmaw being listed as **kogmaw? Will that be fixed? My OCD is killing me every time I look at my champ pool

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