: I got a 14 day suspension because of 1 toxic game, no bullshit.
Played with fire and you got burned. If you had just muted when you talked about muting, you would have received no punishments, game would have ended fairly quickly with an early surrender, and you could have reported them and moved on.
: Why Am I Not Allowed to Learn New Champs
Some folks just want to get angry. If you let angry people know you're new to a champ, they'll focus on and complain about your play even more than if you didn't tell them you're learning. The non-angry people won't really care if you're doing poorly in normals. Maybe just don't inform people, focus on what you're trying to learn, and mute the angry ones.
: /All vs. /Team Reporting -- A Question For Riot
The way I see it, enforcement isn't _for _the person reporting. It's a check of a player's actions against the game standards. In that respect, it doesn't really matter what the person reporting saw. Or if the person reporting was offended or not. The only thing that matters is if the player being reviewed was behaving appropriately. There are a lot of options for banter that don't involve in-game chat. Finding a different medium would be the safe approach for a group of friends who want to say things that would not be acceptable under review.
: 25 Game Chat Ban After Being Harassed
Interesting case. 25-game chat restriction is a second offense, correct? Seems like the message they're sending is to stop arguing in chat.
Just logged in to upvote. Must have spent a ton of time on this.
mkyner (NA)
: ...On Summoner's Rift; ....On Summoner's Rift; ....On Summoner's Rift.
It may not help the general environment of SR, if a lot of people who don't want to play SR are now there to try to complete quests.
: Got a 14-day suspension by a teammate on purpose
Very interesting thread. Psychopath actively working to damage game. Perhaps Riot should pursue real world remedies. Some things you can't code around.
: Ok Riot, please tell me what on earth in this chat log justified an instant feedback ban for flaming
This chat isn't even worth a chat restriction. Something doesn't add up.
: if you think saying someone doesn't know how to auto is insult, then i have no other way to get you out of that one. anger? i was no where near angry or frustrated btw.
Well, then you're calmly making irrational decisions with your enter button. Your chat is clearly not intended to help the team win, and will result in punishment. The choice to continue to chat and risk your account is yours.
: im confused kemp, i respect your opinion but, my question is by saying someone doesn't know how to do something, is attacking someone? or how is it offensive, btw offensive is only by how one it self take it as with in. im just giving an opinion that she didn't know how to auto. and she clearly made a racist statement about it, which i didn't reply back.
All insults are just someone's opinion. Doesn't make the opinion appropriate to share. You're frustrated with someone else's play, and you want to make them feel bad, so you write insults to chat. The problem with that approach is you'll receive escalating punishments. So if you don't like the punishments, you should stop posting your anger to chat.
Lélouch (NA)
: Banned for misinterpretation of "kys"
If no other warnings/bans prior, and OP is accurate, seems like the circumstances would indicate ignorance rather than malice. Good luck.
: u know whats funny? that i know that the other guy still has his acc n he was a real cancer i said nothing to him in game but he was insulting me n the enemy team but i guess its ok i said a single word so i must get permaban while he keeps playing n flaming n im that "0.0000000000000000000000000000000000006 %"
So you're coming off a 14-day, then you use a word that gets you automatically banned, then you get permabanned? This is somehow unclear or unfair?
Squarey (EUW)
: If this is how you react to 3 letters I'd hate to see you when you encounter real hate speech. This is some snowflake shit.
He's not the one who is upset here. You used language that results in an automatic ban in this game. You got automatically banned. Raging at "snowflakes" makes no difference to anything.
Palhum (EUW)
: Banned for "Intentional" Feeding, but wasn't intentional.
Good learning experience. If the reviewer can't tell the difference between your play and someone actively trying to get killed over and over, perhaps it's time to rethink approach.
me blank (NA)
: I guess what I'm asking is, how do I point out something someone needs to do better, but not be a dick about it? I have a problem with this IRL, and with friends. This is how I act normally, with everyone. I'm not intentionally trying to be mean, because I'm not angry while typing. I'm a really calm person usually. I just come off as a jerk, when in reality, that's how I act. (Not an excuse). How do I change, or re-phrase my complaints? Also, I don't know what I could do better ingame, but if I see what someone else can't and that can make them better, why not point it out?
Well, lessee here. Change: "me blank: tfw vlad trolls me blank: its vlad siupp me blank: i told him im trolling me blank: but hes not gonna me blank: he bought me blank: spelltheifs me blank: okay bud idc me blank: nope me blank: hey vlad me blank: wanna be useful homie me blank: woah, vlads insane me blank: a1 talent me blank: vlad ur iunsanely good bro me blank: why do you keep pushing me blank: are you high me blank: heca me blank: pls help me blank: yeah. report the vlad me blank: heca me blank: keep camping bot me blank: heca me blank: fucking camp bot me blank: if bot doesnt get ganks, we lose game instantly" To: me blank: we need to stop pushing lane me blank: so our jungler can gank me blank: heca, could use some help down here Do you see the difference? All the relevant information is there, without the sarcasm, blaming, and complaining. And most importantly, if people ignore you and keep doing things you don't appreciate, let it go. It's not worth your account to chat about how you think other people should play.
me blank (NA)
: I think I did. It was a long time ago if it happened.
My understanding is the system looks at games rather than real time. So staying off the account doesn't help. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but it would explain this situation. Anyway, the real point of my post was to help you become better, as desired in the original post, by noting the general problem with the logs. If you're posting to chat with an objective of better play, camaraderie, and/or coordination, then you'll be fine. If you're posting because you don't like how someone else is playing and want them to know that, you'll end up on the wrong end of the stick again.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aryzyra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yQ2fiJkl,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-10-03T21:34:53.792+0000) > > The vast majority of comments in the posted logs will not logically result in better play or coordination for anyone on your team. That doesn't mean they should be banned for that though
Sure. I think it's safe to assume this account previously had a 14-day.
me blank (NA)
: Permanently Banned, ouch.
The vast majority of comments in the posted logs will not logically result in better play or coordination for anyone on your team.
: "You have six days to get a group of 5 together and troll with all melee"
The group quests are irrelevant to rewards, so meh. If it doesn't seem like fun, don't do it.
meowwow7 (NA)
: thoughts on the newish honor system
The honor system doesn't promote toxicity. You're just capped in rewards until it resets.
Cosnirak (NA)
: Is this deserving of punishment?
Arguing on chat accomplishes nothing. You're arguing on chat and got reported. The restriction makes sense from the perspective that you're getting a slap on the wrist, seem like a reasonable person, and will likely change your behavior due to receiving a restriction. I personally wouldn't have reported this, as it's not particularly notable.
: I just figured it out if you see a toxic player and you keep talking to him. you will get punishment also! I don't know why but you will get punishment just in the beginning type in chat "report xxxxx for ......" and in the ending " Report him pls" thanks that's it mute him the entire game..
Asking for reports will get you punished. Just report the player yourself and call it a day.
: Feeder always flame, blame and being toxic
I bet everyone was totally cool and focused on the match, except for this one guy.
Zefton (EUW)
: 14 days Suspension
Focus on things you can control, like your own play, and your own chat.
kriimsilm78 (EUNE)
: Why did i get perma ban? I was only banned 1 time and now perma ban.Can somebody help me with this?
Cowseed (NA)
: Saying the words 'fuck', 'pussy', '%%%%', 'asshole' etc is _also_ not socially acceptable in many public settings as well. What you just did is a straw man. You seem to be dodging my point on it _not_ being hate speech when ending with an 'a'.
Your opinion on what is or isn't "hate speech" doesn't impact anything. You'll still get banned, or fired in the real world. Choose wisely.
Danjeng (NA)
: A year late, but Ryze's ultimate is super hard to coordinate in solo q,
Good post. Riot has expressed, many, many times, balance concerns relating to Ryze differentiation in high and low skill players. An extremely weak ult in uncoordinated play, and awesome playmaking in pro play, feeds directly into the problem they're struggling with.
MhaPeb (EUW)
: maybe someone will come and say why did you not just report them instead of replaying to them when you are in my position would you keep calm after what they have said i do not think so.
As long as you recognize it's your choice. What do you value more - striking back at words you find offensive in chat or your account? If you think the striking back is worth the account, that's a perfectly fine personal choice.
Eedat (NA)
: It's not. I have white friends, Hispanic friends, Asian friends, etc that use that word all the time and me and me and my black friends take zero offensive. Like I said, it's ***all*** about how you use it, not the word itself. OP clearly wasn't using it as hate speech
Well, heck, if you think it's fine, I'm sure they'll all be fine. Have at it, boys.
Dark Vll (NA)
: Also when you are referring to me saying I wouldn't get banned, during that game I said that because Lux told me I would be banned for playing an off-meta pick which isn't a bannable offensce. I wasn't talking about getting banned/punished for my chat logs. I didn't even think that would be an issue until now.
Ashe with Censer and Stoneborn is interesting. You're picking up sightstone. Looks like you are legit trying to play off-meta support, and not trolling, stealing cs, or running off to do your own thing. Doesn't seem like something Riot would come after you for, imo. Just the chat.
Eedat (NA)
: Bruh you implying I live under a rock or something? How is it that you've seen people kicked kicked out restaurants and shit a lot but I say %%%%% all the time in public and never been kicked out of anywhere one? Not buying it. Like I said, its all about how you use the word, not the word itself
It's about who uses the word. And on the anonymous internet, you receive no passes for who you are in the real world.
Quepha (NA)
: "To complete missions you have to equip this icon"
Logged in to upvote this. One quest, sure. I like ESports, so advertising Worlds is fine with me. But I agree with the OP. The summoner icon link to quests seems pretty lazy at this point.
: If you really get offended at someone saying "ez", i suggest you stop playing and crawl back under a rock you call a safe space LOL this is a video game and video games include banter. GGEZ
Shrugs. If you like your account, probably shouldn't use phrases that are specifically called out by Riot as triggering review.
Nikami (EUW)
: What about this makes me toxic?
Game 1 is mostly you whining, disparaging teammates, and calling for reports. Game 2 I'm assuming you didn't show the Game 2 log for a reason. Game 3 probably wouldn't get a punishment on its own, but has non-productive harping on teammates.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ulanopo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KusqXxa9,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2017-09-14T23:07:20.146+0000) > > I would like to focus on that specific line. > > The main reason Riot switched from a 7+ step "punishment volcano" to the 4-step version we have now is that they discovered whether or not someone changes their behavior has very little to do with the specific punishment or its length. Put another way, it doesn't matter if the first action is a warning or a 2-week suspension. > > So, when I see how your posts in this thread are focused more on arguing your behavior "wasn't that bad" than on how you can change to prevent further problems, it reinforces my belief that this perspective on punishment is, in fact, justified. I hope your support ticket gets you your account back and, if it does, I would strongly suggest you focus on how _you_ can be different. > > Good luck. So you suggest I take what was said and accept wholly that it is toxic. IE: I use op.gg to point out how my stats are superior is punishable, wrong, and should never be something you do. I like the game... so I guess I have to accept that. However, I don't feel I am entirely arguing that my behaviour wasn't that bad... I just feel like these things were acceptable at one time, and I always seem to be on the tail end of acceptable and the nose end of unacceptable, like I'm almost perfectly riding the line/grey area. Every year I try to conform better, but every year the sensitivity goes up and the rules get stricter. It feels odd. I focus on how I can be better/different, but at the same time and in my defense... My 1 chatlog feels very empty. I don't see a lot to work with. Am I blind? It seems people here have gotten me to focus on the summoner spell mentioning, and the op.gg mentioning. So I can remove that stuff from my banter. Or do I have to take a more radical approach? I like banter, I like heated moments, do I have to avoid them entirely to maintain playing League?
I'm sincerely not trying to be rude when I say if you honestly _can't tell_ what is getting you flagged in the log, and you want to keep your accounts from getting banned, you're better off avoiding the "banter" entirely.
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HsYm2VPe,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2017-09-14T15:11:01.949+0000) > > This is one game? My God I haven't typed this much in a week! Yes, yes. Everyone's said they don't chat in game because there's no point.
A lot of people chat in game. But I'm willing to bet that most games don't have 140+ comments for all 10 players combined. That's an exceptional amount of typing.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: People link honor to performance, not behaviour
From what I've seen and personally experienced, supports and tanks get far more honor than carries.
Sciela (NA)
: You know, I don't see why everyone is complaining about Onslaught.
If I want to play 5-man PVE dungeon, there are plenty of opportunities for that. Feels out of place with this game. But hey, whatever Riot wants to do. We aren't forced to play game modes. Next one maybe can be a LOL-themed game of Hearts with all the Valentine skins on face cards, for people who like card games.
: Yes I honor every game and usually get at last 1 honor every game
Well, if you haven't actually received any penalties and the honor system is telling you that you have, you might want to file a bug report. As a side note, it seems like the new honor system rewards good behavior. Would be a shame and counterproductive if honor could not be gained for folks who are trying to improve their behavior.
: Honor system
Do you honor someone every game and get post game honors some/most of the games?
: @Riot : These Star Guardian Quests Ask Way Too Much of the Player(s)
Did this on normal and it was pretty crazy. Vision is pretty constrained for all the incoming. With a good group of 5 and good communication, I'm sure it's doable, but I don't play LoL to hard mode 5-man raid.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: While I agree that it was his final warning and it was right after his previous punishment, I personally think that Riot should reconsider how severely the permaban is handed out. At the end of the day the permaban is usually used in extreme cases of toxicity or as part of the escalating punishment system (which isn't the best way to go about punishing players IMHO). If we have to accept permabans to be part of the escalating punishing system I would personally expect at least a little more leniency for cases such as the one in front of us now. Yes, he was negative/toxic in the past and should be on his best behaviour, absolutely correct, he should. But at the same time I don't think he should be permanently suspended for something as trivial and petty as these chatlogs. The punishment doesn't fit the crime in the slightest. Is this REALLY a player that we as a community have had enough with? Is it really worthy of being PERMANENTLY banned? I think these are important questions that should take priority over blindly following the system and believing that the escalating punishing system is the best choice. Examples like these do prove it not to be thest optimal choice if you ask me. I have no sympathy for flamers or toxic players but I do feel bad that chat logs like this can determine if an account gets taken away from someone forever. Another thing I'd like to touch on is the inability for players to just ignore these mild salty and negative comments. They are actually not harmful. I understand what I'm about to say might sound like something a typical banned flamer (I'm not by the way :P) would say but.. if players really get triggered and upset over things from these chat logs then maybe they shouldn't be on the internet. I honestly can't imagine how they can get on with real life if they find these chat logs an issue. This actually has impacts in real life as well. We are catering for people who don't fully know what REAL assault and harassment is. We are cuddling and babying (is that even a word? XD) them and not preparing these sort of people for the real world. We don't live in unicorn land with rainbows and fairies unfortunately, and even if this is simply a game and ideally should be perfect with no issues, it will never be that way. I understand that this is probably something you might have heard from many people in the past but if you or anyone else would like to tell me what they think of what I've brought up I'd be grateful. I'm genuinely curious in knowing what people think of all of this. Don't permabans somewhat lose their value or reputation if they are so "easily" achieved? (like simply escalating to the point of being perma'd even though you've only commited petty offences - for example you don't get life in prison if you keep stealing chocolate bars all your life. That would be dumb, wouldn't it?) ######Disclaimer: I'm not a banned player
Player is just coming off a ban and spams 50 comments in a game, many complaining about teammates. Evidence indicates player simply does not want his account.
: Honor 3 vs Honor 4
I picked up a capsule at 3, but not at 4. Key fragments fall like rain though.
Hintcraf (EUNE)
: So I got perma banned.
So they told you the consequence for your actions. You performed the actions, and received the exact consequence they told you about. Not sure how they could be more fair to you.
: I want to know if this is toxic. Hehe xD? For real how many would report for this.
Seems unlikely these two chat logs were the only things that led to a permaban.
: Permabanned for "Severe offensive language"
I didn't really understand the introductory paragraph about streaming chat logs(?), but was this your first offense?
: You know what's even more fun than not getting to play champs you like?
I don't like All for One or Nemesis Draft. So I don't sign up for those. If you don't think ARURF sounds like fun, maybe don't sign up for it.
jchapman (NA)
: Just some chat logs ( complaining ahead, sorry )
It's possible the people you were arguing with deserved to be banned too. It's possible they were. But imagine being someone actually trying to play in these games, with you and whoever you were engaging with in this maniacal spam fest. Move the chat off the screen. Turn off /all . Just don't do this. Good luck.
: I just played a game of ARAM...
AD Janna and AP Rammus can make sense, depending on the comp. AP GP just seems like self-gimping though. Shrugs.
: @Riot: How Toxic was Urf?
Played 34 games of urf, and only noticed one toxic player (told me to kill myself when I leveled to 2 in the jungle before joining lane). So relatively very non-toxic in my experience. Luck of the draw.
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