: No disrespect SnugglePuggle94, but like we're pretty much moving past the "most people don't like it" argument at this point. It's just not true—it's a small but vocal (and very passionate) minority that's super upset about dynamic queue. Lots of people always wanted the ability to play ranked with more than one friend, and lots of people are fine with DQ now. The upset vocal minority has some *very legitimate* complaints about dynamic queue, so we're gonna bust our asses to try to address those criticisms and make ranked better for everyone. That means new features, more communication tools, better matchmaking tuning, and on. That's where we're going now. Again, this isn't to say that we're ignoring the criticisms of dynamic queue. We hear you. And we're gonna get creative to make things better for all players. Hold my hand SnugglePuggle94. Together we're gonna go on a magical journey
I would also like to hop on the adding you bandwagon. You do genuinely seem real fun and I need more of that in my life
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
I can already tell this champion is going to be a star :^)
: Retiring Dominion
: wheres my nautilus VU i want that fucker HUGE! like TURRET HUGE. so huge that nautilus instantly kills dragon because it crashes into nautilus from flying into the map.
: since no one is doing traditional art :C I guess heres mines https://instagram.com/p/8l3ZhHFz9v/?taken-by=vbillymann
Nice! Is that watercolor and pen?
: Someone wanna explain the {{champion:21}} obsession in the patch notes?
She's literally the only champion that got some sort of change this patch. The others are all bugfixes
: Ekko rewinds us 4 patches back to 5.12, an era where Runeglaive mid-laners are all the rage and Ezreal is in every game. If you trust in Zilean to rewind, we could end up in any patch, past /or/ future - who do you choose?
Zilean. Let's throw it back to 3.14! What a time to play bot lane
: I actually had a lot more fun with Ascension.
I disliked Ascension if only because it marked when Riot started half-assing the lore pages on champions D:
: Community Patch Recap - 5.16
It'll be hard to Gage the Titanic changes in this patch. So I think i'll just juggernaut do it.
: Gameplay update: juggernauts
I always thought it would make sense to give Skarner a short range pull on his ult. Like maybe he winds up for a tiny duration, then thrusts his tail forwards, skewering a target and instantly bringing it to him, and then he could drag them around as normal. Not only would this make his ult easier to use, but also gives counterplay (you can dodge its windup!). It would allow for things like pulling enemies over short walls and what not. I don't know, I think it's a good idea.
: It stinks that it doesn't count games/ champs you already use
I thought that too, then realized how ridiculously difficult it would be for them to account for all that.
: just stay away from tier 15
{{champion:81}} What about Tier 15? {{champion:75}} YOU STAY AWAY FROM TIER 15!
: {{champion:9}} Die you idiotic fools (throws a beetle) {{champion:72}} Yaaaaaah! Ow! Was that a beetle! Did you just hurt me with a beetle! {{champion:9}} Yes yes I did. {{champion:121}} *attacking from above* Time to carve you out. Ah (get hit by the beetle) Traitorous bug. {{champion:9}} Did I mention my bugs bounce {{champion:101}} Your bug can't stop this(firing sand lighting) *pew* *pew* Barrage time Rahhhg (hit by beetle as well) huuh what just happened. {{champion:9}} Ha Ha Ha you can't defeat me with my beetles. {{champion:121}} Were's Rammus! {{champion:72}} I don't know. {{champion:9}} Like it matters he can't save you. {{champion:101}} That maybe so, but answer me this. What are you planning to do with the desert. {{champion:9}} I'll tell you. I researched this land and found out that most of world oil rest here so I'm going to set up oil rigs in this land and claim all its oil as my own and sell it. {{champion:72}} Wait how is that evil? {{champion:9}} At a $5.60 cents ha ha ha. {{champion:101}} You monster that price is too dang high no can afford that. {{champion:9}} No one but the rich and I will be rich as well. {{champion:121}} You won't get away with this. {{champion:9}} Yes I will cause you guys suck at this. {{champion:72}} yeah that's mean {{champion:9}} All right enough of this time to die (charging beetle storm) Ha Ha Ha *Buuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* {{champion:9}} Ah what the {{champion:33}} Like I said I'm gonna break my horn in your head {{champion:121}} Rammus where you been man we've been getting our butts kicked. {{champion:33}} I brought of few friends( large swarm of beetls appear) {{champion:9}} What but I control beetles here. {{champion:33}} Not these cause these my own kids. {{champion:101}} Wait when did you get kids? {{champion:33}} Just shut up and let my kids finish this get him kids. {{champion:33}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:33}} Ok. {{champion:9}} Aw poopy ( now getting beat up) Ow ow hey stop that. Aw that's my leg help they beating me with my leg. {{champion:121}} Rammus you did it you defeated the evil now we can go home. {{champion:101}} {{champion:72}} Hurray {{champion:33}} Ok. {{champion:9}} Can someone get these demented brats off me. And the guardians returned home to rejoice with a pizza party and Rammus' kids took the responsibility for guarding the desert and they live happily ever after. Except Fiddle he was viciously and painfully ripped apart, beaten, and buried 10 ft under ground but he was evil so who cares. The End
I lost it at the kids saying ok.
: Dark Horses: Top Lane Urgot
I'm sad now. This was my secret OP D:
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
Fully stacked tear{{item:3070}} And if your goal was to get us to bond with Amumu more, mission ACCOMPLISHED.
: am i the only one bothered by the snow at the base of the ward? you can't even use wards on the snowy map
Are you sure it isn't... SPOOKY SHADOW ISLES DIRT?
: Patch 4.20 notes
"Play Tree everyday"
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I try my best to defuse situations rather than escalate them (to my memory) so woo. Positivity
: Tremble before Reaper Soraka
This being legacy and not part of the Harrowing leads me to believe it's to represent the people who don't take their halloween decorations down until late november.
Elyika (NA)
: You get a free Champion update that cost you nothing and you're like "no fuck that why didn't they do taric". Riot is working on every single champion. If they toss champion updates left and right without the consideration of quality control, they'll release products that are subpar of their standards. Comparing the old singed model to the new one its way better. Riot has their hands full with all the future champion releases(Azir took almost 2 years to perfect), and many other things so wait you'll get your free champion update that cost you nothing eventually.
Elise had been in the making almost since the game came out up to her release
: Champion Update: Singed
I'd like an Irelia update
: Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance revealed
That Passive. Oh my god that passive. I can't wait.
: The Making of Featured Game Modes
*ahem* Featured game **modes**. That typo within the first sentence cannot stand uncorrected!
: I think this sets the line between Dota and League? Maybe? All those people who say "Dota is better..." I think this has proven League is better. Probably...
Meh. I love both games :P
Gimonfu (NA)
: PLEASE, give him an "**Emperor Penguin**"-skin. He could summon other penguins instead of Soldiers, made from snow instead of sand. They could use icicles instead of lances. And most important: **HE WOULD WERE A TAIL-COAT**. PS: I love the teleport rings from Stargate for the galactic recall animation.
Belly slide E, Belly slide soldier Q's, BELLY SLIDE SOLDIER PENGUIN ULT. I can sense a lot of belly slide.
: I bought azir right away with the bundled skin and was super excited....wish I would have seen the error before I bought him....now I'm sitting waiting frustrated I spent ten dollars to get him...only to find I can't even play him....
Welcome to my world man. And I've been disappointed since yesterday around this time when I bought the pack. Still waiting... wanting D:
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, available now
All this disabling is doing is getting me more anxious to play Azir ;~; I just wanna command units man D: Guess i'll stick with Syndra as the next closest thing until then
Gunseng (NA)
: So hes disabled on the day of release, and THATS why everyone who bought him today will be getting a 20% refund....RIGHT? :*(
: Speaking about recolors, I would pay for a recolor of this Galactic skin. Red, purple, or even green would look amazing with this skin! GJ Riot, I'm amazed at every turn!
Red would look really sweet I agree. But I think it already looks quite purple don't you? (well I guess it's more blue but still :P) I think it would look fantastic being more white like the other two galactic skins.
: Patch 4.16 notes
The new lore is literally the worst thing ever
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
This guy is going to be my jam. I've been waiting for true summoned unit interactivity in a champion, can't wait! 10/10 Rito would sand again
: No it's not. The sweet event is for Legacy skins, not Legendary. Legendary and Ultimate skins will NEVER be on sale, except for Surprise Party Fiddlesticks and Prime Time Draven, which are perma-sale.
Actually the Ultimate skins were both on sale for the first week they came out. Other than that yes you're completely right.
: Gnar survival guide
I think the biggest appeal of Gnar to me is bouncing off heads.
: Shoutcasters vs Doom Bots of Doom
I love the silly game modes Riot comes up with :P I'd like to see either one where you change champs randomly after every death, or one where there are no runes, masteries, or items to buy (not even trinkets)
: {{champion:412}} [*pulls trigger*] {{champion:8}} looks like i'm the *soul* survivor {{champion:412}} ...
{{champion:412}} I forgot my head is a floating face. The bullet kept going. {{champion:8}} Sounds like you're *soul*ucky to be alive. {{champion:412}} ;~;
: Patch 4.11 notes
"Muting players in-game no longer unfriends them or puts them on your Blocked list As a result, accidental mutes no longer reset Mystery Gifting's 2-week restriction on sending Mystery Gifts to new friends" Thank god.
Rioter Comments
: Patch 4.6 notes
"We wanted to err on the stronger side with Feral Flare's release..." Is "err" a new verb I haven't heard of?


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