: What would be more valuable is knowing where you think we could take power away.
I may help on that point, ex singed main here. Summary if you don't have a lot of spare time to read : Nerf e hard, Nerf some ults stats. Then give back that power in the way you want. We can already forget about getting it out of Q and W; Q because well, it defines Singed more than everything else and W because it's just flat too weak. No prob' with it being weak, but you can't get away power from something who does not even possess it. So I believe one answer can come from either making E only a tool to allows singed the possibility to flank by removing any form of damage. Or nerfing his ult over-all on it's versatility. Lem explain it. Right now, some stats are necessary to make Singed viable (mainly move speed, armor and mr buff until a certain point) but as an whole it's just too much to allow any kind of balancing. You can't run dry of mana while you have ult, the hp reg from it let you lane thus making you want to just pop it for no "fun" or "interesting reasons" and you gain enough AP from it to allows you to build straight up full tank for no reasons. Nerfing it while gettings some crazy ratio on q and maybe a real interest of your w as an INITIATING tool instead which will allow you to follow up is right now for me the best answer.


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